Captain Toad was farting about while enjoying his stroll through another city when suddenly a strange van came by, confusing the stinky mushroom boy.

"What's going on here anyway?" Captain Toad asked while rubbing his flatulent butt.

The window went down and within the car was revealed to be Darth Vader. "A meeting has been decided for no particular reason yes, and they insisted that you would come whether you like it or not. Now get in!"

Captain Toad felt his stomach growl for he bent over and let loose a sloppy shart. "Ahh I'm gonna need new undies. Anyway I don't think so."

"...Man you betta get yer ass in dat d'ere seat!" Darth Vader snapped while summoning his red lightsaber.

"Like I'm afraid of that." Captain Toad taunted, laughing and tooting only for him to suddenly be forced choked by the angered Vader, with the unlucky leader of the Toad Brigade pooting until his entire shroom body lost color.