Author's Note

Hello! This fanfiction is especially special becuse it's written as for a Lukadrien Winter Gift Exchange! They requested Lukadrien fluff! I hope I meet their expectations!

Dedicated to 'sasuhinasno1fan' on Tumblr!

Luka had been prepared for a very normal night- relaxing on his deck, looking at the stars, thinking of his crush and writing no less than three stanzas about his wonderful laugh.

But he seemingly wished too hard on the evening star, and just as Luka set out his fluffy pajamas to go change, a very flustered Adrien Agreste somehow catapulted himself through the window and onto Luka's bed.

It took a solid second for Luka to register what happened- another second to realize that Adrien was shivering in a mere Tshirt and shorts, and one more second to realize this was a scene cut directly from his favorite daydreams- except in his dreams they were sharing hot chocolate so that's exactly what Luka asked.

"Hello Adrien," he said in the most casual voice he could- it was perfect to hide his utter bewilderment, "Want some hot chocolate?"

Adrien blinked slowly, sat up at lightning speed- but nodded at the rate of a turtle going backwards, "Umm… yes…?"

Adrien shifted so his legs were crossed neatly at the ankles, hands on the laps- looking every bit of polite, "Yes please."

Luka smiled, and hummed in reply, "You can make yourself comfortable, you know."

Adrien's eyes widened, and he nodded quickly, "I know…"

Adrien opened his mouth, then shut it. It didn't take an expert to see how he was duelling an inner battle of words- to speak or not to speak, Luka hoped he would speak.

Instead, Adrien wrinkled his nose, and wiped his nose with his hands, "Um… Luka?"

Luka hovered at his door, "Yes Adrien?"

Adrien fidgeted with the edge of his pajama shirt- a shade of mint green with edges lined blue. It looked soft, but it didn't do much against the cool night wind.

Luka gestured to his bed, "Help yourself to anything that keeps you warm. Your entire face is red."

Adrien bit his lips- an action that Luka found himself saving the mental image, "Thank you…"

Luka hesitated only once more before leaving his room- and making the most rapid walk to his kitchen than he had ever done in his life. It didn't once bother him that Juleka was there- obviously having her early-morning dose of sugar.

Juleka gave him a sleepy smile, and gestured to the hot milk she made for the special occasion of midnight hot-chocolate. The Couffaines took their night-cravings very seriously and there was no way in all the universe that Luka was going to hold back on Adrien- so he made enough hot chocolate to fill their giant thermos, and piled their nearly-useless fruit platter with an assortment of candy canes, marshmallows, a mini can of whipped cream, and a little bowl of shaved chocolate. And two of their fancy mugs of course.

Luka left Juleka using a fork to drizzle pure honey into her mouth. She was fine.

But was Adrien?

Was Adrien alright? He was more jumpy than usual- almost like a nervous kitty- what could have possibly brought Adrien here in the middle of the night? To leave in such a hurry that he didn't even grab a coat.

How did he even get through the window? Did he run here as Chat Noir and de-transformed just as he fit through the window. What perfect timing for Plagg- but even if that happened, where was Plagg? Why wasn't he here with Adrien?

There were no sirens going off- so clearly Mr. Gabriel Agreste hadn't noticed his son missing, and no Ladybug- so no akuma. Luka couldn't think of many scenarios that brought Adrien here in such a state- until he approached his room door and heard a very familiar sneeze.

Luka fought back his smile- stepping into his room and beginning to say, "Bless yo-"

His words died in his throat.

Adrien was in his pajamas.

Adrien was in his fluffy pajamas.

Adrien was in Luka's fluffy pajamas.

If Luka hadn't been gripping his tray so tightly- it would have crashed to the floor and betrayed how fast Luka's heart was racing against himself.

Adrien looked up from the bed, letting his arms rest at his sides, "I had to roll up the sleeves- they're a bit big for me."

Luka didn't speak- he feared his voice would crack.

It had to be a sin for your crush to wear your clothes. Luka's poor heart couldn't handle this stress. And Adrien was giving him this innocent look that had Luka realizing in that very moment that he couldn't bear just being Adrien's 'friend'.

Luka took a deep breath, held it for a few seconds, and exhaled slowly. Adrien slipped off the bed, and collected the tray from Luka with this extremely friendly smile.

"You'll teach me how to make hot chocolate, right?"

"I'll teach you anything you want to know Adrien," Luka couldn't believe how smooth his voice was- not when his heart was nearly pummeling through him. And if Adrien noticed, the angel didn't say a word.

Adrien set the tray on his lap, sitting cross legged on the bed and looking as excited as the first day Luka saw him play in Kitty Section. But it was nothing compared to the utter smile of relief when Chat Noir landed on Luka's deck, destranformed into one awkward Adrien Agreste and a tiny black cat flew off into the distance.

Luka was significantly calmer back then, and was more than honored to help Adrien hide his miraculous secret from the suspecting eyes of one ladyblogger. It was only the beginning of a close friendship between Adrien and Luka, and somehow- Luka fell for him.

Yet- in all those months, Luka hadn't once been as flustered around Adrien than this very moment. It had to be the way he was stirring the hot chocolate with candy canes, or the way he tried to stab the marshmallows with the pointy ends of half-eaten candy canes.

Luka preferred crunching them- to which Adrien felt obliged to convince him all the advantages of having a tiny lance in the form of hard candy. Luka listened to every word- while chewing down on more and more candy canes.

Then Adrien pouted and Luka was a lost cause- he sighed and hollowed his cheeks so he would best shape his candy to its sharpest potential. During which he was entertained by Adrien trying to find the best angle to drink whipped cream without making a total mess of his face.

Adrien looked to Luka for guidance, and Luke- with all the seriousness he could muster, very slowly pushed Adrien's mug to his face so that it not only messed his mouth, but his nose and chin- making him resemble a very young and blonde Saint Nick.

But Luka couldn't keep a straight face and he chuckled when Adrien let him smear the whipped cream on his eyebrows- to complete the look. But then he made the mistake of catching Adrien's eyes- deep verdant beauties that had Luka losing his breath all over again.

Then Adrien's nose twitched- and Luka barely had time to react as Adrien's body made an about turn and he sneezed every single bit of whipped cream into his elbow. Luka fetched a new shirt and a tissue while Adrien easily changed in seconds.

Luka averted his gaze- his face burning, and then a voice Luka only heard from Chat Noir came teasing, "You do realize I didn't take off my original shirt, right?"

Luka bit both his lips between his teeth, nodding slightly, "Bless you."

"Why thank you," Adrien giggled, bringing his feet up to his chest and resting his chin there, "I'm allergic to feathers."

"I didn't know there were feathers in my room," Luka mused, turning to one foot was stretched out and his hand relaxing on the upraised knee.

Adrien sighed, his shoulders moving slowly, "I brought it here."


Adrien's eyes fluttered shut, his cheeks still tainted red from the sneezing- while Luka's own burning cheeks were returning to normal.

"Adrien?" Luka rested a hand on his, and Adrien's eyes found his once more.

How could a single look make someone look so vulnerable?

Luka patted his hand, and gave it a gentle squeeze, "I'm here for you."

Adrien nodded, "I know… but if it's okay… I'd like some time to think about things first."

"I'll never ask you to tell me anything you don't want to share,"

"I know, and that's why I trust you the most."

Luka's smile was one of returned feelings, and he didn't have to say another word. But he did manage to make Adrien smile by showing the boy his first ever candy-cane weapon forged by his mouth. Adrien's body shuddered in silent laughter, his eyes lighting up with mirth before settling back into comfort.

"Can I… stay the night?"

"Of course. You can take the bed-"

"No…" Adrien shook his head, "Not to sleep… I just want- this."

"More… chocolate?" Luka joked, knowing fully well that Adrien needed his company more than anything else.

"Yeah. And more whipped cream. I'll pay for- pay for- PACHOO!"

Luka was lucky to be away from the danger- but Adrien pitched back- and a green brooch tumbled to the door. Luka fetched it, fondling the cool metal with interest.

It tingled with a familiar type of electricity, and Luka didn't have to ask. It wasn't hard to put the pieces together- the feathered tail of a peacock so easy to recognize in miraculous jewelry.

How did Adrien end up with the peacock miraculous? Wasn't it a villain's- Mayura's if Luka's memory served him well.

Adrien didn't explain too much, he merely collected it and put into his original T-shirt pocket, "In case you're wondering… I stole it."

Adrien searched Luka's face for a reaction, but Luka only replied, "You're Chat Noir, I trust in what you're doing."

Adrien didn't say anything else, but he did smile and reach for another candy cane, "Ever had a candy cane spar?"

"You mean like this?" And Luka showed Adrien just how adept the son of a pirate enthusiast was at sword- fighting.

Adrien didn't bring up the peacock miraculous again, and Luka pushed the thoughts away. Adrien didn't usually become this dismissive with things, not unless he really desperately needed help. But Luka was grateful to be able to be a part of this section of his life. He wanted to do everything possible to make this boy the happiest he deserved to be.

They may not solve everything at once, but they could start slowly. With fluffy pajamas, candy canes and friendship. And who knows, maybe one day Adrien would stumble through Luka's window again, but this time, he wouldn't hesitate to tell him everything on his mind. And when that day came, Luka would have the hot chocolate ready.

Author's Note:

Well, that was lovely to write. Consider it a gift to every Lukadrien fan out there~!