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Chapter 1

Once upon a time, a man named Rumpelstiltskin had a wife named Milah. She bore him one child, a boy named Baelfire. In the beginning, she loved her husband, but over the years, she grew tired of his cowardly nature.

She took to visiting the local pub, which was frequented by many sorts of travelers. One such traveler, a ship's captain caught her attention, and his likewise. He charmed her with his suaveness and tales of adventure on the high seas.

One day, she decided to leave with him. Her husband went to get her back, but was unable to. Some years later, during the Ogre Wars, Rumpelstiltskin killed the Dark One, Zoso, inheriting his powers, saving his son and many others from fighting by ending the war with a wave of his hand.

Some years later, when given the chance, the boy attempted to leave with his father to a land without magic. Rumpelstiltskin failed his son that day, and Baelfire fell through the portal alone.

More years later, he ran into the man who 'stole' his wife away from him: the captain of the Jolly Roger, Captain Killian Jones. As he went to kill him, Milah interfered. The next day, they went to make a trade on the Roger: a magic bean for their lives.

It almost went off without a hitch.

However, in a fit of rage and hatred towards his ex-wife for abandoning their son, Rumpelstiltskin ripped her heart from her chest and crushed it. She died in her lover's arms, her last words a proclamation of love.

Enraged by his actions, Jones lept forward to avenge his love, losing his hand to the Dark One, who left, believing he had the bean.

The events of that day cemented Jones hatred for the Crocodile and sent him on a path to find a way to destroy him, which would last almost three hundred years, and earn him the moniker Captain Hook, for the prosthetic he used in place of his lost hand.

Unbeknownst to Stiltskin, Jones got away with the bean, and escaped to a realm where he could not follow: Neverland.

But more importantly to Killian, he got away with his most prized possession, one Rumple knew nothing of.

His two month old daughter, Thalia.

He loved her more than anything, even his own life. If everything had gone well for the two, there might have been a chance that Jones would have retired and lived a peaceful life with her, forgetting his anger to give her the best life possible.

But someone else had other plans.

Peter Pan. The tyrant in charge of Neverland. No-one got in or out of his realm without him knowing about it. No-one could get out without his help.

He knew of Jones entrance into the realm. He sent a squadron of Lost Boys to raid the ship for supplies and recruits.

The crew was helpless against their blitz attack in the middle of the night. They made away with food, alcohol, some weapons, and the one closest to Killian's heart after Milah's death.

Thalia was brought before Pan, sleepy, unaware she had just been stolen from her crib and the one who loved her.

She yawned, showing a toothless mouth, and fell back asleep in the arms of the Lost Boy who held her. Pan's heart melted a bit, and he decided to keep her, making her the first Lost Girl on the island, raising her as his little sister.

Jones went into a rage when he discovered his daughter was stolen. Eventually, his crew calmed him down, and he went under a peace flag to meet with Pan to ask for her safe return.

Pan, unwilling to give her up, lied to the father, claiming that because they didn't know she was his daughter, they couldn't return her, and so, not knowing how to care for a newborn baby, she died quickly from their actions.

Jones' heart shattered, and he returned to his ship silently, weeping, depressed and inconsolable, his heart full of hatred for the one that killed her mother, forced them here, and led to Thalia's capture and supposed demise: Rumpelstiltskin.

Thalia was very much alive, and healthy, under the care of Tiger Lilly, an ex-fairy, unknowing that her father mourned her, or that she even had a father, or a mother.

She grew up under Tiger Lilly for three years, with frequent visits by Pan. When she was three, he took her back to the camp and raised her, teaching her all he knew, and cementing the idea she was his little sister into her mind.

She never knew any better, and she loved Peter as a big brother. And he loved her back, doting on her, punishing anyone mean to her. Most of the Lost Boys also liked her.

She grew up happy and loved, but blind to the truth about Pan, and herself. She turned thirteen, and the magic of Neverland kicked in, keeping her that age. She was the best of the group, and the strongest. She was Peter's favorite.

She had magic, but since no-one else had it, she kept it hidden, believing herself to be a freak. Pan did nothing to convince her otherwise.

50 years after Pan had claimed her, she was sent to the realm of the Enchanted Forest to find new recruits, and the Truest Believer.

She only found a rogue werewolf, which bit her arm before she could escape. It healed quickly, leaving only a faded scar. She looked for a week for recruits, but only found an abandoned wolf cub, which she took with her.

A month passed uneventfully, until the full moon.

Her bite was infected with a curse.

She turned into a werewolf and ran wild through the woods. She woke in the morning alone, covered in dirt, and confused. Pan sat above her in a tree, and told her what happened. She was shocked for a while, but eventually calmed down. When she turned that night, she had to keep in control of herself, reminding herself that this was totally normal.

She was able to control that part of her ever since then with ease, and even started to learn to shapeshift to summon the wolf without the aid of the full moon.

She loved Peter, and her cub, which grew up, but remained the same age from the magic of the island.

Throughout her 200 so years on the island, she never learned her true heritage, believing Peter's lie that he rescued her from pirates who stole her from her real family after murdering them pan made sure to keep her far from Hook so that no-one would get suspicious.

And so Thalia remained Peter's loyal soldier and sister, never knowing herself or him, believing she was a monster, and being quietly abused by Pan while still insisting he loved and cared for her more than anyone else.

She would soon find out a lot of what he said was a lie, and get a cold, hard jolt of reality that would make her question everything she knew and drive her to near insanity.

2010, October 1st


She looked up from the toy boat she was whittling. Peter stood in front of her.

"What is it brother?"

"I have a very important job for you. Are you up for it?"

She popped up, beaming, "Absolutely! What am I doing?"

"You're going to the realm known as The Land Without Magic. I have reason to believe that the Truest Believer is there in a town called Storybrooke, in Maine. You're to go down there, run reconnaissance, find him, or any recruit, and convince them to come back."

She nodded, "I'll do my best Peter. I'll come back with a lot of new recruits. And if the Truest Believer is in this Storybrooke, I'll get him here."

"Good girl." He patted her head, "now off you pop."

Thalia ran and grabbed her bag, whistling for her wolf to follow her. She ran through the forest to the beach.

Sprinkling pixie dust on her and the dog, they floated up into the sky.

Past the first star to the right and straight on to morning they flew.

They landed together in an empty town square at dawn.

Thalia looked up at the clock tower above a boarded up library. It read 8:15. Charlie sniffed the sidewalk in interest, peeing on a hydrant nearby.

She smirked, "This is going to be a piece of cake."