A/N: I came up with this idea a couple months ago when I was in the honeymoon period for Hawks. I have mixed feelings for him now. Dynamic characters got me turnt.

Word Count: 576 words

Keigo was almost done with patrol until he saw a shadowy figure on a rooftop.

'What the hell?' Keigo thought to himself.

He soon realized he just flew by the local museum. He recalled hearing on the news they were displaying an ancient Egyptian artifact internationally, and it finally made its way to Japan this month.

'A thief?'

Getting a closer look, he saw a familiar looking figure.


In a blink of an eye, Keigo tackled him on the rooftop.

There was a big white flash.

He soon realized something was wrong.

The mystery man looked like Dabi but without his scars or piercings. He wore a cloak and was wearing an emerald necklace.

"Dabi, your days of villainy is over!" Keigo shouted.

'Damn, it got hot.'

Keigo looked around his surroundings, and to his surprise, it looked like he was in a desert. It was no longer nighttime.

"What the hell?" Keigo said, getting up from Dabi,

Dabi smirked. He used the amulet to teleport away.

"Hey!" Keigo said. There wasn't much he could do. He wiped off the sweat of his face and took off his jacket.

"Where am I?" Keigo said to himself.

He pulled out his phone in hope his GPS would tell him.

"Tch. No signal." Keigo muttered.

Keigo flew up into his sky to get a better look of his surroundings. He saw a nearby village a couple miles away.

When Keigo flew down, the villagers gasped and were frightened.

"It's almost as if they aren't familiar with quirks." Keigo thought.

Keigo looked down to his clothes. "I need new clothes. It's too hot." Keigo said.

"We don't accept this kind of money, Traveler." The Merchant said.

"What?!" Keigo replied, having his wallet out.

"You do realize you are in Egypt?" The Merchant continued.

"Egypt?" Keigo questioned.

It finally clicked.

"Ooh." Keigo gasped, thinking of the hot climate, the desert, and the strange clothing the villagers wore.

"What year is it?"

It took Keigo some math but he figured he's sometime in B.C.E.

"How did I time traveled?" Keigo asked.

"Dabi!" Keigo blurted, thinking of the green amulet.

"Tell you what Traveler, if you can run an errand for me. I'll give you the clothes for free." The Merchant said.

Keigo nodded.

The Merchant asked Keigo to can some water from the nearby river.

The Nile River.

Keigo flew down and gathered some water with the pitcher.

On the other side of the river, laid Princess Fuyumi. She was being fanned by her servants.

She gasped as she noticed the winged man. She recognized him from one of the Egyptian myths she saw on the palace's walls as a child.

"Bring him here!" Fuyumi commanded her servants.

When the servants explained to Keigo that the Princess wanted to see him. He was curious by the myth the Princess recognized him from.

To his amazement, Keigo was surprised to see Endeavor's daughter Fuyumi.


The Princess nodded.

One of the servants cleared their throat.

"Princess Fuyumi." Keigo added, giving a courtesy.

Fuyumi invited Kegio to the palace for dinner as a special guest. Keigo agreed wanting to get out of the heat.