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This is my first time attempting something involving Star Wars. This will be a learning curve. Additionally, I don't have a beta, so there are likely to be many grammatical errors, despite Grammarly's influence.

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Chapter One: Prologue

Harry James Potter was born on a cold day on Nar Shaddaa.

Put nicely, Lily and James Potter were not particularly kind or empathetic people. Put accurately, they were members of a crime syndicate run by a powerful force user who had been overlooked by the Jedi, known to his underlings only as Wulfric.

Subsequently, the young Potter was born in a dirty alley, his mother dying in childbirth due to a lack of assistance.

At a few months old, James Potter was approached by Jedi Plo Koon, who sensed the immense potential in little Harry. James gave up Harry with little fuss, having harbored resentment towards the small child for what he perceived as killing his wife.

Harry was taken to the Jedi temple and raised as a youngling. At the appropriate age, he was chosen to be Yoda's fourth Padawan, who had chosen him because he sensed that Harry's potential might have been greater than even his own.

Harry grew to be an adept, powerful Jedi Master, though he was a bit of a maverick, disagreeing with many of the values the order held closely. He mastered fully Form III, or Soresu, which was a defensive style, as well as Form IV, or Ataru, which was more aggressive. He was known to dabble in other styles, however, being adept at Shien, though he was no master of it. He was also a true master of telekinesis, able to manipulate his surroundings without lifting a finger. All in all, despite his attachments and emotion, he was a force to be reckoned with, and eventually was allowed a place on the Jedi Council. He never took a Padawan.

When Order 66 came, he narrowly escaped, and masked his force presence, and lived out the rest of his life right under the Emperor's nose. Living in splendor on Coruscant. Despite not using his skills publicly, he made sure to maintain them, and when he was eventually discovered, he put up a valiant fight against the five inquisitors sent to eliminate him.

Despite his best efforts, he couldn't best all of them, with their varied attack styles. The woman he once knew as Trilla Suduri, now the Second Sister, finally felled him with a swift strike he could not block fast enough.

He died with a smile on his face.

Unfortunately, it was not yet his time to rest. Jedi Master Harry Potter was needed elsewhere.

Not yet, the Force whispered, there is still much to be done. Heeding the call, like always, he awoke once more.

Things will be different here, the Force hinted, before blossoming into a wide network across his senses. There were leylines and power, some of it untouched, though most of it free, yet hidden.

As his eyes fluttered open, he found himself under a strange hat, sitting on a stool in front of a hall of younglings, sensing a powerful leyline just under his feet.

"My, my," a voice filtered into his mind, distinctly male, old, yet modern in its speech patterns, "what do we have here? Hmm... certainly not Slytherin now, certainly not. Perhaps... ah, yes. You will do well here."

The same voice, though louder and not in his head any longer, boomed across the hall. "GRYFFINDOR!"

It was too much. The air was nearly saturated with Force Power, and several powerful Force-sensitives sat behind him. One old and light, another dark, and the rest a mix. The most concerning part, however, was that he felt small, too small. Looking at his hands, they looked young, like the hands of a youngling. There was too much, too much, and no time to process. He was overwhelmed.

Harry Potter fainted for perhaps the first time in his many, many years, feeling at least somewhat reassured by the comfortable, familiar weight of his lightsaber in the pocket of the garment he was wearing on his legs.


How did I do? This is pretty short, I admit, but it's only the prologue. There is more to come, though I don't have an update schedule I'm committing to.