Common Sense in the Wizarding World

Chapter 2

It had been a couple of days since I had met Lily down at the "Wes Spot".

First let me recount what had actually happened after being hit in the head with a sledgehammer (figuratively).

It had been kind of awkward in the beginning as I had been staring at her for most of the time. Honestly, a kid her age would probably be scared of someone staring at her for so long, but she just ignored me and started talking. As expected of the main character's mom!

The rest of the time was just me staring into space thinking about how I had been reborn in the world of Harry Potter and Lily just talking about the vacation she had went on. Eventually it had become a bit dark and I decided as the older one of the two (mentally, I didn't really know physically) that it was time to head home.

I told Lily that it was nice to meet her, but that I had to head home, or my parents would get angry at me. She asked me which way I was going, and I told her the truth, seeing no harm in it. Instantly her expression turned from sad to happy.

"I'm going the same way. Let's go together!"

And with that the situation was said and done. As we walked side by side, I was still zoned out lost to the world while she was happy to keep talking. Quickly we arrived at my house and I decided to do the polite thing and say goodbye.

Lily looked surprised for a second (maybe because I finally talked?) and nodded happily. THEN she headed over to the house to the right of us which had been empty because the residents had gone to vacation (duh!) and rang the doorbell. The door opened and while waving goodbye to me she went inside the house.

The Evans were my neighbors. The EVANS were my NEIGHBORS.

It took a bit longer for it to synch in, but eventually I got it through my head. I went into my house and acted like nothing had happened. It didn't really work as the first thing my mom asked when I walked into the kitchen was if something was wrong. Nobody really knows a person better than their mother.

Anyway, I decided to tell her that I had made a new friend (were Lily and I friends?). My mom, of course, overreacted. She went crazy asking me different questions like what their name was, whether it had been a boy or girl.

I eventually bugged off by saying I was really tired with cute puppy dog eyes (they really do work) and my mom let me off after making me eat dinner. As I tucked into bed my mind was still, honestly shocked with what I had learned.

I was in THE World of Harry Potter. Wands! Hogwarts! Brooms! Owls! Hogwarts! Wait, had I said Hogwarts twice? Well, it didn't really matter!

After finally processing the whole situation I had to let my mature side take control.

Of Course, I wanted to learn magic. Who didn't?

At the same time, I knew I couldn't ignore the risks of it. The wizarding world from the Harry Potter books was not what children would expect from a place filled with magic. It was filled with many wonders, yes, but it was also filled with racist assholes who thought they were superior just because of their blood.

It was racism but taken to the next level. Actually, it probably skipped a level. That was just one of many problems. If the ministry was just half as corrupt as what was shown in the books, then it was a shit show. Even though these were very big reasons I haven't mentioned the biggest one. Lord Voldeshit himself.

I wasn't going to delude myself any further. Ever since I had realized I was in the world with the Wizarding World I had been ignoring He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and covering his existence up through imagining all the good things about the wizarding world.

The affair with Grindelwald had already happened so there was at least one dark lord down, but that one positive brought me to the negatives. Voldemort would be at the height of his power when he arose. The books never really talked about his first reign of terror, but one thing I knew for sure was that a lot of people died.

Many people might be thinking that I was being presumptuous for acting as if I would come into contact with Voldemort and all of the Wizarding World's problems. I wasn't being presumptuous. I'm SURE that the superpower I had discovered was magic. It just felt right.

I finally turned in for the night with one final thought. The characters in the Harry Potter books may have just been fictional beings thought up in the past, but they weren't in this world. In this world they were living beings. I wasn't as naïve to think that my parents wouldn't be affected by the war as well. Voldemort wouldn't care about a couple of muggles in his way. With that pleasant thought I had finally turned in.

For the next 5 days I proceeded to do a lot of thinking. I had read a lot of fanfictions (Proud nerd previous and present life) and many of them had main characters who meditated to find their magical core. While I thought meditation was a great idea (mainly to allow patience and control over emotions), their thought process was just stupid and arrogant.

Arrogant because there had never really been evidence that wizards/witches had magical cores. It could have been simply that they draw magic from the atmosphere.

Stupid because they were fucking with something, they had no knowledge of. Magic was cool, wonderous and well magical, but I tried to not be blind to its faults. I don't really mean the distinctions between light magic and dark magic (if that was a thing). Any one of those spells could kill someone.

For example, Wingardium Leviosa (the levitating spell) was taught to first years. Kids who were only 11 years old. Well, what would happen if someone levitated another person who was incapacitated and dropped them from a significant height? Yeah, death in a very brutal way.

The scary part of magic that I was referencing were the three unforgivables as well as knowledge not referenced in canon. I mean if there was magic based on splitting your soul to make you immortal (and crazy) there had to be magic to do even worse stuff. I shudder to think what other wonders Voldemort had learned.

I wasn't disillusioned. I was fucking outmatched in a big way. Even if I somehow trained my magic (and how would I do that?) it would still take a long ass time to finally learn enough spells to bolster my repertoire.

I also had to make sure I was physically fit and that honestly wouldn't happen till I was reaching the end of my teens. Why did I have to be physically fit? Let me ask you this. What would you do if you had a killing curse thrown at you? You have two options, use something (or someone) as a shield or dodge it. I would prefer to have as many options as possible.

Anyway, I wasn't going to be like a shounen protagonist from a manga who started training at the age of 1 (too late for that anyway). I had no prior knowledge of magic and felt it was too risky to try and do things to train it when I didn't even know what I was training.

Key point, you could literally die from apparition by splitting yourself in half. Not really going to try apparition, but what if it suddenly happened? I recall Harry teleported one time when he was running away, but that was ACCIDENTAL magic. I'm pretty sure accidental magic was caused by fluctuating emotion of children (getting all this from canon) and since I really didn't have any of that everything I do would be on purpose.

No, I'm not going to be training my magic because I didn't even know how.

I was going to choose the only other path that could get me on par with Voldemort. Something anyone could accumulate if they just had the time. Something Voldemort had already gained and was continuing to gain.

I was going to accumulate knowledge.

A key phrase from my last life was that "Knowledge was Power". It made perfect sense to me. If I couldn't beat my opponent with pure brute force (Voldemort), I would have to outsmart him.

The only reason why I thought I could do this (it was a pretty damn good reason) was because he was an idiot who split his soul. I wasn't sure how many times at this point, but it was definitely, more than once.

There was no way a wizard without a full soul could be sane. I wouldn't be surprised if he lost what fundamentally made him human. Anyway, the knowledge I was going to try and acquire included a little bit of everything. This included stuff about Biology and Chemistry as well as War.

I've always had a hunch that the things muggles had discovered could be interfaced with ideas in the Wizarding World. I mean this was a complete random guess, but it was honestly better than nothing. From the perspective of a person who was close to finishing off his undergraduate, there had to be an underlying factor for only some people to have magic (or the ability to wield it).

Honestly it made no sense to me how purebloods could make the claim that their blood was the reason why they had superior magic. If that was true, why the hell was Voldemort one of the strongest wizards alive? I'm pretty sure the reason why they could wield magic was due to their blood, but there had to be another factor.

This mysterious factor's existence was proven by the sole existence of Muggleborn. If their parents didn't have the blood to wield magic, then how the hell did their children have it?

It was all very fascinating, and I will be investigating it once I get to Hogwarts. Not just because I'm curious, but because it could help me put doubt in the opponent's ideology and prevent others from joining them. I would much prefer people to stay neutral in the coming conflict rather than being a part of the opposing side.

Minimize the number of people participating in the war and I would minimize the damage and number of casualties (maybe). I wasn't trying to be a hero who saved everyone. It was selfish, but those who I care about were more important to me than others. It was just that, if I could try to mitigate the damage, why wouldn't I? Well, that explains why I would be doing everything I could to learn more about science, but why war?

God (or was it Merlin?), I needed to know everything about War, whether it be managing people or resources, as well as how to take advantage of openings that are shown by the opponent because I was going to bloody be involved in one.

I wasn't going to put a blindfold over myself. Other people were going to get INVOLVED. There was no way it wouldn't happen, especially if Voldemort was trying to take over the whole country (And I doubt his goals stopped there). I didn't think of myself as the chosen one or someone special. I decided to operate on the assumptions that I had average magical capabilities. Why? It would be better to plan with the assumption that I would have worse resources than I actually had. Hopefully I didn't have super shit talent at magic (with my luck I would). After brainstorming for the last five days (and assuming a lot of things) I had finally decided on my first action.

That's why as soon as I woke up and had breakfast, I walked out and prepared to start my journey. It took me three minutes. Not to get ready, but to actually get to where I had to go.

"How are you doing Wes?" Mrs. Jameson asked me as she opened the door.

Yes, the place I had decided to start accumulating knowledge was at the Jameson's house. Why? Because there was someone in that house who had experienced war.

The horror, the sadness, the happiness, and the realization that even in victory people still lost. Mr. Jameson had served in World War 2 and I was hoping he could tell me his experiences in war. I could yap all about how I knew what I was in for. How I wouldn't be blindsided by all the death that would probably surround me in a decade. Those would all be lies.

I didn't know much about war, but what I did know was that you couldn't be ready for it. People might think they were, but they aren't. I knew I wasn't. I was pretty sure that I had never seen a dead body in my previous life (maybe I had), and I sure as hell had never seen one in my current life either.

I knew that even if Mr. Jameson really told me what had happened during the war, the pain that he had endured, either mentally or physically, I wouldn't get to feel even a percentage of how it felt to be in a war.

"Good, I'm just here to ask Mr. Jameson a couple of questions" With that I was let in and I wondered into the house so like mine yet completely different.

I walked to the living room where I could hear the television playing. "What do you need Wes?" asked Mr. Jameson who was sitting in front of the television. I didn't say anything still wondering on how to approach the issue.

I told him that I had seen a documentary on the television about the recent war. I wanted to learn more. After having a decent number of interactions with Mr. Jameson I knew the type of person he was. Cold and detached on the outside, but once you knew him, he was nice and caring.

When I asked him the question the air around him suddenly changed. He paused the television and closed his eyes. We sat there in silence until he suddenly opened his eyes and looked at me. It was as if I was being examined, judged.

"I have two versions of my story during the war, Wes. One is meant for people in hopes of never having to experience it themselves. The other is the truth, in the best possible way it can be conveyed. Usually, I wouldn't even be asking you this. I would just start to tell you about the good times in the war, all the people I had met, the places I had traveled, but that would just be a fraction. The reason why I'm letting you choose is because I can tell you're mature. I can tell the way you perceive things is different from other children. It was obvious with the way you were watching the news silently with me, as if you understood everything that it was saying. The way you spent time with me rather than going out and playing like other children. So, which one do u want to hear?"

I closed my eyes and opened them a second later looking at him. "The second one, sir" (I hadn't even realized that I had subconsciously changed the way I addressed him).

He was quiet and then suddenly stood up. "Well let's go. This version of my story can only be told outside."

And that's what we did. Me and him went over to my house informed my parents (who were fine with it) and went on a walk.

Time Skip: 10 minutes

As we walked, Mr. Jameson talked, and I listened. He started by saying he had been drafted into the war. "At the time, I was just in my mid-twenties looking for work to do. My parents had died a couple of years back and I had no siblings. It was quite literally just me and nobody else.

Thankfully, though, I had to work I still had quite a bit of inheritance to see me through for a while. When I was drafted, I knew I was supposed to be terrified. Most people who went to war never came back, or they did, but as someone completely different. Weirdly enough I was relieved. I, who had no one to live for, had finally been given a purpose.

That may sound sort off suicidal, but I didn't care. You don't know Wes, how it feels to be alone day after day, night after night. Without any purpose, just living life. In the beginning everything was great. After being drafted I had made new friends. Friends who I had served with. Friends who, thought I hadn't known for long, knew would take a bullet for me and me them.

They knocked me out of the pity party I had put myself in and showed me that there was so much to the world. I had two particular friends that I was closer to. Their names were Mike and Paul. Both of them served with me. We went to war together, hit on ladies together, and almost died together on multiple occasions."

At this point we had reached a dirty lake that was a prominent spot in the neighborhood and stood side by side looking at it.

"Through all of the death and sadness I faced, I was undoubtedly happier than before the war. Then, disaster struck. It was supposed to be simple surveillance, as we mapped our future path in the coming days. Keep in mind that we were still in the UK. We had been getting reports of our troops being ambushed. We were careful, but it still hadn't mattered. Our camp had been detonated blowing most of the soldiers up and injuring many more.

Paul had been back in camp and later I found that his body hadn't been found. Mike and I were lucky to get away with minor injuries, at least compared to the others. Parts of his body had been permanently scarred through the blast and I had broken many bones, such as my leg which had never properly mended.

We were both unconsciousness until found by another troop who we were supposed to rendezvous with. As my body laid in the med bay, being told of how most of my friends had died, I only felt one thing. Realization. I had finally realized the horror of war.

War took things from me. It takes things from everyone, whether they be people or simply the ability to feel. I would have probably returned to how I had been before the war if it hadn't been for Mike and a nurse who I had met at the medical bay.

Me and Mike were both honorably discharged. He went on to live a happy life before dying to cancer from smoking too much. The nurse though I have seen every day for the last 30 years of my life. Any questions?"

I didn't say anything. No, I couldn't say anything. To be honest I knew shit was going to be way worse in the wizarding world. There were literally madmen who could kill people by saying two words and waving around a stick. Mr. Jameson hadn't really been that close to the epicenter of the fighting done in World War 2, but still had lost many of his friends even when it was thought to be safe.

His experience in a way showed war in its truest form. Death was prevalent everywhere, and no one was safe. We didn't talk for a while. After a couple of minutes Mr. Jameson broke the silence. He looked down at me and smiled. "I knew you weren't like the other children Wes. No kid your age would have walked and stood silently as I told my tale. No kid would even want to listen to me. I'm a bit daft at times, but even I wouldn't usually tell a story like that to a little kid. The only reason I told you is because I have been observing you for the past couple of weeks. It wasn't really hard as you were always visiting taking advantage of my wife's cooking"

At that point I snapped out of the trance I was in and smiled up at him guiltily. I couldn't really argue. Mrs. Jameson's chocolate chip cookies were to die for. He looked at me and laughed. It was loud but spread warmth that I could feel in my chest. Honestly it sounded like something you would hear from the mouth of Santa Claus.

"You don't act like any child I've ever seen. I haven't seen that many, but even I know how a child should act. It was quite obvious to me that you are a genius, maybe even a prodigy. The reason why I told you this story was because I felt as if there was a reason you asked me. You have also treated me with nothing with respect and I returned the favor. I'm not going to dig deeper into it. I don't really care to know why you were asking me about my time in the war. All I know is that you're a good kid with a good head on his shoulders."

Again, I didn't really say anything. I know that I should have been terrified that Mr. Jameson had noticed me acting outside of what was viable for my age, but I didn't really care. Was I really going to act like 4-year-old (4 and 1/2!) when I knew a war was coming? Fuck no!

There was so much at stake. A couple words to describe me is that I'm not the type of guy to initiate any fights. I always have and will believe that pacifism is the best way to go and no one could convince me otherwise.

But when some psychopath who never really fell out of his pity party (Most people get bullied at some point in their life. Suck it up) decides to try and kill my family you best believe that I wasn't going to be making peace with them.

Also, what are people going to do if they believe that I'm acting out of character for my age? Are they going to think that someone older had been reborn inside my body? Maybe an otaku would, but no other sane person would. Most people would probably think that I was some sort of prodigy (like Mr. Jameson did) and that was fine. My parents had long realized that I was different from most kids, but they didn't care. They knew I was their son and that they were my parents. After going over my thoughts I said the only thing I could.

"Thank you for your time" and bowed my head in his direction. Mr. Jameson looked shocked for a second, but he eventually smiled throwing back his head and laughing. He then took his big hand and rubbed my head.

"You're a good kid, Wes."


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