This is a slight crossover where Bell dreams parts of certain animes and how his slightly changes him.

Prologue – Whenever happiness crumbles…

Bell cried himself to sleep that night.

He couldn't help it.

His grandfather, his hero, his only family had died. He had apparently been attacked and taken away by a monster. At first Bell couldn't believe it. How could he? His grandfather was strong! But even that wasn't enough against some monsters.

He wondered why….

Why had this happened to him…

The Kamado Family was a family full of warmth and love.

Huh? Bell found himself looking at a family that seemed so warm and happy. A family like he once had. He wondered if his own mind was playing a cruel prank to him.

They didn't have much and the father had died recently.

Bell saw it the sadness that existed at the death of such an important figure, and he wondered if he or them could ever move past it.

But the eldest son quickly took the man's weight upon his own shoulders and did his best to bring food.

Bell had always loved heroes, they fought the monster, saved the day and kept the girl, but in that moment Tanjiro had also become a hero. Not because he had slayed a great monster, not because he had saved the day and neither because he had kept a girl but because when his family needed him the most, despite still being a boy, he stood up and took the burden. Happily, and without complain.

Bell wondered if one day he could be like that

One more day and another basket of coal to sell, he worked hard and even when others asked that already burdened him for help, he reached out and helped them. This resulted in the whole town trusting him and caring for him.

Bell if he could would have smiled.

But everything changed that time he stayed with an Old man named Saburo

Bell shivered at the stories the man said about demons, and sincerely hoped the man was wrong about their existence

The next day while walking up the mountain the smell of blood almost overwhelmed him and he rushed home, only to find the mutilated corpses of his family

Bell would have screamed if he was awake. Rage, Sadness, Despair and Empathy filled him as he watched Tanjiro find only the dead bodies of his family.

Yet one, his sister, still breathed, so he rushed to the town with his sister in his back. Even when his lungs burned and his feet felt like lead he moved on.

Bell felt hope, hope that the boy would save his sister and keep the only family he had left

Then his sister awakened Growling and roaring his sister had turned to a demon. Somewhere a man ran.

Bell almost wanted to scream, would anything go right for this boy?!

Tanjiro reasoned with his demonified sister and tried his best to bring her back, he was finally making it when the man appeared.

The more Bell watched the more it seemed this dream, this story would end in tragedy.

The man cruelly attacked them and attempted to kill the Demon sister, even when Tanjiro pleaded, only to then spur Tanjiro into action, his thoughts being that of sympathy and guilt for what he had to do. Tanjiro attacked the man in a seemingly stupid rush only to almost kill the man if the man hadn't notice the hatched directed to his head.

Bell watched this with respect as the boy did everything in his ability to keep his remaining family safe.

Then Tanjiro saw his family seeing him and giving him one last goodbye

Bell once more wanted to cry.

Finally, Tanjiro awoke, fortunately with his sister alive. With a path layed in front of him he stood and buried his family before taking his sister's hand and walking away. But before they left the voice of an older Tanjiro spoke "Bad things can happen to good people, the only thing we can do is keep moving forwards while holding onto what we love with all of our strength"


Bell finally woke up in his now empty house, a thought that still brought tears to his eyes, but he quickly wiped them off and started organizing everything.

He had a journey ahead

Why the heck am I doing another story when I haven't updated the other ones?! Am I a masochist?! Please tell me I am not!

Anyways new story so I will make some rules if you want to help:

Only anime that give important lessons to Bell

No powers nor character from other animes will crossover. At best Bell will get a skill related to the lesson he learned the most or a slight change in attitude.

This series will include Grand Day, The Arrow of Orion and Argonaut Reincarnation will be canon in this