Author's Note: This is an apology. I got over excited, thought that because I'd finished one chapter I could continue doing so to a schedule, and I burnt out fast. Beyond that, my schedule didn't allow me to work on other projects, and I can't deal with working on only one thing for myself. However: I do want to bring this story to completion, and I don't want to screw you over while doing so.

In light of the impossibility of me doing this as I've been going (and the poor quality of my writing when I don't have time to edit) I have decided to wholesale change the way I've been writing this. This version of the story, as such, is going to be abandoned. I'm really sorry, I tried my best not to let it come to this.

My plan is to write the entire story, edit it, and release the chapters on a regular schedule once it's already finished so that I have more time and less stress. This will allow me to write out of order if I want, since I won't be writing to a schedule. I'm very sorry to anyone who was looking forward to the next chapter, but this is definitely a good thing for my mental health, the quality of the final product, and its regularity. It will also allow me to work on other, smaller projects, so I may be coming out with some one shots and suchlike.

This is not the end of The Diaries of Tom, just a postponement (and I'm sure you're gotten used to those). If you want to make sure you see the new version when it's done, you can follow me, or just look out for "The Diaries of Tom" as a title.

P.S. Yes, I know I'm not supposed to release an author's note on its own, please don't report me over it, I haven't been making any progress.