Chapter 1

Maurice was walking through the halls of the Auradon castle thinking on all of the things that he took notice in. he noticed his grandson is in a abusive relationship. And has been in love with the shikion Miko, he was no fool things changed a year ago as if she finally finisged the off naraku, auradon felt that battle. But he knew what it was. but other than that she was extremely beautiful. He sighed he hoped his grandson gets his wish to be with the love of his life. Maurice stopped in his tracks when heard his grandson calling out for him. When he turned around, Maurice noticed his Benny boy running toward him. Halting just barely a yard away, Ben took a moment to catch his breath before wondering,

"You're leaving already?" asked ben

"I want to get home before sunset, Don't worry. I'll be back next month for Family Day and your Coronation. Was there something else you wanted to tell me before I leave?" asked Maurice

Ben smiled brightly he wanted to tell his grandfather the wonderful news. He was happy that fairy godmother was on board with him, he was glad his grandfather was with him on this as well, he was going to get his wish when it comes down to getting the girl of his dreams. She was so beautiful. Her eyes are like the rarest of gems. One pink and one red. Her hair long silver with pink in it. She was very enchanting. But he knew his parents would get upset with him. Hell they don't even listen to him when he told them about how horrible Audrey is to him. Maurice arched a brow to his grandson wondered what was going through his mind right now.

"I finally spoke with Fairy Godmother about my idea.. and ut went wonderfully! She thought it was a great idea for some Isle children to go to school in Auradon. I could tell she was hesitant when I gave her the list of the children's names and their parents, but she respected my decision…. though I didn't tell her that I didn't choose three of them. She's going to arrange their class schedules and find a couple dorm rooms to put them in. She mentioned something about creating a 'Remedial Goodness' class for them. Everything should be ready by Wednesday." Chirped ben

"I don't think kagome and her friends will enjoy their new class. From what I am able to see she can be a spitfire. And that's a good thing to." Said Maurice

Maurice was able to read people well, kagome was rather a good looking lady. Hell if he was younger her would hook up with her himself. Hell he knew Benny dad woukd find her attractive as well. But he could tell Benny beast traits was coming out when it comes down to kagome. But it's good that fairy godmother was on board with this. So his grandson was able to get the woman of his dreams. But he has a feeling that she was going to be leaving a lot behind. But he could also other that the fire she has but she was a kind soul as well. Ben smiled at what his grandfather had said. He had a feeling his kagome was going to be a handful. But then again there was not much he could do about that. But he was not going to let nothing get in his way to getting his kagome. Even if it's a stupid class for goodness. Hell Audrey could use that class. It might do her some good and maybe help her. But that is highly doubtful.

"Neither do I, I think its rather dumb and stupid. But that was the only condition she had for them attending Auradon Prep. I couldn't let that be the one thing that prevented my kagome from coming to Auradon. I'm too close." Said ben

Maurice chuckled at the way his grandson referred to the girl of his dreams that he had yet to meet. But it was more or less also his beast side as well. But this had been his wish for a long long time. but his laughter died down when he noticed the bruise on his grandson's wrist again. It seemed to be more and more frequent now. He sighed and knew something must be done. But he also except it worse instead of better. He wished his parents would stop being so blind to whats going on,, he raised his daughter better than this to avoid stuff like abuse. Maurice sighed and thought the bruise should have been nearly faded by now, but that wasn't the case. Maurice sighed as gestured to the injury.

"Another fight? What was this one about? I'm getting tired of the little priss harming you." Said Maurice

"She didn't like that I spent most of the time at my birthday party with Lonnie instead of her. Every time I spend a few minutes with Lonnie, whether it be in class or at a special occasion, Audrey literally pulls me aside so she can blow up on me. It's like she forgets that we were childhood friends. Before we started attending Auradon Prep in seventh grade, Lonnie would stay at my castle for weeks at a time while her parents were busy with the Imperial Council, the Emperor, or with the army. Audrey has no need to be jealous of Lonnie since I consider her to be a sister. Incest if not my thing. But it annoying that she thinks so," grumbled ben

"How much longer do you think you can handle the abuse my boy?" asked Maurice with concern

Ben sighed and knew that there was a plan but he must catch her off guard and then he ca. finally end things with the evil pink cow. His parents has to witnesses the pain she causing him before they destroyed the archaic marriage control. Hell he hates when she comes into his room even though he takes the key each time she has one made. She enjoyed coming in and trying to take advantage of him. The last time it was because sge drugged him and woke up with something huge shoved up his ass. That was when he changed the locks on his door. He sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose. His grandfather knew of the horrid things Audrey does to him. But unfortunately his parents us blinded by the fact he was in a badly abusive relationship. Maurice sighed his bud his grandson farewell and will see him soon, and try not to kill the prissy pink bitch of a princess.

Meanwhile with kagome and the others.

Kagome sighed had finally returned home from school with her three friends towing behind her. She sighed its been a year since she finally back with time. Even though it was back on the isle. But she finished naraku, Inuyasha and kikyuu. But her children and her ex husbands along with her extended family lived in the biggest building on the isle. Kagome clutched tge shikion jewel around her neck since it was a part of her souk now. Kagome parents were adamant about her attending after all she went through. Cruella spent the first half of the day with her other god-daughter Uma. while Hades and Maleficent was busy planning their daughter's small birthday party, with everyone else. which was why they didn't want kagome home. They loved their daughter and extremely proud of her. Most if all their grandchildren that she blessed them with. Yes they had to get use to her ex husbands. But they welcomed them though.. even though hades punched spirit them welcomed him,

When kagome walked into her house, she immediately noticed the multi-shade of pink and silver streamers hanging from the streamers and the mutli-shades of pink and silver balloons of different sizes littering the floor. She also noticed that she couldn't throw her bag on the kitchen island like usual since a beautifully decorated cake was placed on top. On the kitchen counters, seven plates were filled with her favorite dish. In the adjoining living room, her parents were casually sitting at the couch, watching her daughter's appreciative expression on her. While everyone was doing their own thing. Tamaki and draco are resting since they were found and with the only medical stuff they were able to use. Sure yes its nice to wonder around with her demonic markings on display. She far to old to hide them plus her father and mother wants her to keep them on display.

"Welcome home, my beautiful Girl, sesshomaru will be here in about an hour, but he said we can start without him. What would like to do first? Eat dinner, blow out the candles on your cake, or open your gift from all of us?" asked Maleficent

"Gift first, then birthday cake, I've been waiting all day since you said this morning that you and Dad and everyone have been working on it for the pass month." said kagome

Hades revealed a medium sized box with a light green bow that matched her poison on the lid he kept hidden underneath the coffee table. Tamaki with his bright violet eyes. Shocking enough she married loki twice since he got punished twice by his father. Kagome with demonic speed flashed into the living room, nearly falling off the table as she slid onto it for a seat. Even old as she is and howclobgvsye lived her clumsy self never leaves.. as she was tearing off the lid in a hurry making sure her claws down harm the gift , usagi eagerly removed the tissue papers to see the object inside. Slowly, usagi revealed the item for everyone to see. Her birthday gift was a beautiful black tiara-crown decorated with multi-colored irreplaceable jewels and with the crest of the house of the moon on it..

"A queen has to have a crown, most of all one and yourself my beloved child. What better time to get one than on your sixteenth birthday, when you have finally become a woman? But then again you became a woman with us knowing. " said Maleficent

Hades carefully took the crown out her daughter's hands to place it on her silver and pink haired head. He placed his hand on her cheek and smiled lovingly at his pride and joy. His brother was not lying that his beloved child was meant for great things. But his brother told them the story and showed them what their daughter suffered. Oh he enjoyed messing with those three souls. Plus he and his wife and grandparents. Hades sighed his baby was the blessing other that the huge family she required. The monk and slayer was amusing to watch. Even though they have the blood that kagome gave them. But mirabella was a he has fun torturing her ex soul as well.

Meanwhile the following day

Ben was happily for the seventh time that morning as a royal tailor fitted the prince into his blue coronation suit. Even though his thoughts are a mike away.. but ever since a couple hours ago on this cheery Wednesday morning when he first awoke from his slumber, Ben has been teeming on the edge with excitement. He noticed his jitteriness immediately and called his grandfather about it, afraid someone else would notice before he could tell his parents his plans. Maurice laughed at his predicament before instructing his grandson to relax. Everything would go according to plan. But even though he was going to have his hands full soon when kagome gets there. From rumors of her she is a feisty lady and a warrior.

Ben could only hope so from across the sparkling blue sea, Ben could see the magical barrier flickering and shimmering over the Isle of the Lost. It was so beautiful, that far-off isle of exiled prisoners. However, Ben felt sad at sight of it. Why were only certain people condemned to the island for their crimes when there were a few people living in Auradon that helped them commit their crime? Why were the children forced to live there when they have done nothing wrong? Even though he has no clue on the story about kagome but he will learn when she gets here. As the tailor jotted Ben's measurements on a notepad, the prince noticed his parents strolling into his room, arms entwined with one another's.

"How is it possible that you're going to be crowned king next month? You're just a baby!" chirped Adam

"He just turned sixteen, dear," said Belle

belle looking lovely in yet another yellow dress. It seemed like her entire wardrobe consisted of only yellow instead of a mixture of colors. Even though she never would change that at greeted his parents with a small smile to show them that he was happy to see them. But he was trying very hard to contain his nervousness. Even though his father could sense him being nervous. He has yet to tell his parents of his first proclamation, which was starting as they spoke. Adam takes off his glasses and put them in his jacket pocket as he eyes his only son, Belle smiled at how much her son has grown. But she sensed there was something on his mind. A mother knows when there was something wrong. Well that is what she hoped she senses.

"Sixteen?That's far too young to be crowned king. I didn't make a good decision until I was at least . . . forty-two." Chirped Adam

"Uh dearest husband of mine, you decided to marry me at twenty-eight," said belle

"It was either you or a teapot." Chirped adam

Belle narrowed her eyes as she smack her husband in the back of the head. Serves him right for that joke. If he planned on having sex again he better not make that joke again, Adam put his hands up in Surrender when his wife gives him that look it means he going to be in the dog house. And it wouldn't be the first time either. But though his eyebrows were dancing amusingly at his took a deep breath it was time for him to tell his parents what he wanted to tell them. And had a feeling that his father was not going to like it. But his mother had her ways in getting his father to stop and listen. Ben began to walk forward. But his tailor chided him in doing such a thing. Ben rolled his eyes and settled back where he was standing.

"Mom, Dad. I've chosen my first official proclamation." Said ben

Beast and Belle smiled at one another. They were proud of their son,, but they were kinda curious on what it was he was planning. Even though belle hoped it was him asking to get rid of Audrey.. her father has come to her about his concerns. but the only way is proof to show that he would be able to get out of his marriage contract. But her son will find his way out of it. But she was still curious. Adam arched a brow his worked quick. That was a proud thing of that he could say. Belle and adam were proud that their son was already thinking ahead. However, their happiness wouldn't last long. Well when their son announced what his plan had been all along and how he did all the stuff with out their notice. Even though his grandfather has been helping him with his plan. Or what his true reason behind it. Ben took a deep breath and knew it was time,

"I've decided that the children on the Isle of the Lost should be given a chance . . . To live here in Auradon." Said ben

His parents gawked at him as if they were trying to process what he had just blurted out to them,, they stared at him wide-eyed. They were expecting something that could help improve their people's life not something that could potentially endanger them. The tailor, sensing the sudden tension, knelt to work on Ben's pant leg to keep himself from interrupting the conversation. Even though he knew better to not mess with the males of this family when they loose their temper, but there was a hidden meaning behind all of this. But he was going to keep his mouth shut since that was the smart thing to do, but belle wasn't expecting it. But then again it would have been something she would of done when she was younger. But she will hear him out though.

"Every time I look out at the island, I feel like they've been abandoned." Said ben

"The children of our sworn enemies? Living among us?" hissed Adam

Belle sighed as she grabbed her husband's arm and rubbed it soothingly. She had a feeling this might happen when she heard the news. But she wondered if it was true that the shikion miko was over there. She read the story multiple times. But she wondered what the rest of her story was. There was holes in places she would love to ask. Only if she was comfortable. But there was more to this story than why his son was doing this in the first place, Adam huffed how could his son think this way. Why bring those people over here. And how long was he planning this, ben was trying his best to avoid his father temper. yes he inherited that temper as well,

"We start out with a few at first. Only ones who need our help the most. I've already chosen them." Said ben

"Have you now?" growled adam

Adam stalked forward as his eyebrows furrowed, causing his son's smile to falter. Ben hated when his father was like this. Yes he loved his. But he hated his temper and nit willing to change things. But now it was his time. It was his choice. Belle placed a hand on adam's arm as she rubbed soothing circles on it to try her best to keep him calm, and as well attempting to stop him from making a mistake. She knew his temper gets the better of himself. But she was going to be a voice of reason like always. Adam better be lucky she loves him so much.

"I gave you a second chance, if you keep up like this you won't come to bed tonight. So who are their parents?" asked belle

"Cruella de Vil, Jafar, Evil Queen . . ." said ben

ben trailed off a tad bit when is mostly because he was fearful of how his parents would react to the last name. The child of the last parent is the one he is most eager to see and was afraid something would stop it. He didn't want to say the name, but his parents urged him to continue. Taking a breath it was time he takes up the courage. Ben straightened his stance to appear more confident. Belle arched a brow to have her son continue. Ben swallowed the lump in his throat. Here it goes the last name and his dad to freak out on him, Belle sighed and had a feel the last name is going to anger Adam further.

"And Maleficent." Said ben

The tailor gasped dramatically at the declaration, dropping the notepad he had previously been writing on. He bowed his head respectfully as the butlers opened the door for him. The tailor slunk quietly out of the room so he wouldn't be present in the king's anger. He was not going to stay around for this one. Nope the queen would be able to stop this one. Ben sighed here it goes. He had this one coming. But he was going to stand his ground. He was so close to getting the woman of his dreams. And his dad anger was not going to stand in his way. He was going to have his Kagome one way or another. Even standing up to his father temper. He will show his father he was serious about this. Even though his mother might figured out why there is a reason he was doing this.

"Maleficent! She is the worst villain in the land!" snapped adam

"Dad, just hear me out." Pleaded ben

"No, I won't hear of it! They are guilty of unspeakable crimes! You will not go through with this proclamation!" hissed adam

Adam glared at his son to make his point acrossed. He was going to make sure his son was not going to go through with this awful plan. Belle sighed she was willing to support her son. But she must convince her stubborn husband. Even though that was easy on her part. While she nodded to her son to continue. She proud of him for standing his ground. But she has a feeling there was more to why he wanted this for. She sighed and waited for her son to continue. Ben took another deep breath and building the courage to continue on what he was saying.

"We've already started, The parents were informed Sunday along with Fairy Godmother, who willingly approved and supported my idea. A chauffeur is preparing to leave for the Isle of the Lost in just one hour. There's nothing you can do to stop it." Said ben smugly

"My darling son why would you go behind our backs on this?" asked belle

"Because the children are innocent, They deserve a chance at a normal life, not a life condemned to an island for a crime their parents committed." Snapped ben

adam stared long and hard at his son, waiting for the moment that he would forget the ridiculous idea. Ben locked eyes on him, not once deterring. Adam couldn't understand why his son was so determined to see his plan through. Finally, the king broke his gaze with a sigh. Plus he was not going to hear the end if this. But sadly he was going to go with this idea. But his wife was giving him that look, as if he don't go along with his son idea its going to he the dog house for him. Plus he was curious about some rumors on the whereabouts of the shikion miko. They stayed out of the battle because well not even fairy godmother would defeat that. But midoriko and the gods told them to stay out of it. But hell he even got a boner from the power a year ago.

"I suppose the children are innocent. Plus your mom woukd put me in the dog house if I don't. " Grumbled adam

Beast walked off before his son could say anything. Belle stepped in front of Ben, straightening his blue suit jacket with an encouraging smile. She showed how much pride she has in her son. belle gave a small smile as a 'thank you', watching as his mother turned her back to him and walked out of his bedroom with his father. The future king adverted his attention back to the Isle, silently thinking again, Today is the day.

Meanwhile on the isle

Kagome groaned even after a year she still is late in doing stuff.. she was rushing around her room loki stayed with her last night since she had one of her nightmares. Her parents was out for the night., but she was trying to get herself ready to school. She knew her children and the others was out wondering. But now she had missed her first hour class and half of her second hour class. If she didn't leave soon, she would miss third hour too. As soon as kagome slung open her bedroom door, her father blocked her path as if he was trying to stop her from leaving. Hades sighed as he carefully took the backpack off his daughter's shoulder, setting it out of her grasp.

"We didn't wake you. Loki said you had one of your nightmares. Plus you aren't going to school today." Said hades

"Why not?" asked kagome

"You are going to Auradon, my darling girl." Said Maleficent

Maleficent answered like she was ripping off a bandage off quickly is that the reason why her children wasn't here along with the others. But kagome jaw dropped at the news her fangs showing in the light. Sesshomaru stood with her parents but he came to wish her good luck before he left to take over for a while for her in the soul society. Sango told her to bring kiarra with her. But kagome couldn't believe her wish was actually coming true. However she felt guilty about leaving her children and her family for amount of time. She felt like she was being selfish. Hades knew where her thoughts was going.. she deserved this after all she had gone through to come back to them, Maleficent sighed her darling girl was feeling bad. But her thoughts was on the same line as her husband.

"Why are you two acting unusual? Is something wrong?" asked kagome

"Well, there's something that you have to do when you go to Auradon, They know your mother is Maleficent. And everyone else connected to you, but my beloved daughter. Your so beautiful like your mother. But no one knows that I am your father . . . and you have to keep it that way. " said hades

The roof could have crashed in on them at the moment and kagome would only be focused on her broken heart. Its hard enough leaving her children behind and her family. And sadly yes her ex husbands even though they can be annoying. But lying that she didn't know who her father is. That was breaking her heart even further. Yes she wanted to know the reasoning behind all of this. Hades was trying his best to hold it together. Those pink and red eyes of his baby looking like she was going to cry. But he knew she was not able to hide her royal demonic markings. He placed his hands on her face to make her look at him. He ran his fingers through her silky hair since it was something since she was very young to calm her down. Maleficent hated to do this. Most of all sending the others and her grandchildren away because it would harder for her darling girl to leave even more.

"Why do I have to lie about you!" cried kagome

"To protect you from Auradon cruelty, You would be bullied a lot worse for being the child of two villains instead of one. Most of all who you are. If it makes you feel better, you can tell only one person about me." Said hades

"Carlos, Evie, Jay, and their parents will be by in half an hour to wait for your chauffeur that will be here in an hour. I'm going to head to my old lair now so that Auradon man doesn't see me here. I'll take care of my grand children and your mother and the others. You deserve this after everything you been through. Goodbye my beloved daughter. I love you and never stop loving you.." said hades

He kissed his daughter's forehead lovingly. As he traced his fingers down her face and through her hair,, Giving her an encouraging smile, he knew he had to be strong for her. His little angel already has a fragile heart.. he sighed and left his home before his daughter could see him letting his tears fall freely. He can't let her see him cry. But he knows that she could sense it and smell his tears. Waiting a few moments Maleficent began softly since she knew her daughter was sad. She was always a daddy girl. But it made her heart swell to see her family. Kagome looked to her mother with tearing up. Her heart ached for the fact that her father must not be known. Most of all her blood adopted ones. Maleficent sighed her darling girl is so sad.

"my darling girl." said Maleficent

"I don't want to go, Not if I have to keep him a secret. What if I steal Fairy Godmother's wand? I can use it to remove the barrier so everyone can be free." Said kagome

"Don't you dare do such a thing, And don't bring it up when the others arrive. There may be a day that barrier comes down, but now is not the right time. I know you my darling girl know about time and what it does. Wait until you and your friends are fully and finally accepted before you suggest the idea to anyone. Ok?" said Maleficent

Mal relented while her mother's smile appeared once again. She was going to try her best to make things easy for her daughter. She hated seeing her so sad and depressed. Yes she was sad about leaving them.. and most of all her other family as well. But she has some things to give her child. She had it hiding once again under the coffee table, Maleficent grabbed a leather book with a gold dragon engraved on top. Even though her daughter would never turn into a dragon since she is inu demon. But she still had her fairy powers and God powers. But this was one thing that could help her daughter as well. Plus her daughter has more advanced magic. But this was something she wanted her daughter to have on her just incase is needed. Most of all she has her miko power as well. But it's rarely used these days so she bit out of touch.

"My spell book, During the first few years, whenever I was bored, I wrote spells that I thought could possibly work. They never worked here, but maybe they will in Auradon. Most if all your other powers as well." Said Maleficent

Maleficent pulled out a small trinket from her pocket, her wind-up silver inu that Hades made for her. As if that he knew what she was going to be. But then again midoriko did tell her that she visited with one of her uncles to explain. But this was one of her mother's prized possessions. Maleficent sighed this was something that her husband made her to remind them what their daughter will be one day. And now she was giving it to her daughter to help her through the process of trying to settle in to the home she will be staying. Kagome looked to her mother and wondered why she was giving this to her. Its as if she was trying to help her as much as she could, she had some things and the fire cat as well. Sango made sure she was always with her.

"I told you, you could one day have it, Maybe this will help cheer up when you are sad. However, I do expect it back one day." Said Maleficent

Lastly a photograph that was hidden underneath the coffee table as well, Maleficent packed all of kagome photos. But she put the picture in kagome hand. The photograph was one kagome knew all too well. She always had her wedding dresses designed each time when she hot married like her mothers. But this was the same one that kagome had broke the picture frame on when she was being an overly emotional teenager when she was stuck with Inuyasha. Well before he committed the horrible against her and had to suffer after that with naraku kagura and tsubaki helped her out.. but she knew it was her mothers favorite picture.

"I can't accept thisAnne mother. You love this too much for me to take it from you." Said kagome

"Keep it for now my darling girl, Use it to remind yourself that your true love is out there, waiting on you. Yes I know your ex husbands still loved you still, but now us time to find your soulmate" said Maleficent

With the presents gifted kagome even Sango fire cat, Maleficent abruptly stood from the couch before she could get too emotional. Kagome laughed gleefully despite being depressed minutes before. Now she was grateful for going through the torture of being measured by her god-mother. But she knows her family will be safe for now. But she will know if something happened. She will miss her children and her very large family, but they do have a point even though she wanted to protest. But she guesses this is something she does deserve after all she been through, in someway she knew she will be judged for who she really is. And what she is as well.

Meanwhile three hours later

When kagome three friends arrived, she and her mother were still in the process of packing her clothes and some of her art supplies. and placed the fire cat in its travel bag. Maleficent instructed the six visitors to make themselves comfortable for the wait, but don't snoop around her home. The jibe was pointed toward Evil Queen, who decided to open a desk drawer as she arrived. While the mother-daughter duo was finishing up the packing, they could hear Cruella scolding the Evil Queen for looking at something she shouldn't, causing Maleficent and kagome to snicker at the woman's bad luck. A few minutes later, the two walked back into the living room with kagome having a bag slung over her shoulder and a duffel bag in her hands. In the open area of the house, Jay and Jafar were raiding the refrigerator, Evie and Evil Queen were fixing each other's makeup, and Cruella trying to encourage Carlos about his new school in the living room.

"There's something we need to discuss for the four of you leave, You three cannot mention anything about kagome father. This way she can be given an equally fair chance like the three of you. That can't happen if people in Auradon find out she's the daughter of two villains instead of one." Demanded Maleficent

"We can do that," said Carlos

"What about kagome crown? She's a princess because of her father. And lady of the west due to sesshomaru. Does that mean she can't bring it to Auradon?" asked evie

"It sounds to me like Hades just didn't want to claim his brat. How could h she's not right and a whore. " Hissed evil queen

The woman's harsh accusation hit kagome hard. Evil queen hated kagome because kagome out shinned her daughter in the destiny department. Although she had pulled herself together right before the six had arrive, kagome reverted back to a hysterically sobbing mess as she hid her face in her mother's shoulder so the others couldn't see he. She won't be able to see her children unless they let her have video calls. Maleficent resting a hand on the back of her daughter's head, Maleficent glared vehemently at the woman that upset her angel.

"Watch your mouth Grimhilde. I was the one that chose who would go with kagome to Auradon, not the prince. I chose your daughter because I respect her. With that said, you disrespect my daughter one more time, I'll use the Dragon's Eye to permanently transform you into a filthy old hag." Hissed Maleficent

Before a cat-fight could start between the mothers, a horn suddenly honked from outside the house, warning them that their ride to freedom has arrived. Kagome sighed it was time to face the music. As a black stretch limo was parked just a few yards outside Maleficent's tenement. It looked wildly out of place in the squalid city. Villagers crowded around it curiously. Jay, Carlos, and Evie walked outside, whooping with glee to see their ride. The driver emerged from the limo in a crisp gray suit and dark sunglasses. He took the groups luggage, Jay's carpetbag, Evie's suitcase and sewing machine, and Carlo's big black trash bag and loaded it into the trunk. Jay swiped the crown-shaped hood ornament and climbed into the limo along with Carlos.

Evie waited for a moment, watching as kagome walked out of her home with her mother at her side. After kagome handed the driver her bags, well except tge fire cat instructed her carrying case. Maleficent took a quick moment to kiss her forehead where her magenta crescent moon to show her royal demonic blood in a lovingly in good-bye. And promise that she and hades will take care of their grandchildren and the others. With a shaky breath, kagome met Evie at the limousine door, who smiled at her encouragingly in hopes of cheering her up. As the two entered the vehicle, the chauffeur tossed the bags in the trunk before slamming it shut. The driver slid into his seat and shut the door.

The villains waved good-bye to their children from outside the limo as it began to roll. On the street, the villagers looked on as the limo cruised away. kagome and her friends took in the inside of the limo. The boys ogled all the buttons, gadgets, colored lights, refreshments, and vast arrays of chocolates, gumballs, jawbreakers, jellybeans, rock candies, and other sweets. Meanwhile, Evie had her arm wrapped around kagome shoulder as she tried to comfort her dearest friend. The limo traveled across a magical bridge, which continued to extend over the wide expanse of water toward Auradon. The bridge behind the limo disappeared and the driver pulled into the sunny kingdom of Auradon and slowed in front of a sign.


The limo cruised through the sprawling green campus and came to a stop. An impressive building with a flower garden loomed before them. A group of curious students in blue-and-gold uniforms waited outside the limo, waving welcome flags. A marching band started to play with great gusto. The driver opened the limo door with Carlos tumbling out first. The young teen had been leaning up against the door when it abruptly opened on him, making him fall flat on his back. Jay stepped over Carlos, laughing at his friend's misery as he helped Carlos to his feet. Evie came out of the vehicle next, marveling at the castle in awe. The Isle princess looked behind her, expecting her friend to emerge after her, but she was still sitting in the vehicle. Evie poked her head back inside the limo.

"kagome? Are you okay?" asked evie

"Give me a moment. I want to compose myself before I make a fool out of myself." Said kagome

"That won't happen, Jay, Carlos, and I will be right here with you to make sure it doesn't. Besides, you can't be a fool for loving your parents. And to your children and the others." Said evie

Exhaling softly it's a big step for her. But she been through way worst than this. Kagome finally gained the courage to exit the vehicle with the help of Evie. She faced evil and she was worried about this. Once the fairy inu demon miko made her appearance, the band dribbled to a wheezing halt as the students instinctively back away seeing the beautiful demoness. Guys covered themselves to hide their boners. Kagome bowed her head feeling a bit awkward. Kagome sighed exasperatedly, but Evie offered her a small smile. She knew Kagome was going to be feeling odd.

"Don't worry about them, They don't know the real you like we do." Said evie

During their conversation, the band parted for a smiling woman, who had her arms outstretched as if she were about to hug someone. With her brown hair in a loose bun, pearl earrings, and lavender dress with a pink bow at the neck, the four easily identified her as the headmistress of Auradon Prep, Fairy Godmother. Following behind Fairy Godmother were two students that kagome seen on TV one week ago. The young woman with caramel colored skin, chocolate-brown hair, wearing a blue sweater over a pink dress had her arm wrapped around the young man's who had honey-brown hair and wearing a navy suit with the Auradon Prep crest embroidered for everyone to see.

kagome held her breath at seeing the male as her demonic beast saying mate, but she knowing exactly who he was. Kagome saddened eyes adverted to the couples' entwined arms, noticing that the unnamed girl had her hand covering the boy's wrist. When the demoness looked closer at that particular body part, kagome saw something quite unusual for someone living in Auradon. And she knows tge signs since she suffered through that with Inuyasha. But probably way worst than this poor soul. Evie sighed as she stood next to her sisterly friends. She would have to ask what she was looking at or seen later. Fairy godmother came up to them and her eyes budged when she saw the jewel around the girls neck. Shit Maleficent child is the shikion miko. But she composed herself before she even noticed. But it's a major honor to have her here. Ben has no clue who this girl was yet. Oh the surprise that would be.

"Welcome to Auradon Prep. As you may already know, I'm Fairy Godmother, headmistress. Most of all you it's a huge honor to have you here." Chirped fairy godmother

The young man stepped forward, clasping his hands. The four thought he was going introduce himself, but then he smiled brightly at the demoness. Its as if he has been waiting to meet her for a lifetime. But it seemed that prissy don't like him coming to her.. it would seem fairy godmother knew who she was.. oddly that was kinda comforting. But kagomes pink and red orbs looked up to him, Ben eyes roamed over her. She was finally here. His kagome was here.. and he was not going to give up on making her his. But first get rid of Audrey then he can be with the women of his dreams.

"kagome, Nice to finally meet you in person." Said ben

"Prince Ben." Said kagome

The young woman looked back and forth from the two with a slight snarl of her nose. Kagome narrowed her eyes at the girl. So she was right in what she thought on what was going on. Kagome also smells of other males on her as well. So she is a princess who is tge one who fucked anything with a punishment. Kagome watch her ever so slightly tightening her grip as if she was trying to harm him, as she eyes her with disgust and well hated her. Ben groaned not the time for this. Not right in front his kagome. But it seemed she took notice of his wounds and most of the way Audrey was harming him, plus the way her eyes flashed but took a deep breath.

"Do you know her?" hissed audrey

"Not personally. A few years ago, there was an incident on the Isle that resulted in her mother sending a letter to my parents for aid. But never figured it out what happened." Said ben

"Thank you for that, even though that us a story fir another time.. but in my time I have very much learn a great many things.. like that bruise on your wrist. Where did you get it?" said kagome cooly

Surprised to hear such a thing kagome eyes traveled to his wrists and there was a fare amount of others as well, she used kido to track all his injuries. Fairy Godmother adverted her attention to the prince's arm, where a large, dark bruise was slightly visible underneath the young woman's hand. The headmistress gasped over-dramatically. As she eyed the shikion miko who's eyes traveled over his body. She felt the power. But it was one she had no clue to use. Its rare to come across a person who apart of the soul king army most of all a captai. But this is the shikion miko after all, but then she noticed the silver hair pieces and the pink scarf. Well she apart of the kuchiki clan. And sadly she gated dealing with the leader. So she's the blood adopted sibling. Most of all mayuri adopted daughter. Oh that man made her shiver.

"Ben, why didn't you say anything before!" said fairy godmother

"Got it at Tourney practice yesterday, It's not that big of a deal." Said ben

"my my you aren't a good liar Then again, I'm only the daughter of Maleficent. And a demoness. Not like anyone in Auradon will believe me…" said kagome stiffly

Kagome huffed in annoyance as she let her inner sesshomaru out. But still he seemed to nit want to admit it. But she understood why she was in that place at one yeah he has to come out to say it himself. Ben eyes went wide from how she just blurted that out. But he could tell she must of suffered greatly. But he knew she would help him when he had her here. Plus it seemed that fairy godmother has great respect for her. He knew who kagome was and what she did. But it seemed Audrey decided to be a rude bitch and interrupted their conversation.

"I'm Princess Audrey, His girlfriend Right, Benny boo?" purred Audrey

"I'm a princess as well. My mom's a queen, which makes me a princess." Said evie

"The Evil Queen has no royal status here. And neither do you." Hissed Audrey

Audrey denied giving her a feign 'sorry' raised an eyebrow at the claim. This little priss was starting to get on her nerves. And how dare she say that to poor evie. She and evie has for more royal blood flowing from their vain. Well kagome has far more royal blood in her vain. But its time to put this bitch in her place. Ben shivered oh she so sexy when he sees her angry. Oh he was going to enjoy this. He had a feeling his kagome was going to be a spitfire. Something he wanted in his Queen. Audrey smirked thinking she won. But sadly she was not going to like what happened next.

"In the years I have lived. And I have lived a very long time sadly due to the jewel. And the life time I live on that island, you Auradonians preached that the Isle of the Lost is a part of Auradon, Now you, an Auradon Princess who is dating the future King of Auradon, is saying that our home is not part of Auradon? Doesn't that make you a hypocrite?" snapped kagome

"Just who do you think you are?" hissed audrey

"well I thought your brain would be large to figure that out. Well I'm kagome taught, the shikion miko, lady of the west, and top that a noble woman of the kuchiki clan, heir to the soul king who is my grandfather, shall I continue my titles are rather long. I earned what I got in my blood that flows through my very veins. And the sad thing It wasn't inherited from a grandfather that happened to be a pathological liar." Hissed kagome

The who school was in awe at the demoness who was giving Audrey the business. Some was cheering her on, while fairy godmother was not going to stop this one. It needed to be said. Most of all she knew better to not piss off one of her kind. Ben smirked oh how he loved this woman. He knew she would help him with Audrey. And his point was proven. He has to tell his grandfather later. Audrey was not happy no one had ever dated to talk like that to her before. Most of all to her family. And spew lies about her family as well. Oh this bitch was going to die. Before Audrey could make a nasty, spiteful remark, Fairy Godmother intervened so the situation wouldn't escalade to a full-on fight. And not have the nobles of the soul society here.

"Ben and Audrey will show you around campus, The library hours are from eight to ten and we do implement a curfew." Said fairy godmother

And with that fairy godmother walked toward the school building with the marching band following and the remaining students dispersing to their usual activities. Even though kagome is basically their favorite person now. While Audrey was still seething from what that bitch said to her. Ben smiled as he approached kagome and her friends. Even though she was watching him closely. While Audrey was still pissy. While kagome friends stared unimpressed at him. He stepped in front of Jay first. But Jay punched ben shoulder playfully causing Ben to grunt a bit.

"It is so, so, so good to finally Meetyou." Said ben

Ben walked to kagome he been waiting for this day far to long., kagome looked at his hand and cautiously held out her hand for him to shake since his girlfriend was so protective of him. Kagome was only going to make the handshake brief so it was not going to cause him more grief with the little pink prissy bitch, but Ben tightened his grip before she could let go as if he wanted to keep her hand in his and never let go of it ever again. kagome looked up at him, their eyes met in an intense connection, which was similar to the one she experienced in her dream, but he doesn't know about that . as her beast was saying mate. But she ignored it. Ben sighed as he broke the gaze as abruptly as he dropped kagome hand even though he didn't want to.

"This is a momentous occasion, And one I hope will go down in history. As the day our two peoples began to heal," said ben

When Ben finished his speech on what he wanted to. Even there is oh so much more he wanted to say to kagome. But right now is not the time to do that right now. Evie held his hand too long for his girlfriend's liking, since Audrey tugged Ben away almost forcefully. Even though Ben was getting annoyed by how she was acting. Kagome sighed this girl needed to go like not. But she was doing what she was known to do. Sometimes sesshomaru teach her to use certain tones in diplomatic times. Audrey was glaring at her when it comes down to who this female is. It's unfair that this bitch got more than she did. Even though she didn't know if she was in her place.

"Or the day that you showed four people where the bathrooms are. Because I think I'm going go be sick." Said kagome

Ben chuckled at her comment even though he knew it was directed to Audrey than himself. But Audrey was to dumb to even know that kagome was insulting her. Even though he felt the same way when it comes to Audrey. She always made his skin crawl when she touched him and kissed him.. Ben smiled and sauntered to kagome with Audrey close at his side. A smile emerged on his face even though he wanted to grab her and kiss her senseless. But not until he gets rid of Audrey. Even though he knew his kagome would love to use her poison claws to kill her.. but he knew he should not let her do such a thing. Even though it would make the world a much better place in doing so,

"A little bit over the top?" asked ben

"A little more than a little bit," said kagome

"Well, so much for my first impression." Purred Ben

Ben and kagome shared a small laugh as if they were making a joke. Even though the joke was directed to Audrey. Even though she was to dumb to even know that if was directed to her. Ben loved his kagome laugh. Her laugh was like music to his ears and wanted to make her laugh e everyday and the rest if time. while Audrey looked back and forth from them as if she didn't get what was so funny. Kagome tried adverting her gaze from him, but he noticed immediately the deep sadness. He has to know what was upsetting her right now. So he was going to ask low enough since he knew kagome with her hearing would hear what he was going to ask her.

"Something wrong?" asked ben

"Just miss my mother, and the rest of my family. But I'm used to it sadly. So no worries about your cure little head over dear one. so I'll be fine." Said usagi

"Okay! So how about a tour?" asked ben

Ben smiled brightly as he suggested about the tour of their new home. he tried to get back on track before his girlfriend could get suspicious. He headed toward the garden as Audrey entwined their arms again, sharing facts about the school and its history as the four newbies slowly followed behind them. Soon, they were looking up into the face of a fearsome statue that resembled Ben's father in his kingly human form. Ben clapped, causing the statue to change into Beast form, growling as it came to life. Carlos screamed as he jumped into Jay's arms for safety.

"Carlos, it's okay, My father wanted his statue to morph from beast to man. To remind us that anything is possible." Said ben

"Does he shed much?" asked kagome

"Yeah, Mom won't let him on the couch." Joked ben

They exchanged looks. kagome gave a wry smile at the joke, while Ben harmlessly smiled back. However, the jealous girlfriend didn't like their attention being on one another, so she tugged her boyfriend away. Kagome just happened to notice the way the girlfriend inconspicuously wrapped her hand around her boyfriend's already injured wrist. So . . . sheis the cause of the bruise just like she figured. As they entered the school the extravagant building, there was a fireplace, dark wood staircases, chandeliers, and stained-glass windows that made the place feel warm and sunny. It almost reminded kagome of her home in the Bargain Castle. And a lot of other places she visited in her travels to merge back into time to finish the battle.

"So, you guys have magic here in Auradon? Like spells, potions . . . Things like that?" asked kagome

"Yes, it exists, We don't use it because my father forced us to retire it. Most of the students at Auradon Prep are ordinary mortals." Said ben

"Who happen to be kings and queens," said kagome

"That's true! Our royal blood goes back hundred of years! " chirped Audrey

Audrey acted like her normal snooty self as I'd she was making a point. But kagome sighed this girl is stupid not to know her family history. As she seamlessly draping Ben's arm over her shoulder with her next statement. She smiled at Ben possessively, acting more protective by the minute. But it seemed the little bitch needed a history lesson on her family history. Audrey is not going to like the truth. But kagome could give a fuck less about this little bitch feelings. Ben looked to kagome and saw the look of anger and annoyance on her beautiful face. And had a feeling she was going to be giving Audrey the business again. Oh how he enjoyed this day. Oh how he was going to tell his grandfather about this later tonight on the turn out with his kagome.

"Or less than forty. Its pitiful you have not the slightest clue on your own family history. So let me teach you a few things on the truth behind your filthy grandfather. That filth of a grandfather was a peasant before he married into royalty." Hissed kagome

"Doug! Doug, come down." Called ben

Doug quickly walked down the stairs and stood next to the prince. Ben sighed he needed to make sure his kagome didn't kill Audrey even though it is rather tempting. But right now he needed Doug help with this.. because Audrey is pushing her luck way to far with someone as deadly as kagome. He knew the things about a silver inu demon. Most of all that their claws are rather deadly with poison that they could be injected into the person they want to kill off. Kagome growled as sge wanted to shove so much miasma and poison into this bitch. Or hand her over to around to feed off her. Or just hand her over to her. Look dotted father and son in law to experiment on her in research and development in the soul society.

"This is Doug, He's going to give you your class schedules and inform you where your rooms are." Explained ben

Doug was gawking at the demoness who put Audrey in her place. He very much admired her before he knew her. Oh he Hasson many questions about the stuff that no one knew that was not put into the story. Kagome arched a silver brow at Doug and wondered what in the world he was looking at her as if she was his most favorite person in the universe. Ben narrowed his eyes and nit sure if he liked Doug looking at his kagome the way he was. So ben averted his gaze to kagome. Even though right now he didn't want to leave her side. He wanted to toss her over his shoulder and take her back to his chambers and keep here there. But then the reminder of needing to rid of Audrey first was finally back.

"I'll see you later, okay? And if you need anything at all, feel free to…" said ben

"Ask Doug," said Audrey sweetly

"Orme, During the school week, I stay in my dorm room which is down the hall from Jay's and Carlos's.. while on the weekends I'm at my parents' castle, which is a short walk away. If I'm not in my dorm, you are more than welcome to head to the castle. My staff will help you with anything you need." Explained ben

Before Ben could offer any more advice or assistance to either of them, Audrey forcefully pulled him away. He hated Audrey so freaking much, but now he has his kagome here. He just hoped Audrey will slip up soon. But it seemed he was leaving the four newbies with the only other Auradonian they knew at the moment. Kagome smiled sweetly to Doug since she sensed he is a very kind person, she could see being friends with him. Most of all she sensed intelligence. He would get along well with her along with some of her family and friends.

"Hi guys. I'm Dopey's son, as in . . . Dopey, Doc, Bashful, Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Heigh-ho. " Chirped Doug

"Evie. Evil Queen's daughter." Said evie

Doug shook himself out of his daze as evie was being a flirt with him,. Even though he was one of kagome admires. But there was something and some connection between him and the evil queens daughter. Kagome smiled knowing what was going on, hoping evie woukd take doug as someone as a dating option. It clearly shows Doug liked her. Well he showers herself pride in who kagome is. Evie smiled kindly at Doug as if she was showing him kindness. Doug was not sure what to think with tough extremely beautiful females showing kindness.. and one very famous because of who she is and born to do, he saw the shikion jewel around her neck.

"Okay. So, about your classes, I, uh, put in the requirements already…History of Woodsmen and Pirates, Safety Rules of the Internet, and, uh, Remedial Goodness 101." Explained Doug

"Let me guess . . . New class?" drawled kagome

Doug nodded sheepishly at the demoness. Sadly he thought it was dumb for the class. But then again. They had no clue that Maleficent daughter the shikion freaking miko. He even he tried to talk the fairy godmother to rid of the class. What in the world would show the people with this class. Yes kagome is on a list of deadly creatures. But he was not going to use that against her. Plus the whole school loved her already after her display of putting Audrey in her place. The whole school wanted to do that. But kagome did it and show Audrey she coukd care less about who she is.

"It was the only way Fairy Godmother would agree to you four attending the school. Even though we had no clue well who you are kagome. By tge way loved the fact you put Audrey in her place. But ben's proclamation was a last-minute situation. Fairy Godmother didn't know about it until Sunday afternoon while Ben didn't tell his parents until this morning." Explained Doug

"Why's that?" asked evie

"Somebody about not wanting them to ruin it, Ben asked for my help Monday, but didn't tell the rest of the student body about his proclamation until Tuesday. I think it had something to do with Audrey, like I said kagome I admire you for who you are and even more so after tge Audrey thing. The whole school loved the show. but I didn't want to pry into ben personal life." Explained Doug

Evie looked to kagome and knew she was blushing with all the praise. But she didn't like how Audrey insulting kagome royal demonic markings. They were beautiful. But she herself knows what kagome can do with her claws. Most of all with miasma.. Doug sighed and knew there was more to this. But he has a feeling that ben loves kagome. But not the time to be thinking on ben love for the demoness. Evie smiled to Doug for being so kind to them. Even to kagome since she gotten here audrey been pushing her luck, if Audrey wanted to meet the gates of hell in which she and the whole isle witnessed at the end the battle.

"Speaking of prying into things.. we don't want to keep you, so if you tell us where our rooms are, we'll be out of your hair." Said kagome

"Head down that hall, take a right at the end. Once you are at the end of that hall, you'll be at another vertical hall which the girls' dorm rooms. For the guys', you take a left instead. Your rooms will have your name posted outside like everyone else's. Just a warning, during school hours which is eight to three you can't be in your rooms, unless you happen to have a free period or are deathly sick." Explained Doug

"Thanks. We'll be a little kinder to you since you helped us. Plus I think we could be great friends." Said kagome

Although Doug thought that statement was peculiar for one such as kagome. But she hugged him and kissed his cheek, oh this was Doug lucky day. but he couldn't say anything since they were already walking away from him. However, he did happen to notice Evie looking back over her shoulder to give him another flirty smile that made his heart swoon. Two beautiful. Well very extremely beautiful females like him.. well kagome thinks of him as a friend in which is a honor.. but evie was a different story.. he may be in love.

Meanwhile the following morning

the first morning of being in Auradon kagome was up at the crack of dawn thanks to parents always making sure she was up in time for school. Along with the travels and in the past. Most of all with her childre. Kirrara cracked a eye open and went back to sleep on her perch. Kagome sighed as she scratched the fire cat since she's is its new mistress. But they wasn't alone in waking early since Evie was up a few minutes later. Having nothing to do, the two dressed for the day before heading of to the boys' rooms to give them a morning wake-up call. Of course, Jay and Carlos didn't like having to leave their comfortable beds, since it was their first time sleeping on a real bed. Due to them being up so early, the four were obviously early to class, which shocked Fairy Godmother, who had been in the middle of writing phrases like MOUTHS ARE FOR SMILING, NOT FOR BITING and SHARING IS CARING on the blackboard.

"You're fifteen minutes early! Admittedly, I thought you'd be a few minutes late." Said fairy godmother

"kagome woke us up too early, She banged on our door when we took too long to get dressed." Grumbled jay

"My mother and blood adopted mother with my brothers taught me to be either early or on time for class, they says a queen has to be on time for every event and occasion, so no one is disrespected. Most if all captain meetings even annoying is always early." Explained kagome

Although that slightly confused the headmistress, Fairy Godmother was still impressed by their promptness. She sometimes forgets who she really is talking to, its still shocking that Maleficent daughter is the shikion miko, but most of all who she is all related to as well. But she composed herself since those pink and red intelligent eyes was observing her as if gaging her reaction, yes she was very offended by the comment she made. But she sadly thought it was going to happen. But she should not judge them for where they come from it was very wrong of her.

"Since you arrived before requested, I'll end class a few minutes early, This way you can roam around the halls and become more familiar with your new school." Chirped fairy godmother

The four new transfer students were excited to hear the news, until the class actually began. While the class was very informative for Jay, Evie, and Carlos, kagome was completely miserable about this stupid class. Really is this very much necessary. Or is it some form of torture or revenge to make themselves suffer through this nonsense. Its like all the freaking questions had common sense answers! It was practically a class designed to teach preschoolers manners. Her parents and her family taught her better than this and yet she has to suffer through this unbearable class! To make things worse, she is given almost all of the questions!

"C, give the child a bottle." Drawled kagome

"Correct, again." Said fairy godmother

Kagome rolled her eyes in frustration at how she was being treated.. she was far to old to be treated like this. For freaking sakes she probably seen and done far more than this woman. And battle far worst. She going to be sending a hell butterfly to her elder brother tonight about this sort of treatment and stupid class. Although Fairy Godmother caught what she said, the headmistress didn't say anything yet since a girl in a pale blue dress wearing a blue bow in her hair entered the classroom. The frightened child spared a glance at the four new students as she scurried toward the front of the room with a squeal. Kagome arched a brow at the poor girl.

"Hello, dear one," greeted Fairy Godmother

"H-hi. You need to sign off on early dismissal for the coronation." Said Jane

"Everyone this is my daughter, Jane." Said fairy godmother

Kagome smiled kindly to the poor girl as if she was being displayed in front of the whole school. Fairy Godmother should take pity on her child. Hell she didn't do that to her own children. Well tamaki and some of her children got charm and flaunted it sometimes but don't do it as much anymore. Jane was embarrassed at the fact her mother was doing this to her. She hated when her mother did stuff like this. She looked to kagome and saw the beautiful demoness. She wished she could be that beautiful. Plus woman is a legend in history. But she could never be like this brave female demon. Even though she has no clue the horrors of the rest of her story.

"Mom! Don't!" gasped Jane in horror

"It's okay, Jane, this is everyone." Said fairy godmother

"Hi, Jane, such a pretty name might I add, and that's a beautiful headband you're wearing. It makes you look prettier than you already are." Said kagome kindly

Jane eyes went wide from what was said to her. Never ever someone of this girl's rank in the world ever say that to her before. And she had no clue what to do or even think after something like that was said to her. Jane started blushing bright red at the compliment from the very beautiful demoness, Jane did the first thing that came to mind. She ran out of the room with a terrified squeal. Kagome eyes went sad seeing the poor girl run out with a bright red face. Was it something she said or done to make her act the way she did. Fairy Godmother sighed and smiled to kagome her thanks for what she had said.. kagome groaned and slumped in her chair with a slight huff, knowing it was going to be a verylong day.

Meanwhile a few hours later

Later in the school day after Jay and Carlos tried out for the Tourney team. Kagome and Evie were hanging out at their lockers in between their classes since they had nothing better to do. Well after kagome pounded her head into the locker from the annoyance of the day. Kagome had decided to paint her logo on her locker, which was a heart with a dog demon and dragons inside one silver and the other pink. But it was something that she felt better in doing so, evie sighed and knew there was a lot on kagome mind after she ranted to the hell butterfly and sent it on its way to where she needed to send it. Evie had a feeling it was not going to be pretty after receiving that there.

"When are you going to ask him?" asked Evie

"Soon, my dear friend.. Like I said yesterday, I have to wait until he's not around his girlfriend, which is almost never because she's so over-possessive. It's a wonder how no one has commented on it yet besides us." Growled kagome

"I have to get to Chemistry. Tell me how the conversation goes." Saud Evie

Kagome sighed and waved off-handedly to tell her she will. As she started digging through her locker for nothing in particular as her friend walked away to be a model student. During her action, kagome just happened hear a loud, obnoxious laughter that she was already too familiar with. Peering behind her locker door, kagome caught a glimpse of Audrey and Chad Charming son of Prince Charming and Cinderella, Ben's supposed best friend laughing with one another while Ben slowly and sadly trailed behind them, like he wanted no part of them, but had to keep up an appearance. When the prince gazed up, he unintentionally locked eyes with kagome pink and red orbs who blushed bright red at being caught in her action with her all knowing eyes. Ben offered a small smile, which caused kagome to abruptly turn her head to face her locker. Ben chuckled while Audrey's and Chad's laughter died down at catching sight of Mal. Chad tapped Ben's arm a little too hard for the future king's liking before Chad pointed at the demoness.

"Those kids are trouble, Those VKs have no business being here in our kingdom." Hissed Chad

" 'VK'? What does that mean?" asked ben

"Villain Kid, All of us are calling them that." Said Chad

Chad ha to say she was a beautiful woman but he wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole. But he always can think her as beautiful. But he had a heart for Audrey. He always wanted Audrey. But by don't know she goes to him for sexual needs that he plainly refused to give her.. Chad sighed as he glared are the demoness. It was unfair for her to get that destiny to have that jewel. Audrey deserved the jewel not her. Ben sighed he had feeling Chad woukd be a huge dick about this. But he didn't need to go around insulting someone that didn't deserve it. Even Audrey was being a bitch as well. But soon he will be free of his shackles of being with her. Even if he did get stuck marrying her. He would never consummate the marriage. He rather die than fuck her.

"I'm not and I won't, Give them a chance. They aren't as bad as they seem." Said ben

"Ugh! No offense, Ben but you're too trusting." Growled Audrey

Ben tried laughing the comment off even though it was a fake laugh. Plus he heard his kagome snort from what Audrey had just said. but Audrey held firm to what she was trying to tell him. And he knew she would never ever stop annoying him. She gripped his hand so tightly that he couldn't let go. He saw kagome grip her locker so tight. Well not tight enough to dint or break it. But he had a feeling she would kill Audrey one of these days. But he can't let that happen just yet. Chad sighed and ignored the things that Audrey does to ben. He knew he would go down with her if he not careful.

"Look, I know your mom fell in love with a beast who turned out to be a prince. But with my mom, the evil fairy was just the evil fairy. That girl's mother. Most of all a dark creature that should be removed." Said Audrey

"Who took over raising your mother because the three good fairies were doing a terrible job doing so, kagome is practically your aunt. You need to show her some respect. And with your disrespect of her race is why and what started demons gating humans." Explained ben

"I'll respect her on the day that I am convicted of attempted murder, which will neverhappen." Hissed audrey

Ben attempted to brush past his girlfriend to walk toward kagome, but he was suddenly jerked back when Audrey forcefully grabbed his wrist once again. jerked his arm out of her grasp. Before he could hear another witty retort from his forced significant other, Ben turned his back to her and stormed off. With an aggravated huff, Audrey walked in the opposite direction, leaving behind a dumbstruck Chad, who was really paying attention to the situation. Eventually, he trailed after Audrey like a puppy trying chase after its master. When kagome closed her locker, she was welcomed by the sight of Ben leaning against one closest to hers.

"Are you okay? I saw you were talking with the prissy pink bitch. Did you get into an argument with her?" asked kagome

"How much did you hear? Never mind dumb question you heard it all" said ben

Kagome smiled to him at the comment. But she shrugged it off as if it was common knowledge that demons have great hearing. But she was glad ben stopped that line of thought after asking that. Ben raised an eyebrow in amusement at how kagomes brightness. But he should never ever asked how much she could hear again, plus having the kuchikis and tashios in hi parents castle going off on them but they understand why they were angry. But there was no way stopping that one class. It just to put people at ease even it's rather stupid. Audrey could use that stupid class. Plus sesshomaru had to tell loki to turn his father hair back to normal.

"I saw how she kept a tight grip on your hand and wrist. Does she hurt you like that often?" asked kagome

"Every time I'm in an argument with her, Which is almost every single day." Grumbled ben

"Have you told anyone about her abusing you?" asked kagome

Kagome wondered as she leaned her head against her locker. She knows that her eyes was showing her concern for him, but it seemed someone has to since the school don't seem to notice that this was going on right under their noses. She wondered what his parents was thinking on this whole subject. Surely his parents love him enough to see this right in front of them. Well maybe not Adam. But surely belle would notice abuse when she see it. Ben sighed and knew she was very concerned for his well-being. He knew his kagome when she was finally here with him, his grandfather is very happy for him, plus he wanted to meet kagome.

"My grandfather found out last week, As for my parents are concerned, I tried, but they assumed my injuries were from Tourney. Before I could tell them the truth, they were already off doing something for the kingdom." Said ben sadly

"Speaking of parents, I need to tell you . . ." said kagome

" . . . about your mother's husband?" asked Ben

Kagome eyes went wide in shock. Yes he knew who her blood adopted family is. But she don't know if he knew who her birth father is or not. But if he didn't it would come be of a shock. Ben smiled to kagome he was wondering who her mothers husband is and kagome birth father is. He knew her blood adopted parents and family is. But he was wondering who her real father is. Since it was someone Maleficent married so it has to be someone special and very strong. Kagome sighed and wondered how he figured her mother is married. But her father said she can tell someone. So she was going to tell Ben since he seemed like a good person to tell. ben wordlessly revealed a picture he kept hidden in a secret pocket on the inside of his jacket. The photograph was of kagome when she was four years old before she became who she is now, and her mother's hand was resting on the side of her head.

"She's wearing a wedding ring, I only realized it a couple months ago when I stopped focusing on you. My grandfather noticed it around the same time. We're the only ones that know about the ring." Explained ben

"Well, you are right, My mother has been married seventeen years to my father. So here it goes. My father is hades lord of the underworld" Said kagome

Ben was gawking at what she just told him. Well he was not expecting that. Butvthen again she does have the control of the gates of hell. He remembered along with his parents when the saw the gates of hell open up on the Island after the battle ended. It was on the end of the island where there was no one was living, gates of hell was something that is not the faint of heart. Kagome arched a brow at Ben an wondered what was going through his mind. But she was expecting the shock for who her father is. But it was rather amusing to see his face and kinda cute as well,

"Which is why you were defensive with Audrey yesterday, well as your other titles of course." Said ben

"I was defensive because I have to hide who I am to stay safe, well other than that I have to keep my temper in check as well. but my father wanted to keep him a secret so I wouldn't be bullied. Well more so than I am for what I am, every child on the Isle of the Lost has two villain parents, but at least one is so unpopular that no one recognizes them. With me, I am the daughter of the two most powerful and evilest villains in the world, with top everything else with who I am and my race and what life stood for. Your people failed to realize that they condemned two completely innocent victims while there are two villains inconspicuously walking among them! Sad to sad this what let demonic beings to hate humans. But we try our best to get along with them. Most of all the soul society try to keep souls balanced but im not going to lie to you. Audrey soul and Chad will be condemned to hell. " Explained kagome

Waiting for a group of gossiping teenagers to walk pass them, Ben revealed what he knew on the matter with Audrey grandfather. And most of all her grandmother. He was told this by his grandfather and he was going to tell kagome. She has every right to know this story if information. Yes Audrey mother and father are innocent. Kagome closed her eyes trying to will her mind to calm down. And as well her beast. Ben arched a brow when he saw her eyes flashed. But he now knew that was not a good sign. But this bit of information might not help her anger much either. But she has to know there are people who believe story that her mother is innocent and her father as well.

"I know what happened to your mother. When I was little, my grandfather overheard Stefan talking to someone about it. My grandfather told me later on that day, and I've resented Audrey and her grandparents ever since." Explained ben

"Then why not break up with her?" asked kagome

Kagome tilted her head to the side in annoyance about the whole issue. She just wanted to strangle him and shake him to knock to common sense. But she sadly knew this has to be his choice and not her own. Ben sighed and knew she would ask that. But there was nit much he could do until she gets caught the way she deserved. She deserved the humidity that he was going to bring down on her. Yes her grandparents would be pissy about it. But aurora and Phillip would understand. and in hope that her parents would take charge of making Audrey know what she was doing wrong.

"I can't, I am supposed to marry her due to a royal agreement that I can't break. I just have to wait until the paparazzi catches us in a fight and sees her hurting me. You'll wait for me, right?" asked ben

" maybe I will maybe I won't" purred kagome

kagome shot Ben a flirty smile as she kissed his cheek as a promise and ran a clawed hand through his hair. As she flashed away giggling. Ben was in stunned silence. As he thought about miss pots striking with Audrey. That did the trick. Ben sighed and went on his way. He needed to go to practice kagome gave him hope that she will wait for him. Oh how he enjoyed what's he did to him, but not the time to be thinking such things.

To be continued