Chapter 3

ksgome and ben carriage stopped in from of the cathedral were bens coronation is being held. Her blood adopted family had to go in a mission or was in a demon meeting. But she knew they were there in spirit like the rest of her family. the footmen opening the carriage door to help Mal down. Taking her hand, Prince Ben and kagome walked up the cathedral stairs to greet King Adam and Queen Belle. After the four spoke for a few minutes about who knows what, the royal married couple went to enter the cathedral, leaving kagome and Ben alone for a few moments. Maleficent and Hades along with tge rest of the family watched with somewhat interest as Ben kissed kagome forehead in reassurance before she was led away by an attendant. That is when things started to get a little interesting.

The cameras suddenly changed the viewpoint into inside the cathedral. Kagome was slowly walking down the long aisle, eyeing those that glared at her viciously. With a small smile gracing her lips. Kagome smile grew at hearing the second round of gasps as she let her tenchi wings appear they were pure silver with blue mixed into it with pink and red tips. Kagome spared a glance at the nearest camera, her smile turning genuine. It was almost like she knew her parents and the rest of the family were watching from the Isle of the Lost. Once kagome arrived at her designated spot, as she closed her eyes and her wings disappeared. While the audience marveled at the scene, attendants opened the main doors to the cathedral for Ben. He walked down the aisle with the spectators bowing to him as he passed. As he glided down the aisle, Ben smiled only at kagome, who smiled back as well before bowing in respect.

Ben approached the stage where Fairy Godmother, his parents, and the wand awaited him. Fairy Godmother lifted the crown from Adam head and placed it on Ben's once he knelt before her. King Adam lifted the lid of the bell jar so Queen Belle could hand it to the Fairy Godmother. Ben waited anxiously to be bless with the wand, almost like he feared something would happen if he waited too long. fairy Godmother held the wand out to Ben like she were going to knight him. While Belle dabbed at her eyes for the joyous occasion. They were proud of their son. Most of all found the one of the kind girl that only happens in a life time. They were just so happy for him.

"Do you solemnly swear to govern the people of Auradon, with justice and mercy as long as you shall reign?" asked Fairy Godmother

"I do solemnly swear." Vowed ben

"Then it is my honor and my joy to bless our new king.." said fairy godmother

The wand was snatched out of Fairy Godmother's hand before she was even finished blessing ben to be the new king. While the audience screamed and shouted as a fierce bolt of lightning hit through the largest stained-glass window in the cathedral, shattering into a million pieces that, luckily, didn't hit any of the bystanders. And most of it fell on Audrey and her grandparent. Since her mother and father stood a little further away from them. Mostly annoyed by the awful comment's. but none of them realized at that moment that the lightning bolt struck the magic barrier of the Isle of the Lost. Just like the incredible artwork, the magic dome shattered, potentially freeing all of the villains from the island. Except . . . one fairy wouldn't no couldn't let that happen. She must protect her daughter. She would blame for this.

Meanwhile on the Isle

As fast as her legs could carry her. A mother on a mission. She was going to help where she can help. She was given energy from some of her family, that is all that she needed right now and she thank them or helping. Maleficent burst off the couch and staggered to her room, using the wall to keep her balance. Hades jumped from his seat to go after his wife, who emerged from their room a moment later wearing her town cloak and holding the Dragon's Eyes.

"hunny, what are you doing?" asked hades

"Going to Auradon, Those Auradonians are going to turn the situation around to blame kagome like they did with Family Day yesterday. Lucky some of her blood adopted family was there to step in, but like hell that I am not going to let that happen again." Hissed Maleficent

"my love, I wouldn't, You don't know what they'll do to you for leaving the Isle." Said hades with worried eyes.

"I'm not afraid, There's nothing worse they can do to me that I have already experienced." Said Maleficent

One hand still gripping the scepter so she was able to steady herself and for her powers, Maleficent sighed as she laid her other hand on Hades's cheek. Leaning forward, she kissed her husband with more love than she ever had before. And to promise she will protect their darling beautiful angel of a daughter and make sure that nothing was going to happen to her. But this kiss she gave him It was almost like a good-bye kiss. Reluctantly pulling away, Maleficent leaned her forehead against her husband's Before he even had a chance to respond, Maleficent vanished into green smoke Making Hades fear that, that would be the last time he saw his wife.

Meanwhile back in auradon

Fair god mother yelled at her daughter as if she finally lost her min or had very bad judgment for what she was doing. Well other than her daughter pulling a huge dick move. But she has to be stopped. Before any more damage was done. the Auradonians believed kagome stole the magic wand because she was the closest one to the blessing ceremony. She was the daughter of the evilest villain after all. And well a demon and tye only one other than a select few who can open the gates of hell. Why wouldn't she be the one to take the wand? However upon second glance the bystanders noticed that it really wasn't the daughter of Maleficent that grabbed the wand. The thief was none other than . . . the daughter of Fairy Godmother? The shock blew some of theirs minds that this happened.

"If you won't make me beautiful, I'll do it myself! Bibbidi! Bobbodi! Boo!" growled Jane

Jane waved the wand as its power since she unable to handle something very powerful as her mother want since she was not trained by her mother in her powers she was born with.. but its power in her hands was very unstable. as its power rocked her viciously. Jane spun around frantically to keep it in check. The audience screamed as they instinctively ducked down in fear of seeing the uncommon sparks fly out of the magic wand. Even though the wand reacted and a pile of hit steamy shut was dropped on Audrey, queen lead and king Stefan. At the time it would be funny even though the three of then and Chad was completely covered bead to toe in the worst smelling shut that has ever lived. But toe everyone else it was unlike anything they have ever seen before, since magic was practically forbidden in Auradon. During the chaos, King adam shielded his wife from the chaotic scene. Ben immediately stood in front of kagome to protect her as well, but she had other plans. After all, her parents taught her that a queen should always protect those who are in danger. And sesshomaru taught her sge must protect what she loved and what is hers. Kagome sighed and taking in a deep breath to reaffirm her decision, kagome flashed forward in her demonic speed to save the day.

"Careful, kagome!" cried belle

"yeah be careful we can't lose you kagome!" called Adam

Kagome rolled her eyes as she managed to pry the magic wand from Jane's hand, wielding it like an unstable sword. Eyes wide in fright at what she just did and at the most powerful weapon being in the hands of a powerful demoness, Jane immediately coward behind some bystanders, who didn't seem to care that she put everyone in a dangerous situation. The audience was too concerned about kagome even thoughshe saved their sorry asses. Yup thinking think there was thank you in there for her. Sadly she was used to it. who somehow managed to control the over-powering wand. Ignoring the way the audience glared at his beloved, Ben stepped forward to check on her after the confrontation.

"kagome my love, are you alright? Are you hurt?" asked ben

"I told you so! She's a filthy dog but he. through and through! See what she did to me and my grandparents and Chad!" Hissed audrey

Kagome groaned even as amusing as the lovely gift Jane presented to her. Kagomes anger over took her amusement. She spun toward the Audrey, the Auradon princess staggering backwards in thought that the wand would be used on her. The demoness eyes glowed a bright blood red with green in them and her demonic markings was becoming jagged.. a lot of ttecmrn in tge room found this a turn on even ben father. And a few women. Her friends glanced at one another in worry. This wouldn't be good . they haven't seen kagome like this in a very very long time.

"Me? A filthy dog bitch hmmm? So answer this your tiny brained vile prissy pink princess who has the world's largest cock shoved up her by the gawd awful bitch way you are How! Soooo lets use our brains shall we hmmm, so how can I be a a vile bitch even though the fat cow in front of me is the epitome of bitchdom. And fyi you stupid bitch I've done nothing wrong? You judge me based on the actions that my mother supposedly took, and most of all my race. yet the only proof that anyone has is the word of a peasant filthy commoner who has no royal blood flowing through his filthy human vain. Hell I highly down he has a punishment since his wife is so stuck up probably hasn't got laid in years! Even if he did have a penis he doesn't even deserve one! Oh wait did I forget to say this he also lied to become a tyrant king!" hissed kagome

"I did not lie! And I am not a peasant! AND I DO HAVE A ONE IS ITS VASTLY LARGE!" roared Stefan

"How did you know I was talking about you bastard? Sadly by your out burst and the non sexually satisfied ugly old hag of bitch of a wife l highly doubt you have one." Hissed kagome

Kagome eyes and marking went back normal. But her face was expressionless to show she was now playing his game. Plus its about time some put these three in their place. And sadly she has no feeling or gives a fuck less about these fucker. While everyone was gaping at kagome as they were thrilled this finally happening. Adam groaned this was so sexy. He loved a woman with his son, even though he is jealous of his son, but he is happy with his wife. But like other men who was getting Horney from kagome. But they could fantasize though. Belle was thrilled about this. Someone was finally handing those three their asses. It was a thrill to watch kagome blood adopted family handing them their asses as well.

"Is it because you know what I said was true? After all, anyone could have become king if they killed my mother, according to the deceased King Henry. You didn't even have the balls to kill someone you were once friends with, so you decided to bring back false proof of the deed. Your entire royal status is based on a lie!" hissed kagome.

" kagome my love., Please be careful. The wand is reacting to your anger. you don't want to do something you'll regret, Give me the wand so you can prove to everyone that you are good like I know you are." Pleaded ben

Kagome narrowed her eyes slightly in annoyance, though she knew he was only trying to help her at the moment. But she had to think quickly to know what to do. Even if she the one who did it. It was Jane nit her, even though being fairly godmother she would not be punished, but a life form of punishments. Fairly godmother was with her days. Its as if she has no self confidence in her self. she won't tell who she was told by. But maybe if they survived is going to talk and kagome made her truth potions so she could drink some in her tea then she tell her the truth. Her daughter doesn't do something like that.

"I amgood, but im powerful demoness. And add to that I'm the most strongest miko that ever lived. parents raised me that way. My goodness rubbed off on Evie, Jay, and Carlos. Why do we have to prove we are good when the only thing we have done is defend ourselves?" said kagome

"I don't know, But I promise, I will make sure the Auradonians treat you differently, fairly. I can't do that until you give me the wand." Pleaded ben

While hesitating for only a brief second on handing the wand over to ben,. something made kagome stop in the process of handing over the magical wand. That something was her hair suddenly falling out of her bun, flowing freely to her shoulders. Then a couple strands of hair from both sides of her head braided itself before pinning themselves at the back of her head, mainly to keep the hair out of her face. Kagome looked around trying trying to see it was they thought is right thought of one person that would do such a thing to her. Kagome called out hopefully, thinking that he would show himself so she could end the facade. kagome was sadly mistaken when a glowing green smoke appeared between her and her beloved, forcing Ben to reluctantly retreat a few feet back. The mystery smoke dissipated to reveal the beautiful Maleficent hunching over her scepter like her back was giving her immense pain. She had her hair hidden underneath her leather crown and hid her gorgeous figure by wearing her town cloak.

"mother!" gasped kagome

Kagome was shocked who was there before her. she surged forward to help her mother in her weakened state. This is nit good if her birth mother showing up.. but she has a feeling it was for good and not evil, Maleficent held out her hand to prevent her daughter from coming any closer, though she was merely an arm's length away. Even though she no knew her strength was very limited of what they were supposed to do. But her mother had other ideas to save their asses. Meleficent sighed she has to do this. She was not going to let people think her daughter is evil. She and everyone else knew her daughter was evil. Plus their grandchildren will watch over hades until she gain more strength to go back to him and their very large family.

"Give me a moment, my beautiful daughter, I need to catch my breath." Said mel

After a moment or so Meleficent caught her breath. She knew that this has to be done. Even if she wasn't able to turn back and gain power to go back home, as everyone misjudged fairy took in one last breath before somehow managing to stand with the help of her scepter. Well other than the three wanted her head mounted on their wall. It was something they wished they could have happen. Maleficent casted a saddened look at her daughter. But she was very proud of her for her being in this moment. Most of all she found her soul mate. Her beautiful child deserved this after every thing she went through. Plus king ben is a wonderful match for her child.

"Look at you,You're standing alone, just like I was in my final moments. I think you know the feeling after the final battle you were in darling girl. Give me the wand." Said Maleficent

"But mother, you don't need the wand, You don't even need the scepter it's basically a walking stick for you. Your powers are stronger than the wand. Why would you need something weaker than you?" pleaded kagome

Kagome was confused on why her mother was acting like this. Why did she need the wand. She was already powerful. Plus her mother was already in a weakened state. Even though she has no clue that's he was doing this so she would not go down as the evil one. Meleficent had to do this. Even if she though she might not be able to return to her form. But it will be worth it in the end. She knew hades will be watched over by their grandchildren. And as well their family and friends. That gives her some hope until she gets back to him.. kagome eyes was sad but she was mostly confused.

"Because I am weak as well my little one, I need the wand for something that I can't do on my own." Pleaded Meleficent

"Tell me what you need mother . I can help you, and maybe Ben can help you too. Withoutthe wand or the scepter." pleaded kagome

"I'm sorry, my beautiful daughter, but I can't, You see, I stopped trusting Auradonians when they took my first daughter from me. Then they took you too, to only disrespect you." Hissed Meleficent

With a simple wave of Meleficent finger, everyone froze in place with their eyes glazed over. By everyone, I mean the Auradonians. Evie, Jay, and Carlos were the only ones who could move on their own free will, while there was only one Auradonian that could clearly see and hear what was happening. While kagome was temporarily distracted by her friends running to her side to make sure she was ok, Maleficent swiftly stole the wand from her to face the already broken windowpane, the wingless fairy pointed the wand toward it. The wand shot out a stream of greenish light to some unknown place. After a moment, Maleficent lowered her arm with a peaceful sigh. Now she was able to go through her plan even though it would look bad on herself.

"The barrier was broken when your friend, Jane, used the wand,I couldn't let the villains escape like I did. The Auradonians don't need to know what the daughter of Fairy Godmother did on accident, so I remedied the situation before they could process how I was here. I only have a little strength left to cast another spell.. When I do, the spell on one person will be broken, who will then break the spell on everyone else. Tell them I turned into a ferocious dragon when you refused to give me the wand. Tell them that the four of you saved the day like any heroes would." Explained Meleficent

"I can't do that, Mom, You did nothing wrong. You were the hero again." Cried kagome

"But once again, they will see me as a villain. Let it stay that way for now, so they will stop seeing you and your friends as villains. One day, maybe when the barrier is down for good, everyone will know the truth about me and your father. Along with the rest of our friends and family will be free.. but until that day comes, remember that you are who you are and never let anyone change that. You know what is best for your people." Said Maleficent

With her smile turning even sadder that this is how she was going to do things to make sure her child was not blamed or called a villain, a puff smoke and a yellow light that temporarily blinded the the four who was not frozen. When the smoke dissipated, Maleficent was no where to be seen, causing kagome to gasp. Fairy Godmother magically unfroze and hurried to meet them in the aisle. She was able to tell Meleficent did what she had done for good. But she knew Audrey and her grandparents was going to throw a fit. But right now she needed to help kagome to understand why her birth mother did what she did out of protection and the goodness of her heart. It showed her that she was never evil at all. She wished she listened to her heart that the two people who didn't want her here.

"Your mother did this, She turned herself into a lizard so everyone would believe you four are heroes." Explained fairy godmother

"Is she going to be like that forever?" asked kagome

"Not forever, Just until she regains enough strength to break the spell or it breaks on its own. Meanwhile, I will look into the details of her tale to see what is false and what is the truth. If I find more false details than truths, then someone will face some major consequences." Explained fairy godmother

Kagome sighed her mother made a sacrifice when it came down to what her mother had done to make the other think she was not evil. Even though sge could of proved that herself. But this was different from before when naraku was around. Before any of the of the others could anything, Fairy Godmother quickly reclaimed her wand, almost like she feared the child would do something with it. She waved her wand in the air at the audience as she chanted,

"Bibbidi-Bobbodi-Boo!" said fairy godmother

As could be predicted, everyone unfroze due to the enchanted spell. There was some confusion as to what happened the past few minutes, but Fairy Godmother quickly reassured everyone by telling the same false tale that Maleficent described moments prior. Even though it broke her heart to say the horrid tell about why and what her mother had done.. While the audience gossiped with one another about what transpired, Ben used the opportunity to speak with kagome, who was watching sadly as a royal guard trapped her lizard mother in a glass container. He knew something was wrong when her hair turned a blue hue to portray her sadness. Ben rushed to kagome and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"What really happened? I know when Fairy Godmother lies, and she was doing a lot of it." Said ben

"The same thing that happened before. My mother was the hero, but everyone believed she was the villain. Now she is trapped in this lizard state until the spell is broken." Explained kagome

"It won't be long, It will be broken before you know it." Said ben

The king was right. Even though he tried to make sure he was there first to help her through the sadness of her mother sacrifice. Although six months will pass before Maleficent's current stage changes, the spell will be broken when a princess abruptly decides to return home after a fight with her beloved.. Though you will see an earlier scene on New Year's Day. But hades has the rest of their family and friends to take care of him until her mother returned home.

Meanwhile a few days later

Kagome thought as she endured the harassment of the rowdy news reporters and camera-people, she was also trying her best to not kill them. In which she coukd do easily with a flick of her wrist. once again cornered her at a fountain at the center of the lawn of the Auradon Prep campus for the fifth time in the last three days. Just have to endure this a little longer, and then I'll be able to see him.You see, few days have passed since Ben's coronation, which meant its been few days since the Auradonians falsely believed that they were saved from a dragon Maleficent. Due to the false story, most citizens of Auradon started to treat kagome, Jay, Evie, and Carlos better than before. kagome changed her appearance to make herself more like an Auradon princess instead of an demonic princess, and noble woman of the soul society. which her father absolutely hates. Along with everyone else from her family.

Kagome normal clothing she stop wearing. She hid her demonic markings as well. and long vicious silver and pink hair were no more. On this particular day, kagome wore a white lace dress with ice blond hair pinned up in a bun. The tips had a pink it the only thing left of her magical hair. Although it was completely her decision to do the makeover, kagome always felt uncomfortable wearing the princessy dresses. She would definitely prefer wearing clothing made from her godmother, but kagome constantly reminds herself that she was doing the appearance change for Ben's sake.

"kagome! Only three days until the Royal Cotillion!"

"Ever thought a girl like you would be lady of the court?"

Kagome was starting to get annoyed. She was trying her best to not kill the reporters. Or toss them into the gates of hell. This us basically pure torture in her books and as well stalking, kagome took a deep breath and whipped her head back and forth, unsure which one to address first. At this point, she was used to the constant interrogation, but it was still hard to all the questions at once. Only a few more minutes, kagome reminded herself as she continued to smile at the paparazzi. I'll be saved by Fairy Godmother and I can speak to him again. Only a few more to go . . .

"How do you feel being the most envied girl in Auradon?"

"Do you like being a blonde?"

"Is your mother still a lizard?"

Kagome groaned and opened her mouth at the abrupt question. Although some time has passed since her mother transformed into a lizard to keep up the façade, its none of their dammed business when it comes down to the fact that there are harassing her and need to stay out of her freaking business.. her like is her own not theirs.. it was still a sore subject for kagome mainly because she still hasn't figured out how to break the spell. She had half-a-mind to tell off everyone around her and confess the truth. Luckily, she wouldn't have to.

"Alright! That's enough! We will let you know if and when that particular situation changes." Ordered ben

"kagome! Is it true your mother is married to another villain on the Isle? How is her husband handling her being a lizard?"

Kagome jerked her head toward the particular person with wide eyes. Where in the world did they get that information. She knows the people who knew wouldn't dare go behind her back and spew her mother secrets. Yes they know of her blood adopted family. But them finding out about her mother being married to her father is kinda a taboo subject. Ben sighed he hated that his kagome has to be harassed by reporters. They should be lucky that she hasn't killed them yet. Well he wouldn't blame her if she did. But then again its probably for the best that she didn't.

"Excuse me? Why do you think my mother is married?" hissed kagome

"In the footage of King Ben's coronation, she is wearing a wedding ring, Why have you kept it a secret from everyone in Auradon?"

"Because my mother is notmarried, I made her that ring as a gift for Mother's Day when I was fifteen when I traveled back and forth.. It took me nearly six months for a demonic jeweler." Snapped kagome

"But you had called out for your father during the situa.."

"I have never met my father, He's never been there for me growing up as a child, so as far as I'm concerned, he doesn't exist. I have blood adopted fathers though." Hissed kagome

Even after being given an answer that would make for an interesting story, the paparazzi continued with their obnoxious yelling. Kagome tried her best to ignore the ruckus as she hid her face into Ben's shoulder to hide her sadness at saying such a false statement. Most of all her eyes starting to turn blood red. Ben understood she needed to calm down before she did something stupid. But she was not going to blurt out that who her father is.. Ben glared at tge pest who won't leave his beloved alone. Its as if it was their personal mission to torture her with stupid questions. And as well digging I to her personal life they don't need to know about her personal life.. that was kagome business.

Meanwhile a few days later

On a gazebo overlooking the calm green pond and surrounding lush tree-filled countryside, sometimes this part of kagome travels she missed the most. Even though with stress and school she had to go to her mother spell book to help her out with this.. kagome and Ben sat at a table covered by a gold tablecloth, which boasted all sorts of treats: soup, hors d'oeuvres, beef ragout, cheese souffle, pies, puddings, pastel-colored cakes, fresh fruit tarts, a loaf of warm bread, and tiers of appetizers. Kagome spent nearly three days baking everything, not once using magic like her best friend believed.

"Would you like a hot hors d'oeuvre?" asked kagome

At that moment, she wore a pale blue dress that complemented her long ice-blond hair, which was hanging loosely down her back. Even though she hated the new look. She was trying to fit in. but she don't feel comfortable with the new look. Kagome always tried to keep her hair down when she's around Ben, since he commented numerous times that he loved her hair. Meanwhile, Ben was dressed in another variation of his blue suits. Someone should really tell him that he should wear different colors . . . With a gracious smile, Ben gladly ate the appetizer that was fed to him by his beloved. Taking a moment to enjoy the delectable treat, he commented,

"This is the best thing I've ever ate." Said ben

"So, you like it?" asked kagome

"Of course! This is nearly every dish Mrs. Potts made for my parents! How long did it take you to make everything? Three days?" chirped ben

Kagome smiled brightly at what he had just said. She was happy that she made him this happy with food. She was kinda nervous to even do this. Ben smiled and wondered how long it took her to make all, of this. She might of stayed up all night to cook everything before him. But he does enjoy seeing the happy smile on kagome face. But he missed her royal demonic markings and her silver and pink hair. He knows that she using a glamor charm to look like this. He also could tell she not completely comfortable with the look she was looking like. Kagome looked around enjoying everything. But she was happy to get away from the crap at the school.

"Good guess, I had to hide some of the dishes so no one would eat them. It seemed like every day I had to keep Carlos out of the kitchen so he wouldn't eat everything." Said kagome

"Did you and Carlos have a sibling relationship on the Isle?" asked ben

"Actually, I was gone alit with you travels to piece the jewel back together. Then living through out time. But yes we are like brothers and sisters. " said kagome

Ben took one of kagome hands in his as he used the other to gently turn her face toward him so their gazes could meet. He missed her royal demonic markings and her noble woman things. Most if all her silver and pink hair. He wondered why in the world she changed herself so much. Its as if she wanted to try to fit in normally since she is going to be his lady of the court. Kagome eyes looked to ben and wondered what was going through his mind right at that moment. But she knew this is something the two of them needed. Well mostly her because her temper was getting the best of her.. and also pretending to be thus person that she not is killing her very slowly. Its as if ben or anyone was not able to see. Ben smiled as he caressed kagome cheek lovingly where her markings would be since she glamor them away.

"I've missed you, We never have any time to be just us. I hope we can change that after Cotillion." Said ben

Kagome sighed but she didn't reply immediately. Instead, she wiped away the sauce that was dripping from the corner of Ben's mouth. Touching the sauce himself, Ben cracked a smile. Kagome laughed gleefully at the question, remembering when she said the same thing during their first date at the Enchanted Lake. This picnic date had the same vibe as their first date. Knowing that made kagome cheer up and finally relax. Then everything started to turn into chaos. With his hands now messing, Ben looked around almost bashfully for something to clean himself.

"Do you have any napkins or something?" asked ben

kagome looked toward her side, but the basket wasn't there. Turning her head, she turned pale as she watched Ben reach into the picnic basket that was set between them. But before she could finish her sentence, Ben pulled out kagome spell book instead. Inspecting the cover, Ben snarled his nose once again as he recognized it from earlier that day. Kagome face palmed and knew he was not going to be happy with her for the fact that she was using the spell book. Its better to have it out in the open than keep hiding the fact that she was using magic. Even though magic is apart of her.

"What's this?" asked ben

"I . . . threw it in last minute. Just in case I needed to intervene if there's bad weather." Said kagome

"You just lied to me, Why?" asked ben

Instead of answering the unfinished question, kagome sighed yep this was something that he would be pissed off about.. but what could she do. Even though pretending to be ssomething she was not.. she did that for him,,. She was dying inside slowly for being this false person so she would be accepted by the people. Not as if he took noticed how this was getting to her.. and how this was affecting her.. how much it was slowly killing her as well.. Ben flipped through the various pages marked with sticky notes.

"Speed-reading spell? Cooking spell? Did you use a cooking spell for this food?" asked ben

"No! I didn't use a spell on this meal. I considered it, but never did." Said kagome

"Blonde hair spell? And glamor spell. you spelled your beautiful, magical hair? Along with your royal demonic markings away? Why?" asked ben

"I…I wanted a change, I was tired of my silver and pink hair and demonic markings…" said kagome

"Another lie," snapped ben

Ben interrupted as he angrily slammed the book shut. How could she sit there and lie to him. Yes he has been busy with the duties of being king. But kagome didn't need to use magic.. why didn't she come to him. Its what that is bothering him the most. Kagome sighed she didn't know what to say to him. Ben was watching her as if she was a wounded animal backed into a corner. But how does he know when she was lying or not. Its as if he was able to tell easily. Kagome snatched her spell book back. Dammed thing gotten her into more trouble than its worth.

"How do you know I'm lying?" asked kagome

"You advert your gaze when you're telling a lie, During, before, or after you tell it." Said ben

Kagome jaw dropped at the reveal, surprised that he knew something so insignificant about her. Almost reluctantly, she took the spell book in her hand, unsure what she should do with it. But it was something that she never knew about him. But he would never understand why she would do something like this. He never lived the life she has lived. So yeah she had to try her best to fit into a world that would not accept her for who she is. She's a warrior,a demonic princess, a noble woman of the soul society, and top that her birth parents are hades and Meleficent.

"Why did you change your appearance? Why did you lie to me?" demanded ben

"Because I don't fit in! I'm not a prissy pink Auradon princess! I'm not a hero! Well a hero in a different sense of the word. And I am not the daughter of villains! My parents were falsely accused of their crimes and were punished for it when they were the heroes. Top that is a demonic princess and a noble woman of the soul society and a warrior. I am a fake!" hissed kagome

kagome eyes shimmered with tears at her proclamation. She was never going to fit in with these people. Ben tried to grab her to stop her from leaving but she pushed him off. broke her stare-down with Ben so she could move away from him. However, Ben reached out to her and softly brushed her arm. she stormed away, leaving Ben all alone. The king walked toward the railing to gaze over the pond. Across the calm green water, Ben could see the land on the other side, the Isle of the Lost the very island that kagome was raised on. Ben couldn't help wondering. . . How many others were blamed for something they didn't do?

Meanwhile the following day

Of course Ben had to come chasing after her.. and then get caught by Uma people.. so she asked loki to use his powers to make a fake wand that looked like fairy god mother's. lucky he was good at stuff like that.. loki along with spirit. As well two of kagome sword spirits. when Uma tried out the wand for herself, you can imagine her anger when it turned out to be a sham. She couldn't believe she allowed herself to be tricked, even with the warning. And she couldn't believe that her Uncle Hades actually told the truth. If he told the truth about that, then maybe . . . Well, Uma couldn't really think about 'maybes' at the time. All she could think about was making kagome pay for scheming against her. Uma really should have known better.

Kagome and her group went to the Isle when Carlos and Jay returned because she caught them in their act of leaving managed to escape by using smoke bombs that were created at Lady Tremaine's hair salon. On their way from fleeing, kagome broke the bridge that connected to the pipe tunnels that lead to their ride to freedom, preventing anyone from following their trail. While she told loki she would come back to see him. Or him coming to see her. As soon as kagome closed her door, Jay floored it, causing her to fall back in her seat. Instinctively, kagome reached a hand into her jacket pocket. Groaning softly, kagome slumped in her seat. Her mother's spell book was missing. She must have dropped it while jumping in the vehicle. There goes her chance of freeing her mother from her spell . . . By the time they were at the outskirts of the Isle, kagome and Ben finally caught their breath from the exhilarating fight just minutes before. They sat side by side, although there was an empty space between them. Things were still tense with them due to their second fight the day before. Kagome had made the resolve to stay on the Isle of the Lost, but here she was on her way back to Auradon.

"Were you able to speak to him while you were on the Isle?" asked ben

"Who?" asked kagome

"Your 'you-know-who'," said ben

kagome perked up in understanding. The only ones she has seen when she went back was her children and the others. And took a trip to the soul society to catch up there... Lonnie, who was sitting in the passenger seat, had no idea about her father. Sure, kagome had accidentally let it slip to Lonnie and Jane that her mother was married, but neither one still had no idea who her father was or if he was even alive. They only know of her blood adopted fathers and mother. But she was not sure if she should tell Lonnie or Jane just yet. Ben was nervous when he was face to face with loki. But after getting to know him he was ok,

"No, by the time you guys got to the Isle I came back from the soul society. I had to blow off some steam and anger so kenpachi my daughter momoko husband. Plus he's a long time friend. But he helped me with that." Explained kagome

"Well, I'm sorry you couldn't see him in person, I know how much you care about him. If I was in the same position as you with my grandpa, I would be mad at not seeing him after coming home. I probably would have gone 'beast'. But loki kinda interesting. " said ben

the limo pulled into the Auradon Prep campus with a mere four hours left until the start of Cotillion. After Jay parked the limo in its original spot, they walked through the sunny and cheerful campus, the complete opposite of the dark and gloomy atmosphere on the Isle of the Lost. Lonnie had just left to return the quiver of swords to the amphitheater when Jane appeared out of nowhere, still holding her tablet like the last time kagome saw her. While kagome went with her two sword spirits to talk to them since they are going to be staying with her.

Meanwhile later that night

Kagome took a deep breath she wasn't sure if she was ready for this yet.. but she knows her family is watching. So she was going to make them proud of her. She is choosing love. But why did she have this sick feeling something was going to happen. But it seemed that all eyes turned to Lumiere at the top of the steps, looking the same as he did when he came to the Isle of the Lost all those years ago. That night, he wore a white suit with gold epaulets and a pale gold bow tie.

"The future . . . Lady kagome!" announced Lumiere

kagome entered at the top of the staircase, looking absolutely stunning in a yellow dress bejeweled with blue gems, blue and yellow tulle, and a sparkling cape that trailed the ground behind her. Evie edged up the look by adding a leather bracelet and leather-like boots. kagome hair was back to her silver and pink with it in a pretty side braid that snaked down her shoulder. Her royal demonic markings are showing once again. The married couple couldn't deny that Evie did a good job on the dress. However, they could tell that kagome was still uncomfortable. The dress was perfect for someone born in Auradon, but it just didn't match their daughter.

The throng of people responded to kagome silver and pink hair and her demonic markings with a murmur of surprise. Her friends drowned them out with their claps and cheers. Others joined in. Photographers turned all their video equipment on kagome. After surveying the crowd, kagome slowly descended the stairs toward the deck. Halfway down the stairs, she suddenly stopped when she caught sight of an elder man standing next to King adam and Queen Belle, causing kagome to perk up happily. That man seemed to ignore the protests of the retired royals as he went to up the stairs to greet her. It was obvious kagome squealed in delight before hugging the old man.

"That's Maurice, Queen Belle's father and King Ben's grandfather. Kagome used to tell me, when I was a lizard, about how well she gets along with him. There were a few times where he's given kagome painting lessons. She's improved tremendously from when she first started." Explained Meleficent

"my beautiful angel told me about him a couple times, He figured out I was her father after first meeting her. He's a very sharp man, though people still believe him to be a crazy old man." Said hades

Back on the TV screen, Maurice took kagome trembling hand and helped her down the rest of the stairs so she could greet King adam and Queen Belle at the bottom. King adam wore his royal-blue suit with gold sash and signature black bold-frame glasses while Queen Belle wore a gold dress and a delicate crystal-encrusted gold crown. Even though you can tell King adam really liked kagome more than he should. The three family members talked with kagome for a few moments before Evie suddenly appeared at her side. Evie must have noticed kagome was feeling a little uneasy and decided to come to her aid. After being excused from the conversation, Evie led kagome out onto the deck with the other guests.

"King Benjamin!" announced Lumiere

King Ben appeared at the top of the stairs in a sleek royal-blue silk jacket with gold accents. The belt he wore had a gold beast-emblem buckle. His honey-brown hair was swept across his forehead under his thick gold crown. His blue-green eyes sparkled like stars, but the married couple and the rest of the family on the Isle of the Lost noticed something unusual. For some strange reason. the king's eyes appeared to be glazed over, almost like he was in a trance. No one present at the event seem to notice as they applauded his arrival. Without a word, he walked down the stairs, passing his parents and grandfather without looking their way. Maleficent and Hades knew that wasn't like the king to ignore his family, loki narrowed his green eyes.. this was very wrong. He ignored specifically his grandfather, because he cared too much about them. something wasn't right with him and it didn't go unnoticed by his parents either. After descending the stairs, King Ben stopped in front of kagome before bowing politely. Instead of bowing in return like any Auradonian would, kagome curtsied just like she would do on the Isle of the Lost. And any other functions that she went to in demonic society. And noble society. That little action gave her parents a tiny bit of relief that she was back to being who she meant to be, not pretending to be something she wasn't.

"kagome, I wish I had time to explain . . ." said ben

Ben turned around and looked toward the top of the stairs. kagome smile faded away as her expression changed from happiness to complete shock, her jaw hanging open slightly with her eyes wide in disbelief. The crowd gasped the same time Maleficent and Hades did. Along with the rest of their family and friends.. kagome smile faded away as her expression changed from feign happiness to complete shock, her jaw hanging open slightly with her eyes wide in disbelief. The audience gasped at seeing a mysterious girl entering the grand staircase.

Uma glowed in a teal-and-gold mermaid-style dress. Her gown was simply exquisite, with tiers of sea-colored tulle and delicate nets threaded into the pieces of the fabric. Her hair was up in a simple bun while she wore dark fingerless gloves and carried a turquoise clutch. Her gold shell necklace shimmered against her chest. Uma smiled nervously at the unfamiliar crowd as she slowly walked down the stairs to meet Ben, who waited for her at the bottom. Guiding her the rest of the way, Ben paused a moment to kiss the beast-head ring that was now on Uma's linking his arms with Uma's, Ben led her to kagome.

"I'm so sorry about this, Something happened to me while I was on the Isle with Uma, a connection." Said ben

"what did you do to my king?" hissed kagome

"Nothing, serenity! I just realize how alike Ben and I are. I dove through the barrier before it close so I could tell him that. Now here we are!" said uma

Kagome was trying to keep her anger at bay. Most if all her heart ached. How dare she pull this on her. She wanted to dig her claws into her shove enough poison and miasma into her. Evie was trying to get kagome attention since she was feeling and tasting that anger. Adam groaned he had to say that was sexy to see kagome all like this as well most of the males around and a few covered her mouth in horror. What did their son do. This was not going to end well, Maurice was not standing for this. He was not letting this tramp do whatever she had done to his grandson.

"Excuse me, Who exactly are you? Benny would have told me about you, even if this was last second." Demanded Maurice

"She is Uma, the daughter of Ursula, Uma, I want to know what you did to Ben!" hissed kagome

"Temper, temper, beautiful angel, Looks like you inherited more than your hair from your daddy." Said uma

"Don't call me that! And I don't know who my father is, neither do the Auradonians. They only know of my blood adopted family and you better hope they don't get their claws on you." Hissed kagome

Uma scoffed at the reveal and how her frenemy worded it. She knows of what would happened to her once her family gets close to her. Yes it scared her. Hell one of her blood adopted fathers would make her his lab project. She was afraid of most of kagome family. Even her children who is protective of their mother. Even her ex husbands would skin her alive for this. But it was about time to bring this bitch down a notch or two. She famous and don't even deserve it. She was born and us protector of the shikion jewel. So this time she going to get revenge. Top off it would be pain and suffering in the end for her for doing this but it be worth it,

"In other words, he told you to lie to everyone in the kingdom to cover his skin. That's sounds just like something he and all his relatives would do. Top of I could care less what will happen to me if they get their claws on me." said uma

"Don't you see kagome. You were right! You knew that we were never meant to be together and that's why you never told me you loved me." Said ben

"That's not true! You know why I never told you that! You knew I was too scared to say it because of what happened to my mother. You knew what happened to my mother, and what had happened to me, so you said you would wait forever for me to say it." Said kagome

"Well I'm tired of waiting," said ben

"Benny, you waited twelve years to say it to kagome, At four years old you had only seen a picture of her, yet you believed she was your true love. The past three months you've been working so hard on your gift for her, and now you're saying that was all for nothing?" said Maurice

Maurice went to kagome some who seemed to look between having a shattered heart and wanted to kill the girl before her. Inukimi who was there with byakuya for support for kagome went to her side. Inukimi golden eyes was ice cold as she glared the little bitch down. Byakuya sent a hell butterfly to warn the others they might be needed. Maurice nodded to the two blood adopted relatives to be there for kagome. But kagome was wondering what sort of gift that was made for her.

Jane ordered lumiere to get the gift that was made, Lumiere signaled a guard across the yacht to uncover the art piece. The spectators watched as the guard on the other side of the deck pulled a cord. A royal-blue drape fell to reveal a stained-glass panel custom-built for kagome. As soon as she gazed at the masterpiece, kagome wanted to cry from happiness, but kept it to together so she wouldn't break down in front of the audience. The delicate artwork depicted a beautiful sunrise with Ben kneeling before kagome. On the right, Ben wore his royal-blue suit with gold epaulets and crown as reached for kagome hand. On the left, kagome, with long silver and pink hair, wore a silver dress and cape that swept around her. It depicted the real, demoness noble woman kagome, in all her silver and pink-haired, red and pink-eyed glory.

"Ben did that? I can't believe it!" gasped kagome

Ben stared up at the stained-glass piece with a look of contemplation. It was almost like he was having an inner battle with himself about what to do. Inukimi smirked seeing what was going on, she thought she smells something off when ben came in. he was spelled and only way to get the spell off of him was true love kiss. Ben would kick himself in the ass for this in the end. But uma must be held accountable for doing this. Meanwhile, Uma quickly scurried toward the staircase, inukimi and byakuya arched a brow at the little bitch who thought she could get away with this.

"Cover that thing back up!" hissed uma

"I will not!" snapped Lumiere

"Why don't you tell everyone the present you have for me, Ben?" purred uma

With too much hesitation on his part, Ben changed his attention to address the audience as a whole. Kagome was wanting to spill uma blood right now, byakuya put his arms around his sister. While inukimi glared at the bitch. She would be more than happy to hand over her to mayuri she will suffer greatly even szayel will be there for the help. Ben looked around and don't even notice very pissed off powerful people who wants uma blood. Even though Ben was battling with himself as if he was confused with himself. But he shook it off rather quickly.

"I have an announcement! Uma will be joining the court tonight as my lady. As my gift to her, I'm bringing the barrier down the barrier on the Isle of the Lost!" demanded ben

"Benny, You don't want to.." Said Maurice

"Not now, Grandpa!" hissed Ben

Ben completely shocking the audience. The crowd froze, for once afraid of their king. And was hoping the demons and the death god will kill off the girl who messed this night up. Everyone knew just how much the king cared for his grandfather. They couldn't believe that he would yell at his grandparent like that. Who knows what he'd do to them? Luckily, their fears quickly subsided when kagome moved from her brothers arms forward to save the day.

"You said yourself that you've been in love with me for twelve years. You don't just fall out of love with someone within a couple hours. I know how hard it is to do so. Trust me, when I was living on the Isle of the Lost and through out my many many years of travels and fight in many great battles," said kagome

Ben stared blankly at the demoness and noble woman, but kagome could see by the look in his eyes that he was. She was wondering if he was fighting with his true self. Inukimi and byakuya kept a watchful eye on Ben and uma.. kagome was pausing for a moment, kagome caught a glimpse of her hair, which had magically changed shade during her monologue. which reminded of another memory that felt like happened too long ago.

"Remember when you asked me what it takes for my hair to turn into this blue hue? The answer is love! I love you!" said kagome

Kagome grabbed ahold of Ben a kiss that he's been waiting six months to receive. For some reason during the kiss. While Adam and most of people was getting a but turn on by this. How could they not kagome hot. kagome felt a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach as a semi-strong breeze suddenly came out of nowhere and surrounded the couple, almost like it was trying to shield them from anyone who may try to stop them. It was her sword spirits was guarding her and Ben, After pulling away, kagome gazed into her beloved's eyes, noticing that his eyes were no longer glazed over. In fact, with his sparkling blue eyes, Ben smiled lovingly as he leaned his forehead against hers.

"I love you, too, my kagome ," purred ben

The crowd cooed and cheered as the couple became lost in their emotional embrace. Byakuya huffed he may not like what happened but it was. Not Ben fault he was spelled. But he was not going to forgive uma though. Inukimi looked on with pride at her pup and knew she could do it. Most of all she took a huge step she been trying hard to take. She's very proud of her pup for doing so,. The king tried to lean in for another kiss, but was rudely interrupted when they heard Uma shouting, as she rushed over to Fairy Godmother and tried to take her wand from her.

"Give me the wand!" Ordered uma

"Guards! Seize her!" ordered Fairy Godmother

Uma glared at kagome with hate and anger as her mother's shell necklace began to glow. In one swift motion, she placed her hand on the railing to hoist herself onto the banister. Kagome surged forward to stop her as everyone behind her screamed a little too dramatically. Kagome made it to the railing just as Uma jumped off the yacht, purposely diving into the ocean. All that could race to the railing to catch sight of the intruder. All they could see was a peaceful ocean with not a single ripple to disturb. Suddenly, the sea slowly started to bubble before quickly turned into a roiling boil. Out of the growing waves, Uma rose as an enormous tentacled sea witch. Uma sloshed a wave of water over the yacht that sent everyone stumbling.

"Let's go, kagome! Let's see who is stronger you or me!" hissed Uma

Instead of waiting for some sort of rebuttal, Uma flung out her long slimy tentacles toward the yacht. Her aim was a little off-kiltered, so the guests were easily able to dodge the weak attacks. However, that didn't help kagome anger at seeing her friends being attacked for doing literally nothing to the sea-witch. Running to the highest vantage point of the deck, which just happens to be where the stained-glass piece stood, kagome stood defiantly as she lifted her arms in a stance that made looked like she wanted to fall backwards. The breeze which had mysteriously disappeared suddenly came back at ten times the strength it had before, forcing her braided hair to whip around chaotically and causing others to grab onto random objects for support. But she turned into her demon dog form. Everyone gasped at the size of her. But knew nit to mess with this form. With inukimi and byakuya along with kagome sword spirits was protecting everyone.

Out of nowhere, large columns of water raised into the air and wrapped itself around Uma's tentacles like rope. One by one the columns grabbed a tentacle, restraining Uma of her movements. The sea-witch tried desperately to free herself, but to no avail. The spectators watched in amazement at the scene, wondering how in the world that was happening. Then, a lightning bolt of realization hit Ben. In her true tale, kagome had the power of the elements one of the other gifts of the gods after the defeat of naraku, Inuyasha and kikyuu. During the king's contemplation, Uma managed to free one of her tentacles and used it to strike kagome. The attack couldn't connect since as soon as it was within five feet of her, it suddenly flew back like it had hit an impenetrable wall. Somehow, kagome created this dense vortex around her to shield her from the impending attack. Since she did bite Uma and injected her with enough poison and miasma to make her sick for a while.. Seeing something that powerful knocked Ben out of his daze.

"Enough! kagome! Uma! Stopped this fight before it goes too far!" demanded ben

"Or else what, Ben?" What are you gonna do? Splash me?" hissed Uma

Kagomes eyes sparkled brighter as the wind picked up and the columns of water pulled tighter on Uma's tentacles to prevent her from doing anything to Ben. She knew Uma was weakened because of the amount of poison and miasma was injected into her. But ben was going to stop this before his beloved gets hurt. Well it seemed like she has more of the upper hand in the fight. But he was not going to take the risks of her being hurt or even worst. He has no trust in Uma. So he was going to try and talk it out with them and see if he can stop the fighting.

"This isn't the answer! Nobody wins this way. We have to listen and respect each other. It won't be easy, but let's be brave enough to try." Pleaded ben

Uma rolled her eyes as kagome pink and red eyes sparkle faded from hers. Even though in her dog demon form her eyes where still the same color. But the violent wind went down to a simple breeze as the water she created reluctantly sunk into the ocean. seeing that he convinced at least one part of the issue, Ben turned toward the other half of the problem. But he knew kagome finally calmed down enough but she still watched over Ben to make sure that Uma didn't attack him. Then she would have to do something about that. But she was going to see where Ben was going with this.

"Uma, I know you want what is best for the Isle! So do I! Help me make a difference!" pleaded ben

Uma's eyes softened at seeing Ben held his arm out in peace. Reaching out a tentacle, she dropped his beast-head ring into his hand. With a saddened smile, Uma silently lowered herself into the water, disappearing into the sea. he crowd aboard the yacht exhaled a collective sigh of relief, before gasping at the sight of the Lady of the Court. Kagome had surrounded herself in the pink glow that she was back in her humanoid form. Her hair magically undid itself from its braid, cascading down her back in beautiful silver and pink waves. The yellow-blue dress transformed into the beautiful silver dress depicted in the stained glass, with its pink cape and rich layers of fabric that swept past her feet.

Smiling at the crowds' reaction, kagome gazed down at her beloved, curtsying over-dramatically. Ben did the same with his bow to her. kagome snickered dramatically as fanfare played to signal the end of the chaos and the beginning of peace . . . for the time being. While inukimi smiled with happines. Byakuya eyes shined with pride. While two guards took her by the elbows before escorting her down the stairs, making sure to go slow so kagome didn't trip over her gigantic dress. At the bottom of the staircase, Evie met kagome, who was grinning from ear to ear. taking her friend's hand, the demoness allowed herself to be led to Ben. Standing just a few feet in front of him, kagome smiled timidly before she adverted her gaze to the ground, unsure of what to say to explain what happened. Before she knew it, kagome was abruptly pulled forward by an arm snaking around her waist and was then kissed by her true love. Kagome couldn't be happier. Even though now everyone was introduced a form of herself that she hasn't used since her last battle.

To be continued