Just messing around with an idea in my head. I guess if it gets any better I'll continue it.

Chapter 1

Dust clouds swirl within the empty building as a couple of men enter with face masks and goggles. Their eyes dash around the place as they inspect every nook and cranny.

"It's a nice big empty place." One man says gruffly as he approaches the elevator.

"Yeah, it'll do nicely for new research." the other masked man replies as they enter to inspect the elevator, "Wait, what's this?"

The elevator descends noisily, filling the vacant building with screeches and creaks. The two men stand in silence as the creaking comes to a halt. The metal parts as the people exit, their minds trying to wrap around what they just found. There sitting in front of them was a huge computer the size of a great tree trunk. Cables wrapped around the room all stemming from the massive computer like branches and roots of a huge oak tree. It filled the small square footage of the room, not a spot untouched. The men split up as they investigate the foreign object.

"This thing is beyond what our modern technology has accomplished. Who could have made this?" One of the men asked as he knelt down to see the cables that extended from the computer.

"I did hear of a project. It was so top secret no evidence of it was ever revealed to others. No one ever thought it was true though, more like a myth as there was never any evidence of it. At least until now." The man explained as he looked over the keyboard of the computer. In front of him was what looked to be the power of the computer.


Whirring filled the silent, vacant room as a symbol flashed across the screen. The men stood and watched as the thing booted up and flashed faces across the screens.

Not too far away from the building flashes and beeps a small device beneath a load of other things in the bottom of a box.

It was early morning when four figures walked across the sidewalk, luggage and boxes of all sorts being towed alongside a mass of others who were doing the same. The bustling of students racing around, both excitement and anxiousness can be felt in the air. Some students were laughing in groups while others were shyly getting by clutching paper in their hands. In the center of the campus was a fountain surrounded by brick pathways and buildings on every side. People trafficked in and out of seemingly everywhere as the school year starts to get underway.

"Can you believe it's been a year since we were all really together in one school?" chimed a cheery womanly voice.

"Yeah, unbelievable she's been in college for a year already." replied a blonde spikey haired guy as he walks towards the fountain to rest, "She came here with William as well didn't she?"

"I believe so. We did all plan to go to the same college after all." another guy chimes in as he adjusts his glasses to better sit on his face. He glanced around to see if there was anyone he could recognize.

"Hey guys!"

The group turns towards a girl with black clothing with long curly black hair smiling back at them. She weaved around the crowd to get closer to the fountain.

"It's been a little bit." She continued once she finally fought her way through. A short pink haired girl jumps at her for a hug.

"Yumi! We've missed you!" The girl cries out excitedly as Yumi hugs her back.

"We heard you guys were around and came to show you the dorms." Yumi says happily as a guy dressed in black steps up behind her. He places a hand on her shoulder as he says, "Hey guys."

"Hey William."

"So," Jeremie starts as he slowly gathers up his luggage, "I assume we're splitting up?"

"Sorry boys," The raven haired girl says in a singsong voice as she walks away with Aelita helping tote her belongings, "so what's your dorm number?"

"Well guys," William gestures towards the pathway, "shall we?"

Everyone gathers up their luggage as they walk the way William gestured to. As Jeremie and Odd lead the way rolling their luggage along while chatting, William and Ulrich walk side by side closely behind. They followed along in silence until, finally, Ulrich decided it was time to break the silence.

"So, how's college been?" Ulrich asks gruffly while readjusting his duffel bag to fit back on top of his shoulder.

"Alright. Surprised you could get into college though." William jokes as Ulrich stares blankly at him, "I was joking. I knew you guys all planned to go to the same college."

"So why'd you come here William?" Ulrich asks dryly.

"For Yumi."

Silence fills the air between them until they come upon a building.

"Well this is the place. The boys dorm rooms. On your papers with your classes there should be your dorm number and the code to get into the building." William explains as he punches in the numbers to the building.

Everyone takes out their paper and scans over where the dorm room numbers are.

"Would you look at that," Odd starts as he looks back and forth between his and Jeremie's papers, "we have the same room Einstein. Sorry Ulrich, you'll have to go on without me."

"Let me see your paper Ulrich." The raven haired boy asks while looking over Ulrich's shoulder, "Huh. Well what are the chances of that. You're with me."

William gives Ulrich a pat on the back smiling. The brunette begrudgingly crumples the paper up and shoves it into his duffel bag as everyone enters the building.

"Great…" Ulrich muttered lowly as he walked up the steps through the glass door.

They walk down the hall, their shoes clacking against the wooden floors, as William shows Jeremie and Odd the room they'll be in and soon takes off with Ulrich to show him their own room. As Jeremie and Odd enter the room, Jeremie opens up the door to a decent size room. Beds are placed across from one another while to the right of the doorway sits the bathroom. He places down this luggage with a box on top with Odd following in after him. The spikey blonde haired guy places down his luggage onto the floor while he opens his duffel bag on the bed. A small dog jumps out of it and rests on top of the bed curled up.

"I was wondering where you stowed Kiwi away." Jeremie chuckled as he put the box down on the bed.

"Yeah, I couldn't bear to leave the little guy. Not even for college." Odd replied lying next to the dog, petting it back to sleep.

A faint beep started becoming more prominent after all the chaos of moving had died down some. Odd sat up more and started looking around.

"Is that a clock?"

"I don't think so," Jeremie slowly replied, pushing his glasses up as he peered down at his box. Hesitantly opening it, he sees a faint flash emanating from within it as he fishes through the old parts. After a few seconds he finds a small phone-like object flashing.

"What's that Jeremie?"

"It's an old thing I made back in middle school," Jeremie explains, a look of intrigue and concern envelopes his face, "in case the computer was ever brought back. A kind of fallback plan written into its programming."

"So what you're saying is, Lyoko is back?" The spikey haired roommate asks, a concerning look shot across his face as the realization of what could happen.

Jeremie pauses in silence for a bit. He slowly puts the device into his pocket and turns towards Odd.

"It may be. Xana may have just returned."