Himiko got a link to a website from an old friend. She's laughing as she scrolls down the page.

"Yo Shiggy check this site out!" Himiko said.

"What. Is. This." Tomura replied.

Himiko showed Tomura a ranking site of villains based on their looks.

"Look. You're ranked #5!" Himiko pointed out.

"Huh." Tomura said. He's surprised people found him attractive with his cracked pale skin.

"Dabi is ranked #4." Himiko added.

"Wait...what?!" Dabi said, sitting in the corner, alerted after his name. He got off the sofa and approached the computer.

"Hold up!" Dabi blurted.

"Where did you find this site?" Tomura asked.

"A friend." Himiko said.