A/N: I started this last month rewrote it a bunch of times with different tones and settled for something comedic yet serious.

Word Count: 581 words

Izuku awoke in his bed to a sound.

" I-z-u-k-u." a chilling voice said.

'It's cold. I thought I set the A.C to auto' Izuku thought, rubbing his arms to get warm.

"Izuku." an annoyed voice said.

"Am I hearing voices?"

"Izuku, look at your desk!" the voice shouted.

Izuku did as he was told. He did not like what he saw.

"Sir Nighteye?!" Tears began to roll down his tired face.

He quickly got out of bed to hug his former boss, but as he tried to he went right through him.

"Huh?" Izuku looked down at his hands bewildered. 'Am I dreaming?' he thought.

"I'm dead, silly."

Izuku jumped after hearing the voice come from behind me.

"W-Wha...How are you here?!"

"I'm a ghost."

"Ghosts are real?!"

Izuku's brain exploded since this discovery will change everything science knows about life, death, the universe. He began to write this down in his notebook.

'Japan's last hope is doomed.' Mirai thought.

"Wait, did you steal my poster from my office?!" Mirai asked, a bit irritated.

Izuku gulped.

"Well, um...Hey, wait do ghosts need glasses? Are their vision still impaired even though they are dead."

"You're dodging the question."


After searching about ghosts online on his laptop, Izuku finally figured out why Mirai is here.

"It looks like you didn't pass over because something is keeping you here. Regret. Vengeance. Your death was pretty violent."

"Since I stuck here. I'm just gonna haunt you all day."

(The Next Day)

Izuku is in class introducing Mirai to his classmates.

"That's Kacchan."

"Yeah, he might come off as well... strong, but he's a good kid."

"No! You can't possess him."

The class was used to Izuku rambling but today is different. His ramblings are loud!

"Problem Child! A-Are you schizophrenic? We have medication for that stuff now." Aizawa joked.

"No, I'm-"

'Wait, I can't say I'm talking to ghosts.' Izuku thought.

"Talking to my imaginary friend?" he stuttered.

"Imaginary friend? You hurt me Izuku, I thought we were close!" Mirai whined sarcastically.

Mirai can control who can and cannot see his presence.

The class giggled.

"Well...can you talk to them after class?" Aizawa asked.

Izuku nodded.

It's lunchtime and Izuku was eating lunch by himself.

"We should probably see All Might about this. Or tell Principal Nezu about this." Izuku suggested.

Mirai frowned. He was ready to return to the Afterlife just yet.

"In due time. I'm not ready." Mirai said.

Izuku's classmates are worried about him since he keeps talking to himself.

Katsuki approached him.

"Are you okay?" Kacchan asked sincerely.

"I-I'm alright. Why do you ask?"

"You've been talking to yourself all day. More than usual. You only do that when you're anxious about something." Katsuki explained.

'Aww.' Izuku thought to himself. He was happy Kacchan was looking out for him.

"So...what's bothering you?" Katsuki asked.

"Um…" Izuku said, giving himself time to come up with a lie.

"I'm going to be honest. I'm still messed up after Sir Nighteye's death." Izuku reasoned.

"Ooh." Katsuki replied, patting Izuku's head like he's his younger brother, causing Izuku to furrowed his eyebrows.