This morning was just the same as many others in Greendale to me. I woke, brushed my teeth, made sure my dark trimmed brown hair was somewhat presentable, and got dressed.

If there was anything I was thankful for about school, it was that there wasn't a uniform. Marco's School for the Blessed, that I received my exorcist training at was very strict. Proper fitted uniforms and a strict academics policy that rewarded consistency.

Compared to that, public school was a breeze.

I adjusted my glasses as I'd finally begun to approach the rear of the school, they kept getting foggy because of the weather.

"Ahh! S-Stop! Leave me alone!" I heard the shouting and rustling of a large group on my right. But wait- I knew that voice.

I walked with a bit more purpose, frowning as I found my suspicions to be correct. "Jocks picking on Susie again…"

As much as I wanted to stop this, I hesitated. I didn't wanna draw more attention to myself, it'd only make it that much harder to fulfill my role. Besides, what was so bad about teasing? Every school had bullies, it happened to everyone.

It was totally normal.

Ah, who was I fucking kidding. Just because it was normal, didn't mean it was ok. "These are the people I'm supposed to protect?" A dark thought momentarily crossed my mind, would it really be so bad if a cursed spirit gobbled up the four pricks I saw harassing this poor girl? The world might even be better off without them…

No. That was wrong. Love thy neighbor, after all.

"Hey, let's see if she's actually got any tits under that shirt. 10 bucks says she doesn't!" With that single suggestion I refused to stand idle.

Susie's expression twisted in horror and despair, "S-Stop! Help! Someone please-!" She cried out but was shoved to the ground roughly.

"Excuse me!" The four jocks and Susie froze at my voice. Well shit, I didn't really think about what I'd say or how exactly I'd stop this. "Maybe that's enough? Sexual assault is a serious crime…" Maybe the threat of legal trouble would scare them off.

"Oh look, little Damien De Marco decided to be a hero today. Did getting saved by Spellman inspire you or something? Haha!" The fearless leader cracked a joke at my expense and his cronies barked with laughter.

I swallowed thickly and nervously laughed too, this was much more challenging than just straight up fighting them. The gang of athletic football players took a few steps in my direction, I used the gaps in their formation to wave Susie off.

She looked hesitant, but quietly snuck away. Great, now all I had to do was find a way out of this myself or hope that Susie came back with a teacher.

"Ugh!" I grunted as a solid fist connected with my cheek. It was only due to my training that I was able to roll with it and dampen the impact.

"You know De Marco, I've actually been meaning to get together with you. I don't like the way you hide behind that bitch Sabrina." The leader cracked his knuckles as he tried to stand over me menacingly.

"Well, I'm flattered, but I like girls. Sorry buddy." Ah, me and my smart mouth.

The leader silently bristled at my words, "Hey man, we shouldn't get too wild. Coach already knows we've been up to no good…" One of the smaller guys said to his leader quietly.

I piggybacked his statement and followed it up, "That's a good idea! Ya know actually, we don't have to do this at all if you don't want to. Heh..."

Judging by the way they inched forward, I concluded that they didn't really care for what I had to say. I had figured something like this would happen, I just hoped that it wouldn't. I couldn't really fight back, you've heard it a million times by now. I have a cover to maintain.

My only option here was to endure. I was pretty confident in my ability to dodge and roll with the blows, but I couldn't possibly dodge four pairs of hands at once. My goal would be to remain on my feet, I'd be fucked if I ended up on the floor.

My head snapped left, my precious glasses flying off my face. That was actually a pretty decent punch, I felt the sting in my bottom lip even when I saw it coming. Suddenly stumbling forward from a push I raised my arms in a full boxing guard as someone tried to flatten my nose.

"Uah!" I hunched over just barely as someone buried their fist in the side of my belly. That one actually hurt because I still had a massive bruise from the spirit I fought the night before.

Someone used the opportunity to grab my backpack and use it as leverage to hall me into the brick wall. Fuckin hell, this is why I didn't wear accessories if I knew I was getting in a fight.

Just like that, I'd failed my goal when I bounced off the brick wall and fell to my knees. Body blows would steal your legs from you if you knew where to hit.

At this point my best defense was to cover up as tight as I could. With my back to the wall, I tucked my chin to my chest and minutely adjusted my guard to catch the blows coming my way. I used my shoulders to aid the defense, but I couldn't dodge or block everything. A few good licks got me, but not hard enough to do any real damage.

I was happy to find that not a single shin or foot tried to annihilate my sturdy guard, I guess these guys did know restraint.

Or they just weren't smart enough to, either or were good in my book.

The barrage of punches continued for nearly 30 seconds before they faded, deep heavy pants for air following not far after them. For athletes, they sure had poor cardio. But they were amateurs at best in fighting, these dummies probably didn't take a single breath during their 100 hit combo.

Not only that, but they were probably about to experience an adrenaline dump.

I kept my guard up while observing them, I didn't wanna catch a soccer kick to the head for being reckless.

"Hah, bet you'll- hah- think twice about being a hero now." The leader said in between pants. His face was red with exertion and smug with misplaced pride. I bit my tongue, not eager to encourage them to continue.

"Hey," One of the side men nudged my leg with his foot, "You're off the hook for now. Fuckin' dweeb."

Hmm, yes. I was off the hook after they beat my ass. That made sense. Only once they turned their backs to me, did I relax my guard. I placed my elbows on my knees and leaned back against the wall in a more open posture.

I took deep, steady breaths to get my heart rate under control. I was plenty experienced in a fight, but adrenaline still kicked things up a notch and I wasn't immune to that. My tongue licked my teeth, the coppery taste of blood making me wince. I spit a wad of saliva that had a red tint to it, didn't look too bad thankfully, but I did wanna rinse my mouth out regardless.

Other than that, my lip and cheek bone throbbed hotly. My lip was definitely busted, but thankfully I made it through without any major injuries.

Maybe I'd just go home, it wasn't all that suspicious to be absent for a day. Besides, I wasn't lying when I told Harvey I had a project I needed to work on.

Rushed footsteps caught my attention, and I hurriedly put my guard back up only to let it drop when I realized it wasn't the jocks.

"Where's the fire Sabrina? And why is your hair so wet, you'll get sick running around out here like that." When shit wasn't about to hit the fan, actually even if it was, I tended to be a little bit of a talker.

Since I kept to myself for the most part, people tended to think I was the silent awkward type. Untrue, I was the mouthy, annoying type if I had the chance to speak.

"Are you ok Damien!? Susie burst into the locker saying that you were about to get jumped!" The headband wearing girl spoke hurriedly with worry.

Despite her loud tone, I didn't really catch her words in favor of observing the off putting feeling I felt. Focusing my eyes, I saw the silhouettes of three human girls attached to her.

A curse!

"Someone's cursed Sabrina!" I thought in alarm. This was intentional, different from the normal things I fought off, and depending on the caster perhaps more challenging to dispel. The simple fact that a person was cursed was a pretty huge deal in the first place.

There were only two logical explanations that fit the curse I was seeing. 1) There was a group of people that despised Sabrina so much that their feelings manifested this curse on her. 2) Someone or thing purposely targeted her, and that meant…


"Relax, you can dispel this Damien. It's nothing you haven't seen before." I hyped myself up.

"Hey! Can you hear me? Are you ok?!" Sabrina, understandably, was concerned when I didn't answer her.

Sneaky as a snake, I traced a symbol on my palm with my pointer finger and recited a short but powerful prayer in my head. "I'm good Sabrina!" I clapped a hand softly on her shoulder, it took just a split second, but the three silhouettes attached to her were dispersed into whips of black shadows. "Those guys hit like girls."

Seeing her concern melt into an unimpressed expression, I corrected myself. "As in small girls, like children… Because girls definitely hit hard, I'd even say that the hardest I've ever been hit was by a girl. Yea, girls hit very hard." I found myself rambling stupidly before Sabrina let out a scoff.

"Yes, yes they do!" She said as she bent down and picked up my discarded glasses. My sophomore friend then proceeded to sit down by my side, "Here you go."

I took the yellow tinted glasses and eyed her carefully, not out of suspicion but caution for her safety. Some curses were tricky and would rebound if they were strong enough, but so far it seemed my exorcism was enough.

"I didn't notice you had blue eyes, like really blue." She commented.

I raised a brow, surprised that she made that observation. It was true, I did have an unusual shade of blue eyes that sparkled like ice. I'd been told, repeatedly, that this was my God given gift. His blessing unto me to prove that I was special.

"The glasses do a good job of hiding them, I guess. Thanks for grabbing them by the way." I placed the spectacles on and looked at her while simultaneously wiping some blood off my busted lip, "See?" I stood up and offered my hand to help her up.

Sabrina took my offered hand and I pulled her up, "Wow, glasses really do hide someone's appearance! Say, you actually look really good without glasses, I bet you're pretty popular with the ladies in your grade?"

I laughed to myself as we began walking, "If I was popular, I wouldn't be getting beat up behind the school. And what's with all the compliments? You hitting on me Spellman?"

"What, no! I'm dating Harvey! It's just… Well, not to be rude, but it doesn't look like you have a lot of friends here. And you didn't grow up here like everyone else, sooo..."

Sabrina was a kind soul, truly heaven sent. "So, you wanna be friends eh? Course we're friends. If I didn't consider you my friend by now, I'd be silly. I'm friends with Susie by default, I just got my ass beat for her. And I've already given Harvey a nickname-"

"Where's that from, by the way?" Sabrina asked.

"It's a Batman reference. There's a character named Harvey Dent, and Batman calls him Dent for short." I elaborated, "And Rosalind is cool too. We both wear glasses so we're friends by law."

Sabrina smiled, starting now I'd retract my statement from last night and acknowledge the Sabrina Gang as actual friends.

"That's great! You should hang out with us more often then." She insisted.

I shrugged, I'd certainly be up for it. But I wasn't always ganna be available. I'm a full time exorcist after all, "No promises."

"You have to stop doing that," Sabrina scolded, "Say no enough times and I'll stop asking."

"Somehow, as long as you're here, I feel like you won't stop asking. You strike me as the stubborn type."

"I won't be here much longer, that's why you have to join the group now!" Sabrina thought.

Taking a moment to talk seriously, Sabrina gained a fierce expression. "Susie didn't tell me exactly what happened… But from how emotional she was, it must've been terrifying."

I made a disgusted face as I recalled the words those jocks said, "I'm not sure if I have the right to say it… But they were trying to take her shirt off so they could see if she had any… uhh… They wanted to see what her chest looked like." I said tastelessly.

Sabrina's eyes narrowed in fury, "That's… That's sick! How can they get away with doing things like this!"

"Because they're on the football team. Unfortunately they get some leeway because of that."

"But that's assault! Sexual assault! We need to find a way to deal with these bullies, permanently." Sabrina said passionately.

I agreed with her wholeheartedly, "Well, I heard your family runs a mortuary…"

It took Sabrina a second to get what I said before she looked at me, baffled. "I didn't mean to kill them!"

I held my hands up defensively, "Sorry, I have a habit of making bad jokes at inappropriate times."

The blond let it slide, her strides becoming a bit quicker as she walked with emotion, "I'm going to speak with Principle Hawthorne, he'll have to do something at this point… Would you be willing to come with me? You were a victim too, and a witness to boot."

I contemplated it, I didn't like the idea of snitching for my sake. BUT, Susie's harassment is unacceptable and had to be dealt with. Besides, I didn't really have anything to lose. The worst that could happen was they would bully me some more. And luckily, I was resilient enough to let it slide right off me.

"Yea, that's fine. That's the only way we can do something about this. God won't punish them now, but he sees all things… And he's not nearly as forgiving as they think."

Today was a total bust for Sabrina. Seriously, it couldn't have gone worse than it did. Not only did she start the day out getting cursed, but she also ended up at odds with her school principal.

The guy was a total prick, and even confronted with evidence of physical bullying in his school, he refused to take action. Not without specific names at least.

Damien had been embarrassed to admit that he didn't know his attackers' names, so they were sorely lacking on the one thing that Hawthorne asked for. Sabrina was quick to console her junior as she noticed the guilty look he wore.

Needless to say, Hawthorne would be of absolutely no help.

And finally, the absolute worst thing that could've happened, did happen. Sabrina, after years of being Harvey's best friend and girlfriend, had finally come clean with him about her true heritage. She admitted to her witch ancestry, not wanting to lie to the love of her life a second longer. Not wanting to leave him with no explanation when she would be baptized.

It was just too much for Harvey's unprepared mind to handle. He lost it, for all intents and purposes. It was the worst possible outcome for Sabrina.

Harvey was scared, sacred of her. That hurt, it truly did.

The half-witch was left no choice but to erase his memory of the incident.

Bless your mind, bless your heart, let these painful thoughts depart. She recalled the chant.

"Here you go missy," Sabrina's Aunt Hilda handed her an egg, "Crack, and we'll see if you've gotten rid of that pesky curse or not."

Sabrina grabbed the egg without any hassle and cracked it wide open. For witches, this particular practice would reflect your status in the egg. If it was blackened and abnormal, that meant you were still cursed.

A more experienced witch would be able to pick out the subtleties and tell you exactly the kind of curse that was set. Luckily Hilda was just that sort of witch.

The insides of the egg sloshed thickly into the open bowl, and surprisingly what Sabrina and her aunties found was neither normal nor cursed.

"Well, that's unexpected…" Hild spoke in surprise.

Zelda, who had previously hung back by the door, strutted up counter side to see what her sister did.

"That's better than a curse isn't it? I mean, it even looks lucky! I've heard of two yolks in an egg, but never three!" Sabrina spoke with pride. Of course she would, it was her impression that she not only dismissed the curse placed upon her, but handed herself some extra luck.

"I'm not so sure about that…" Zelda looked upon the triple-yolker with a harsh gaze. "Two yolks is lucky, but three… It could be considered 'divine'. You aren't cursed Sabrina, but this opens up a whole separate matter that's just as concerning…"

Before Sabrina could get any more curious, Hilda sent the girl on her way. "You aren't cursed love, so why don't you go upstairs and have a bath? Oh, and just to be safe, light a few reversing candles." She smiled disarmingly.

"Well, but-!"

Hilda kept her smile, "Off you go!" She insisted.

The half witch sighed in defeat as she retreated upstairs. Her aunties watched her go, a contemplative look on their faces. They hoped- no- prayed, to the Dark Lord that it was merely luck for three yolks and not what they thought it could mean.

The thought of an exorcist in Greendale was troubling. Even more so, they'd come into contact with Sabrina.

Wow, I never thought I'd ever come to an apple orchard. There was just no need for me to be here normally, and alone at that. Luckily, I could just make the excuse that I was here to pick out a pumpkin for some last minute Halloween decorations.

But, most people kept to themselves and their significant other.

"Blechh. Romance." As a single teenager in the midst of puberty I found myself equally disgusted as I was envious of all the couples that were here.

To be fair, I wasn't necessarily looking for a girlfriend. I probably wouldn't be able to spend much meaningful time with her anyway, and if I could. Well, it'd be way too dangerous for her.

Shaking my head of those thoughts, I recalled why exactly I was in this couple infested apple grounds. The old tree this area was centered around was apparently the location of several witch executions that happened way back when.

This was an unwritten history that I hadn't known of prior. At least until I received a direct order from my handler to come and purify the area. The last thing I needed here was a hoard of vengeful witch spirits roaming the streets.

Looking around, I noticed a sign hammered into the dirt, "Old tree this way." I read allowed as I followed the arrow shaped sign to the entrance of a hay maze. I sighed deeply, "Of course, why would I be able to just walk up to it? That'd be waaay too easy." I muttered to myself.

I started my trek through the maze as I adjusted the long thin bag I had over my shoulder. I made the mistake of showing up unprepared before and paid the price. So this time I brought my actual weapon with me.

It was a Japanese katana that was forged with blessed steel and inscribed with an exorcism rite. It was my main weapon since the sword by itself was enough to exorcise most of my adversaries. I'd have to work some magic (not really) against tougher opponents, but this was usually more than enough.

By the way, it's not cultural appropriation for me to use this! The other 'holy' swords they church tried to train me in just didn't weren't compatible, and were way too heavy for my tastes. Katana just happens to be my style.

My eyes steadily swayed from side to side as I wandered through the maze. My caution was well placed as I caught the faint feeling of unholy energy.

Walking with a bit more urgency, I took the next right I could and tried to close in on the feeling of unease I associated with the foul energy. At the end of my path, I could see someone else turn the corner directly ahead of me.

Well that wasn't good. It was actually quite bad, I couldn't let a normal person get caught up in a fight here.

"AAHHH!" With that feminine shout of terror the unholy energy I felt became that much more intense.


Too late for that! I tore my sword from my bag and broke into a sprint down the maze. Turning the corner, I saw a mess of exploded hay and a trail of straw.

If there were any blessings to count, it's that I was able to see faint residual energy from the monster I was looking for with my eyes. So I wouldn't get lost in the maze trying to catch up. And even if I didn't have that, I could still feel the general direction it was.

Following the wispy trail, I twisted and turned down this forsaken maze. "Had to be a maze, it just had to be!" I complained in between breaths before skidding to a stop.

The monster was coming back this direction, it'd be on the other side of this haystack in seconds! Hopefully, still chasing whoever it had encountered. That was good, it meant I could still save them.

I yanked my blade from its scabbard and waited for just the right moment.

4… 3… 2… 1…


Bursting through the wall of hay, I stopped cold in front of what looked like a scarecrow. Boy did this thing give me the heebie jeebies. The way it ran, looked, and growled were straight out of a nightmare. But I'd faced down worse things before.

The scarecrow jumped at me, with the vicious intent to kill. Despite my solid stance, the pure speed and momentum it had carried us through yet another stack of hay. It screeched as I kicked it over me and rolled to my feet.

Like a well trained soldier, I transitioned into a flawless attack. The monster wasn't intelligent enough or swift enough to evade and my sword sliced diagonally right through the midsection. The scarecrow was cut in two with surprising ease as each piece instantly began to burn in my trademark blue flames.

It didn't squirm, screech, or do anything really. It simply burned like it was inanimate to begin with. That wasn't typical, not in the slightest.

"It was just a puppet…" I concluded. And if this was being controlled, then that could only mean witches. Concentrating for a second I confirmed that the dark energy I felt was no longer attached to the scarecrow.

This… This was very bad.

"D-Damien?" The person that was attacked! I forgot!

I whipped around so quick I just about gave myself a concussion. And when I saw who exactly it was, I began to feel queasy.

"Heyy, Sabrina…! I-I don't suppose you could forget about this… Could you?" She looked just as winded and terrified as someone almost murdered by a scarecrow ought to be.

Her eyes flickered between me, my swords, (that I poorly tried to hide) and the burning scarecrow behind me.

"W-Why is that fire blue?"

Right, of course she could see it. Normally only people familiar with the supernatural side of the world could see it. Sometimes people that have had a major encounter with something supernatural in origin gain the ability to see things they shouldn't. This seemed to be such a case.

"Would you believe me if I told you this was a prank…?" Seeing her shake her head no, I began to feel a crushing headache come my way.


I don't think I can talk myself out of this one.


There's ep 1. I'm not really great at writing multiple perspectives right now so I wanna use this as some practice. You can expect to see more of the duality between Sabrina as a witch and Damien as an Exorcist in the future.

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