Sweet But Psycho

Phoebe was always a weird kid and always had trouble making (or keeping) friends, even during high school. At age five she began talking to others no one believed existed except her, by age ten she was obsessed with ghosts and the supernatural; mostly vampires. Phoebe's parents started to worry eventually, but she soon learned not to talk to people about certain things. Once she realized the strange occurrences happening around her wasn't happening to everyone else Phoebe became a lone wolf, or at least she kept her mouth shut when it came to anything paranormal. Ever since she was a child Phoebe knew something about her, perhaps her energy, attracted all types of characters to come up to her randomly. Half of them are human, but more often than not - monsters. She's faced creatures of all kinds since she was little. The only thing that scares Phoebe, other than heights or bugs, is the fate of humanity. Her best friend Gregory couldn't even scare her when they first met.

Eleven Years Ago

The rain was heavy that night, it battered against his face as he ran across one building top after another. He blinked a few times before coming to a complete stop on the edge of a bakery shop roof and inhaling the fresh scent of a heavy downpour Gregory's eyes darted around at a small crowd gathered below, searching.

Always searching.

His father's words echoed in his head: "We must always continue our search for hope is not lost yet. Once we have lost hope, we have lost everything."

Gregory grinned as he eyed the humans on the ground, ignorant to the fact they were being watched by something otherworldly. Something no longer part of that world. Part of him longed to be part of their world again. Being able to age, have families, die. A bigger part of him enjoyed the immortality, the abilities that came with vampirism, and sometimes (without his parents or siblings ever knowing) he gave in to those dark desires.

"I personally think we should enjoy our freedom while it lasts."


Now he was talking to himself.


Gregory wondered where the hell Aiden was, having not seen the doe-eyed vampire in a long time. He was supposed to meet him a few days ago for a game of hunt the prey. He could feel the rain dripping from his eyelashes into his eyes, dripping from his upper lip onto his teeth and his tongue darted out to catch a drop about to fall from one of his fangs. Before stepping off the edge and dropping onto the sidewalk below, easily blending in with a group of rebellious teenagers as an elderly couple drove passed.

Human teenagers. They didn't notice he had even joined their little party.

He zeroed in on a mane of curly red hair among the teens, belonging to a petite female who was obviously hiding booze inside the lining of her coat. She looked so sweet to be acting so bad that he wondered for a second if she would taste like strawberries or margaritas.

Come on, look back at me.

Glance over your shoulder.

He was close to the teenagers that onlookers would believe he was part of their clique, but far enough that it wouldn't appear as if he were stalking them. They were all laughing, jostling each other, sharing inside jokes. He knew they felt safe, knew they didn't yet know the danger they might soon face. Gregory just wanted the pretty redhead to look back at him.

You know you want to do it, come on.

I'll give you a real pretty smile.

Just as the cute red-haired teen began to turn her head he felt something hard and small collide with his back, something small that gave a startled cry as it fell backwards with a thump on the wet concrete. The something small that was human with gray green eyes so bright he had to do a double take, looking toward his previous intended victim for a brief second before his eyes returned to the mortal child. The redhead was gone anyway, along with her rebellious friends.

Anger colored his usually electric blue eyes red and he bared his fangs with threat.

"Watch where you're going, missy!"

Gregory snarled, expecting the little girl to scream and run off again to find the mother she most likely lost in this horrible weather.

She didn't, in fact, the child stuck her tongue out at him with her upturned nose scrunching cutely and then proceeded to turn on her heel. Bolting back towards where she came from, out of nowhere. It took him by surprise. He should have heard her approach at the speed she was running, he wasn't even sure he had caught her scent before. Were his vampire senses going wonky?

Children were forbidden to bite, or at least by the views of his parents.

He had no problem feeding from the young. But he usually didn't go lower than age twelve. Some kids needed to be taught a lesson.

Gregory could be cruel, but sometimes he was just too nice. He stared after the little girl glaring into the space she had came and left so quickly.

Let her go.

She looks about six anyway, younger than his little sister Anna.

He inhaled the air once more, searching for the fading scent of the strange mortal girl, committing it to memory.

A gentle smell of flowers, either lavender or peony.

But thick and sugary, like honey.

Gregory sighed and shook his head, agitation turning to disappointment as he continued his search for the perfect prey.

I almost had that redhead.

Damn kid.

'Who is the fly in your champagne?
Who's got the body and who's got the brain?
I'll take your blood and I'll kill my pain,
you are the one that I desire.
You are the dark, I'm the vampire.

Who is the spy in your campaign?
Is it the wife or is it your adviser?
I wanna suck the blood from their veins,
you are the one that I despise.
You are the light, I'm the vampire.

Oh, you know you never found an easy way.
Oh, but you know you wanna ride the new wave.

Who is the fly in your champagne?
Who's got the body and who's got the brain?
Let me taste your blood 'cause I'm in pain,
you are the one that I desire.
You are the dark, I'm the vampire.

Women and children hold this flame.
You're none the wiser, you're not to blame.
Stick 'em in a casket next to mine,
then we will see who is a liar.
Then we will see the vampire.

Oh, you know you never found an easy way.
'Cause in your head, the devil says when it's over, over.
'Cause I'm like you, it's got me too.
Now it's over, it's over, yeah.

Who is the fly in your champagne?
Who's got the body and who's got the brain?

I'll take your blood and I'll kill my pain.
You are the one that I desire.'

People In Planes, Vampire