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Chapter 2

Ginerva adjusted her hair nervously. She honestly had no idea what to do with herself.

All the women in their family had been married off. They had all fallen in love eventually.

But none had chosen their own loves for themselves.

Her mind drifted to three nights before. The half-moon glinted over the rushing waters of the river they had first seen each other.

Regan had planned it all.

There was a blanket, candles, and wine. They had sat, talking quietly while watching the foam flying up, sparkling in the light. He had taken her hand, lifted her up, and spun her around, singing a soft song. She had joined in and they danced as fireflies rose from the grass at their feet, swirling around them like strings of lights.

They hadn't danced long, Ginerva tripping over a rock and landing in the shallow of the river. Regan had laughed and jumped in after her, and splashed around like a puppy. They had laughed, running through the river for the rest of the night, dashing home before sunrise.

He had grabbed her hand before she turned to go home, "Gini…"

She turned to him, "Yes?"

"I…" he took a deep breath, "I love you."


"I love you. And I want to be with you more than this."


"Please don't tell me that you don't feel the same."

"I do feel the same. But… our families…"

He held her face softly, "We can figure it out. Two days from now, meet me here with your family. We can make this work, I promise."

"What if they don't understand, or what if-"

"No more what ifs." He kissed her nose, "We'll make them understand. And if they don't, it doesn't matter. We love each other. And as long as we have each other…"

"Everything will be fine." She sighed.


"Ok. I'll get them here. I love you."

"I love you too."

Ginerva was startled out of her reverie by knocking on the door. She stood, the feeling of his kiss still tingling on her lips, days after. The door swung open, showing her mother framed by the doorway.


"Yes ma'am?"

"You said you wanted the family to go on an outing to the river today. Are you going to make us wait forever?"

"No ma'am."

She slid past her mother's imposing figure, walking quickly to the door. She heard her family follow her past the stables and out of the farm.

One of her brothers jogged up to her side.

"Everything alright?"

"Of course, why wouldn't it be?"

"Well maybe because we're going to the river. You know, the one you meet your secret lover at almost nightly."


"Yeah. I know. It's kind of hard not to. You started smiling more. You've been giggling. Plus, you've been sneaking out. I see you two looking at each other every market day."

"Do you think mom knows?"

"Not yet. Unless you plan to tell her."

"That's what this is about. We're meeting his family."

"Why would we be-"he froze, head snapping to look at her, "Wait. No… you didn't?!"

"Didn't what?"

"You know… it."

"What's it?"

"The thing. You know. Nature. Call of the wild. Birds and the bees. The thing."

She sighed heavily, "No Magnus, we haven't made love. The closest we've ever gotten is hand-holding and maybe a couple kisses."

"Ok… so why are we meeting his family?"

"Because… he, well… he…"


She took a deep breath, "He proposed."

Magnus hissed under his breath, "HE WHAT?!"



"Well, for one, he loves me, and I love him."


"We've been together for six months now."


"It's not that big of a shock Magnus."


She heard the rushing of the river and turned to face the rest of the family, "We're here…"

They fanned out around the banks, some sitting down. Ginerva looked out across the banks, praying. Then, she saw it. Shadows flitting in the distant shadows.

Regan lept out to the bank, meeting her eyes with a grin. She smiled running down the hill to the river to him, not noticing her family standing, most giving dirty glances to the group gathering on the opposite side.

The two lovers met in the middle of the river with an embrace, water rushing around their legs.

"Ginerva?!" she heard her mother call.

She turned to face her, seeing that her mother's face was warped with horror, shock and fury.

"What are you doing with that, with that, WOLF?!"


The leader of Regan's family growled, "What do you mean by that witch?"

"What have you done to my daughter?!"

"We've done nothing!"

It devolved as insults flew over the lover's heads as they stared back and forth between both sides. Then, they all plunged into the river in a rage. Ginerva screamed as Regan tried to pull her out of the way.

The water stormed with their fury and magic. The water started to turn a deep, dark red.


Blood was being spilt.

She felt hands grab her from behind. She looked behind her. Magnus was pulling her out of the water, dragging her back in the direction of the farm.

"Magnus, no!"

As she struggled against his grip, she saw Regan fighting one of his sisters, giving him the same treatment.

She reached out a hand, "REG!"

His eyes locked on her as he struggled more, "GINI!"

She thrashed in her brothers grip, "NO, NO! REG!"


The pair was dragged screaming far from the river until they couldn't hear the others cries any longer. Ginerva slumped into her brother's arms, sobbing, her eyes red, blood streaking down her arms from where she had cut herself on his clothes. Her hair had fallen out of place, dangling in wet strands, sticking to her face.

She had lost a shoe, and the hem of her dress was torn to shreds and covered in mud. Her shoeless foot was swollen and throbbing, covered in blood.

Her mother stormed up to the weeping girl and slapped her, her ring ripping her cheek in a jagged line, blood streaking down her face.


Ginerva ripped herself from Magnus' arms, inconsolable, running as fast as she could with her limp inside the farm house, rushing up the stairs, slamming the door and locking it behind her, throwing herself on the bed, sobbing.

How had it all gone wrong?

Two weeks later

Ginerva laid in a daze on her bed. She hadn't moved since that day. The images flashed through her head over and over.

She couldn't sleep.

She didn't eat.

Her eyes were sunk into her face, dark circles under her eyes. She felt empty and hollow. Her foot, cheek and arms throbbed as badly as her heart.

Her family had been pounding on her door daily, trying to coax her out to do something. Eat, drink, or bathe, SOMETHING.

She would just turn her back to the door, knowing the rune she'd drawn with the blood they had drawn would keep them out and keep the door locked.

She would only move during rain storms, but only just to lift her face to the sky to get enough water to live to the next day.

It was night now. The moon was almost full, and high above the house. She slipped dizzily from the bed, limping and waddling to the balcony chair, her legs thin as straw. Sitting with a huff, you could see her ribs.

She stared despondently over the fields where wheat swayed gently in the breeze. A beautiful sight, but she held no love for it anymore.

Then, she saw something move in the trees surrounding the farm. Ginerva stood shakily and moved to the rail, leaning on it for support. She saw a shadow flick out, dashing through the field, staying out of the patches of light.

A cloud went over the moon as it came closer to the house, stopping under her balcony. The moon came out again and she gasped.


He waved up to her, then grabbed onto the vines she used to have to sneak out. He climbed quickly up, hopping over the railing to stand in front of her.

He almost looked as bad as she felt, thin and shaking, eyes sunken. They stood breathless for a minute before leaping into each other's arms. They kissed for a solid minute.

The flowers surrounding the balcony had died off, her negative energy killing them. Btu as they held each other, the flowers sprang back to life, growing bigger than they had originally been.

He breathed huskily, "Gini…"

Her breath was just as ragged as his, "Reg…"

He brushed her matted hair out of her face, "I've missed you…"

She smiled sadly, tears running down her face, "I missed you more."

He kissed the tears on her eyes, "I doubt it. I love you Gini."

"I love you too Reg."

He cupped her face, running his thumbs over her cheeks before kissing her softly, "I can't live without you dearest…"

Ginerva wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him again, before breathing against his lips, "I can't either…"

"I…" his breath shook, voice trembling as tears flowed freely down his face, "I had to see you again. I had to. It felt like… like I was going, like I was going to die if I couldn't see you. Couldn't hold you…"

She took her turn to kiss the tears from his face, burying her face in his neck, pulling him close, "I felt the same. It hurt so much to be away from you…"

His arms wrapped tightly around her hips, "promise me we won't be apart like this ever again."

"I promise."

They kissed deeply, caressing each other, holding each other tightly, afraid to let go.

They broke apart gasping, then looked to her door when a knock sounded.

"Gin, open the door! Magnus' voice called out, "You haven't eaten, I have no idea if you've slept, and you haven't let anyone heal you. Let me and auntie in. you need help."

Regan kissed her neck, "Let them help you."


He pressed a finger to her lips, "no. let them help you. You need it. I'll be back after the full moon be better by then, please…"

He kissed her again, then lept over the railing, running off into the forest. Ginerva stared after him longingly, but smiled, turning to her door.