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Suki was never a girl that actually needed to race for money. Daddy was a loaded software exec and she'd always been swimming in money. What kept street racers from ever talking about her being a stupid little rich girl was the fact that was actually a talented racer. It didn't bother Tej and the rest of the crew that she went home to a multimillion dollar mansion every morning after a good night of fun because she proved herself to them a long time ago.

Miami-A big big mansion

Suki sighed as she dropped her keys onto her white dresser as she pulled off her barely-there baby blue half top. It was four in the morning, and she had spent the last seven hours racing and clubbing with the crew. Brian, Rome, Tej and her girls dropped two large on drinks and what not at a new club that opened a week or two ago.

'My head hurts like a bufo bitch.' Suki though sourly as she rubbed her temple. 'Fucking Brian, buying everyone drinks and shit' She stepped out of her plaid mini skirt which was pooled at her ankles. Undressing and tossing her underwear across her room as she walked towards her shower Suki managed to revert her freshly cleaned room to it's normal state of being covered with clothes.

Dallas, Texas-Some house…

Dom, Letty and Mia fled to Mexico for a while after the whole LA incident. After a few months they decided to move back to the states, so they went to Texas. Dom opened up another garage there and this time, they were doing everything right. No heist, no nothing. It was really hard for Dom not to get back into racing because it was such an easy source of money for him. Racing was all he every had, and it was hard for the rest of the gang too.

"Letty! Throw me a Coke!" Mia yelled across the yard. Letty sauntered over with a can of Coke dripping with condensation. "Thank you." Mia grinned as Letty handed her the can sweetly.

"No problem." Letty smiled back as she gave Mia half a hug and pecked her on the cheek.

"Letty! Get me a beer!" Dom yelled from the other side of the yard. He ducked as a can flew at his head. "Jesus!" Dom yelled as he caught the can before it buried it self into the windshield of a new Mercedes.

"Nope, just me." Letty smirked. Just then the phone rang.


'Hi, is Dom there?'

'Who is this?' Letty asked.


'What do you want?' Letty asked.

'I just want to talk to him.'

'Yeah ok.' Letty threw the phone at Dom. Dom picked the phone up and gave her a dirty looked.


'Dom, this is Brian.'

'Hey, haven't heard from you in a while.'

'Yeah, a lot of things changed since I last saw you.'

'Yeah, word on the street is that you ain't a po po anymore.'

'You could say that.'

'What happened?'


'Ah, sorry.'

'Naw, it's my fault.'

'So what's up?'

'Come down to Miami, we got a good thing happening here.'

'Naw, I'm trying to lay low, be clean.'

'Fuck that shit Dom. Am I the bad guy now?'

'I guy so, white boy.' Dom laughed.

'Aiight, if you're not coming to stay then come and chill for a month or so, I know you're not that busy. And you'll get money down here.'

'Ok, I'll see you in a few days.'

Brian and Rome's new cruise ship (at the docks)

"Dom, this is Rome, Rome, Dom. Everyone, this is Rome. That's Letty and Mia." Brian introduced.

"Sup dog." Rome said as gave Dom a slap on the back. "Sup ladies." He grinned at the two girls. "You guys are going to the race tonight right?" This was going to be fun…