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"So, Letty has finally met a chick that doesn't put up with her shit, and can race as well as she can." Vince said to Dom.

"Yeah, I guess she has. Where did you guys find this girl?" Dom asked looking at Tej and Brian.

"She found us." Tej laughed.

"Yeah, feisty that one." Leon said watching the twin set of tail lights disappear down the street.

"So where is the Mist?" Dom asked.

"It's some where down town." Brian said.

"Man, I don't think you want to go there." Rome said to Dom, giving him a look. "It's a stupid pretty boy club, and from meeting you I take that you're a laid back kinda guy who rather just chill at a house party with a couple of Corona's."

"Is this true Brian? You planning on dragging me, Dom Torretto to a pretty boy night club?" Dom said giving Brian a mocking look.

"Well, uh, I thought you'd want to check out the scene here." Brian said, looking at the ground.

"Or you want to try get back with Mia, and you thought that bringing her to a fancy little club was a good way to impress her." Vince smirked.

"Naw, it's not like that." Brian said giving Vince a dirty look.

"Alright, I'll check it out for a while, only to please the girls cause I know they'll like it, but I'm not staying for long if it's too, you know, pretty boy like." Dom said, as he climbed into the driver's seat of Brian¡¦s car. "And I'm driving."

The Mist

The air inside was filled with foam and fog which was spilling from machines hanging from the ceiling. Letty, Mia, Suki and her girls were all congregated around the bar which was on a raised platform.

"Oh hell no. This just isn't my scene." Letty said taking everything in with wide eyes. Surprisingly her tight, low riding black leather pants and her white racer back tank top blended in fine with the gyrating mass of people in the club.

"You look like you fit in fine to me." Mia said, looking her up and down. Mia herself was wearing a pair of tight hip hugging jeans and a red halter top

"Psht, don't give me that." Letty scoffed. She leaned over the bar top and yanked on the belt loop of a hot bar tender. "Give me two Coronas and a peach iced tea."

" en dollars."

"Ouch, that hurts." Letty said digging into the pocket of her tight pants.

"I got it." Suki said as she slid a ten across the bar top. "Girls, table." Suki said, signaling with two fingers towards a table. Suki's girls all headed towards a table in the front of the club. Suki herself was wearing a pair of baby blue shorts and a pink halter half-top. A pair of matching thigh high boots covered most of what her shorts didn't, which was a lot. She grabbed the bottle of Snapple and slid it down the bar to Mia. She took the two Corona's from the bar and headed towards the front of the club, avoiding the foam and the crowd. She held the bottles above her head and moved through the crowd quickly. Letty and Mia followed, taking longer. They were definitely not used to this scene, but they were getting used to it pretty quickly. A table filled with her girls was waiting for her, and the girls rearranged themselves onto each other's laps to make room for Suki, Mia and Letty.

"So are they here yet?" Mia asked, taking a sip of her non alcoholic drink. She was never much into drinking, it was all about control for her. She didn't like losing control of herself so she never really drank.

"Phone." Suki said. One of her girls pulled a pink cell phone out of nowhere and placed it in her out stretched hand.

'Brian? Where are you?'

'We're on our way, just chill.'

'Yeah whatever. If you're not here yet, then we'll just have to start with out you guys.' Suki said flipping the lid close.

"So?" Letty asked.

"Let's just get started with out them." Suki said, taking a long swig of her beer.

"I'll just wait here for them." Letty said, figgeting on her chair looking at Suki's Pink Mafia out of the side of her eye.

"Ok. Be nice girls." Suki smiled as she slid off the booth and took Mia's hand.

"We will." The girls grinned.

"So, what's LA like?" Suki's girl #1 asked. She leaned closer to Letty and laid a hand on her thigh.

"Um, ok? I guess." Letty leaning back.

"So you really race huh?" Another member of the Pink mafia asked, leaning in from Letty's other side.

"I wish I had the guts. And I need to learn how to drive." Another gushed.

"Oh yeah? I'll teach you some time." Letty said, raising an eyebrow.

Suki dragged Mia into the center of the foam covered crowd. Foam seemed to pour onto them from all directions and they were almost literally in a shower. Suki's long dirty blonde hair was dripping wet after a few seconds, and Mia's dark locks were also getting drenched. Suki moved herself behind Mia and placed her hands on her hips and began to move them to the throbbing beat of the music. Mia was a bit stiff at first, not knowing exactly what was going on.

"Relax Mia, just breathe." Suki whispered hotly in her ear. Suki pulled Mia closer after feeling her body relax a bit. The two of them melt together and began moving to the heavy beat together. Suki took her hands off Mia's waist and began running them up and down her arm softly. She slid her hands over Mia's which were resting on her thighs and intertwined their fingers. She brought their hands above their heads and pressed closer to Mia.

"Letty, you look like you're have a good time." Leon said as he and the gang neared the table. Letty had pink-clad girls all over her and she was entertaining them with her crazy car racing antics.

"Bite me." Letty said as she offered him a single digit.

"Naw, Dom will kill me." Leon grinned as he slid into booth next to the girls. "Hello ladies."

"This ain't too pretty for you Rome?" Brian smirked as he watched Rome's eyes enlarge at the sight of beautiful girls all over.

"Let's do this bitch." Rome said as surveyed the crowd. "Ladies ladies ladies, come and get it!" He grinned. He un-buttoned the single button that was holding his shirt closed and slid into the crowd.

"Well, I guess it's just us boys you ladies." Vince grinned. "Four guys and five girls, I think everyone will be satisfied tonight." The girls all stopped talking and look towards the guys sitting opposite of them. There was a moment of silence at the table, then they all turned back to themselves and resumed talking to each other.

"You boys got zero game." Tej laughed as he arrived at the table with a couple of bottles in his hands.

"Oh and you do?" Vince smirked. Tej just grinned at him, showing off his pearly whites.

"Watch me." Tej said. He slid into the crowd. Vince and Leon watched him sidled up behind Suki and Mia. He wrapped his arms around Suki's waist and started dancing with her. Suki wrapped her arms around Mia's waist drew her into the party.

"That is not fair." Leon said.

"Uh huh." Vince mumbled, his jaw on the table. Suki and Mia were both slippery and wet from the foam and their bodies were glistening with moisture.

"But you know, he's not going home with them tonight, you know those two don't want any meat in their sandwich." Leon smirked.

"Hey! That's my little sister you're talking about!" Dom said as he slapped Leon upside the head.

"At least you know she's not getting boned by some dick head." Vince said looking at Brian.

"Anyways, what do you think Dom, of the club?" Brian asked, looking at Dom.

"It's ok, if I want to find some skanks to fuck." Dom said, looking at Letty.

"Hey, be my guess, Dominick. You ain't tied down." Letty said, giving him a menacing glare.

"Ooh." Leon said, recieving a deadly glare from Dom.

"Please don't give me that." Dom said ignoring Leon. "Letty, I said I was sorry. And it's not like I did anything recently."

"We had this talk already." Letty said. She turned away from Dom and continued talking to the girls.

"Fuck." Dom said. He stalked off into the crowd, his built shoulders glistening from the foam.

"Dom." Brian said before following him into the crowd.

Parking lot outside of the Mist

"Dom, what just happened back there?" Brian asked as he caught up to Dom's retreating figure.

"I don't know. Letty. That girl mean's so much to me, but I can never get things right with this one. I know I fucked up on her before, and I want to be the best man for her now, but for some reason she won't let me." Dom said.

"No offense or anything, bro, but hasn't she always known that you've been sneaking around behind her back?" Brian said, kicking at the ground.

"Yeah, and she hasn't really made it that big a deal until just like, a month ago. I don't know why she cares now." Dom said.

"It's really easy to forgive someone when you're totally infatuated with them. Maybe the all the glamour and stuff kinda wore off and she began to question herself about why she let those issues go so easily." Brian said.

"Like Mia finding out that you were a cop?" Dom said.

"I guess, kinda, yeah."

"Well, I hope it wasn't just a stupid little phase for her, I really love her." Dom said.

"All you can do now is prove it. Don't screw around, don't play games."

"Yeah, ok."