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What Doesn't Kill me

Chapter 2


Face set in his near ever permanent sneer, Bakugo continued his exercise in his room, using the pullup bar he'd installed to keep working up a nice sweat. As he pushed himself, he replayed the entrance exam in his head, relishing the memory of crushing those stupid robots and showing U.A. just what the next number one looked like. His musings were interrupted by the shouting of the old hag "Oi! Katsuki! A letter from U.A. came for ya!"

"About damn time!" Katsuki felt the feral grin on his face as he dropped down, throwing the door open to go get his letter, "I wanna see just how high they scored me for this thing!"

"Language you little brat!" his mother scolded, slapping him upside the head as he snatched his letter from her, the old man sighing in exasperation as he watched Katsuki and his mom argue.

"I'll talk however the hell I want!" he shouted back even as he ripped open the envelope to reveal…a tiny disk, "What the fuck? I thought it was supposed to be a letter!"

"It's a recording disk." His father spoke up, taking it from Katsuki's hand to activate, a small screen appearing with a countdown as Katsuki waited for whoever was gonna be on the damn thing.

"Hello there young Bakugo!" the moment the countdown ended the screen was filled with the cheerful face of All Might, "I'm guessing you're pretty confused right now!"

"You bet your damn ass I am!" he yelled at the recording, ignoring his father's remark that the recording can't hear him, and his mother once again scolded him for cussing.

"Well, that's a surprise I've been keeping for you and all your new classmates! As of this year, I am the newest faculty member at U.A. Academy!" All Might declared proudly, sending a thumb's up at the screen.

"Fuck yeah!" Katsuki yelled happily, his hands crackling with tiny explosions he couldn't contain in his excitement.

"Now, onto your scores. You did remarkably well in the written test, scoring at ninety four percent, putting you in the top five of written exams for those taking the entrance test." All Might announced as Katsuki smirked in smug satisfaction, managing to put aside any annoyance at his score not being perfect, at not being the highest, the practical was all that really mattered anyway. "As for the combat test there were two factors for the scoring. The villain points you were made aware of, and rescue points! This is a hero school after all and how could we call ourselves such if we don't reward students who act like heroes!"

"Probably for those weak losers who can't make it as an actual combat hero." Katsuki smirked smugly as the top scores started appearing on a screen behind the number one hero.

"Young Bakugo, while you failed to collect any Rescue points your villain point total was the highest of the day with a total of seventy-seven, giving you the second highest score for the exam!" All Might smiled as if he hadn't just given horrible news. Second? Second?! Nobody was better than Katsuki Bakugo! As the man stepped aside to show the chart, he glanced at the top to see what dumb fuck he'd have to crush and his blood went cold for a moment, shocked when he saw the name 'Izuku Midoriya' showing a total fifty-eight villain points and eighty-three rescue points, a total score almost double what Katsuki had. That little fuck had to have cheated! There was no way in hell someone with a quirk as useless as turning grey could ever beat Katsuki at anything!

"Yikes, poor Midoriya." His father's words, and noticing that the recording had come to an end, snapped Katsuki from his thoughts as both he and his mother looked at the man in confusion.

"What are you talking about? Little Izuku got the highest score, why are you feeling sorry for him?" Katsuki's mom asked, sending a stern glare his way when he growled angrily at the mention of their scores.

"Because of the boys' teachers." His dad pointed out with a shake of his head, the class lists having apparently been shown while he focused on figuring out how Deku cheated U.A. "Katsuki actually has a really good teacher for himself in Sekijiro Kan, or 'the blood hero: Vlad King' since that man's quirk also revolves around weaponizing one of his bodily fluids, so he'd be the best to help Katsuki improve his own quirk usage." At least U.A. was giving him a good teacher, "Izuku on the other hand has one 'Shota Aizawa' as his teacher." Katsuki saw his father remove his glasses to rub tired eyes, "I looked into the various teachers at the school to have an idea who would be training Katsuki and found out about him. I couldn't find a hero name, so the man is either retired early or an underground hero, but he has a nasty reputation. Last year he expelled his entire class on orientation day, deciding he felt they didn't have any potential. This included half the recommendation students and six of the top ten scoring students from the entrance exam, the number one spot among them. Izuku has his work cut out for him if he wants to even get past the first day." Hearing that, Katsuki smirked, his anger cooling. So, what if Deku cheated the test initially? Now that he knew what sort of person would be teaching the little shit, he knew the damn fake would be kicked out in no time. Maybe having a bit of hope built up only to be crushed at the peak would finally drive the message into his thick skull.


"Thank you for coming here today." Nezu nodded to the always tired Yokumiru Mera, the public safety commission rep looking as exhausted as he always did.

"Well, you did have a serious situation." The man sighed, cracking his neck even as Nezu poured them both tea, Mera's hero escort declining "But really, did you have to get two watch list students? And different lists at that?"

"I didn't exactly choose for them to warrant the list but I'm not going to risk things." Nezu informed him, eyes serious as he placed his paws together, "The first is one Katsuki Bakugo. There isn't much evidence at the moment, but he does show an incredibly volatile temperament. With his quirk being as volatile and easy to abuse as it is, as well as other factors that imply, he has abused his quirk in the past, I'm having him placed on a low-level watch list for now." He'd prefer having a more definitive answer but with the boy's prior schools clearly covering up something given how sparse their records are it was the best he could do.

"Simple enough." Mera nodded, the man likely used to getting a dozen or so cases a year of a student with a big head and a dangerous quirk joining a hero school and being watched to make sure their superiority complex didn't make them go rogue, "And the other one, you said they were for a different list?"

"Indeed, and his quirk is far more dangerous. The first boy is able to produce a nitro glycerin like substance as his sweat that can be stored and even detonated at will. This child though, one Izuku Midoriya, has a transformation quirk called 'adaptation' that lets him heal from near anything within twenty-four hours and better adapt the next time he runs into a situation, evolving to handle it better. Judging by the boy's history I read in a report and what he was able to show at the exam I believe that before his quirk was fully understood, other children who thought his quirk 'weak' or 'useless' would often use their quirks in bullying or torment of the boy. He's not jaded enough to go villain yet, but I'm worried if something pushes him over that edge."

"That's it?" Mera's hero escort, Aizawa's old school time rival and now pro hero 'Mister Blaster', snorted in derision "That's what's got you so scared? Maybe you should retire if you're getting that chicken in your old age."

"Sensoji, I see you're as brash as always." Nezu narrowed his eyes, not appreciating his old pupil's comment, "But since you are clearly in need of a lesson allow me to educate you, just like old times. Hopefully you'll make a better grade this time around. This boy's quirk lets him adapt so let's create a scenario where he went villain and was fighting you. You're both battling and it's a very tough fight but, in the end, he manages to escape when he realizes he's not going to win. You both have taken some serious injuries but you're both alive. A day or so later he shows up again, perfectly healed while you aren't at the top of your game anymore. More than that though, your explosions aren't doing as much damage to him as they were the last time. You might still win, but he'll just come back the next day, all healed up and even more resistant to whatever you could do. Resistance that does…not…go…away. And it isn't just one resistance he has to select either, all his resistances are passive, so he doesn't have to worry about sneak attacks so long as he's in his transformed state. And if he finds a partner with a warp or teleportation quirk then he could always have them stand at the back, ready to get him out if he would lose. Given enough time this boy could grow strong enough to dismantle all might to the point it would be like watching a pro fight a quirkless child. That, is what has me so worried. That is what I intend to do my best to avoid becoming a reality. But in case I fail I the commission and other heroes aware and ready." After his tirade and glare, the shaken Pro Hero backed down, wisely shutting up as Mera sighed in exhausted frustration, draining his tea in one gulp.

"You just have to give me more work, don't you Nezu?" the man took the reports and documents as he got up, "I'll have the commission ready; you just do what you can so all that'll ever come of this is my grumbling about wasted time and lost opportunities to nap."

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