AN: If you want to know who voted for who in class 1-A's election check the AN at the bottom, I couldn't find a way to say who nominated who without it coming across as an awkward block that would slow down the story, so I just put who got nominated and leave the specifics to the AN.

What Doesn't Kill Me

Chapter 9


Striding into the 1-B Classroom, Sekijiro Kan looked at his class, all twenty in their seats even if many were chatting with those nearby. Nothing all that unusual, unless you counted the small tub of sand that Yanagi was using her quirk on, a look of serious concentration on the Telekentic's face. "Class 1-B!" he called, his voice drawing everyone's attention sharply to the front of the room, some of the more distracted students jumping startled, having not noticed his arrival, "I hope you're refreshed from your weekend and ready to work."

"Yes Sensei!" most of the class answered as one, Bakugo just huffed irritably as Kan tried not to openly scowl. The explosive boy was insufferable as a student. He refused to listen, felt he was already the best at everything, and then there was how he fought. Kan noticed during the battle trial that Bakugo either didn't seem to care about holding back to avoid hurting his classmates too much, perhaps knowing that Recovery Girl could patch them up, or he didn't seem to understand just how volatile and damaging his explosions could be. He wasn't sure which was worse in all honestly.

"Excellent!" Kan nodded pleased "Now, for most of you, today's Homeroom will be a free period to work on any assignments or personal projects you might have."

"…Most of us sir?" Jurota Shishida asked with a hand raised in the air, the bestial student's face twisted in confusion.

"Yes, most of you." Kan nodded "Today is the day the various first year classes get their Class Representatives and Vice Representatives." He paused to give that a moment to sink in. unfortunately, that just allowed various students to start shouting.

"Clearly I am the perfect fit for such a position!" Monoma cackled, his eyes bugging out as he shouted, those around him wincing in irritation at the volume.

"FUCK OFF COPY PASTE! IF ANYONE'S GONNA BE IN CHARGE OF THIS SHIT SHOW IT'S GONNA BE ME!" Bakugo shouted, letting off small but loud explosions from his palms.

"I'd be a way better pick than you!" Kamakiri got riled up at that, the young blade quirk user having focused on Bakugo as a personal rival. Those three troublemakers weren't the only ones shouting, others were lobbying for the position as well or outcrying the chances of others.

"ENOUGH!" Kan roared, slamming his fist onto his desk with a loud bang as his students, even Bakugo, quieted down "I've already decided who will fill the two positions." He was going to allow an election initially but with certain volatile students he didn't want to risk it, or give them more reason to get angry at their classmates. "Juzo Honenuki, Jurota Shishida, please stand up." He ordered as the two wide eyed boys did so. Monoma seemed to accept this, the copy quirk user thankfully having a lot of respect for…most of his classmates while Kamakiri just seemed satisfied that his rival wasn't chosen over him. Bakugo though…

"WHAT?!" Bakugo snarled, hands smoking as small explosions popped from the skin, "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN THOSE EXTRAS ARE IN CHARGE?! I'M NOT TAKING ANY ORDERS FROM THOSE SIDE CHARACTERS!"

"Bakugo, that's enough." Kan narrowed his eyes, moving some of his blood to encase and harden around the boy's hands to prevent more explosions "You'll be staying after school every day for detention after that remark. Keep letting off your quirk like that and it'll be bumped up to a week. Am I clear?" Bakugo grit his teeth, throwing himself down into his seat with a huff. "Bakugo, I asked you a question." Kan glared at the aggressive student, letting out some of the aura that had intimidated countless villains "AM…I…CLEAR?!"

"…Yeah." Bakugo grunted, still pissed but with the wind taken out of his sails. Nodding, Kan directed the blood he'd used into a disposal vat off to the side. He didn't want any nitroglycerin from the boy's sweat getting into his body's bloodstream so that blood was not unusable.

"Good. Honenuki, you're the Class Representative. Along with being one of our two recommendation students, you've shown a level head and put forward good initiative working with your classmates over that first week of school. Shishida, you've shown yourself to be very logical, organized, and disciplined as along with a similar attitude towards teamwork that Honenuki has shown. To both of you, and the rest of this class, keep in mind that these positions aren't guaranteed to be permanent. Should you show yourself unfit for the role I can and will replace you. Whether that be when you move on to your second year or partway through the term. Now, I want you both to come with me, we have a meeting with the other class reps to discuss your duties. The rest of you, as I said, have a free period for home room. And if I find out anyone misbehaved while I was gone then they're going to regret it."


Sighing, Shota walked into his classroom where he his students all divided into their various clicks or doing whatever they felt like whilst alone. "Morning." He sighed, not bothering to hide his exhaustion from his students "I hope you lot got more sleep than I did over the weekend." Trying to balance keeping up with the day job of being a teacher and the night job of being an active underground hero…he still wasn't sure why he was determined to keep up both full-time. "But even if you didn't, we don't have time for you to nap. Today we have a very important task that needs to be taken care of." He let it sit like that for a moment, enjoying his student's panicked confusion as they stewed in suspense "You'll be selecting a Class Representative and Vice Representative." Some of them looked ready to fall out of their seats at the sudden revelation, probably expecting a 'do or die' test.

"How will they be decided sir?!" Iida had his hand shot high into the air as he asked his question.

"You all can vote on it." doing so would put the final choice in their hands and let him gauge who the class looked up to.

"I would like to nominate myself for such a position!" Iida began robotically bowing to the class while others shouted about how much they wanted the spot.

"What about you Midoribro?!" he heard Kirishima ask the greenete in the back, "You gonna put your name in?"

"No, I'm one of the three people in the class I think shouldn't be rep." he heard Midoriya deny.

"Midoriya, explain that." Shota demanded, wanting to know why the boy thought he wouldn't be class rep and who else shouldn't be, still trying to get a solid grasp on the problem child's mindset.

"The Class rep is supposed to be a good example for those looking at our class as well as someone those in the class can approach with problems." Midoriya grimaced "Think of how All Might is supposed to be for most of the Pro Heroes out there. I…I don't do well with other people I don't know, and I already saw how a lot of the people in this class were…put off by me in the battle trial and quirk apprehension tests." Shota noted several people wince uncomfortably at being called out at that while Iida just seemed surprised at Midoriya's introspective comments, "No, I'd be a bad fit."

"But…you said there were two others." Mina tilted her head as Midoriya deadpanned and pointed at Mineta.

"You all heard the little pervert comment about wanting to instill a regime to dictate what the girls in the class were wearing so he'd have his fetishes sated." Midoriya's opinion on the purple boy shone through once again, although by now Iida was at least fully grasping Mineta's personality. Granted that meant it was more he disapproved of both Mineta and Midoriya, but it was a start and would hopefully lead to fewer confrontations.

"And the final one is me I suppose?" Iida huffed while rolling his eyes.

"Yes actually. You're quick to assume, don't seem to listen, inflexible, and are way too intense to be approachable." Midoriya listed without batting an eye as Shota sighed, his hopes for fewer confrontations dashed for now.

"Enough." He shut this down before it could escalate "Here's how this is going to work. Everyone is going to nominate someone other than themselves who they think would make a good Class Rep. Also, yes, someone can get multiple nominations so pick who you think is the best choice. Those who get nominated have a chance to then step down if they don't wish to fill the position as it does entail extra work." That took the wind out of the sails of some of them "And then we'll have a vote with those that remain with first place being the Rep and second place being vice. We'll go down each row, Yayorozu, you're first." The nominations went quick thankfully, although there were a few surprises, such as Ururaka still nominating Midoriya after he stated he didn't think he'd fit the roll, and exasperations such as Mineta voting for Kaminari and then getting upset that Kaminari nominated Jiro, shouting at the blonde for wasting their chance to instill 'the regime' together.

In the end, nine students had nominations. Midoriya, Kaminari, Kirishima, Shoji, and Jiro all had one vote each. Ashido had two, Asui had three, while Yayorozu and Kendo each had five. "Alright, does anyone wish to drop out?" Aizawa sighed, rummaging in his sleeping bag for another juice pack.

"I will sensei, I already made my reasoning clear." Midoriya stepped forward with a polite bow while his nominator, Ururaka, pouted with puffed out cheeks.

"Same here." Kaminari, to his surprise, stepped forward, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head "I'm going to have enough trouble keeping my grades up as is without extra work."

"Not my jam." Jiro shook her head even as Kaminari pouted at her, the three sitting down as did Shoji and Kirishima who didn't give their own reasoning.

"That leaves Yayorozu, Kendo, Asui, and Ashido." Shota wrote the names on the board "Let's get this done quick as we have a meeting to get to once the reps are elected. Cast your votes and once again, you can't vote for yourself if you're a nominee." The votes were done quickly, everyone who nominated one of the remaining four sticking with those votes while the rest seemed to be with going what their friends voted for. Ashido went from two nominations to four votes by Midoriya voting for his other friend and Ururaka going with what her failed nomination wanted. Kaminari likely just trusted Jiro's judgement and voted for Yayorozu like she did. Mineta he was positive only voted for Yayorozu in the hopes of getting an inroad to a date later. Sero, thankfully, just seemed to respect Kendo.

"Excellent. Yayorozu, you're class rep and Kendo, you're vice rep. We have a meeting to get to, the rest of you study till we get back."


"Man, that vote was something." Kirishima grunted as they walked around the cafeteria, looking for their class 1B friends, Ururaka having joined them today.

"I know right!" the gravity quirk user smiled, rather friendly even if only at lunch with them on occasion, "I still think you'd have made a great rep Midoriya!"

"Not really." Izuku rubbed the back of his head awkwardly as they finally found Tokage, Tetsutetsu, and Yanagi's table, the rest of 1B nowhere to be seen which, thankfully, meant no Bakugo.

"Sup!" Tokage grinned, flashing them a peace sign as they sat down "Y'all get your class reps today too? Who'd Aizawa pick?"

"Pick?" Mina blinked confused, "We had an election. I almost won!" the pinkette sulked, cheeks puffed out grumpily.

"Midori-Bro got nominated by Ururaka but stepped down." Kirishima outed him as Izuku gave him a look.

"And you stepped down when I nominated you." Izuku shot back, breaking apart his chopsticks to eat, "But anyway, it's Momo Yayorozu and Itsuka Kendo who got chosen. What about for your class?"

"Vlad Sensei picked our reps for us." Tetsutetsu.

"Indeed. If I were to hazard a guess and asked to share my beliefs, I would propose that our instructor chose to select our governing representatives himself over an election for the sole reason of avoiding individuals of certain volatile natures from having a chance to partake in the power which could prove further corrupting. Given the shouting and arguing that were done before he announced he had made a decision, and the punishments that followed, I feel my hypothesis is not an unlikely one. In the end, it was the student recommended by the pro hero Snatch, Juzo Honenuki, who was elevated to the lofty position as the student representative of Class 1-B. His aide, our vice representative, is one Jurota Shishida. They are both caring and hard-working students who I believe will throw themselves passionately and diligently into fulfilling the added roles that have undertaken."

"Uuuuuuugh." Ururaka's eyes were swimming, the gravity girl having not been on the receiving end of one of Yanagi's sentences.

"She thinks their Home Room teacher decided to avoid certain students getting the job by picking himself, and that there were fights and punishments given out that support her theory. Honenuki and Shishida got the jobs, and she thinks they'll do a good job." Izuku translated easily, offering everyone at the table a tub filled with his mom's homemade cookies to share, the group happily digging in.

"Hmmmm! These are so good!" Tokage moaned, mouth full of chocolate chip "I have to meet Momma-doriya at some point! I have to!"

"I too would like to meet the woman who raised you." Yanagi spoke, using a short sentence for once as she nibbled her cookie, a notebook next to her as she practiced writing her name using her quirk to control the pencil.

"Well, she's been wanting to meet all of you as well." Izuku admitted with a grin, still over the moon at finally having real friends, although his mother had been far more excited "How about-" the suggestion he was about to offer was cut off as a loud blaring alarm went off, sending evacuating students into a panic.

"What's going on?!" Ururaka shouted, eyes wide.

"It's an intruder alarm!" a panicking third year shouted as he ran past.

"Fuck, let's get going!" Tokage narrowed her eyes, taking charge of the situation as they moved to the evacuation route, finding the hall packed with panicking people refusing to move orderly, more streaming in from behind only further adding to the chaos. A hard shove from behind pinned Izuku against the window as he saw the 'intruders' were the press all on the front line being confronted by teachers.

"It's the press!" he groaned out, his voice only reaching his friends.

"I got it!" Tokage grinned, her body separating into several pieces and flying overhead, smacking several students to get their attention "Yo! Panicking sheeple! It's just the friggin press! Stop acting like a bunch of babies and file out with some fucking decorum!"

-All for One-

Chuckling to himself, All for One ended the call from young Tomura, the lad very proud of himself for breaking into UA to get the schedule for the School's upcoming visits to the USJ. "That boy is too cocky." His doctor sighed, "Are you going to allow him to be the one who makes use of that intel? One of the others might be better."

"You may be right." All for One thought about the five acolytes he had trained, five powerful figures each with their own 'empires' and 'armies' at their disposal. None of that mattered at the moment though "However he is young and needs to grow, how can that happen if he never gets to go try things for himself. Plus…Tomura is not yet ready to learn of the other four, not yet. Giving his intel to another may be better in the short term but cause problems in the long term. Tomura shall have his chance, he shall have a Nomu, and even if he fails, it will send a declaration of war."

AN: For the class 1-A nomination we have as follows:

Aoyama nominated Asui

Ojiro nominated Kendo

Shoji nominated Kendo

Hagakure nominated Mina

Mina nominated Yayorozu

Kaminari nominated Jiro

Jiro nominated Yayorozu

Kendo nominated Yayorozu

Asui nominated Kendo

Kirishima nominated Mina

Sero nominated Shoji

Midoriya nominated Kirishima

Iida nominated Yayorozu

Koda nominated Asui

Tokoyami nominated Asui

Mineta nominated Kaminari

Ururaka nominated Midoriya

Sato nominated Kendo

Todoroki nominated Yayorozu

Yayorozu nominated Kendo