"Ah, shit," Kagome mutters to herself as she rubs her bottom. When she felt the rush of magic coming from the well, she kind of assumed that it would transport her back to the past, or at least within another well. Falling from the sky and landing in the lap of a stranger was not how she wanted to spend her day.

The stranger beneath her shifts. Suddenly it hits her just where exactly she's rubbing and two, she's still sitting in this person's lap. Kagome scrambles up, turns around, and bows profusely. "Sorry, sorry," she repeats with each bow. Her cheeks flare up from the indecency of it.

How the heck was she going to explain why she was falling from the sky? I jumped into a well to time travel and ended up in your lap instead. No one in their right mind would believe such a tale.

"I'm used to women falling over themselves for me, but never have I one come from the sky?" His tone is soothing, though the hint of danger laced within it licks at her senses and causes her to shiver slightly. Kagome straightens her spine and then leans back ever so slightly. The stranger is tall, like freakishly so. His white hair catches her attention first, it reminds her of InuYasha, though nowhere near as long, and stranger dude seems to take a lot more pride in his appearance. And half of his face is covered with a blindfold.

Perhaps he's blind?

He leans forward, startling her with the sudden proximity of his mouth so close to hers. "What are you?"

"Human, of course." Kagome prides herself on how strong her words come out, though she knows that her blush is spreading further down her face. She averts her brown eyes away.

"A sorcerer, then?" His smile is all teeth, a juxtaposition to his playful tone and relaxed pose.

"No." Kagome bites the inside of her cheek. She isn't sure what he means by sorcerer or what kind of world the well saw fit to transport her to. "I wouldn't consider myself a sorcerer."

"Your energy isn't cursed," he says to himself, but Kagome hears it loud and clear. The man tilts his head to the side as if she is some specimen that he needs to dissect. "But you're definitely more than just a human."

"I'm a priestess. I use holy energy."

The man tenses, the atmosphere becomes heavy with uncertainty. Kagome knows that she shouldn't be giving away so much information in a world that appears to be so much like her own, and yet not. She takes a small step back, needing space between them. His covered face is off-putting, not being able to see his eyes unnerves in a way that a demon could never. Breathing slowly, Kagome focuses on the tightly coiled energy surrounding the man. Whoever he is, whatever he is, there's power within him.

"You were able to bypass my infinity." He takes a step forward, invading any personal space she had.

"I'm sorry. I don't know what you mean by that." She gulps and clutches at the ends of her pleated skirt. "I didn't mean to. I, uh, would like to be on my way now."

"I don't even know your name," he remarks.


"No last name?" he asks as he leans forward until their mouths are a hair width apart. "Satoru, then."

Silently, Kagome berates her heart for speeding up at how close he is. "Well, Satoru- san, I really should be on my way." She takes another step back. "And, I'm really sorry for landing into your lap like that." She grimaces when he takes another step after her. Why couldn't he just pretend like this exchange didn't happen?

"Do you like dango? I know the perfect bakery that sells the most amazing sweets you can find."


"In fact, why don't we go there right now, Kagome-chan?" He grabs her arm and tugs her down the sidewalk. "Relax, I just want to talk."

"By kidnapping me?" Kagome tugs her arm back to no avail.

"A strong accusation. I'm leading you to the bakery, so you don't get lost," he responds with a sickly sweet tone that probably works to placate others, but Kagome has been around her fair share of con artist, and Satoru-san's easy demeanor was not fooling her.

"If I humor you, will you let me be on my way?"

"Depends on the answers I get. Which you are free to ask questions as well. It's not an interrogation." Kagome grumbles to herself in response, all the while shooting other citizens a glare for ignoring the way this stranger is manhandling her.

Luckily, the bakery he takes her to isn't too far of a walk from the park they were at, and the buildings with all of their glitz and flashing commercials look like the Japan she's used to. Maybe she just ended up in another city?

"I'll take this entire row and two coffees." Satoru-san's voice pulls her out of her musings. The cashiers turn sheet white at the order and quickly go to work putting all the items into bags. "Thank you," he responds and then leads them to a table in the back.

"Now then, I would appreciate it if you would stay seated Kagome-chan. I could finish all of these sweets myself, but I'd like it if you shared some with me."

"You aren't really giving me much of a choice." Kagome huffs and pulls back the chair closest to the wall. Her arm burns from his touch–not that she'd ever voice that to him.

"You never said if you liked dango or not." He takes his seat opposite of her and pulls out a couple of sweets for them to munch on. A waiter rushes over to their seat with two coffee mugs in hand and a steaming pot of coffee in the other. "Thank you." He waves the waiter off and gives the woman in front of him his full attention.

"I enjoy it," Kagome says evenly, reaching for her mug and taking a long sip. "But, let's just cut to the chase. What is it you wish to know?"

"Where are you from?"


"What a coincidence, so am I." He laughs as he shoves his dango in his mouth. Seriously, how? "And yet, I've never felt your energy before. Not until you fell into my lap."

Kagome tilts her head and runs her fingertips on the rim of the mug. How much information should she give away? All this talk about cursed energy, not being phased by her appearing out of nowhere, and the tight control over his powers, tells her that, he isn't the kind of man that would just let her go peacefully.

"I don't think I'm from your world," she begins, ignoring the tightness around his mouth. "And based on your reaction, holy powers don't seem to exist in this world."

"There is only cursed energy." He pours twelve packets of sugar into his coffee and stirs it all with a butter knife. Kagome eyes the way his long fingers grip the handle. "But, if you aren't from this world Kagome-chan, where exactly did you plan on going?"

She bites down on her tongue and stares up at his stupid, blindfolded face. "I hadn't gotten that far yet."

"You should be happy," he interjects, " that it was me you found. All sorts of nasty curses out there that will be drawn to your holy energy."

"Curses? Like demons?"

He grins and takes a long drink. Kagome shudders at the diabetic drink.

"We call them curses because they are born from the negative emotions of humans."

"So, not like demons then," she mutters to herself. "Wait, you fight cursed energy with cursed energy? How effective is that?"

He shrugs. "Works just fine for me. So you have demons where you are from?"

Shit. She didn't mean to let that slip. Though, there has to be a reason why the well sent her to a world that doesn't have holy energy.

"Yes, though we were to curses as spirits in my world." She leans back in the chair. Would it hurt the guy to let her see his face? It's unnerving how he can get her to open up while giving away hardly anything himself. "What did you mean early, by breaking through your infinity?"

He lifts his hand and holds it out in front of her. "Try to touch me."

"Is this some kind of trick?" she asks as she lifts her hand and touches his.

"You shouldn't be able to touch me. That's the problem." His hand grips hers, turning it over as if he can't believe what's happening.

"So what does that mean?" She licks her bottom lip but doesn't tug her hand away.

"I'm afraid, Kagome-chan, that I can't let you go." She starts to protest, but he lets go of her hand to lean forward and place one finger on her lips. "Call it intuition, but I don't think you really want me to either."

She gulps, eyes darting from his finger and back up to his blindfold. Crap! She was in bigger trouble than she initially thought.

"Only because I don't have anywhere else to go."