Fuck if his chest didn't hurt. Gojo stuffs his hands into his jacket pocket, resisting the urge to grip where his heart is. He miscalculated, not thinking much of that demon—void demon- to be specific. The last thing he needs is for Yuji to see how much it's affected him. He looks over at Kagome. Her shoulder brushes against him.

It's one thing to be vulnerable around her, but another to be weak in front of his student.

"Yuji-kun went to call Ijichi-san, so we wouldn't have to walk all the way back." She loops her arm through his. "You should take the rest of the day off. Your body needs time to readjust."

"You speak as though you have experience."

"Yeah, I went around with half of my soul for a long time."

"We should get away sometime and just talk." He lifts his other hand and waves at Yuji. He grits his teeth into a wide smile. "I'm alright Yuji-kun. Just wanted you to see what Gome-chan could do." Kagome twitches at his side.

"Ijichi-san will be here in just a few minutes. I sent him our location." Yuji stares at him with watery eyes. "I, uh. I didn't know that you could do that, Kagome-san. It was pretty incredible."

Kagome ducks her head, the blush spreads across her nose. "He managed to get away. But the mirror was broken, so that should solve the zombie problem. For now."

"Was he a curse user, too?"

"No," Gojo says, subtly leaning towards Kagome. His body is numb. His stomach hurts. Or maybe that's just hunger pains. "Demon." Kagome looks at him sharply. Ah, they were still keeping the demons a secret. Whoops.


"Baby, I've just gone through a traumatic experience. All for the sake of pushing you to the next level.

"I'll show you, traumatic."

Yuji rushes forward and envelops Gojo in a hug. He drops his infinity at the last second. He sometimes forgets how easily Kagome gets through. Kagome takes a step back, removing her arm from his.

"Please don't do that again, Gojo-sensei. I don't want to lose anyone else."

"I can't promise that. It comes with being a sorcerer. But I won't put myself in unnecessary danger to prove a point." He rubs Yuji's back. "Would your fox know anything about demons and curse users working together?" He asks.

"He isn't my fox." She shrugs. "I'd say chances are high that he'd know something. Foxes are tricksters, so I'd reason he'd be in the loop. But that can wait."

"I've never called off before." He frowns at the wetness staining his jacket. Right. How easily he's forgotten that Yuji saw him die. "Yuji, that's enough crying." He pats Yuji's back three times. "Besides, Ijichi is waiting outside."

"How do you know he's here already?" Yuji asks, pulling back and wiping his stray tears on his jacket sleeve.

Gross. "Six eyes." Gojo taps his temple and then reaches for Kagome. "I am all seeing, all knowing, all—"

"To think, I really thought this would humble you," Kagome says, shaking her head. She lifts their intertwined hands and pinches him. "C'mon. You want Ijichi-san to call in?" She bats her eyes as she leads them out of the store.

"I don't need Ijichi to call in for me." He scoffs as he ignores the wails of Ijichi asking what happened. "Quiet. Jeez. I don't look that bad."

"Be nice," Kagome admonishes. He sighs, loudly. As far as he's concerned, he's a delight. "Ijichi-san, do you think you can take us back to Yakeru's tomorrow?"

"The-the occult shop?"

"Uh? I wanted to go today," Gojo chimes in. Yuji tries to conceal his giggles.

"That shouldn't be an issue, Kagome-san. I'll need to double check Gojo-san's schedule. But I'm sure we'll be able to fit it in." Ijichi opens the back door for them. Like the gentleman he is, Gojo lets Kagome go first. "You have a meeting with Yaga-san at—"

"Not going. He'll get over it."

"B-but, Yaga…"

"Will get over it. I need food." He pulls out his phone and sends a quick message and another one to Megumi.

"Could we have a movie marathon? I can use that cursed bear thing for training," Yuji voices from the passenger seat. He turns around to look at them.

"I can make something back at home and we can just chill out. And yes, I'll make something sweet."

"Yay!" Yuji fist pumps the air and turns back around in his seat. Gojo unhooks his seatbelt, to the dismay of Ijichi, and lies his head on Kagome's lap.

"Wake me when we get there." He bends his knee. If it wasn't so inconvenient, he'd request that Ijichi start driving him around in a limo. But the streets are so narrow and that would draw more attention.

"Your mind is wandering," Kagome whispers into his ear. Her dark hair creates a curtain around his face.

"Is that cherry blossom?" He makes an exaggerated motion of sniffing the air.

"Rest." She lifts her head and threads her fingers through his white locks. He closes his eyes behind his dark shades.

"Yuji-kun, why don't you pick out some movies for us, and get the living room all set?" Kagome opens the door to the apartment. "Satoru, I'll get a bath going for you while I make us some lunch."

"I can't believe we missed breakfast."

"Can we watch something with Jennifer Lawrence in it?" Yuji bounces.

"Um, sure?" Kagome looks over at Gojo in confusion. "I don't care what we watch. Well, nothing too gory. We see enough of that in our day to day."

"Hey, can I ask you guys what you meant by demon?" Yuji scratches his cheek. "Sukuna hasn't stopped talking about how they're finally coming out of hiding."

Gojo huffs and throws his arms over Kagome. His head rests on the top of hers as he pulls her in closer. "It's exactly as it sounds. We've got demons popping up now. In addition to these special grade curses. I should have looked more into it when Buyo Jr came out of nowhere."

"Technically, I found him in a tree." Kagome wiggles, but it only makes Gojo tighten his hold. "My guess is that the demons that are still alive are probably pretty strong. They would have to be in order to blend in. But we aren't going to think about them right now. There's no point in theorizing when we can just ask Yakeru tomorrow."

"Still hungry," Gojo quips. His stomach cramps. At least the pounding in his head has subsided. He turns them around and walks them towards the bedroom. It's only once they reach the master bath that he unwraps himself from her.

"I really don't like the thought of demons and curses working together." She turns on the shower and then moves to start the bath.

"They may have something to do with that talking curse." He slips out of his clothes, leaving them in a pile on the floor. "Wanna join me? I'm still too weak from earlier," he says, stepping into the shower.

"If you can still flirt, then you're fine."

"But…" His breath hitches as she locks eyes with him. Her skin flushes red all the way down her neck.

"We can have some 'us' time later. Right now, Yuji-kun needs this reassurance. He just watched the strongest person he knows, get their soul ripped out." She winks. "The bath should be about done when you get out," she says on her way out.

He bangs his head on the shower wall. She can't say shit like that and just leave.

"Wow! This looks amazing Kagome-San," Yuji praises, taking the bento from her.

She hands him his box. "This is the chicken soboro. This is the lemon sweet potato. I made dango, and this is tuna carrot."

He recognizes that she's speaking to him, but his mind is still stuck on the promise she made earlier. "Thanks." He looks down at the food. It does look good. Kagome takes a seat next to him. "There's room on the couch, Yuji."

"That's alright. I feel like we're having a sleepover." Yuji props his head up with his hand and turns the movie on. The coffee table was off to the side, so that Yuji could spread out on the floor. The cursed bear makes no movement, nestled into Yuji's side.

"You pick up quickly," he says, pointing to the sleeping doll.

"Thanks, Gojo-sensei!" Yuji stuffs his face.

"How many movies are considered later?" Gojo leans over and whispers to Kagome. She gives him an unamused look. "Just asking for a friend."

"Behave." She takes a strip of chicken from his box and feeds it to him.

"You guys aren't going to talk the whole movie, are you?"



Yuji leans his head back to look at them. Gojo puts on a blank expression and pretends to zip his lips shut. Once Yuji turns back around, Gojo steals a dango from Kagome. He wags his finger at her. His heart rate jumps as his mouth pops open. He expected her to nip at him, not take his finger in her mouth.

"This is bullshit," he mouths, sinking further into the couch at how her body shakes from keeping her laughter contained. His sweat pants are suddenly too tight. He nods to himself. He'll get her later.

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