I have decided to try my hand at writing my Kamen Rider series. Though I would like to have a cowriter to help with my Kamen Rider series. My OC is an OC Rider called Kamen Rider Wolfe and Saito will be a version of Kamen Rider Sorcerer. I came up with the name Wolfe and the Fenrir Driver while Dannyrockon122 did the form design. Saito and my OC will have harems. So far my OC has Tiffania and Saito has Louise and Kirche. I will workout who else is in the harems and which one as I work on this. Thank you Dannyrockon122 for designing Wolfe.

(Japan: 1:23 PM: Date 06/09/2014)

A monster that looks like a dark red colored skeleton with horns, black colored muscles, and black wings (Think the Summoned Skull with the different coloring) was attacking a couple.

"That's right. Scream in despair as I kill your love one." Said the Skull Phantom enjoying their screams.

The Skull Phantom was then attacked by 3 toy creatures districting it and giving the couple a chance to escape. One was a Silver Pegasus, one was a yellow Tiger with black stripes, and the last one was a Blue Shark. These are the Silver Pegasus, Yellow Tiger, and Blue Shark Plamonsters. Just then two male figures riding motorcycles arrived. One bike was a Honda BikeBD SYM Wolf T1 with a wolf head and the other was a gold and black version of the Machine Winger.

"Good Job Shark-kun." Said the first figure as he dismounted his bike called the Howling Blizzard (the wolf bike) and took off his helmet revealing that he was a teenager and his face. He has blue eyes and black hair. He was wearing a long blue and silver sleeve baseball jersey T-shirt and a blue slim straight jeans with a three headed wolf with green eyes howling at the full moon with the words "Fenrir the True Alpha of Wolves" underneath it.

This is Hareta Hiraga.

"Nice job Pegasus-chan and Tora-chan." Said the second male taking off his helmet. The second male was a teenager who also has blue eyes and black hair was beside him. He was wearing a gold and black, loose, long-sleeved jacket-like top with raised collar, a pair of jeans, and a pair of gold, black-colored soled rubber shoes (think his canon clothes with the blue replaced with gold and the white replaced with black). He was also wearing a belt with a red lined hand.

This is Saito Hiraga Hareta's cousin.

(Play I'm Alive! by Becca)

"Ready to rock Saito?" Asked Hareta.

"Always am. Are you?" Asked Saito.

"You bet! Let's get dangerously wild!" Yelled Hareta.

Both of them puts their right hands in front of their respective belts.



A wolf's howl was heard as out of Hareta's belt as it grew and formed out as it became two large doors with two ring-esque slots on the sides. It look like a modified Beast Driver with the animals replaced with 3 wolf heads one on each part; the eyes are green, and the gold is changed to silver. It uses Beast Magic Rings, but they are colored silver instead of black. Hareta then puts on a Ring on his left hand. Saito's Belt grew as well.

"Shabadoobi Touch Henshin!"Saito's belt sang out as it repeated the song.

They both put on Rings on their respective left hands.

"Henshin!" Both yelled out Hareta as he inserted the Fenrir ring in the left slot of the Driver while Saito flicks the googles like thing on his ring and puts his left hand in front of the belt.


"Change, Now!"

An energy wolf came out of Hareta's Driver, running around him and then lunges at him merging with him and engulfing his body in a bright light. In his place was a figure wearing the Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger's helmet but pitch black with wolfs fangs on the mouth, Kamen Rider Beast armor but with a wolf motif, Wizard's trench coat with black shin guards. He became Kamen Rider Wolfe.

A diamond shape magic circle with four miniature ones in its corner appear above Saito as it falls down transforming Saito into a gold and black figure. This is Kamen Rider Sorcerer. Both of them then changes the Ring on their right hands as Sorcerer flips the hand author.

"Lupachi Magic Touch Go!"

Wolfe inserts the ring in the right slot of his Driver as Sorcerer puts his right hand in the front of his belt.

"Connect, Go! Con-Con-Con-Connect!"

"Connect, Now!"

Two magic circles appear on their right sides as they put their right hands in and pulls out their weapons. Wolfe was using the Dice Saber and Sorcerer was wielding the Dis Halberd.

"Damn you Mages." Growled the Skull Phantom angry that they dared interfere with it.

"As long as we mages are around we'll stop you Phantoms every time." Said Sorcerer as he quickly changes the Ring for another one. Wolfe uses the Dice Saber's dice.

"Explosion, Now!"

"Three Wolf Saber Strike!"

The Skull Phantom was hit by Sorcerer's explosion spell and follow by 3 energy wolfs biting and clawing at him.

"Gahh!" Screams the Skull Phantom.

Wolfe and Sorcerer than runs up at him and start slashing him with their weapons dealing more damage to him. Skull Phantom than unleashed a small lightning bolt forcing them to back up a bit and then he summoned some Ghouls.

"Tch. Great the Ghouls. Good thing we have something for this." Said Wolfe as he and Sorcerer changed their Rings again.

"Copy, Go! Co-Co-Co-Copy!" "Copy, Go! Co-Co-Co-Copy!" "Copy, Go! Co-Co-Co-Copy!" "Copy, Go! Co-Co-Co-Copy!"

"Dupe, Now!" "Dupe, Now!" "Dupe, Now!" "Dupe, Now!"

Wolfe and Sorcerer copy themselves with the copies copying themselves as well making 16 Wolfes and 16 Sorcerers. The copies took on the Ghouls while the originals finish off the Skull Phantom. Sorcerer changed his ring.

"Chain, Now!"

"Wolfe the finisher!" Yelled Sorcerer as his chains blinds the Phantom.

"Got it." Said Wolfe as he puts his Ring in the left slot.

"Kick Strike, Go!"

"Wolf Strike!" Yelled Wolfe as he jumps and extends his right leg and then he through multiple silver rings with the energy from them forming in a howling wolf head on his foot. He kicks the Phantom. The Phantom is then throwed away. The Phantom stands up with sparks all over its body.

"Damn you Mages!" Yelled the Skull Phantom as it then explodes. Wolfe then absorbs its remaining mana for his inner Phantom.

(End song)

Hareta and Saito then end their transformations.

"Another bites the dust." Said Hareta as he and Saito did a fist bump in victory.

"Yeah thanks to us being in great sync with each other and our training we been doing pretty well." Said Saito.

"Though we can't let this go to our heads. If we're not careful game over." Sighs Hareta knowing that a single mistake can lead to their deaths.

"True." Saito sighing as well.

"Better send the Plamonsters to keep an eye on those two since even though the Skull Phantom lost doesn't mean there will be more after them." Said Hareta as they then resummoned their respective Plamonsters.

"Shark, Go!"

"Pegasus, Now!" "Tiger, Now!"

3 model trays appear in front of them and then the pieces on them combined to form the Shark, Pegasus, and Tiger Plamonster. Hareta and Saito put in the Plamonsters respective rings in them.

"We need you three to keep an eye on that couple in case any more Phantoms come for them." Ordered Hareta.

Each of the Plamonster made their respective sounds to show they understand.

"Go." Ordered Saito.

The Plamonsters flew off in search of the couple.

"Let's go get something to eat." Said Hareta.

"Good idea. We do need to refill our mana pools." Said Saito. The then got back on their bikes and went in search of a restaurant to eat at. Meanwhile in another Dimension on another world in a small village there is there is a woman in her early twenties and a younger girl in her teens and they are talking. The younger girl has long blonde (goldish) hair, light blue eyes, elf ears and has a voluptuous figure. She is wearing a short, green sundress that hugs her body closely and she is wearing sandals for footwear. This is Tiffania Westwood. The older woman has soft topaz eyes, and her hair is a pure emerald green. She is wearing a black, long sleeve top with a black skirt, and a burgundy cloak was wrapped around her. This de Sachsen-Gotha

"Tiffa in one week we will try to summon you a familiar." Said Matilda.

"Why big sister?" Asked Tiffania.

"Because with my job being so far away you and the children here needs a protector and hopefully the being you will summon will be strong enough to protect you all here while I am gone." Said Matilda worried for their safety.

"I understand. If not then the children might have a new playmate." Said Tiffania.

Back on Earth. Hareta sneezed.

"Bless you." Said Saito.

"Thanks." Said Hareta.

Both were at a Pizza place eating after their fight.

"Think someone is talking about you?" Asked Saito.

"Maybe." Said Hareta.