A/N Welcome to my story! I have always thought Danny Phantom as a mer was a cool idea. So here is a little something I have scribbled up, and I am very excited to get it going! Let me know what you all think about this book! Suggestions are welcomed!

Coral High, the only highschool in the small town of Sandy City. The coastal California city had just left summer behind and was now a few days into the first week of the school year.

Looking far different then they had their freshmen years, the trio of outcasts walked together. Each of them taller, and with a new brand for each of themselves that was being noticed by their peers. Tucker now had dreadlocks. Sam grew out her hair to where it just barely passes her ribs. And Danny, the boy grew a lot. He had also changed his outfit from his old nasa T-shirt, to a leather jacket with a red shirt. People could all agree that the group of friends were a lot more attractive then in their Freshmen/Sophomore year.

Sam Manson and Tucker Folley to the sides, and Danny Fenton in the middle. Now standing at just over six feet, Danny spoke;

"I heard from some seniors that junior year is supposed to be the hardest. I was already struggling last year, how am I supposed to handle more?"

"I don't know what you're complaining about," Tucker said. "Classes last year were a breeze. Plus it's a new year to find new girls."

Danny rolled his eyes and gave a half hearted glare. "Well forgive me if I'm not some genius like you."

"You'll just have to work a little harder," Sam said.

Danny sighed and nodded, then stiffened as the three of them approached the A-listers who stood directly ahead of them blocking their path. "Heads up, jerk alert."

His two friends groned and stood confidently at Danny's sides.

"What do you want?" Danny said.

Dash gave a confident smirk before he spoke, Paulena and Kwan at his sides looked disinterested. "You're looking good Fenton, I'm having a party to celebrate the start of the year, You're invited."

Danny felt as if he was just slapped in the face. The nerd of Coral high? Lowest on the food chain, Danny? He couldn't possibly be talking about him right? The raven couldn't not show surprise on his face, but replaced it as quickly as possible, trying to remain stoic. "Just me?"

Dash frowned. "If they have to come, they can."

Paulena scoffed and muttered. "As if."

Rolling her eyes, Sam glared at her. "As if we'd show up. Com'on Danny, let's go."

"Wait," Dash reached forward and grabbed Danny's arm. Then, uncharacteristically, let go, recoiling.

Danny looked back, confused once again. "Yes?" He questioned.

"Will you come?"

It was odd, Danny had never seen Dash Baxter so seemingly small. Sure his growth spurt had put him several inches taller than the other boy, and Danny had definitely bulked out, but seeing Dash with an odd pleading look in his eyes, he appeared almost desperate.

With a deep breath and a small spark of excitement, Danny nodded. "Sure, Dash. I'll come," with a smile and a wave, Sam dragged him away. "Text me."

"Really Danny? You're giving in? Just like that?" Sam scolded.

"It's just a party Sam, besides, it's a part of the high school scene. Imagine how happy Jazz will be when she finds out that I'm participating in a 'normal' activity. "

"He's got a point, And seriously Sam, after Freshman and Sophomore year trying to get on top of the food chain, we just can't let this opportunity slide. Plus there will be hot chicks in bikinis there." Tucker chimed.

"Tucker." Danny glared at his best friend. The boy held up his hands in defence.

Sam rolled her eyes and nudged Danny. "Only because she's on you as if she were your contact. Now let's get to class before we're late."

The group settled in Mr. Lancer's class as best they could. Though Danny couldn't' help but think about the odd way Dash had been acting. He pushed the thought to the back of his head for the time being.

Let's not start off the year with late homework because I am zoning out in class again... Danny thought to himself.

"Yeah Jazz," Danny said, pressing his phone to his ear with his shoulder as he pulled on his white Vans. "It's just a party."

"Yeah, but it's your first party."

He rolled his eyes and sighed. "Jazz, I'll be fine."

"Sam and Tucker aren't going?"

"They're being rebellious. Sam said something against standing against the hierarchy, and Tucker isn't going because he's been listening too much to Sam."

"Alright, but you'll call me if there's alcohol?"

"How old am I?" Danny yelled.

"I'm just saying," she said.

"Look Jazz..." he checked the wall clock and swore. "Shit! Jazz, I'm late. Bye!"

He hung up and rushed to the kitchen, he opened the fridge and grabbed the first thing he saw. Eating it cold, and like it was a burrito, Danny ate what he thought to be left over fish from the night before, completely missing the paper on the plate labeling it. He stuffed it in his face as he walked hurriedly down the road to Dash's house, just a few blocks down.

Most of the neighborhood bordered the sea, and his house was no exception. Danny could see the party from the road, it spilled from the inside of the house with blasting music, down to the water where half the school could be found.

He knocked on the front door and within seconds, Dash had opened it, greeting him with a wide smile. "Danny, you came. I didn't think you were going to show up," he laughed.

Danny shrugged. "It's not everyday the lamest kid at a highschool gets invited to the top party in town."

"Lame? What makes you think that?"

With a deadpan expression, Danny spoke. "You've been wailing on me since you moved here, Dash."

It was almost like he'd impaled a balloon, as the quarterback deflated. "Oh, yeah. Sorry about that."

Danny felt slapped. First he got invited to his party, now he was apologizing for being an asshole? What next? Dash having a crush on him?

Confused, he slowly wandered out to the back with the Football player, hearing and ignoring several jabbs about his crazy parents.

Danny had grown thick skin when it came to his parents, they were crazy. They owned the local aquarium, not that they ran it well, that was Jazz's job. The thing that made them crazy was the fact that they claimed to be 'cryptozoologists', and believed in something that caused Danny greife for most of his life. They were Mermaid hunters. After all, that was the main reason why Danny was bullied so much.

Danny simply let the verbal attacks roll off his back and followed Dash out to the deck.

"There's snacks here, and s'mores down on the beach, be careful of the chords for the speaker systems, you can trip really easily."

Danny nodded and walked down the steps and started gathering the makings for a s'more, Paulena and Star came up next to him. Glaring as if his very presence were a sin.

He looked at them through his bangs. "Can I help you?"

"You know the only reason you're here is because Dash wanted you here? Right? No one else wants you here," Paulena said.

"Yeah," Star said, hand on her cocked hip.

Danny rolled his eyes and nodded. "And yet the fact that Dash wants me here is confusing in itself. I don't suppose you know why?"

Paulena scoffed. "As if we'd ever tell you, the reason is weird anyways."

The two girls sauntered away, leaving Danny more confused. The raven only rolled his eyes, jabbing the marshmallow on his roasting stick. Then he made his way over to the campfire where a bunch of popular students were hanging about. Some were drinking alcohol while others were just chatting with friends. Danny remembered his sister's warning, to call her if there was alcohol. But he wasn't a little kid any more. He could handle himself. Danny stuck the marshmallow in the fire.

"Hey Fenton, didn't expect to see you here." Danny turned to his left. A girl with a yellow bikini, brown hair and green eyes smiled up at the boy.

"Hey Val. I wasn't expecting an invitation here to be honest."

"Yea... Dash, well, I think years of bullying the innocent finally got to him. Maybe this is just his way of saying sorry?"

Danny shrugged. "Maybe... So how has your first week of school been?"

"Oh you know. The classic, sign this, sign that, all the disclosures, and 'make sure you don't blow anything up in the science lab'." Danny chuckled at Valerie Greys impression on the science teacher. She smacked her lips together. "I think your marshmallow is burning."

Danny's eyes went wide as he held up the flaming marshmallow. He shrieked and blew out the glowing flame leaving behind a black singed mellow.

"So much for a s'more." He frowned. Valerie laughed.

"You know, maybe it would be a good thing if we... I don't know... talked a little more, you know?"

"Yea I'd like that." They smiled at each other. Maybe tonight wasn't going to be as bad as Danny had assumed. The two friends sat down on an abandoned piece of driftwood next to the blazing fire. Danny pried off the burnt marshmallow and flicked it into the flames, and started another one, this time being more careful.

"You know, you were pretty awkward in Sophmore year." Valerie said, breaking the silence.

Danny chuckled and nervously rubbed his neck. It was a habit he picked up from his father. "Thanks?"

"I mean not in a rude way or anything! It's just, you're a lot different now. Taller even," she looked him up and down. "A lot taller."

"Val are you flirting with me?" Danny teased. Valerie cheeks flushed red.

"No what? God no Fenton! I already have a man," she smiled.

Danny's eyebrows raised in surprise. "Oh yea? Who?"

"You know Wes? Weston?"

"Your dating Wes?" Danny said out of surprise.

"Well yea. I mean, I kinda liked him all through Sophomore year. Turns out he had the same feelings for me... and we just, I don't know, we just started dating."

"Hey, I'm happy for you. I really am. You guys seem like you would make a good couple."

"Thanks Danny."

There was a long comfortable silence while the two listened to the crackling fire and laughter of classmates.

"Hey, Fenton! You better not be getting all googly eyed with my girlfriend."

Danny rolled his eyes and nodded. "You know I'm not, the only eyes I'm making are at my s'more." He held up his perfectly roasted marshmallow and began assembling it.

Wes laughed, sitting next to Valerie and putting an arm around her shoulder. "So, what's latest with your parents' research?" He asked.

The raven threw his head back moaning. "I don't know Wes, I stay away from my parents and their weird lab. And they keep their weird stuff to themselves."

"I don't know why you aren't interested in it, their work is so cool."

"No one thinks that, Wes," Valerie said.

He gave a long sigh, "I know."

"Well," Danny said as he stood, his stomach starting to gurgle. "As far as I know, the cryptozoologists' haven't learned anything new. Now I'm going to the snack bar."

He walked along the sand, heading toward the steps to the deck on the back of the house, he saw Dash and the blond smiled at him as he walked closer.

Without warning however, Danny was shoved down into the sand, a group of lettermens surrounded him.

He saw who it was and couldn't help but sigh. "You guys really? I thought you stopped beating me up last year when I got bigger then you," he smirked.

"Don't you know there's strength in numbers, nerd."

"Okay, that one is getting really old. I'm not even remotely nerdy." he said as he stood up. "Now Mikey, he's nerdy."

"Too bad, Fenton. You should've stayed home."

"I was invited."

"Doesn't matter, we're still gonna wail on you."

Danny looked over the shoulders of his attackers to see Dash coming to break up the fight, hopefully. Though it didn't matter as he was tackled football style and thrown back through the web of speaker wiring and into a drainage ditch filled with water. They chords sparked and as they fell in the small river, made Danny's body seize.

Those watching the previous spectating screamed when they saw, and quick enough the power was cut to the speakers and they were able to pull his limp body from the pool.

Dash rushed forward, checking for a pulse. "Quick, someone call an ambulance, check his pulse... CPR?"

Valerie ran forward and slid to him, on her knees she put two fingers to his neck and listened to his breathing. "He doesn't have a pulse!"

"Oh shit!" The boy who had thrown Danny muttered.

Dash looked up at him and glarred. "This is your fault!"

"I wasn't trying to kill him, I just... I..." he stuttered, unable to properly convey his words, he settled for silence.

"Did anybody call 911?" Dash yelled.

Wes held up his phone and nodded. "They're on their way."

The crowd looked at his prone body and had their breath held, when Danny shot up to a sitting position, gasping for breath. He wrapped his arms around himself and coughed a few times, regaining his lost air.

"The hell Fenton!" Dash screamed.

"Gah! Not in the ear, Dash... what happened? Why is everyone... staring...?" He asked, panting.

"You died!" One of the jocks' unintelligent cries came.

Valerie looked him up and down a second time that night. "You just got electrocuted, are you alright?"

"Electrocuted? Well that would explain the pounding in my head and the ringing in my ears.."

"Danny, do you want me to walk you home? I don't think it's a good idea for you to stay here after all of... that." Dash expressed, glaring daggers at his teammates.

"You don't have to..."

"No really, just to make sure you get there."

He did feel somewhat off, dehydrated even though he was drenched, and he felt twitchy from the shocks. So, he relented and allowed Dash to help him to his feet and followed him out the front door.

"Really, are you okay? You didn't have a pulse."

"Really, I'm fine. I just feel a bit off, that and everything hurts."

Dash nodded and they walked in silence for a few minutes, watching the cracks in the sidewalk as they passed.

"Hey Dash?"

"Yeah Danny?"

"Why did you invite me to your party?"

The blond gave a small laugh and shrugged. "Personal reasons."

"Fair enough."

Dash paused then spoke. "Just so you know, I'm going to pummel those idiots when I get back. Just for you."

Danny gave a full bellied laugh. "I'd appreciate that thoroughly."

Slowly coming and passing quickly were the sirens of the ambulance, after they had faded down the road, both boys burst into laughter.

Danny's laughs turned to a violent cough, he held his hand to his head and moaned when the coughing fit was over.

Dash looked at him slowly showing more and more concern. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah just... My head is killing me, my lungs are burning and everything aches."

"Well you did get zapped to death."

"I'm not dead Dash," Danny deadpanned.

"Not yet, but these are just symptoms."

Danny paused and looked at the jock, stopping at the bottom of his driveway. "Did you just make a joke?"

"I make jokes all the time, I'm hilarious."

"Yeah, but it wasn't about me, and it was funny," Danny scoffed.

"Look Danny," Dash said, he had to look up slightly to look him in the eyes. "I know I've been an ass for most of the time you've known me. But I'm trying here, give me a chance."

Danny nodded, then hissed in pain as he held his hand to his head again. "I'm going to bed, thanks for having me at your party." He turned and marched into his house, waving Dash goodbye as he closed the door behind him.

He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a large glass, filling it to the brim and chugging the whole thing. Then did it again.

He felt dehydrated and he felt like death.

So, smelling like drainage water, he changed his clothes and climbed into bed. Ignoring the pain to the best of his ability.