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The next morning, Danny still felt like shit. He slept in before coming down the stairs some time past noon.

He went to the kitchen where both his parents were in their trademark wetsuits and being odd as usual. Danny picked up his glass and drank three full cups.

The Merhunters were scrutinizing the plate, and questioning something that Danny heard, but wasn't paying attention to. His head was still pounding too hard.

A knock at the door momentarily drew his attention, so he stumbled toward the sound and opened his front door. Sam and Tucker were on his porch with their regular Saturday beach supplies. Taking in their friends' appearance, they frowned.

"Danny, why do you look like you died, or want to die?" Tucker asked.

"Because, yes." Danny replied.

He left the door open and turned around, walking up the stairs to his bedroom, the two dropping their things off then following him in.

"Did you get drunk last night Danny?" Sam asked. "Are you hung over?"

The boy shook his head. "I fell in water and got electrocuted… apparently."

"ELECTROCUTED?!" They both yelled.

Danny hissed. "Not so loud."

"Oh my god Danny! You need to go to the hospital!" Sam's wide eyes met Danny's.

"Sam, I'm fine. I'm just tired." Danny fought back.

"Come on dude, have you seen yourself?" Tucker said.

"Guys, look I'm fine. I promise." Danny lied. Other than the fact that his head was pounding and everything seemed to be super loud, he was fine.

"How did this happen?" Sam gestured to Danny.

"Some guys just decided to wail on me again. I was outnumbered. They pushed me over into the drainage ditch and I tripped over some wires."

"And then what?" Tucker pressed on.

"And then I got shocked. They said my heart stopped…"

"Are you kidding me-" Tucker growled.

Sam yanked out her phone. "I'm calling the police."

"Sam, no! They already did! It's taken care of." He said grabbing her wrists and bringing them down. "I promise I'm fine. Trust me. I have just a small headache, but other than that I'm okay."

"Ouch Danny, since when did your grip get so strong?" Sam said, pulling away. Danny immediately let go.

"Sorry Sam. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, but I'm still more worried about you." Sam's violet eyes glared into Danny's icy blue ones.

"Guys! What if Danny has super powers?!" Tucker cried looking up from his PDA.

"What?" Sam asked confused

"Tucker please! You're being too loud!"

Ignoring Danny's comment Tucker said, "Look! George Anderson, at age 23 he got electrocuted by lighting. Ever since that day his D's became A's. He developed super human smartness!" Tucker smiled shoving the phone in his two friends' faces. "Or Emily-"

"Tucker," Danny cut off his best friend while shoving his friends PDA out of his face, "I don't have super powers. And plus isn't all that stuff fake?"

"Danny come on! It's real bro! Maybe that explains why why everything seems loud… ooor you have super strength!"

"I don't have super strength." Danny said, crossing his arms.

"Your grip dude! We should test this theory!"

"Or we should go to the beach like normal teenagers like we came here to do." Sam said grabbing her stuff that was tossed carelessly on Danny's floor.

"I agree with Sam, Tucker. Maybe another day?"

Tucker sighed. "Alright fine. But I'm not letting you escape Danny. You have super powers and I know it."

Sam and Danny rolled his eyes. "Whatever you say man, whatever you say…"

The three best friends made it to the beach. Danny had taken a couple ibuprofens to help subside the throbbing pain in his head. It helped a lot to say the least. The crashing waves of the ocean signified that the trio were almost there. Danny could hear seagulls squawking in the distance. The three friends walked towards the water. They stopped about halfway to abandon their things. The three spread out the towels on the ground.

"Do you think there will be any hot girls here today?"

"Tuck, no one ever comes over here." Danny said, rolling his eyes.

"Then why did we choose this beach?" Tucker grumbled.

"Well first of all, I came here to put my 'Save the wildlife' campaign posters up around the poles." Said Sam reaching in her bag and holding out a piece of paper.

"Right. So how is that going for you anyways?" Danny asked.

"Pretty good actually." Ever since Sam discovered a Dead Sea turtle, or something like that, out by the beach, she started a campaign to save wildlife. Or just to spread awareness about animals who need people's help.

"Well I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting in." Tucker said as he ran towards the water.

"Are you finally gonna join us Sam?" Danny asked.

"Goth remember? I avoid sunlight." She frowned as she scooted more towards the shade of the umbrella.

"Your loss." Danny shrugged.

The raven turned away from Sam and chased after Tucker. "Tuck wait up!"

"Come on slowpoke. What are you? A turtle?"

"Shut up." Danny said as he reached his friend. The boys laughed.

"You know, what if you really did have like super powers or something?"

"It would be the ability to shut your annoying friend up," Danny deadpanned.

"Hey! I think it was a cool idea man."

Tucker, without hesitation, leaped in the water. "Bro it's freezing!" Turning tail and running out of the water, he hugged himself, shivering.

Danny smiled and rolled his eyes. The raven slowly made his way into the water before he felt something between his toes. Ignoring the odd sensation he journeyed further into the water, once he was waist deep he fell. Overwhelmed with pain, Danny gritted his teeth. His whole body ached. His back, legs, feet, mouth, hands, arms. Everything

He struggled for air as he couldn't regain his horizons and breach the water. He dragged himself on the sand toward the shore, his head bobbing above the water long enough to see Sam and Tucker walking back toward the pier just before the current grabbed him and pulled him out to tried desperately to kick his legs, but couldn't.

Danny couldn't actually feel them.

I'm being electrocuted again! Danny's mind screamed to him. All he could think about was the fact that he was going to die. He needed to get away from the water, but wondered how as he watched the shoreline disappear. His pain stopped and he was finally able to get his head above the water, but he still couldn't breathe. He clawed at the water around him and his panic set in. Without his breath, he soon lost consciousness and fell back beneath the water.

When Danny woke, he was face up on the beach, his swim trunks torn to shreds and a new ache in his body. One that felt as if it had made a permanent residence in his bones.

He sat up slowly, holding a hand to his head. His headache was gone and he didn't feel so dehydrated now. Though he felt extremely off, and against better judgement, he scooted away from the water.

Soft, barely audible steps in the sand caused his hearing to pull in that direction. He soon heard panting of someone running, and soon enough the star quarterback came into view, he smiled and waved at Danny, then saw his rough state and ran over.

Panting he spoke. "Danny, are you alright?"

Slowly, with a wide eyed gaze, Danny shook his head. He looked around and didn't see his friends, but a few other people. It wasn't the deserted part of the beach that they were frequent to.

"What part of the beach is this?" He asked.

"The one with the Nasty Fish, up by the pier," Dash pointed. "Dude, what happened to your trunks, they look thrashed."

Danny noticed them and went red, Dash offered him his towel. And though it was covered in the athlete's sweat, he took it graciously.

"Could you help me up?" Danny said.

With a strong arm, Dash helped the boy up. "Want me to take you anywhere? I was already close to being done with my run, if you want…"

"DANNY!" Tucker and Sam yelled together, they ran toward their friend and checked him up and down.

"What happened?" Sam scolded.

Danny shook his head and looked down at his legs and hands. "I don't know." His body was shaking and Sam took him under her arm and they began walking back to the pier.

"Let's get you home." Sam said, Tucker walking close beside him. Asking him what had happened, if he was okay. He simply ignored both of their questions.

In truth, Danny did know what happened. He really didn't want to...

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