Tucker Folley looked out the window. The stunning view in front of him was breathtaking. Glowing balls of gas were scattered everywhere, Stars, and not far ahead was his destination, Alis. Alis was an amazing planet founded by the one and only Dr. Miller Jonson. Tucker Folley studied a lot about him in training to come to this planet. After all he was the one who named the planet. Alis is latin for Wings. The reason for such a name is because of its inhabitants which live there. Dangerous creatures they were. Tucker, as well as many others aboard this ship, studied their language and their ways of living for years.

"Enjoying the view, Folley?" Tucker jumped from his state of thought and looked over his shoulder.

"Commander! I wasn't expecting you." Tucker said.

This man was Commander Byards. He was the leader of the fleet on this ship, all men aboard were under his command. He wore the classic flight suit, which had an army pattern on it, and his many medals earned. He had white hair, cut perfectly, armie style. And he had bright blue eyes with a scar running down his right eye.

"At ease, soldier. We will be arriving in two hours, I advise you to get into your uniform with the others."

"Yes sir." And off the commended went.

Tucker took one last glance towards outer space, and then turned around. The ship was stunning to say the least. It had rather large corridors filled with guards and soldiers in training, weapons strapped to their backs. Tucker made his way through the dimly lit hallway until he came across the door to his bunker. He held out his arm which had on it his identification imprinted on the bottom of his wrist. Everyone had them.

Tucker Folley Identified. Entrance granted. An automated women's voice spoke. The giant metal doors slid open with a whir. Tucker walked inside, and was greeted by several bunk beds. He made his way to his bed, where a stack of neatly black folded clothes laid. He guessed that was his uniform.

"Heya soldier." Tucker jumped yet again at an unexpected voice.

"Jesus Will! You scared me. Damn, you're like a ghost."

Will laughed and plopped himself down on Tucker's bunk. The boys have been friends for years. They met a long time ago, first week of training camp to be exact. If it wasn't for Will, Tucker wouldn't have made it through day one. Will wore the classic black flight uniform. Everyone has to wear these to the planet. He had brown hair and brown eyes, with a perfect jawline. As for Tucker, he had dreadlocks with blue eyes.

"Well you know what they say," Will started, "Being quiet might save your life one day."

Tucker rolled his eyes. "I thought it went, 'too quiet is too loud.'"

"Yea, whatever." Will sighed in defeat. Tucker pulled off his shirt and reached out to grab the black one.

"I wonder what we will find out there." Will pondered.

"Probably a bunch of flying monkeys." Tucker pulled the shirt over his head and then grabbed the bullet proof vest.

"C'mon man. They are so much more than that. And they have yet to capture one of them too. The only reason why we know so much is because of the damn droids and Air Force drones."

"Tell me about it." Tucker pulled on his last boot and then put his gloves on.

"You might want this." Will said handing Tucker a rifle.

"Yea maybe." He grasped the weapon and placed it over his shoulder.

"Do you think that we could catch Phantom?" Will asked after a long beat of silence. Tucker scoffed.

"Phantom? Hell no. You can't find him unless he wants to be found. There is a reason why we call him Phantom after all."

"Well, I think we could. Besides he is the most rare of them all. Being that he is able to take on two forms."

"Hell no." Tucker repeated.

"C'mon dude. We could at least try?"

"I'm not risking my entire career to capture this creature that the GIW have been trying for years. We could get fired for sneaking out." Tucker growled.

"They wouldn't find out. And plus we can talk to the captain about this. See what he says."

"He will say no."

"It's worth a shot."

"Why would he say yes Will? Where not even professionals yet! Why would he let armatures go out in the middle of the night and try to capture Phantom, whom they have been trying to capture for forty years?!"

"Oh come on dude..." Will trailed off.

"Look if you want to do it, by all means. But I will not risk my career for something we both know is useless." Tucker stood up and walked out of the dorm.

"Damn. Well I will convince him eventually." Will said out loud and then followed Tucker out of the door.


"Alright listen up ladies! No offense Samantha."

"None taken." A woman said off to the side as she cocked a gun. Tucker shuddered a bit. She looked scary. She had black hair tied into a ponytail, and wore the same outfit as the others only except she had a purple crop top on. She had stunning purple eyes and a glare that could kill. But damn was she hot.

"For those of you who are stupid and haven't realized by now, I am your captain and commander of this fleet, Commander Byards. We have officially landed on Alis, and for that there will be rules for you ametures. You all think you know everything because you read it out of a stupid text book, but you really don't. Everything is different if you're not experienced enough. You have never been in that jungle in real life, so you know nothing. Okay let's get started, rule one! Curfew will be from 5:00 Am to 11:30 Pm! If you don't like it, go home and cry to your mommies. Rule two! No sneaking out, not like you can if you wanted to anyways. Rule three! Always follow your orders. I don't know why it's so hard for you to all follow that one, but I'll be damned."

There were a few laughs throughout the ship.

"And rule four! Never ever enter the jungle without supervision or told so by your commander. Which is me, and that ain't happening anytime soon for you guys. One night and y'all will be dead. Okay, everyone understands these rules?"

"Yes sir!"

"Well then, I want to welcome you to Alis!" Byards spread his arms open wide as the doors to the ship opened with a loud bang. Tucker's eyes widened in surprise. The scene was amazing! Commander was right, everything is different then out of that textbook. They were of course, on a giant landing pad where there were many other soldiers marching left and right. There were Jeeps filled with guns and more soldiers. Helicopters and drones were seen flying off or landing. But what stole Tucker's breath away was the beautiful jungle surrounding them. It was truly a sight to behold. There were trees as tall as mountains, and it was very very green. The only thing that pulled him away from his awestruck trance was the Commanders dry voice.

"Alright soldiers, let's move out! And don't forget to bring your bags!"

And they did. They marched all the way up to the giant six story building. It was black in color and had many windows which reflected the sun's golden rays. Tucker could make out small silhouettes of people behind said windows.

"Holly shit man, I can't believe we are actually here!" Will ran up to Tucker's side.

"Tell me about it Will! It's so beautiful." Tucker sighed and adjusted his backpack.

"Just makes me want to go out in the jungle more and more."

"Sure go ahead if you wanna die."

Will rolled his eyes at his friend's antics. The group was led to a giant door, from there the Byards held his hand under a blue scanner.

"Access granted. Welcome to compound 1735." The automated women's voice spoke.

"Also known as the first GIW compound ever built on Alis. Alright, here we begin your tour! First up is the Airforce room. Here we prepare planes and drones to be flown out as you all can see."

And they could. There were many planes with pilots loading inside of them. And off to the side where giant 6 foot long drones with people and remotes controlling said drones.

"Alright keep moving! Next up is the lab where we studied as much information as we can gather." Commander Byards led the group of young soldiers through the door, which opened when approached, throughout a hallway. There were even more soldiers in black, red, and even white uniforms. That all proved what ranking these people were in. Blacks beginners, reds are pilots, and white were the more experienced of them all. That's why they called themselves the GIW. It stands for, Guys In White.

The group was led through another set of doors. Inside where many men and women with white lab coats. There were many computers scattered throughout the room as well as testing equipment and labeled drawers.

"Ahh these must be all the amateurs!" The group all turned their attention to a black colored man. He wore a lab coat as well as a suit underneath. He also had glasses and stunning brown eyes.

"Soldiers, I would like you to meet Dr. Goldman. He is the head of the science department here. I expect you to pay good respect to this man." Commander Byards stated. The scientist laughed.

"Oh take it easy on these kids, Commander" He slapped his hand on Byards back. "Don't want them quitting first day!"

Tucker began to feel a bit angry. He was getting tired of being called an ameture and being made fun of... but then again, they really didn't have any experience when it comes to actually going into the jungle of god knows what. It was much different in a textbook then actually doing it in real life.

"More like the first week. All due in time. Well I will talk to you later Dr."

"Yes, of course."

And with that being said the group marched of to the next part of the tour. They were led to the mission control center and then eventually their own dorms.

"Okay people! Two people per dorm! Pair up, I don't care with who. Just don't come to me complaining about the person you picked. With that being said, you all know curfew! We start the day at 5:00 am tomorrow. "

Will and Tucker automatically looked at each other and entered a dorm six doors away from the exit. Room 203 to be precise.

"Damn I'm exhausted." Tucker sighed and threw his backpack on a bed. There were two beds, one in each corner of the room, as well as two closets off to the right. There was also a door to the left which Tucker assumed belonged to the bathroom. In between the two closets was a desk with a lamp off to the side.

"Tell me about it dude." Will sat down on his bed.

"Are you not gonna unpack or anything?" Tucker asked.

"Meh, not right now."

"Alright then." Tucker unzipped his backpack and pulled out many electronics. Hey, they didn't call him 'techno geek' for nothing. In fact he studied mainly in the technology part of the field, and he was one of the smartest kids in the class. And was also only 17 years old like Will.

"I was thinking, with your hacking skills, you could easily hack into the cameras and shut em down. We could sneak out that way!"

Tucker growled and slammed his iPad down on the mattress.

"Will, stop okay? Just stop. You heard what Byards said! Dammit man, you're gonna get yourself killed!"

"Alright fine! Fine. I'm sorry." The soldier held up his hands.

Tucker sighed. "Look I'm sorry. I really just don't want anything bad to happen."

"I get it dude. But I can take care of myself. This is what I want."

Tucker frowned. He just isn't going to learn. "I'm going to take a shower."

The techno geek grabbed his backpack and headed to the bathroom. He opened the door and locked it behind himself. Then he walked over to the shower and turned the handle causing water to spray out from the shower head. Once the shower was steaming, Tucker stripped and climbed in.

"Hey Folley!" He heard a tap on the door. "Dinner is in an hour."

"Alright." He replied. Tucker grabbed the shampoo, and allowed himself to zone out completely lost in his thoughts.


"Oh where so proud of you baby!" His mom engulfed him in a bone crushing hug.

"Mom I have to go! Their gonna leave me!" Tucker Folley laughed.

The helicopter blades whirled around causing enormous gusts of wind.

"Be safe my boy." His dad approached him and hugged Tucker as well.

"Alright, alright! I have to go! I love you guys!"

His parents waved as Tucker turned around to board he helicopter. Tucker grasped the metal bar off to the side and pulled himself in. He then got into his seat and fastened the seatbelt. Afterwards, the techno geek grabbed the headset of noise canceling headphones, and put them on. He then took one last glance at his parents and waved goodbye.

"Prepare for takeoff." He heard through the communication on the headphones. Then shortly after, the helicopter took off. Tucker didn't know how long it will be before he can see his family again, but that was something else to worry about. Right now, Tucker was filled with excitement and absolute fear. He has studied his whole like to come to Alis, and it was finally happening.

"I can't believe this!" Tucker yelled through the intercom.

"Most people can't, kid! Hang in there, we'll be arriving in ten minutes."

Tucker knew that as soon as he left the plane, his life will change forever. And he could not wait.

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