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Japan had 3 Legendary Monsters that existed above all others.

Three demons that had such power that even their deaths could not stop the spread of their evil, and their tainted souls could never know rest.

The Shuten Douji, a vengeful Oni with a heart filled with nothing but anger and revenge. A lazy and disrespectful human monk who would later become an oni after his heart turned to pure evil. He left the world of humans and embraced his evilness, studying the ways of black magic. He gained strength using his magic and wits to trick merchants and women, drinking their blood, eating their organs, and statisfying his lust with their bodies. He ruled over the Oni of Mt. Oe, and was never defeated in combat.

When his reign of terror became impossible to ignore, the emperor set the bravest warrior who poisoned Shuten Douji's sake and beheaded him.

Not even beheading could stop Shuten Douji, for his head attacked those who beheaded him, and his terror was only ended when his head was buried in an unknown location. His head remaining buried to this day, so that it could cause no more trouble.

The Oni: Shuten Douji.

The Tamamo no Mae, the fair faced beauty of a fox demon. The legend herself who created civil wars in China, India, and later Japan where her legend ended. She would possess women and grow closer to national leaders, and incite terrible acts and civil wars for her own amusement. She held great power, more practiced in the evil arts than Shuten Douji at his prime, and invulnerable to attacks from any weapon that was not blessed by the gods.

A nine tailed fox with power to rival gods, where it took an army of over 80,000 men strong lead by a priest wielding a holy arrow and holy sword.

She was defeated, but her evil could not be stopped.

Beyond death, she cursed Japan and her curse ended up ending imperial power in Japan, which forced the first shoguns to rise up and fill the power vacuum. Her soul was bound to the Sessho-seki, the killing stone, that killed everything that touched it.

The Kyuubi: Tamamo no Mae

Emperor Sutoki, the eldest son of Emperor Toba (who was infected with a disease by Tamamo no Mae), who was the bastard son of his grandfather and his father's wife. He was denied everything that was owed to him from his birth, and hated by his family, and his retainers were spread out across the land.

He failed to overthrow the thrown, and was forced to live out the remainder of his life as a monk with his head shaved.

In the end, he bit off his own tongue and using the blood he wrote death curses against Japan and it's emperor. With all of the hatred in his tainted heart, one that infected the nation with terrible disasters, while Sutoki transformed from a human into a great Tengu. When his body was cremated, his evil lived on and would continue to assault Japan with disaster after disaster.

The Tengu: Emperor Sutoki

In Japan, there are a great many yokai, but none as feared or as powerful as the Three Great Evils, the Three Diayokai who scarred the nation of Japan and the world for generations to come, up until the modern day.

"These are the facts of our people brothers! We, who seek to revive our greatest masters into the world! The ones who will bring force a great age of yokai unto this age of man! As we speak, our brothers in the Cult of Shuten are bestowing the blood of Shuten Douji onto the child who is compatible with him, and our sisters of the Cult of Sutoki have stolen a child who is compatible with Sutoki's curse!" A monk with a shaved head shouted as he lowered his golden hood down from his sparkling white robe.

"Long Live Tamamo no Mae! Long live Tamamo no Mae, our great kyuubi!"

"Brothers and Sisters of the Cult of Tamamo, our brothers and sisters of Sutoki and Shuten are doing great, but they don't understand that they waste their efforts. Shuten Douji is powerful, but less so tham Tamamo no Mae, and Emperor Sutoki was great, but his curse was so limited... only we of the Cult of Tamamo no Mae understand that our Lady Tamamo is the true end of mankind. Her evil was the only evil to spread to cover more than just Japan!" The Monk Cult Leader had tears in his eyes as he spoke straight from his sick and twisted heart.

The cries of his more than 100 supporters cried out through the forest, and his heart was filled with joy.

"Yes, please, Master, we are ready for the rebirth of our great mistress!"

"Very well, tonight is the night. Bring force the vessel, the human sacrifice who carries in him the blood of Tamamo no Mae!" The Monk Cult Leader called out to those behind him.

All of those who watched held their breath in awe.

It was a sleeping baby boy with blond hair and blue eyes, and whisker marks on each of his cheeks. The boy was being carried by a monk, but behind him were a red haired woman who was gagged and tied up, and a blond haired man in the same condition. Neither of them were in any condition to fight or resist, and the woman had visibly given birth very recently.

"There was once a monk who shattered the sessho-seki in order to try and calm down the raging spirit of our mistress! Please, bring out the fragments!"

A large collection of stones were brought out carefully so those bringing them would not accidentally touch any of the stones. The clearing was was made in such a way that there were a massive amount of bloody symbols painted on the ground. They brought the stones and placed them in the center of the ritual space.

The ritual had 8 prongs to it, with a spiral in the middle of it.

"If this child possesses the blood of our Mistress in his veins, then touching the Sessho-seki fragments will not kill him! First, to prove these are the true fragments... throw the mother!" The Leader shouted out. There was no hesitation as the red haired woman was thrown onto the pile of stones.

They glowed with an evil power, and the life was drained from her body in moments. Before she could even struggle or try to get herself away from the stones, her living body was turned into a fresh corpse.


"Now, place the child, place our reincarnated mistress onto the stones!" The Leader raised his fist into the air to silence the crowd as they cheered the praises of the murder they witnessed. The woman's body was removed from the stones, and the father of the baby started to struggle against his restraints to do whatever he could try and do to stop his wife and his child from being murdered.

The cult member carrying the baby brought the child now woken up child.

His blue eyes gazed at the world innocently.

When he was placed on the stone fragments, his pupils changed from round to slits, but the stones did not glow nor attempt to take his life. He just continued to gaze at the world innocently, not knowing that his mother had been killed or that he was in danger.

There was an awed silence.

"We have no time to waste, so we must complete the ritual before the region's goddess can interfere. It won't be long before she senses the sessho-seki had been used to claim a life. Will the sacrifices please step forward and take your places."

8 Kitsune, their fox tails and ears visible through their cloaks, walked forward with wild smiles on their faces. They each walked and stepped onto one of the 8 prongs written on the ground with blood. The cult didn't just include humans, it also included yokai and other species who wished for one of the strongest yokai to ever live to be reborn into the world to solve the human condition for them.

"We serve the great Tamamo no Mae, so that she may become a plague upon this world once more. Great Tamamo, we offer our lives in service to you!" In unison they pulled out their sacrificial daggers and brought them up to their throats. There was no hesitation as they slit their own throats with their blood gushing force. They didn't even rise their hands to cover their necks, they just accepted their deaths as a matter of fact.

Their blood started to travel towards the sessh-seki fragments, and the man holding the boy's dragged him towards the center of the ritual space where his son was.

The stones glowed as the soul inside of them started to appear in the air. As the stones became more soaked in kitsune blood, the soul of their mistress started to manifest more and more as her flawless features became more and more visible to them.

"I won't allow this ritual to continue even another stage further than this!"

"Shit... all those with battle powers, attack the goddess of the land! If we can revive our mistress, then she won't be a match for Lady Tamamo!" The Cult Leader cursed under his breath, and gave his orders to his men. They needed to complete the ritual as quickly as possible now that they had direct interferance from a powerful source of danger to them.

Kukurihime no Mikoto

She wore an orange haori, a similar kimono jacket, and black hakama pants, with bright blue eyes and long darkn green hair, nearly black in color. She was youthful adult woman who radiated power.

The ritual symbols started to appear on the belly of the baby as the symbols disappeared off of the ground.

"I won't allow her to be reborn in this world!" Kukuri called out as she rushed forward and water surrounded her fist, with several balls of water appearing in the air around her.

It was her vs more than 100 combat specialist humans and yokai.


Kukuri defeated 27 of her enemies by running passed them and blowing holes in their chests with her water bullets, and killed 3 of them with her fists. She watched as Tamamo no Mae's spirit finished manifesting and started to reach towards the child's belly where the symbols had appeared.

A knife swung and stabbed the boy's father, with his blood splattering across his newborn son, the symbols on the boy's belly glowing bright red.


Kukuri dodged fireballs and bolts of electricity that went flying at her as she summoned a water serpant from the heavens that rushed towards the ground and ripped half of the small army facing her to shreds. She continued with as much of her speed as she could use, but the further in she went, the greater the concentration of their numbers.

She killed any who stood in her way.

She shot a beam of pressurizes water out of her fist and cut those in front of her in half and jumped over their corpses before they could hit the ground.


Tamamo no Mae's spirit touched the boy's belly and her energy started to pour into him, her spirit going inside of him.

"Now to finish the ritu-"

Kukuki shot a spiralling beam of water out of her fist and destroyed the cult leader's head as he brought a dagger up above the child's head. She killed him before he could do whatever it was he needed to do. She reached the baby just as the father's body hit the ground and she grabbed the newborn boy from the ritual just as Tamamo's spirit entered his body.

1 second.

In 1 second, she managed to stop the ritual before it could be 100% completed and Tamamo be given control of the boy's body. She grit her teeth as the ritual seal on the boy's stomach turned from red to black, showing that Tamamo was sealed inside of the boy's body. She placed her hand over the seal and closed her eyes. Using her own powers, she took a deep breath and reinforced the seal with a portion of her divine might.

The good news, Tamamo no Mae's spirit was not in control of the boy's body.

The bad news, Tamamo no Mae's spirit was now inside of the boy at all, sealed inside of him where it could be released one day or infect the boy. Holding the boy with one arm, she reached down and ungagged the father.

"Na... Naruto... is..."

"Save your strength, help is... help is on the way." Kukuri said to the man, but even she could see that he had been stabbed in the heart. By the time help arrived, it would be too late for the man to do anything.

The entire clearing was littered with the corpses of nearly every person who had been trying to revive Tamamo no Mae, and the few who were still alive were quickly losing their lives one by one from the injuries that she inflicted onto them.

"I.. I'm... I'm sorry Naruto... it's... it's my fault... my birthday... gift to... we're... horrible... we couldn't protect you... our birthday gift... to you... was us dying... please... please protect him. Please protect him... I'll... you can have my soul... just..."

The man died before he could finish.

"... You're a brave man, a good father, and neither your nor your wive's sacrifices will go in vain. Both of you will be buried in my temple with the highest honors. Your child, Naruto, will be looked after and protected." Kukuri stood up and held Naruto in her arms.

Just as the sun started to rise over the horizen.

The air was filled by the sent of blood and death.

Chapter End!
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