A/N: Honestly I didn't plan on making this fic.

This is, I suppose, my First Fan Fiction.

I was asked to create a Harry Potter Fan Fiction by a Friend. He didn't care what I did but just wanted me to. Tbh I was going to create one similar to this anyway but he wanted a Harry Potter fiction.

So now boom here it is.

Facts you need to know before reading.

This is essentially a crossover between multiple anime/books. But mostly anime.

Spoilers. Cos there are gonna be lots.

The guaranteed ones are these:

- Naruto

-Harry potter

- Fairy tail

- Avatar the last air bender and possibly Korra

- My hero academia

- High School DXD

- Pokemon

- Attack on Titan ( this one is abit meh )

All of these are pretty simple stories without a very complicated plot and very popular anime. Maybe not DXD and Fairy tail in plot bits cos they get a bit annoying but those anime are for waifu. Naruto is long but straight forward. Mha isn't finished but it's also pretty straight forward - defeat villains and save civilians. But with mine imma do something to change it abit. Not much but abit. Pokemon - Gotta catch em all. Aot isn't finished but you get the idea DEAFEAT TITANS. Harry Potter is straight forward but the story line will change like all the other anime/comic. ATLA/LOK will change alot but will remain to the plot.

Next English is not my first language rather 3rd. I learnt 2 asain languages before it. I am bad in English but able to make it clear enough to understand the shit happening.

This story might have lemons but could just have the mentions of it or start and not really the finish. I will let you decide

This story will be weird.

The Mc is Evil/Manipulative/godlike

He will be pretty powerful at the beginning at least before the start of the main plot in that world.


Harem/ Genderbend characters cos I can't be bothered to put some of the mc of those anime to be against the decision of my Mc like some idiotic jinchuriki or some kid who wants to be the best so having them female benefits me or rather my Mc in controlling them.

I think that's it but idk. Uhh hopefully you like it. Cos this story is full of bullshit.

It was dark. Honestly didn't know how to start it. Am I talking to myself. Probably.

I am basically stuck in an infinite void with nothing but me and barely remaining sanity. This was probably because I died.

Yep. The pain when I died still comes back. Honestly that pain, when caused to others makes me feel good.

How I felt that pain and died was very annoying. After all, it wasn't even my fault, father was a stupid man. A bit of back- story being that my mother was a whore, honestly. It wasn't that I didn't love her but she was crazy for sex. Let's be honest, who in hell tells their child that one day he might lose his virginity to his own mother. That had to be weird.

My father hated me.


1. By the time I was 17, I had a much bigger Dick than him.

2. His wife committed incest.

3. His son wasn't even his.

Oh yea with that last one. According to mother, my father was some japanse guy that she liked when she went to Japan for a holiday. He has pure white hair, like the characters in anime, crimson eyes and standing at 6'2 with body many guys would kill for. His muscles could be seen through his fucking shirt. Oh yea I saw that in a pic my mother had.

My father was of course jealous. Because I took after biological father with his body, His Dick, which mine was much bigger according to my mother, his looks. I essentially looked like a younger version of him. Except I had heterochromia. Meaning a different eye colour in each one. On my right I had a crimson red eye that honestly of you add some black into it I could have the sharingan. On my other I had my mother's bright blue.

Anyways the way I died was sad. My mother had another child. This time it was actually my fathers. In the process however she died along with my younger brother hours later. Thus with him being angry as he is. He lashed it onto to me. I held on for quite a while you know. Alas he had a gun. And thus ended the life of Shiro kage. Honestly with that name I could pretend to be some kage in naruto. My name basically means white shadow. The name is really weird.

Now I am dead. Or i think I am but there is this really weird box floating on front of me.

Hello Gamer. You have been chosen, out of 7 billion people, to rule your own multiverse.

Choose your name:

Or you can keep your current one.

There was a black box with white writing that was saying that I was a gamer. Honestly thought this shit only happened in Anime/manhwa or fanfics. I keep my current name.

Welcome Shiro kage.

Chose your power-






Hmmm. Out of all of them mage seems to be the best to actually do shit without getting hurt too much.

Mage- I can throw some random shit

Necromancer-unless I get a summon at the beginning I can do shit.

Elemental- destructive. And I don't really want to stand out much.

Fighter- I'm good thanks.

Now illusionst is Interesting. In the fanfic I have read many people prefer to choose the other ones. Simply because there isn't much you can't do with this.

But I know better. With illusions I can keep others away from me by making them see something else. Trap people in illusions. Manipulate others. And the best of all. Control others. Honestly this is my style.

Chose body type:



With the age and body that is how you will look like when you are near that age or is at it.

Oooh. Blood type is going to be O. Reasons it has better resistance to diseases than the other ones. Though I don't think I need to worry about that.

Body. Honestly gimme a bigger D than my previous one about 3 inch bigger. Imma stay as how I was before in other parts of the outer body.

Hey can I change my bones and other shit.

You can do anything to your body. But there are limits.

Heh. Gimme much stronger bones. Make me able to resist hits far more than a human or any animal.

Hmm a bit op. But ok. You are able to resist a hit from a 100% all might Deteroit smash. Only one if you get hit twice your bones will start to hurt and possibly break.

You get 4 on Strength, Dexterity and charisma. You gain 50 on endurance.

Cool. Damn I'm op Let's see I want to keep my eyes but make it so I get the eye sight of a hawk.

It was be painful but ok

Wait what. What do you mean painful.

If you thought making changes on your body is a simple thing then forget it. It will be quite painful.

Wow. OK. What's next?

Choose your race.

Human (Wizard)




Harry Potter it is. It could be something else but pretty sure it's Harry Potter.

I pick human.

Good choice. You get 25% on exp. 10% on all current stats

Hmm I can easily gain more power with this. Hey of I'm going to a Harry Potter world then may I choose when I get there and what age.

Hmmm. I normally wouldn't but I suppose I don't mind.

Sweet you are great.

2 Intelligence.

Yep. I choose to be born in 1978. Or be born in 1980 like Harry. And I would like to be sent in 1984 or 1985

You will be born in 1980, July 29 ad the 7th month dies. And be sent in on your 5th birthday.

Am I the prophecy child.


OK then. I am done with this and seeing how yo u mentioned my start boost I better check it out.


Name: Shiro kage

Titles :

The chosen one.

- Double exp gain.

- 10 charisma

- 10 luck.

Level :1 (0%)

Race : Human(Wizard)

Rank: Mortal

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Hp: 550 (25hp regain per minute)

Mp: 400(40mp regain per minute)

Sp: 300 (30sp regain per minute)

Str: 10

End: 60

Dex: 10

Wis: 6

Int: 8

Cha: 21

Lck: 17

Free points: 20

Note. You can get 5 points every level.

Money: £/G/¥ 0

Credits: 80,000

(to gain credits either get it from loot or transfer it from outer world money. £/G/¥1000=1 Cdts

Honestly this is so fucking cool.

I'm pretty good I think. My stats are really good for now.

Hey can I see my skills.


Gamer's Mind. (Passive) Lvl Max

Allows the user to see life as a video game.

Granta the user immunity to

psychological effects

The user can stay calm under any pressure.

I can't get mind controlled now bitch.

Hey can a Legilimence read my mind. Or am I immune to any shit that goes on.

You are immune to any mind magic.

Cool carry on.

Gamer's Body. (Passive) Lvl Max

Prevents the user from dying as long as they have HP.

Let's the user live life like a videogame.

Observe. Lvl 1 (0%)

Provides the target's information

Plunder Lvl 1 (0%)

Steal stats/abilities of defeated Foes.

( the Higher the level more you can take)

Illusion manipulation. Lvl 1 (0%)

Can cast an illusion around.

( those will higher Int than you, at least 5, will easily notice it and break free)

Mind manipulation. Lvl 1 (0%)

- Gained this when you chose illusions

Can cast an illusion to someone's mind to give them fake memory that others believe its real. Then slowly manipulate them to do what ever you desire. The higher the lvl more easily convinced the target will be.

Reality Manipulation. (Locked)

Can only be unlocked if the gamer has maxed out illusion manipulation and mind manipulation.

Damn I'm op. Reality manipulation just sounds too op. Hey do I get perks.

You can gain Perks via shops which will be locked after this tutorial. You can also gain perks by completing quests or spin this wheel. If you do spin it, you gain a random trait that many could argue is terrible.

Oh ok. Wait. The shop is locked after the tutorial. If so is this the tutorial? Also if it is then can I not access the shops as its not locked yet.

5 int

I actually have a smart gamer.

Wow thanks.


Credits: 80,000

Use the credits to buy the things.

Holy shit. These perks, skills and items are fucking op. Also game how come I have so much credits.

You got these credits by me judging what you did in your life. But as I actually like you as a gamer I decided to remove the negatives though there wasn't much.

Here are all the things you did of which I gave credits to.

Blackmailed others : 1,000 credits. x15

No virgin bitch: 2,000 credits

Genius: 2,000 credits.

Gains Genius perk.

Murderer: 3,000 credits. x3

Underage : 3,000 credits.


Graduated sch: 3,000 credits.

Graduated Uni: 3,000 credits.

Multi language speaker: 3,500 credits.

Otaku: 3,500 credits.

Be an adult: 5,000 credits

Incest: 5,000 credits.

Multi girlfriend: 5,000 credits. x3

Gamer: 9,000 credits

And an extra 2,000 you start with.

Damn. Honestly I did not mean to kill the 3 people. It was when I was 16 and I was annoyed. So to release some anger I went to an alley found some shady people and boom killed them. Blackmailing is one thing I was proud of. I blackmailed quite alot of people. Underage sex. Well remember what I said about my mother and what she said. Yea. Incest goes with that. Multi girlfriend. Well it was my teacher who I 'persuaded' to date me. She was pretty hot. My best friend. Honestly that girl would die if I told her. And lastly to spite my father. His best friend's daughter. Reasons being that she was a great follow- I meant friend of mine. And my father was her godfather so he wanted to protect her. Yea that failed.

Now the skills, titles, perks and items I wanna buy.

It took me about an hour I think to buy the skills titles and perks . Idk. To find the ones I actually wanted. And they were pretty op.

Cdt= credits

Parseltounge: (1,000 Cdt) (Lvl 1)

Able to speak to snakes.

Note. The higher the lvl the more reptiles you can speak to. And able to unlock parselmagic.

Multi animaji: ( 2,000) (lvl 1)

Able to transform Into multiple animals. (Higher level: stronger forms)

Current forms: Cat, owl.

Telekinesis: (5,000)

Able to use psychic powers-

Telepathy: (lvl 1)

Levitation: (Lvl 1)

Binding: (lvl 1)

Choke: (Lvl 1)

Gravity control: (lvl 1)

Energy bending: (10,000) (lvl 1)

Able to bend the energy of your surrounding and others at will..

Transfiguration: (2,000) (lvl 1)

Able to transfigure anything to anything.

All the skills I bought were fucking op.

Now the Titles I bought were also op.


Heir/Lord of a most ancient house and noble house. (5,000 cdt)

You are the heir/ Lord of the most ancient and noble house of Yamikage.

* 50% boost when learning family magic.

* 30% boost in the dark arts.

* 50% in charisma.

* 50% boost in Mind magic.

* 50% boost in Mp

* Gain all the land/Business/items owned by the founders.

* Control of the Japanese Government

* 50% boost in gaining affection reputation among neutral/ Dark families

- Potter/ Greengrass: neutral.

- Malfoy/ Black: Dark.

* - 50% in gaining affection and reputation among 'light' families.

- Weasley/ Dumbledore: 'Light'

Heir/ Lord of the four founder of hogwarts. (12,000 cdt)

* 50% boost in charisma/Luck/Mp/Learning Dark arts/exp

* Gain all the land/Business/items owned by the founders.

* Learning anything within hogwarts is doubled.

* Bonded to 4 animals.

Heir/ Lord of the most ancient and most noble house of Peverell ( 10,000cdt)

* 50% boost in luck/charisma/Mp/Learning Magic/exp

* Gains all the business/Land/Items owned by the peverell

* The three Deathly Hallows belong to you. They see you as their true master.

(Gains Title as The Master of Death) (Locked)

Jeez. These Titles are fucking op. Hoenslty it's almost like the game wants me to be op.




Lady killer (3,000 cdt)

* Affections and reputation gained among females are increased by 50%

* You are much better with females than males. (50% increase in charisma/luck)

Lady Luck's secret child. (2,000 cdt)

* Luck is doubled.

* Increased chances of getting things that you want.

Language learner. (2,000)

* Gained skill (Language speaker) Lvl 1

* When learning a language ( magical or not) your exp will be doubled.

Honestly there were a few more but I rather not go through it. Currently only have like 20,000cdt which I proceded to buy items.

It took me 2 minutes to actually give up.

The items were fucking expensive.

Some abilities like the sharingan or rinnegan from naruto are apparently classified as items. The rinnegan alone is 1,000,000 credits. The sharingan however is only 500,000 credits. The rinnegan gives the powers that is said to have from the anime/manga like the paths, human rebirth, soul devouring, all mighty push or rather shinra tensei, fucking gravity control apparently, elemental attacks could be used more easily. Unlocks chakra. Like I said fucking op. The sharingan can apparently level up too like other dojutsu I found from naruto in the shop, gradually getting stronger till max point. According to it once you accept to use that item it becomes a part of you.

I found a few interesting things too this time from Harry Potter. I can get wands. Three y are pretty powerful too. So I bought the best one at the cheapest price which most were around 500cdt so it wasn't a problem except the elder wand which was over 100,000 credits and boy was it op.


Wand ( 5,000 Cdt)

A wand made from the wood of a elder tree with the cores being Basilisk venom and thestral hair.

* When using magic with this wand. If reduces Mp cost by half.

* Dark arts are easier to learn.

* 50% Magic boost.

Honestly fuck the game system from the fanfic I read this one is my fav.

5 Int.

Yes. I agree. The elder wand is much more op than this but the I bought is the second best.

I bought a few Potions after because I will probs need it.

Now game what else.

Hmm what you want to know.

The ranks. I saw them and I was ranked mortal so why.

The ranks are the multipliers of your stats

Essentially they tell you how op you are


Mortal: 1x. A human being. You are weak really. Example being a normal civilian.

Lvl 100 as a Mortal to be an elite

Elite : 2x. A elite being. Compare a trained army warrior against a harmless civilian. Example being Dumbledore.

Lvl 100 as an elite to be a Pseudo immortal

Pseudo immortal : 3x. Being above mortal. Is Immortal but has the weakness of death if killed. Example being Nicholas Flamel.

Lvl 100 as a Pseudo immortal to be a small god

Small god: 5x. Being is a god. Not that powerful to one shot an entire planet but powerful enough to destroy humanity. Is still a Pseudo immortal. Example being the juubi from Naruto.

Lvl 100 as a small god to be a God

God: 10x. Literal God. Powerful enough to easily destroy a planet. Still killable. Example being Ophis or Great Red from DXD.

Lvl 100 as a god to be a immortal god

Immortal God: 50x. You cannot be killed no matter what. There are no gods up to your level. Examples being Death and other powerful entities that are immortal gods.

Lvl 100 as immortal God to be a Primordial God

Primordial God: Infinite power. True immortality. Nothing is as strong as you. Controller of the universe. You are stronger than the system.

Damn. Just damn. This is fucking op. You become a Fucking God. Jeez. I pretty sure getting to lvl 100 is hard well most likely after you reach Fucking God Mode.

Oh yea I'm calm but perfectly able to swear. Is this due to Gamer's mind.

2 Int.


OK. Sigh. This is just amazing. Hey can I do that perk lottery thing.


And boom. There is a wheel with small lines that I guess are the perks. Is there a catch. Cos even if its a small perk it is still alot.

5 Int.

For the first time, I actually have a smart Host.

And to answer your question, yes. When you get a perk you will gain a trait that are quite terrible really. But to be honest when I look at all the traits and compare them with you, more than half them already fit your personality.

How many times can I spin?

Since I'm kind you can spin it 5 times. Normally it's 2.

Thanks. And so I started spinning it.

Trait gained.


You don't give a shit about what happens to others. They are tools.

That trait kinda fits me. The perk I got wasn't too bad tho. It was something about animals loving me more but I don't really care for now. The next one I got was expected.

Trait gained.

Sin of lust.

After the age of 11 you will become extremely hormonal and will lust after any female you think who has beauty.

My main sin was lust when I was still alive. Hoenslty it doesn't suprise me.

Perk gained.

Undead attractor.

Any creature that is linked to the undead will be attracted to you.

That could be classified as a trait but I don't care.

Trait gained.


Females will love you alot more. There isn't much to say other than affection and rep increase with females for you.

I am pretty sure the system is trying to get me a perk that I despise but is failing miserably. I got a perk that let's me see farther called hawks eye. Could've work if I didn't already have the eye of a hawk.

Trait gained.

Sin of wrath.

You will feel extremely angry sometimes.

This will also increase your stats by 5x when angry.

Note. The anger is negated due to gamer's mind.

Why did I choose you. Your luck is insane.


Perk gained:

Darkness is your alley.

Dark creatures are less hostile to you. Soem are extremely attracted to you.

Again why is this not a trait.

Trait gained.

Blood lover:

You love seeing blood.

Extra trait gained.


I got another trait. Sweet.

Perk gained.

Death's blessing.

You were blessed by death. Increased rep and affection amongst death god and creatures with affiliation with death.

Honestly game if you were a female I would be right beside saying I love you and pleasuring you.


Can I change your gender?

Choose how hard you want the worlds to be.





Note. You can change difficulties once you get powerful.

Easy. I'm not dealing with complicated shit. And I doubt I will change difficulties. Unless I get super op then I go to normal mode.

So am I done.

Yes congrats.

You completed the hidden quest.


Objective: complete the tutorial.

Reward: Skill ID Create, 3 gacha tokens.

Not bad. I already know what these do so no need to look at their explanation. ID Create gives me a small dimension were monsters can get Summoned and I can beat them to get exp. Gacha tokens give me an item from anywhere, that is a guess but I'm pretty sure.

You are correct in both. I'm am pleased to have such a gamer working with me.

Thanks. So when do we go.

Now. Get ready




And then I was out.

A/N: Chapter filled with complete bullshit.

Hopefully I might continue.

This is a harem. There will be quite a few characters that have their genders changes.