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I didn't know for how long I was asleep but I believe I just woke up.

I looked around for a minute to find that I was not in my original room. However that changed when a small headache started to form. It gradually increased till I grabbed my head in desperation. No, memories of what had happened. How I died, the system and some foreign memories. However, before I could check them, my eyes started to hurt. It kept on hurting even when I bled. Yet the pain continued as my bones ached. This was probably the worst amount of pain I have ever felt. My bones felt like they were breaking. I finally let out the scream that I held in. Fortunately, I managed to go unconscious once more but not before seeing a black 9-tailed fox running towards me. And then I was out once more.

Once again, I woke up. My body was sore. Actually scratch that my body felt as if I was beaten for days, without rest as well.

Pushing through my limits as one muscle brain would say I grudgingly got up.

I started to remember my life once again, though this time without pain. So firstly I am a 5 year old. Turns out my parents were killed by Voldemort after a month's of my birth. Luckily though my parents were geniuses. They had apparently made a rune that would teleport me the moment both of them died. Since they would never leave me alone, they would easily be able to sacrifice themselves to save me if needed. Hmmm. Though I currently don't feel any attachments to them. I would like for them to Rest In peace.

Now back to the sad backstory. It seems that I am in Japan right now. Yep. As I said my parents were geniuses. From England to Japan is no joke. It seems I was sent to live with my aunt. My father's much younger sister. Anyways. Turns out after during the time when the Americans attacked Hiroshima, after the end of WWII, my great-grandparents, from both sides, and my many aunts and uncle. In other words everyone of my family except my grandparents, again from both sides, died in that incident. Since all of my grandparents were already engaged to their respective partners, they somehow came to the conclusion to unite their family and make it big again.

According to history, well my family history, we started to gain more power in Japan, both wizarding and non magical till we had literally owned half of each. So deciding to unite the family meant we had control over Japan. Hmmm I remember that being a gift from that title. Ah yes. After my grandparents decided to have their children fuck each other and create me. They didn't survive for much. In 1956, my mother was born and a year later my father was born too. Well after him my aunt was later born in 1565. Now the next bits I would say is pure bullshit in my opinion but it actually happened, apparently. During them growing up they both hated each other. However, it changed when one of my grandfather died, taking both my grandmothers with him. I respect him. Somehow both my parents found relief in each other and started to have a proper relationship as they knew both were engaged for life. Thus some romance happened and boom I am here. My other grandfather died a year ago, due to him choking on fish. Idiotic guy really.

Now that I'm done with my background. I finally look around. What I saw was a white room with a really big bed. A desk that is decorated with... Foxes? Ahh memory no jutsu is coming. According to it I am apparently obsessed over one of my familiars. Yup I have 5 familiars. Anyways, one of my familiars is a fox. Imagine chibi, black but much cuter Kurama. Actually my fox is a she. Her names Kurumi as well. According to my memories, I saved her from dying. She was a normal fox back then. Then some random magical shit happened and then boom. She turned into a black fox with nine tails.

Currently she is about my height which is about 3'9. Pretty tall for my age. And pretty tall for hers too.

I was bought out of my thoughts by a loud bang. Which was actually my door. Before I could do anything I was tackled into my bed by my... 20 year old aunt. She from the looks of it is crying. She has pure black hair which currently was let down. It went to her back. She has very big assets. I suppose. Though I can't see her face, I can remember it. She has bright blue eyes, with cute small lips. She doesn't behave like a teasing older sister but she is more like a caring mother. Though she has her times. From what I can see she is very pure and innocent but she is very attached to me.

Sad thing that she will get corrupted if she remains attached. Which I do hope so.,

By the time she gets done crying, she lifts her head and stares right into my eyes and asked "Shiro-kun, are you alright" damn her voice is soo angelic.

"it's okay onee-chan, I just hurt my head waking up." I reply giving my best smile. Since I'm not 11 yet I'm not filled with lust but it's still there.

She looked at me with her blue eyes then going back to crying.

By this time a certain kyuubi has woken up and I could feel her head rubbing against my arms.

Damn I have a sexy onee-san just hugging me with her huge assets and a black cute fox. Well. Hehhehe.

Before I could do anything I hear a ding.

Host has successfully arrived.

Hmm I was wondering when that would show up. I need to escape.

"Onee-chan I want to go to bathroom, can you let go please" I asked her as even with my durability I was started to get hurt.

She looks at me with her now puffy red eyes. And slowly nods.

Damn she is cute. But she is my aunt.

Then again when did that stop me with my mother.

I get up from my lovely bed, while seeing stains that weren't there before on my legs. And I head to the bathroom.

The moment I do so and close the door I say "status"

Name : Shiro Kage (Yami-kage)

Titles :

Chosen one:

Lord Yamikage

Lord Hogwarts

Lord Peverell

Master of death (Locked)

Level: 1 (0%)

Race: Human (Wizard)

Rank: Mortal

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Hp: 550 (25Hp regain per 30 seconds)

Mp: 1350 (100 Mp regain per 30 seconds)

Sp: 300 (30Sp regain per minute)

Str: 10

End: 60

Dex: 10

Wis: 6

Int: 25

Cha: 105

Lck: 170

Free points: 20

Money: £/G/¥: 0

Credits: 5,000.

Hmm I suppose that's good.


Gamer's mind (Passive) LV Max

Allows the user to see life as a video game.

Grants the user immunity to

psychological effects

The user can stay calm under any pressure.

Gamer's Body (Passive) Lvl Max

Prevents the user from dying as long as they have HP.

It allows them to live life like a video game.

Observe. Lvl 1 (0%)

Provides the target's information

Plunder Lvl 1 (0%)

Steal stats/abilities of defeated Foes.

( the Higher the level more you can take)

Illusion manipulation. Lvl 1 (0%)

Can cast an illusion around.

( those will higher Int than you, at least 5, will easily notice it and break free)

Mind manipulation. Lvl 1 (0%)

- Gained this when you chose illusions

Can cast an illusion to someone's mind to give them fake memory that others believe its real. Then slowly manipulate them to do what ever you desire. The higher the lvl more easily convinced the target will be.

Reality Manipulation. (Locked)

Can only be unlocked if the gamer has maxed out illusion manipulation and mind manipulation.

Parseltounge: (Lvl 1)

Able to speak to snakes.

Note. The higher the lvl the more reptiles you can speak to. And able to unlock parselmagic.

Multi animaji: (lvl 1)

Able to transform Into multiple animals. (Higher level: stronger forms)

Current forms: Cat, owl.


Able to use psychic powers-

Telepathy: (lvl 1)

Levitation: (Lvl 1)

Binding: (lvl 1)

Choke: (Lvl 1)

Gravity control: (lvl 1)

Energy bending: (lvl 1)

Able to bend the energy of your surrounding and others at will..

Transfiguration: (lvl 1)

Able to transfigure anything to anything.

ID Create. (Locked)

Creates a separate dimension which can be used to level up/gain more power.

(Host had to be 11 to use this skill)

(A/N: Not going to go through all the perks and shit. Too troublesome)

'Not bad. Not bad. OK. Hmmm. Its alright'

Those were my pretty thoughts when looking at the whole. Well except the last one where I might have destroyed my bathroom sink.

Why is it actually locked, system?

Host's body will not be able to survive the sudden increase in power at such as a young age. No matter how op you claim to be.

Fuck this.

Anyways moving on. Oooh let's see Gacha.

Is there a rate of Gacha.

Hmmm. I knew you were smart. Anyways yes. There are :

Normal Gacha: 50% common, 45% rare, 4% legendary, 1% mythical.

Legendary Gacha: 13% common, 57% rare, 20% legendary, 10% mythical.

Hmm. Gimme examples of them.

Tch. OK then.

With Gacha you can get any item, however you can also gain skills.

Common: Items: chakra paper, water bottle

Skills: Henge, Lumos

Rare: Items: Swords, Guns, milkshake. Skills: Shadow clone, shunshin

Legendary: Items: Sacred gear, Devil Pieces

Skills: Bloodlines, Dragon slaying magic.

Mythical: Items: Titan serum (for one of the nine titans only and without you dying in 13 years) , Dragon balls, death note

Skills: Time manipulations, Bloodlines( max level when you get it), Skill creation.

Holy shit. Normal gacha is meh. It might gimme rare or common most likely. But legendary though is amazing. Hey how much is a legendary gacha. How do I get it.

Host has to either get by chance or he has trade 100 normal gacha for 1 legendary.


But by chance. Hehehe my insane luck will come in handy. Hahaha.

Note. To find a normal gacha in a chest of a dungeon you need 1000 luck.


And that's how the next 5 minutes passed. Me cursing the system inside my head as I tried to figure out what I should do with the gacha I had. I could use it and be done with it. But I in the end chose to use it. System use the Gacha. All of them.


In a few second 3 screens came into my vision. I started to read the one on the left first.

Skill gained.


X Ray vision ( Lvl 1) 0%

Can see through things.

-Currently host can only see through thin objects like paper.

This is actually a good skill. Not going to lie but I was half expecting to get a bottle of water or something. Now the next screen.

Item gained.


Water bottle.

Its a water bottle.

Kinda shit. Now middle.

Item gained.



Ketsuryugan (Lvl 1) 0%

Able to cast genjutsu (illusions) by eye contact or simply skin contact. The Ketsuryugan is able manipulate liquid with high concentration of iron such as blood.

-Note. There are 3 levels of the Ketsuryugan that the system has created for the Host to have fun with. To gain it you must get 100% in level and do a Quest.

This is quite shocking. Although when I read legendary I was hoping for something good, I didn't expect it to be this. Fucking amazing. However before I could do anything I passed out with blood coming out of my eyes.

-Time skip-

- A/n: This is to say that in this fanfic imma use a lot of Time skips so look out for them. Reasons being that I m not bothered to write about how the MC met some irrelevant Characters or how the MC spent their day -

It turns out I woke up the next day after I passed out. It also turns out that my aunt got worried about me and entered the bathroom quite forcefully and found me passed out. She went into chaos with calling doctors and everything. Though after awhile she fell asleep next to me.

From then it has been 2 days and I have learnt a lot. I have 5 familiars. 4 of them previously belonged to the 4 Hogwarts founders and the fifth was my cute Kyubbi.

But I think the greatest thing I found out was that there was no Boy-who-lived.

Instead it was the Girl-Who-Lived.

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