"What about you Ochako-chan? Do you want to get married in the future?"

When Uraraka Ochako received the question from the one and only Ashido Mina, she could only think of her parents as what it means to be married. A couple who vow to always be there for each other both physically and emotionally with a sacred bond that only both could share. Of course, the reality is harsh when she's aware of breakups and divorces that break them apart but that doesn't mean some couples managed to grow old together with grandchildren surrounding them.

"Um well, I don't know." Uraraka responds. "It never really came to me as the utmost priority so you are going to have to ask someone else."

It was the truth. For years, the only thing on her mind is to help her parents so romance is something she more or less blocked off but that is no longer effective when a certain green-haired boy literally smashes his way into her life.

Midoriya Izuku. Her classmate, best friend, and well…crush. The feelings she has for the boy are increasingly hard to put down now since the night where Mina claimed what she felt is love. Month after month, watching the boy diligently pushing himself to his limit was not only inspiring but endearing as well which is not helping at all. Even more so when she has to come to terms with it and swore to never let Mina know. Only the god of love would gladly assist the pink-haired girl in her schemes to create "romantic" situations that will only make both of them imitating broken records with a tomato head attached on top. Plus, she's well aware of Izuku's goal: become the next All Might who keep citizens happy and hopeful. Unfortunately, her thought was abruptly cut due to the following words.

"Reeeally?" Coming from a very skeptical Mina, Ochako could have sworn that she heard Jirou groan at Mina's antics.

Mina with a smirk on her face and said. "So no thoughts involving a certain boy then?"

The brunette can only grow to stiffen with cheeks that are getting more and more competitive with a certain color commonly associated with Kirishima. Her mind suddenly going into overdrive, trying its best to process the implication that her friend made and mentally cursing herself as images of two individuals in what is definitely a black tuxedo and a wedding dress. To her joy that she refuses to acknowledge the familiar emerald mop hair on the man and the brown shoulder-length hair on the bride made it clear that a certain pair is about to seal the deal permanently.

"What?! What does Deku-kun have anything to do with what we are talking about?!" Claimed the brunette but then she immediately saw her blunder within seconds.

"Oh? I never said anything about Midori though." Ashido replied with a smirk plastered on her pink skin. Immediately Uraraka is completely flustered and wants to launch herself to space just to save herself from the pink menace in front of her. Thankfully, Momo and Tsuyu decided to tell Mina to get off her case which only put a pout on Mina's face and Tooru too if she isn't invisible.

Even when the 1-A girls decided to call it a day and hit the bed. The images are still vivid in Ochako's mind and it seems impossible to get rid of them. And her brain is not helping because it didn't stop her from yearning for that to be a reality. One particular image stems from seeing her mother fixing her father's tie when he was about to head out for work and she decided that it seems… sweet, heart-warming, and most of all wonderful, when it's her and Izuku in their place. Something about fixing that little piece of cloth on your spouse's neck just stirs butterflies in her stomach.

"Sleep, sleep, sleep please brain. I beg you, I have school tomorrow!" Ochako is desperate at the prospect of letting such fantasies affect her academic achievements.

Thankfully her brain relented and let her go to dreamland… at 3 AM. She was sure that nothing was going to happen.

She was wrong.


1A students are chatting normally in their classroom. Mina notices how Ochako seems to be a bit sleepier than normal and decides to let her curiosity guide her.

"You ok there, Ochako?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, just have a bit of a hard time getting some sleep last night, that's all."

Mina simply accepts the answer and bids her luck on not getting caught by the teachers should she fall in the battle against not using her desk as a pillow.

It also wasn't hard for Ochako to hear Iida admonishing her crush for nearly missing the school bell and she also notices a little detail as he walks by to say "good morning" at her. His tie is not well…tied. At a brief glance it seems ok but when the brown-haired girl has a closer look it is clear that he still has to do a couple of more moves to make sure it is up to the code of conduct. Speaking of code of conduct, she's more amazed that Iida didn't notice.

"I guess even Iida slips up sometimes. I better help Deku-kun before he gets another scolding from the Class Rep." Ochako thinks to herself.

She promptly removes herself from her seat and makes a short trip to her cru… classmate. Definitely a classmate. Yep. Classmate, not crush or whatever-related to it.

Now even when in the state of denial, just going up to speak to Deku without any hesitation or that slight panic seeping in over what to say to him has been a problem Ochako hasn't been able to break so she freezes up giving the green-haired boy time to notice her presence.

"Hey Uraraka, is something wrong? He asks innocently with his head slightly angled to one side which makes the girl nearly blurt out 'Cute'.

"Umm oh, nothing it's just I couldn't help but notice you seem to be a bit umm… tired?

"Hmm? Oh. Oh yeah," Izuku simply chuckled a bit. "Yeah, I lost track of time last night when I was training so I lost a couple of hours of sleep. Even my morning jog today is affected. I mean I nearly hit a tree or a pole around the campus with my face because I kept nodding off and I even came close to hitting All Might too. Oh my god, I just realized how bad that is. I mean hitting All Might because I wasn't awake…" And there he goes. The ramble.

Many simply tune it out or tell him to stop mainly to prevent the ramble from going longer than necessary but to Ochako? It is something she amazingly would let him keep going just to spend time with him (and hearing his sweet voice). Unfortunately, she still remembers the original reason she came over;his tie.

"Hey, umm I don't want to interrupt but uhh…" Gosh, why is she so nervous? It was fine months ago now she seems to have the same stuttering problem that Midoriya used to have. "… Your tie seems a bit funny."

"Huh?" Izuku looked down after a brief second of confusion and realized what his best friend is talking about. "Oh, that. Sorry, Uraraka I don't think I'll ever win in tying this thing properly plus I'm a bit sleepy right now so it would even be worse."

Ochako can only giggle before asking him to stand up. "I'll do it then. I saw my parents do this enough to know what to do."

Izuku merely complies as he sees no reason to defy so he lets her do her thing.

Undoing the tie completely, Ochako proceeds to wrap the tie properly. After a few quick strokes and maneuvers. It slowly came together like it meant to be. Ochako could have sworn time seemed to stretch for hours, forever even, but in reality, it was only about one measly minute and she enjoyed what she had. After finishing the task, she takes a step back and admires her handiwork. Perfect.

"It's done Deku-kun," She said with a smile

"Thanks, Uraraka I don't know what my life is going to…" A yawn came in for a moment."… Be without you.

Ochako's heart jumped. Dear god, the boy is going to kill her someday with words like that. She couldn't help but get flustered at it and blurt out a response so she could prevent the Acid Invisible duo from getting ammo for a teasing session later. The problem is her choice of words within the next few seconds got influenced by her dream last night and it went as well as expected.

"O-Of course, you're welcome dear."

And as if whatever god out there wants to torture her even more Midoriya's response is the same as pouring more gasoline in the fire.

"Thanks, sweetie."

"Eh/Huh?!" Both choked out at the same time

And since the universe already hates her it decided to put the rest of 1-A in the matter too.

A certain pair of pink skin and invisible girls are jumping up and down with each other as they squealed with grins.

"Oh my, how scandalous." Said a certain black haired girl

"You two skipped a few steps too fast Ochako-chan, ribbit."

"No kidding I know they had it bad for each other but damn," Jiro exclaimed

"So manly Midoriya! Good for you Midoribro."

"MIDORIYA YOU BASTARD! DO YOU PLANNED TO RUB IN OUR FACE WITH THE FACT YOU ARE FUC- ACK!" A certain midget never finishes his sentence before a tongue and a jack assault him.

Kaminari sighs in relief as he manages to stop his own mouth from saying the same thing.

Iida of course immediately tries to quell the newly created chaos as well as lecturing the couple on how marriage should be AFTER high school graduation not BEFORE but he can only do so much while Todoroki simply congratulates both friends though not before embarrassing his friend by saying. "I bid nothing but happiness on you two though I do hope you know what 'protection' means Midoriya."

Ochako really wants the earth to swallow her whole and so does Izuku because their frantic explanation is nothing but a bunch of incomprehensible spluttering mess with red faces.

"OH JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP EXTRAS! Let them fuck each other if they want to. I couldn't care less as long as I became the Number One Hero."

The rest of the class simply take in amusement of the couple's predicament and tease the two later as Aizawa stepped into the class

Years later, everyone still teases Midoriya Izuku and his wife, Ochako about how they got together because of some sleep deprivation and dreams.

"Hey, Ochako?"

"Hmm, what is it Izuku?

"Thanks for loving me… and calling me 'dear' that day." The green-haired man grinned at the memory.

"Well, what can I say?" The brown-haired woman simply beamed. "You're welcome dear"