Ch 1 - fogged vision

Hey guys, this is my first fanfic so I would love to hear what you guys think and what you would like to read next. I can't promise regular updates, but I can tell you that I will not leave any story unfinished.

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This story is set before Kensi and Deeks' first proper kiss, during that time when they are flirting hardcore and are starting to work out they have a "thing".

Enjoy :)

When the OPS team had walked into work this morning, none of them had ever expected to be where they were just a mere 4 hours later. Nor did they think that they would be falling down a dangerous rabbit hole. No instead they had expected a day like any other - a new case, fighting, sleepless nights and some banter along the way.

4 hours earlier

"All I'm saying is that you are a hoarder", Deeks replied. "Oh no no no, we're not going here again. I am not a hoarder and you know it. I just like my things to surround me", Kensi justified. "Yeah, more like suffocate you", Deeks grinned, looking at Callen and Sam for confirmation. "He does have a point," Callen interjected, immediately putting his hands up after a death glare from Kensi. Sam leaned back in his chair, watching the scene unfold in front of him like it did every time they brought up Kensi's clutter. Deeks really should know better, he thought as he watched Kensi huff, walk over to Deeks and punch him in the shoulder. "Owwww. Ok ok ok, it's not junk, it's meaningful items", Deeks exclaimed, holding the shoulder Kensi had just attacked. A swift whistle from above brought their attention to Eric who proceeded to shout that there was a new case on deck.

Up in ops, Nell had a picture up of a marine's file. "Earlier this morning, we received a tip that rogue marine, Jeff Marlow, was lurking around an abandoned warehouse on Night street. Agents Mateo and Darrell were sent to go and bring him in, after they breached the warehouse however, their coms went silent and their phones switched off. 15 minutes later LAPD burst onto the scene after a tip about gunfire was called in. They found agent Mateo on the ground with 2 shots, one to the chest and one to the shoulder. The bullet to his chest managed to hit his vest and the one to the shoulder was not fatal. He is currently in surgery now, in a critical condition due to blood loss. There is currently no update on the whereabouts of agent Darrell or Jeff Marlow," she announced. "Our primary focus is to find agent Darrell and bring in Marlow," Hetty added. The team looked around at each other. It was always hard when an agent's life was in danger, even if they weren't close. It was like someone was attacking a member of your extended family, someone you saw at Christmas lunch, made small talk with and called on birthdays. "Do we have any leads as to where they might be?" Callen asked. "Only this footage of a grey van speeding off on the east side of the warehouse, however the plates aren't visible," Nell replied. "It's always a van", Deeks muttered just loud enough for Kensi to hear. "Alright gear up and let's go check out the scene," Callen said as he motioned for Sam, Kensi and Deeks to follow him.

When they arrived, LAPD was still there and it appeared the media had already gotten wind of the events that had taken place only a couple of hours ago. The outside of the warehouse looked relatively typical, complete with dead leaf buildup and spiders, however the inside was a different story. Shelves were tipped over, their contents littering the dusty concrete floor, empty bullet casings were strewn amongst rubbish along with a pool of blood that could only belong to their hospitalised agent due to the size. "Wow. Nell wasn't kidding when she said large amounts of blood loss," Callen commented, squatting down to survey the scene from bellow. "There doesn't appear to be any other blood apart from there," Kensi added, pointing towards the dark red pond, "which may be a good thing because it means Agent Darrell may not be too badly injured", she continued.

By the time the team had finished surveying the scene, LAPD had left, along with the numerous news vans, leaving only the four of them and their crime scene. They had finally come to the conclusion that their two agents must have been ambushed, as if Marlow had wanted them to come. He then must have knocked Darrell unconscious and taken him with him in the van. The only problem was that something wasn't sitting right with the casings that were left. "So we know that these must have been from our guys because they're NCIS issued," Sam pointed out. "But why are there three other remaining types, why would Marlow have been firing from three different types of guns and using them at the same time?," Callen questioned aloud. "Maybe there was more than just Marlow," Deeks raised. The other three turned to look at him. "Well that would make sense, it would be pretty hard for just him to shoot down one NCIS agent, take one hostage and leave all while alternating firing from three guns," Kensi backed up.

During the time in which they had been talking, Callen had wandered off, hoping to find evidence of another shooter; or at least something that might help explain what exactly had gone on that morning. Little did he know. he was going to get a lot more. "Hey guys!" Callen called, "I think you should come see this". The other three jogged to where he was behind the office, carefully trying to dodge stepping on the shattered glass. "What'd you find G?" Sam asked. "Something isn't sitting right with this wall, I can feel a draft being pulled towards it but I don't know where it goes," Callen replied. They frantically explored the wall, feeling for a possible join that might explain the disappearing draft. Suddenly there was a pop as Deeks pulled a rope that was hanging close to the wall. The four looked at each other and raised their guns, all adopting a defensive and yet attacking stance as Callen motioned for Sam to open the door for him. When it did burst open, the first thing they noticed was the darkness, and then the stench. After switching on their torches, it became clear that the smell of death was coming from a single decaying rat just a few paces in from the door. "Cause that's not creepy," Deeks whispered as they all continued to move in. However, they hadn't gotten in much further when suddenly the door which they had just walked through shut with a bang. "Oh that's definitely not helping," Deeks said, this time with a higher pitch. Kensi raced over to where the once open door had been and began pushing against it with her shoulder. "Eric," Callen called, holding his finger to his ear, "Eric can you hear me?". "Nell?" Sam tried, but he was met with the same static Callen heard. "Something is very wrong here," Deeks commented. "Guys what is that sound?" Kensi asked, shining her torch to the floor of the other side of the room where a pale fog was now emerging from. "Seriously!" Deeks exclaimed, turning from the fog to where Kensi had been pushing at the wall. "Cover your noses and do not breathe it in!" Sam ordered. They all proceeded to follow Sam's instructions but it wasn't long before the fog had engulfed the whole room and they were pounding on the wall, hoping for some sort of give. It never came. Instead, blackness had begun to creep in to the four agents heads' and the last thing they were thinking about was their lighthearted joking earlier that morning.

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