Ch 6 - Paparazzi

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With Kensi, Deeks and Sam-

The silence was deafening; like a loud marching band parading through the cell, unwilling to stop its tune. The three of them were slumped against the walls, cold hard concrete sticking awkwardly into their backs. Every now and again Deeks would look up from twisting his pant-leg to glance over at Kensi, checking to make sure she hadn't disappeared or collapsed. By now her headache had subsided, but still hadn't released it's grasp entirely. Her abdomen throbbed and every little twist reminded her of its presence. Knowing it would already be black and blue, she was reluctant to lift her shirt to check in case the other two got that worried look again. Right now their main focus should be Callen and agent Darrell, not her aching body or the fact it felt like she was getting the worst acupuncture of her life.

Sam was motionless and from the outside it looked as if he might not be thinking anything, this however was not the case, and both Kensi and Deeks knew it. He would be scheming a plan to escape, mentally noting the weaknesses he had observed that could be exploited to achieve his goal of getting his partner back and his teammates out of this hell hole. Not even Deeks' soft sigh deterred him from his trance, or the fact that the temperature had significantly dropped.

"Must be night by now," Deeks eventually spoke, his voice sounding like it was coming from a loud speaker after the length of time spent in silence. Kensi looked up at him from across the room, nodding her head as she subtlety crossed her arms over her chest, "getting colder too," she replied simply. Deeks looked to his left, quickly glancing at the man further along the wall before turning back to Kensi.

"I would put it around 2am," Sam's voice softly spoke, causing the other two to look at him. "Little disappointing there's no room service," Deeks mused, trying to lighten the mood.

"I don't think they deliver to one three hundred crazy lane," Kensi added, picking up what Deeks had put down, but Sam didn't even make any attempt at a twitch of the mouth. "Sam, I'm sure he'll be fine," Kensi tried to reassure him, her words softly flowing.

"Speaking from experience?" Sam asked, his eyebrow raising slightly, even though his eyes still looked concerned for her. She briefly looked down, becoming aware that her face must look a like an ink stain, and registering that her sore eye must look a little more than puffy.

"How do you feel now?" He queried.

"Fine," she lied, trying her hand at a small smile.

Sam nodded, seeing right though her facade. Silence descended on the trio again, as they all went back to their own thoughts and questions, however, It was abruptly disturbed by the sounds of clanking. Accustomed to the routine, all three agents stood, not willing to look small and inferior by sitting. Three armed men strode in, one carrying a small camera.

"Photo time," the first grinned. He walked over to Kensi, inspecting the room as he went. "I think we'll start with you," he smirked, looking back over his shoulder at his friends. "Sit," he ordered roughly. Kensi looked directly into his eye, her gaze like daggers. "I said sit," the man repeated. She still made no attempt to move, instead pressed her thumb into her pointer and minutely rolled her jaw. "This isn't the time to play games, I said sit!" He yelled this time. Behind him, one of his buddies pulled up his gun, pointing it at Sam.

Reading the room she slowly sat down, holding her gaze the entire time. "Lie down, relax and close your eyes," he ordered impatiently. She quickly glanced at her teammates who looked about as eager as she did to give several good swings to these morons. The sound of a gun adjusting brought her attention back to the man towering above her and she tentatively complied.

The sound of the shutter only strengthened her desire do the exact opposite of what he was asking, but she didn't want it to backfire and hurt Sam or Deeks, even Callen wherever he was. The man's curt voice filled the room again as he ordered her to open her eyes, a request she was more than happy to follow.

"Such a natural," one of the men behind him smirked, eliciting a chuckle from another.

"Sit up, back against the wall," the one in front of her demanded, before turning his attention to Deeks, "Let's hope you aren't as difficult as your friend; sit". Deeks hesitantly followed his instructions, sitting against the wall and looking directly into the camera before the process was repeated for Sam.

"I'm sure these will come up lovely," was all they heard before the three men left again, leaving the agents to sit in silence under the harsh, fluorescent lights.

With Callen-

The men behind him had long since left and as much as he had wanted to follow them, he couldn't. Wriggling against his restraints for the thousandth time, he sighed. The lights in the room had been switch off when the guards had left and now he was sitting alone in the dark with only his thoughts to accompany him. He imagined the video being shown in ops, Nell and Eric trying to trace the origin as Hetty quietly brewed with anger, even though her face would have displayed anything but. Eric and Nell were good, seriously good, surely they would be able to pull something from it, right? And if they didn't? What was the next step in this ridiculous story? He thought about his teammates in the other room, probably thinking similar things he had when they had woken up without Kensi. Even though it must have been late, he didn't feel tired. His mind was constantly being stimulated with their current situation and he also didn't want to close his eyes in case something happened.

Lights suddenly flickered on and he ducked his head down to shield his eyes. Just as quickly as they had turned on, they turned off, plunging the room into darkness again before abruptly lighting it back up. Callen clenched his eyes together, shaking his bowed head in an effort to clear them and make them adjust. The sound of clanking came from the door, soon followed by footsteps. Hastily lifting his head, Callen looked where he could hear the footsteps. His eyes were still trying to focus and the whole room seemed like one big disco ball with shadows dancing to the music of Marlow's laugh.

"My deepest apologies agent Callen, I flicked the switch and then, you know... clumsy fingers," he said, lifting his arm to wiggle his fingers, not that Callen could even see his hand.

Slowly Marlow's features sharpened in Callen's eyes as he looked to what the marine was holding. Three small photographs were grasped within his hand and Callen's stomach dropped when he saw the object of each. His teammates. "By now, your friends are probably feeling a little hungry and I just thought you might like to help them," Marlow cheerfully stated, holding out the images for Callen to inspect. Sam's face was stone and it was more than evident he was livid about the whole thing. His eyes were staring right back into him and he could imagine the photographer feeling a little intimidated by the ex SEAL's gaze, he certainly was, and it wasn't even aimed at him. Deek's looked more pissed off and kind of vague, like his attention wasn't really being focused on the photo, but more on something off in the distance, even though he was looking in the same place Sam had been. It was the photo of Kensi that made him look back up at Marlow, his eyes furious after seeing her crumpled up on the ground.

"Oh no no, don't worry agent Callen, I didn't do anything to her, I just wanted to show off my neat handy-work in a way that would turn heads. Clearly it worked," Marlow chuckled. Callen felt his aching shoulders relax slightly, even though he wasn't fully prepared to take Marlow for his word.

"No photo of agent Darrell?" Callen asked, breathing out and leaning back in his chair.

"Now what is your obsession with agent Darrell? Agent Darrell this and agent Darrell that, what is the deal with this precious, precious agent?" Marlow's voice had turned venomous, his whole demeanour changing like the lights had earlier. "It's not even like he is on your team," he hissed.

Callen kept his eyes on Marlow, not wanting to talk in case he decided to lash out and give his jaw some more 'special treatment'.

Marlow turned away, coming back to him after walking in a circle, "you know what, I was going to help you, I was going to do something nice for you but I'm not feeling so nice anymore". He huffed, looking to the wall before taking a step closer to Callen and lifting his finger to his face. "I don't want to hear any more about this, especially when I try to do something for you," he growled, before walking away and leaving Callen alone again.

With Sam, Deeks and Kensi-

The sounds of clanking brought upon the usual standing routine but this time it was accompanied by a loud crash of the door slamming into the concrete wall behind it. Marlow appeared at the entrance, but didn't linger long before he rushed over to Sam, his eyes more like small slits over his clenched jaw and tight, screwed up lips. In his right hand he held a taser which he promptly jabbed into the agent, holding it against his skin as Sam's body convulsed under its energy. Kensi and Deeks raised their voices, shouting at Marlow while Sam tried to fight against the marine. Marlow didn't even register them, too focused on the task at hand to even hear them.

Sam dropped to his knees before falling against the floor, still shaking as if an earthquake was ripping his insides apart. Marlow tore the taser away from Sam as he still tried to fight, this time trying to fight his own body too. As Sam's shaking hands tried to wrap around Marlow's leg, he brought up his fist, plunging it across the agent's head before turning to the man behind him who produced a baseball bat. Kensi and Deeks watched in horror as Marlow belted their friend with the stick of wood, each blow more concentrated than the last until he finally threw the bat behind him. It crashed against the concrete wall and clattered to the ground, however its sound was drowned out my Marlow's yells. "This is what happens when you ask things you are not meant to!" Marlow bellowed, bending low and screeching into Sam's ear. He proceeded to land several more blows to the agent's face before trying to haul him up and slam him into the concrete floor. Luckily for Sam, it was no easy task to pick up all that muscle, charged by adrenaline or not and Marlow's efforts only managed to succeed in picking up his shoulders.

Marlow turned back to one of his men, snatching a camera from him before roughing shoving it back. A small red light flickered in the corner as Marlow knelt down in front of Sam. "This is what happens to vermin! This is what happens when one rat does something I don't like! Your time is ticking NCIS, bring me what I want and drop it off to my people at 6pm tomorrow in Courtside Park or more rats get hurt!" Marlow practically screamed before bringing his hand across his throat, signalling for the camera to be turned off. Getting up from the ground he walked over to stand in front of the other two agents, his eyes darting between them before he flew out of the cell.

When Marlow's men had left, Kensi and Deeks moved as close as they could to Sam, crouching on the floor with their shackled foot behind them, desperately trying to reach their friend. To their relief, Sam was just close enough for Deeks to reach, and he quickly ran his hands over the agent's body, trying to determine what was of the most importance.

With Callen-

There was more warning this time when room was plunged into light and the door was swung open. Callen could hear Marlow's feet thundering outside in the hallway long before they were standing before him. With one hand, Marlow held Callen's head forward and with the other he held the camera; forcing Callen to watch his latest recoding. The sight of Sam made Callen want to yell and hold this nut-job down against the floor while he pounded him with his fist. He wanted to watch as Marlow's face paled before turning black from the bruises he would be lucky enough to receive. That fact that he had a job to bring criminals to justice instead of killing them didn't bode well with his desires, because the idea of Marlow in a body bag was far more tempting.

"What did you do?" Callen yelled, yanking his arms against the ropes that bound them. His temper was hot enough to melt gold, but Marlow didn't even falter.

"Exactly what he deserves!" He screeched, pressing his face close to Callen's, "That's what he gets, that's what you all get".

Just as fast as he had come in, he left, fury whisking his body out of the cell as Callen yelled after him.

In ops-

"Nell?" Eric's voice hesitantly called, "We have a new email," he continued, a slight quiver following his words.

"Play it Mr Beal," Hetty's strong voice spoke, making both Eric and Nell jump at her sudden appearance.

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