Degrassi: Emma's Revenge

By DragonEmperor999







It was a nice day outside and most of the kids are out ether playing or relaxing on the weekend.

But at Emma Nelson's House on this particular Saturday and Emma Nelson the daughter of Spike is in her room mad at what happened and mad at her ex boyfriend Sean.

Emma is wearing a blue striped shirt under a light blue denim jacket opened, Blue pants and white shoes and she's in bed.

See the other day Sean has had a very run in with a very annoyed Sean Cameron her ex boyfriend and after the shove she revived from him at the fight he and Jimmy had she just didn't want to talk to Sean for a while.

She is also still sad that she and Sean broke up.

Just then a knock at her bedroom door is heard and Emma looked at the door.

"Come in." She said.

The door opened and Emma's Beat female friend Manny Santos came in and she sees Emma still in Bed.

Manny is wearing a Green Short Sleeved shirt under a Dark Blue Denim Jacket, Blue Pants and Brown shoes.

Manny was worried at Emma and went to her best friend. "Hey Emma, your mom told me you'd be up here!" spoke Manny. "You feeling ok?"

Emma nodded. "Leave me be Manny." said Emma. "I want to be left alone."

Manny got on her best friend's bed. "Hey come on Emma, tell me what's wrong and I'll try and help." She assured.

Emma looked at Manny who smiled and Emma sighed.

"Very well, Sean and I broke up." revealed Emma.

At this made Manny became very flabbergasted by this new information. "WAIT WHAT, YOU AND SEAN BROKE UP!" Manny shouted in disbelief.

Emma nodded. "Yes we did Manny." replied Emma.

Manny shook her head. "EMMA WHY WOULD YOU TWO BREAK UP!?" shouted Manny. "You two made such a good couple."

Emma looked at Manny. "The reason is because that Jerk pushed me on the ground hard when he and Jimmy were having a fight." revealed Emma in an angry voice.

Manny nodded understanding the reason. "I see but we all know how Sean and Jimmy feel about each other, they are like two male hamsters or two male deer." said Manny but looked at Emma which a confused look. "But anyway Emma, go on tell me more."

"Well Sean was also rude when I was trying to help him after class and he told me he doesn't want to talk to me." revealed Emma. "What a jerk."

Manny nodded. "Well Emma Sean was probably under a lot of pressure because of the test." added Manny.

"Maybe but Sean doesn't have to be such a jerk about it." added Emma.

At The house if Sean Cameron Sean who was in his bedroom and looking out the window sighed. Sean is wearing a Blue Turtleneck shirt under his usual Dark Blue Denim Jacket, Blue Pants & Brown Shoes.

He sighed and was wondering what Emma is doing.

"I can't believe that Emma broke up with me and all because I pushed her hard from that fight Jimmy and I had." said Sean to himself and he smiled. "I know I'll call her and tell her to meet me at the Dot."

Baa at Emma's house she and Manny were still talking and her cell phone rang and Emma saw it was Sean and she scoffed and refuses to answer.

"UGGH!" she shouted

Manny saw this and shook her head and she grabbed Emma's phone and answered. "Hey Sean." said Manny.

"MANNY!" shouted Emma.

Back at Sean's House Sean became very confused when Manny answered the phone instead of Emma.

"What in the name?" He asked in a confused confused voice. "Manny?" He asked voice and wondering why Manny was on his ex girlfriend's Cell Phone. "Why do you have Emma's Phone?"

Back at Emma's house Manny is mad.

"Well Sean, the reason I'm at Emma's phone and place and she told me what you did and how you two broke up!" snapped Manny.

Back at Sean's House.

Sean cringed at what Manny said and remembered what he did. "Yeah I feel really bad about that and I want to ask Emma to meet me at The Dot so I can apologize to her and see if she wants to get back together." said Sean.

Back at Emma's place.

Manny nodded and looked at the mad Emma. "Sean wants to meet you at The Dot and he wants to talk to you." said Manny.

Emma scoffed and huffed. "Tell that jerk I don't want to see him or hear what he has to say!" demanded Emma.

Many sighed. "Hold on Sean I'll talk to Emma real quick." She said and hung up the phone.

Back with Sean.

On the other line Sean was confused. "Ok bye?" He asked in confusion and scratched his head. "Is emma still mad at me?" he wondered and sighed. "If so I really should apologize."

Back with Emma & Manny Emma was mad. "How Dare Sean call me and ask for me to the Spoon and says he wants to talk to me after what he did." said an enraged Emma.

Manny shook her head at her best friend. "Come on Emma I'm sure he wants to apologize, what he did was an accident right?" asked Manny.

Emma glared at Manny. "He was still rude and it's bad enough I have to see him at School and Help him with homework at times but other then that I don't want to talk to him right now." snapped Emma.

The Phone rang and it was Sean again and Manny answered. "Hello?" asked Manny.

Back with Sean's place:

On the other line Sean was there. "Yes has Emma thought of what I asked?" asked Sean.

Back With Emma:

Manny nodded, looked at Emma who huffed and got back on the phone. "Well Sean," Manny started but thought of something and smiled. "Emma will be happy to meet you at The Dot and hear what you have to say." lied Manny.

Emma is shocked at what her best friend said.

Back with Sean.

On the other side Sean smiled. "Great I'll meet here there." said Sean and he hung up.

Back with Emma.

Manny smiled and closed the phone and saw a very mad Emma glaring at her.

"What?" She asked.

Emma got out of bed and gave manny a hard shove sending her out of bed. "HOW CAN YOU DO THAT!" shouted Emma.

"What, I just think you should listen what Sean has to say." revealed Manny. "Plus you two make a good couple."

Emma scoffed. "Fine, I'll go talk to Sean but your coming." said Emma.

Manny smiled and got up from the floor and walked to the door. "Good, I'll meet you there and get a table for us." said Manny and turned to Emma. "I just hope Sean isn't late." added Manny and she left for The Dot.

Emma grinned as a plot is forming in her head to get back as Sean. "Oh I'm pretty sure Sean will be late meeting us at The Dot, once I'm done with him." She said to herself and left.

Back at Sean's Place Sean was about to leave when his older brother Tracker Cameron saw him. "Going somewhere Sean?" asked Tracker.

Sean looked at Tracker. "I'm going to The Dot, I want talk to Emma and apologize for shoving her and yelling at her." explained Sean.

Tracker nodded. "Emma is a good influence and you both made a good couple." replied Tracker and smiled at his brother. "Ok well be good and be carful."

Sean nodded and left for The Dot.

Meanwhile With Emma she was at a wall near the river and she was waiting for Sean so she can get back at him for shoving her.

"Come on Sean I know your coming here, you sometimes like to walk along side the river in the Canal." Emma said to herself and looked and saw no one coming. "Where are you you jerk?"

With Sean he was walking near a river canal with his hands in his jacket pockets and he sighed as he looked at the River.

"I hope Emma hears what I have to say to her and not ignore me." He said to himself.

Unknown to him Emma was hiding near a wall and she sees Sean coming and Emma frowned.

"Come on Sean get closer." Emma whispered to herself and grinned wickedly. "Your almost where I want you."

Just then Sean came by and looked at the side and continued walking as he walked Past Emma.

Emma became mad and started to run to her ex boyfriend and she placed her hands on Sean's back of his denim jacket with her arms out and she got on him and gave the Light Brown Haired boy a super hard push at the back and side of his denim jacket.

"HEY WHAT YAAAAAAAAAAA!" screamed Sean as he got pushed very hard and stumbled forward from the push.

That pushed sent him flying off the canal and into the water where Sean was waving and kicking the air and he fell face first into the water in a HUGE SPLASH!

Satisfied with her victory Emma smiled. "That will show Sean." She said to herself and laughed. "Better get to the Dot to meet Manny." She smiled more and started to walk to The Dot when she hears splashing sounds and she stopped and sees and hears something that worried her.

Sean is splashing under water as he swam to the surface as he gasped for air and realizes he has but goes back under water.

Emma stood there with her mouth open and in shock as she realizes what she has done.

She blinked and she continued to see Sean flailing, gasping and splashing under water and not resurfacing.

Back in the water Sean continues to splashing and flailing under water as he realized someone pushed him in the water. Sean resurfaced eyes closed and spits some water out of his mouth.

Emma blinked and shook her head at this and continues to see what Sean is doing in the water.

Sean then swims on the surface and under water to find a latter or steps to get to land and stopped and sighed.

Emma just shook her head and left before Sean could see her.

Sean stopped swimming and looked around for a ladder to get outnof the water but he went back under and continue to swim.

At Dot Manny was at a table when Emma arrived and Manny saw her.

"Hey Emma, I saved ya a table." She said.

Emma smiled. "Thanks Manny." She said and sat down.

Manny smiled and looked around. "Sure hope Sean gets here so he can apologize and tell ya something." said Manny.

Emma grinned. "Who knows?" She asked.

Just then Sean came in and everyone gasped and saw Sean still soaking wet from his unexpected swim in the river on his way to the Dot.

Manny Gasped while Emma grinned she and Manny went to Sean.

"Oh my god Sean what happened?" Emma asked sarcastically.

"Yeah why are you dripping wet like you've been pushed into a river?" asked Manny surprised.

Sean sighed and looked at Emma & Manny. "I don't know, one minuet I was walking to the Dot dry and the next thing I know someone pushed me from behind and I was sent flying and fell in the water." revealed Sean.

Manny nodded. "Hey listen how about you head home and get in dry clothes before you catch a cold." said Manny.

Sean nodded. "Yeah I guess that's a good idea." He said and turned to Emma. "Listen Emma I hope to talk to you again soon." He said and left.

Manny sighed. "Who would push Sean in the water and make him late?" asked Manny.

Emma just grinned. "Who indeed." She said. "Who indeed." With that Emma laughed and Manny just looked at Emma.

At Home Tracker was working on his motorcycle when he saw Sean coming and he was still dripping wet and he gasped in shocked.

"Sean?" He asked and went to his brother. "What happened to you?"

Sean just shook his head and looked at his older brother. "Don't ask Tracker, someone just pushed me into the river." explained Sean

"Well are ya ok?" asked a worried Tracker.

"No damage, just wet clothes and jacket is all." answered Sean

Tracker nodded. "We'll come on inside and I'll get you some soup and you can change it of those wet clothes." said Tracker as he placed a hand on his wet brother.

Sean smiled. "Thanks." He said.

With that the two brothers went in the house.