This little beauty reminds me of simpler times in Supernatural, think Season 1 and classic hurt/comfort.

Tag to Nightmare. Hurt Sam! Protective big bro Dean.

Summary:"No man I-I moved it." Sam paused. "Like Max." Dean stopped. "Oh."

Sam had never moved something with his mind before. He should have known it would have its own repercussions.

Warning: Everything you hear about this year has been fear and warnings and a load of shit. Read some SPN and escape for a bit. Good god, I do.

Stay safe! Wear a mask.


"Actually, there's...something else too." Sam focused on packing his bag as he avoided Dean's eyes.

Dean's face scrunched up, tossing his shirt he turned to grab his jackets that were hung on the chair.

"Aw jeez, what?"

"When Max locked me in that closet...that big cabinet against the door…I-" Sam lost his voice for a moment, grateful to be looking at Dean's back.

Sam looked down, shoving his laptop in his backpack, he rushed out the last few words.

"I moved it." He grunted.

"Huh." Dean grinned with his voice, glancing back at Sam. "Got a little more upper body strength than I gave you credit for."

Sam's lips parted. "No man, I moved it, like...Max." Sam whispered the last word, hesitating to look his brother in the eye. He swallowed.

"Oh…" Dean said gently. "Right." He blinked.

"Yeah…" Sam answered quietly, fear creeping into his voice. He quickly turned and sighed, hands reaching out to his duffel for something to do other than look at Dean.

Something akin to fear flashed across Dean's face and he licked his lips quickly, eyes darting to the desk to mask it. He reached for a spoon.

Frowning Dean focused on the spoon in his fingers and quickly composed himself. He didn't need Sam to worry about all of this more than he already was. And Dean he was.

"Bend this." Dean said strongly. Big brother toning his voice.

Sam opened his mouth in protest. "I can't turn it on and off Dean!"

Dean definitely heard the fear lacing Sam's words that time.

"Well how'd you do it?" Dean asked.

"I don't know, I can't control it…" Sam's breath hitched. "I saw you die just came out of me like a punch…"

Sam shrugged. Desperate to try and explain how he could have just moved something with his mind. He was having a hard time believing it all himself and that scared him enough.

"You know, like a ... freak adrenaline thing."

Dean stared at his brother and saw the worry coating Sam's face.

He schooled his features and strengthened his words, tossing the spoon back.

"Well I'm sure it won't happen again."

Freak adrenaline thing, you said so yourself.

Sam frowned, the thoughts clouding his mind made him easily readable and he was spooked.

"Yeah...maybe…" Sam whispered.

Turning to face Dean suddenly, Sam's breath caught in his throat. "Aren't you worried man? Aren't you worried I could turn into Max or something?"

Dean heard Sam's voice waver. So that's what he's worrying about…

Never. Dean thought.

Determined to nip this in the bud, Dean used his best big brother voice.

"Nope no way." He said smoothly. "Know why?" He quirked his lips.

"No, why?" Sam asked wide eyed.

"Cause you've got one advantage that Max didn't have." Dean pointed at Sam matter of factly as he rolled his jeans and packed them.

"Dad?" Sam asked desperately. "Because dad's not here Dean."

Dean grinned as he threw on his leather jacket. "No, me."

His little brother stared at him like he was a lifeline.

"Long as I'm around, nothing bad is gonna' happen to you." Dean smirked like he could do anything and Sam believed him.

Moving on quickly, Dean tossed his duffel over his shoulder and walked up to his little brother.

"Now then, I know what we need to do about your premonitions…" Dean said as casually as he could muster. "I know where we have to go."

Sam's eyes followed Dean's every move.

"Where?" Sam leaned in.

Dean paused a moment, inwardly smiling at the fear already melting from Sam's features.

"Vegas." Dean said matter of factly. Then grinned.

He saw the fear leave Sam's face in an instant and his brother open his mouth, then shake his head and scoff, dimples flashing as he gave a small smirk.

Dean decided to knock the final nails into the coffin of Sam's self doubt right here and now and followed his brother, still shaking his head out to the car.

"What?" Dean shrugged. "C'mon man. Craps table..."

Dean heard Sam's scoff become a chuckle.

"We'd clean up."

Watching as Sam climbed in the impala, Dean waited until he turned to shut their door to let the worry bloom over his face and he squeezed his eyes shut for a second.

These last few days had spooked him, for sure. Sam more so. But he didn't have any answers and he worried what it could all mean, worried for Sam.

Pushing it deep down, and schooling his features, Dean left his key in the door of their rented room and turned, a small smile already on his lips for Sam.

He could worry about this, so Sam didn't have to. That's what big brothers were for.

Opening his own door he slid into the impala and started her up.

Licking his lips, Dean tilted his head toward Sam playfully. "You sure, you don't wanna' try Vegas?"

This time Sam smiled across at him with a little more warmth in his eyes.

Sam leant back in his seat, shaking his head and closing his eyes as he ignored his big brother.

"Alright." Dean shrugged, like it was Sam's loss.

He checked the rear view and rolled out onto the street.

Sam settled himself against the passenger door and stretched his legs under the dash.

As the familiar engine vibrated through him when Dean hit the interstate, Sam felt himself start to drift off, some of the weight on his shoulders lifted. The niggling thoughts that were clawing into his mind with dread and worry about his latest show of psychic talent were well and truly stomped out thanks to Dean. Sam let his smile banish the rest of them away and tucked his head back along the seat and the window as he heard Dean mess with the tape deck. As he felt sleep claim him, Sam heard the soft throngs of classic rock echo through the car.

Dean's sudden voice laced with concern shot Sam back to the real world.

"Sammy? Hey!?"

Blinking to clear his vision, heart in his throat Sam lurched in his seat and shot glassy eyes toward Dean's voice.

Dean was leant toward him, one hand on the wheel, one firmly gripping his arm, worry framing his face as he flitted between Sam and the road.

Sam frowned at his brother, his breaths steadying as he came to.

Darkness still shrouded the car's interior, but far off into the horizon dawn was just starting to break over the hills and the sky flared a bright blue ahead.

Sam could clearly see the concern gleaming in his brother's green eyes.

"Wh't...?" Sam swallowed, voice still thick with sleep.

"You okay?" Dean asked, looking Sam up and down.

Sam had a few seconds of confusion, brows knitted together, and then he was reaching for his head as he gasped, pressing into his forehead.

"Sam!" Dean yelled, fingers tightening on Sam's arm. The car jerked as Dean swiftly slammed on the breaks, cursing to himself, not once letting go of Sam's arm.

Sam kneaded at his forehead as pain sliced through his skull. The headache flared to life as it throbbed behind his eyes and another jolt made him tense, fingers fisting in his hair Sam cried out, pushing himself deeper into the passenger door.



Sam gasped as pain stole his breath and his head felt like it might split in two, he clenched his eyes shut and grit his teeth.

Keening low at the back of his throat Sam felt Dean's hold tighten. This time a wave of pain threatened to take him under and he couldn't stop the broken sound that choked out of him.

Something ghosted his upper lip as his head pounded. It felt like pressure was going to crush Sam's skull as it pulsed in his temples.

"Shit!" Dean cursed, the car swerving as Dean skidded onto the bumpy side road.

Suddenly feeling Dean's hands on him, tugging him up roughly, Sam tried to force his eyes open but the pain took his breath and he gasped.

"Sammy! Hey!" Dean's voice wavered with worry, leaning close. He was tipping Sam's head down and pressing something against his face, fingers splayed on the back of Sam's neck.


Dean felt Sam tense under his hand before he heard his muffled cry and he gave Sam a reassuring squeeze on the nape of his neck. Sam's thundering pulse against his palm worried him but Dean tired to not let that show just how much.

Sam pressed his head into his hand as he leaned sideways into Dean's touch, sagging, he fisted his brothers shirt with a death grip.

His breath was harsh to his own ears and he grimaced, leaning further into his brother. Blood rushed in his ears and his headache spiked.

Sam grunted, pushing at his head as he doubled over.
Dean held him steady as Sam's breath stuttered and he shook against him.

"D'n!" Sam choked, voice thick. He gasped again. "H'ts."

"Hey, hey hey...take it easy Sammy." Dean said softly, ignoring the wobble in his voice.

Slowly canting his head Dean checked the napkins in his hands currently held under Sam's nose, and cursed under his breath as he carefully eased Sam further forward.

Sam used one hand to shakily brace himself on the dash, the other still fisted tight in his brothers shirt.

Sam tried to slow his catching breaths as pain still beat behind his eyes like the stab of knives.

"Ah!" Sam jerked into Dean, head pressing hard against Dean's shoulder.

Sam squeezed his eyes shut, clenching his jaw, lips tight. Sweat felt like icy drips down his back and he shivered.

Dean carefully tilted Sam's head up, gently cupping his cheek as Sam shuddered a breath and winced to try and open his eyes.


The waves of pain were beginning to teeter out and some of the tension left Sam, leaving him weak and light headed.

After a few moments, Dean leaned with a sagging Sam as he helped him sit back in his seat against the Chevy's leather.

Sam carefully cracked his eyes open, seeking out his brother, pain lines still creasing on his forehead.

Dean made sure to keep his hand cupped on Sam's neck as he held his brothers head up and bunched up the napkins to wipe away some of the blood running from Sam's nose.

Sam swallowed thickly, throat bobbing.

Dean made sure the flow had stopped before he sat back himself, bloody tissues in hand, releasing Sam's neck so he could rest his head against the seat Dean moved his hand to Sam's knee and gave a gentle squeeze.

"Hey...?"Dean whispered.

Sam's brows knitted together and his eyes watered as he looked at Dean. Fear shone brightly in his little brothers eyes and something in Dean twisted at seeing it so raw and open on Sam's face.

"You okay?" Dean asked gently.

Sam's jaw ticked and he breathed strongly through his nose. He nodded gently.

Dean's careful gaze flicked Sam up and down, taking notice of how pale he looked and shaken. His hand never left Sam's knee.

"What you see?"

Sam frowned and his eyes slipped shut again. He shook his head.

"N't a vision..."

This time Dean frowned, worry tightening in the pit of his stomach. Wasting no time, the elder Winchester gently felt around Sam's thick mop of hair for any bumps or swelling that he could put this down to.

"I don't have a concussion." Sam mumbled as Dean finished fondling his head.

"Did Max knock you out?" Dean asked quickly, tilting Sam's face toward him to check for any wounds he might have missed from earlier.

Sam winced in his hold but shook his head softly.

"Nothing knocked me out." Sam defended, letting Dean tip his head back and up despite there being no need. He could see the blaze of concern dark green in Dean's eyes and let his brother gently press and probe his face too.

Dean's brows knit together as he found no wound, no injury that would mean Sam's nose would be bleeding.

This close Sam could feel Dean's coffee tinted breath graze his face, could practically see the cogs of worry turning in Dean's overprotective mind.

As the elder Winchester opened his mouth to speak Sam beat him to it.

"I'm not concussed. "Sam said softly, pain still putting an edge to his voice. "I'm not having an aneurysm either."

Dean's eyes widened just a fraction, but Sam caught it.

"How would you even know if-"

"I'm not. This isn't...I don't need a hospital." Sam finally said, staring at his brother.

Dean didn't look at all convinced.

"So headaches and nose bleeds for no reason are what? Normal now?" Dean let go of Sam's face, but didn't move out of his personal space.

Sam looked uncomfortable.

"What?" Dean asked, worry again coating thick on his words.

"I don't think...this is entirely medical..." Sam shrugged, he winced and then cast his eyes down to his lap, hair hiding his eyes.

"Sam? What? What is it?"

Dean knew that look, it was Sam's I-think-I've-figured-this-out-but-I-don't-want-to-share mixed with I-know-something-you-don't-and-you-won't-like-it.


Sam licked his lips and tilted his head up, he stared out at the road ahead, the clumps of trees scattered at the roadside grow thicker up unto the hill. He was vary aware of Dean's eyes on him.

"I think..." Sam faltered, frowning and swallowing. "Max said...when it started for him...before he-he practiced he had headaches, nose bleeds, nightmares..." Sam cleared his throat and looked out the passenger window, staring right through Dean's reflection. "When I started...having nightmares...the-the real ones...with Jess...I had headaches-a few nosebleeds...what if-" Sam hitched a breath. "What if this is next? Me...moving stuff...what if...ugh..."

"Hey-Sammy." The order in Dean's voice compelled Sam to turn to face him and Dean's stomach clenched at the fear in Sam's eyes.

"You never told me you had nosebleeds before." Dean said softly.

"I didn't- I didn't put them together at the time."

"And now you think 'cos you moved something this one time-all this psychic stuff is gonna' get worse?"

Sam turned wide eyes to his older brother. "Doesn't this freak you out!? This is just how Max started-"

"No." Dean said strongly. "It isn't." Dean shook his head. "Max figured out he had a gift and the first thing he did was gas his dad."

Dean stared hard at Sam.

"The first thing you did was jump in to save the people- and you didn't even know those people. Do you think Max would have-"

"How do you know?" Sam choked. "How do you know I-I'm not-"

"Cos I know you Sammy." Dean said with confidence.

"Look- you said yourself you can't control it. Moving stuff? Have you ever been able to do that before?"


"And we just happen to be working a case with a psychic kid who can move stuff with his mind? Nah too much of a coincidence."


"You ever had this many visions at once before?"

Sam frowned as he thought for a minute.


"Okay-and what, psychic whatever is just energy right?"

"Well it's more like a huge interconnected-"

"So energy. Maybe you're like a lightening rod to it. like a channel or something and you tapped into Max's energy or something. Maybe you're just picking it up?"

"Okay...even if...I'm still-" Sam stumbled with his words.

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed Sam." Dean said all matter of fact.

"What did you just say?"

"Hey-I know stuff. " Dean gestured vaguely. "So ever think the reason this is so...painful for you is cos it isn't yours? That you get caught in the middle somehow of all this energy and it...messes you up..."

"I'm not messed up." Sam whined.

Dean shot Sam an oh-yeah? look and raised his eyebrows.

"'s possible..." Sam admitted. "I might just be...I dunno...getting interference." Sam rubbed his face with his hands.

Dean nodded like it was the most logical explanation.

Dean also noticed some of the fear leaving Sam's frame and he smiled inwardly.

"There's still time man." Dean smiled.

Sam frowned. "For what?"

"Vegas is only six hours if we haul ass now-"

"No Dean. We are not going to Vegas."

Sam finally laughed, shaking his head at Dean.

"Just drive Dean." Sam sighed.

"You sure? You're okay-"

"Yes I'm okay. Just- drive Vegas boy."

As Dean pulled back onto the road he scoffed at Sam.

"Boy?! Think Man. Great Man."

"Yeah yeah, you're a great man."

And Sam meant it.


Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! x