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Sam glanced over at his phone when it started buzzing against his thigh. He'd hidden it on top of his thigh as soon as the meeting started. Sure, PR stuff was important and, honestly, Sam was willing to do anything to lessen the amount of stress poor Pepper had to deal with, but it was boring. If staying sane meant sneaking a few moments of gaming during the meeting, then who could blame him? Certainly not Bruce who was completely asleep in his chair. Besides, Sam was clearly one of the people who needed the least amount of damage control with his image.

The phone buzzed again, and Sam made sure to actually read the caller name that time. It was… Klaus? Weird. He didn't normally call. Klaus preferred texting. Well, he preferred talking in person which they did fairly often now that Klaus was living halfway out of his old house and halfway out of Sam's flat. The phone buzzed. Sam frowned; the only reason Klaus would be this insistent on calling and not just texting was if this was an emergency. Lips pursed, Sam started to carefully slide out of his chair, hoping to cause the least amount of distraction.

Unfortunately, Pepper was terrifying, and her gaze locked onto him in a split second, "Where are you going?"

Sam grimaced, "Phone call." She didn't let up on his glare so he tried, "It might be an emergency?"

"No one is to leave this room until everyone is sorted," Pepper said firmly, "You all promised that at the beginning of this meeting. Because I know all of you and I know that if I even so much as open the door a crack, you'll all be gone with 'important things to do' and I'm not letting you get away again. This needs to be dealt with!"

Sam winced, "I know, I know, but this is one my vets. Come on, Pep. He doesn't normally call unless it's important."

Pepper narrowed her eyes for a moment before she finally relented, "You can answer the phone, but you do it here. No. Leaving."

Lips quirking up a little at her determination, Sam pressed answer and put the phone to his ear, "Hey man, what's up?"

"Sam! Sam, I have excellent news! Where are you? You need to come to my house immediately! No, shut up Ben. He needs to come immediately. You're clingy!" Klaus shouted, words quickly devolving into a whispered argument with Ben.

Sam raised his eyebrows, "Klaus, buddy. I need you to stop arguing with Ben. What's going on? Are you alright?"

"I'm better than alright!" Klaus cried. Sam could almost see the manic grin on his face. Sam's eyebrows drew together, a little worried at the behavior. As if he could read Sam's mind, Klaus added, "Ben says to tell you that I promise the only drug I'm on right now is happiness."

"Is that a new street name for a drug or are you really clean?" Sam asked sardonically. He knew that Klaus knew that he was just joking otherwise he would have never risked the sarcasm. At the beginning of Klaus's healing, Sam hadn't been allowed to joke about stuff like that. Klaus's siblings accused him of slipping back into old habits often enough that when Sam said it, it had felt just like another accusation.

Klaus laughed, delighted, "I'm really clean. Which is why you really need to come to my house right now."

"Here, let me ask if I can. I'm in the middle of a meeting right now," Sam said, ignoring the sounds of Klaus and Ben getting into another argument (and, maybe, a scuffle from the sounds coming from the phone). Sam gave Pepper an apologetic look, "He says that I need to go over to his place right away."

"He didn't sound upset," Pepper said slowly. It was clear she wanted to be able to let him go but didn't trust her ability to keep the rest of them if she let Sam go.

Sam shrugged, "I don't really know what's up, but it's important to him. Even if it's a good thing, he needs the affirmation that someone cares about his accomplishments."

Pepper sighed, "Fine! Fine. You're not the one this meeting is for anyways."

Sam smirked again, hearing the groans of the others as they realized that Sam was going to get out of this and they weren't. As least Natasha and Wanda seemed amused at the interruption. Sam turned back to the phone, "Hey, Klaus? I'm good to go. I'll start heading over now. I should be there in about 20 minutes."

"Awesome!" Klaus chirped before hanging up.

"Alright, I'm out," Sam said, standing up and slipping his phone in his pocket.

"I hate you," Clint asked, slouching in his seat. The others groaned dramatically as Sam stretched and headed towards the door. Pepper looked like she was one noise away from murder.

When Sam got in the car, Happy asked for the address. Sam winced and admitted, "The Hargreeves mansion."

"The place where all those Umbrella Academy brats live?" Happy asked incredulously.

"That's the one," Sam sighed.

Happy snorted and started driving, "How long have you been working with them? You know half of the others hate them. Tony's always complaining about how they're just obnoxious kids who can't keep their life together."

"I haven't been working with them," Sam explained, "Not like that. One of them is a vet. I've been helping him out since he had a tough time coming back stateside. Probably because time travel and assassins were involved."

"I don't want to know," Happy announced flatly. Sam grinned. Happy's determination to pretend that the world they lived in was still normal was one of Sam's favorite things about him.

Happy turned an incredulous stare onto Sam the moment they stopped in front of the Hargreeves mansion. He ignored it in favor of exiting the car and starting up the steps. Happy didn't get a chance to say anything before there was a flash of blue light at the top of the stairs. Sam blinked in shock at the sight of Five glaring down at him, sipping a margarita through a curly straw.

No matter how many times Sam ran into the other Hargreeves siblings, they still weirded him out. Five was definitely one of the odder ones, even if he had taken to sitting in on some of Klaus's open healing sessions. Klaus had admitted that he'd seen Five privately doing some of the exercises that Sam recommended. It was that knowledge that gave Sam the mental fortitude to raise a hand and say, "Hey, Five. How's it going?"

"What are you doing here?" Five demanded, narrowing his eyes at Sam.

"Klaus called. He has something to show me," Sam answered, "He seemed pretty excited, but I was in a meeting, so, well, I had Happy drive me."

"Hm," Five responded. After a moment of truly awkward silence where he and Happy stared intensely at each other, he looked back towards Sam, "That must be why he's making so much noise. He was shrieking about something earlier." He paused for one more moment before announcing, "I'm coming with you," and dramatically turning on his heel and stalking into the building.

Confident only because he knew Five couldn't see him, Sam rolled his eyes at the kid's melodrama. The vast, vast majority of the time, Five was the only one in the family with half a braincell but he was also the definition of cantankerous.

Silently, the two of them trudged upstairs. And then further upstairs. And then further. Sam would never not be horrified by the size of the house. Finally, they made it to the attic area. The door opened by itself, almost smacking Five in the face. Five growled at Klaus but Klaus just snickered, "Sorry! I misjudged!"

"You need to stop opening doors with your telekinesis. It's obnoxious," Five grumbled, finding himself a seat and then lounging back in it. Klaus just beamed at him. Sam had been working with Klaus on his powers and the kid had come pretty far. They'd discovered that he could do a lot with making the ghosts corporeal. They'd also found the levitation and the telekinesis.

"Hey Klaus," Sam smiled, drawing Klaus in for a hug which was enthusiastically returned.

Klaus grinned at him, fingers worrying each other for a moment before he waved the one that said 'hello' on it at Sam, "Welcome to my humble abode, dear Sam!"

"What did you want to show him?" Five interrupted, glaring around the room like he could figure it out just from that.

Klaus's grin turned softer, quiet and personal and intimate in a way Klaus didn't normally allow others to see. He looked right at Sam as he said, "I wanted to introduce you to someone." He didn't say anything else after that, instead closing his eyes and making two fists in front of him. He slowly turned the fists, blue light engulfing them. Five made an inquiring noise behind Sam.

But Sam's eyes were on only one thing. Standing next to Klaus, expression lovestruck and oh so very proud, was Dave Katz.

Sam's jaw dropped at the sight even as Klaus clasped hands with Dave and started swinging them back and forth. He grinned at Sam, a smile brighter than the sun on his face, "Sam, Five, meet the most perfect man ever to exist, Dave Katz. Dave, meet my wonderful friend Sam and my brother Five!"

Sam almost didn't collect himself in time but thankfully he was able to stutter out, "Nice to meet you, man," as he reached out a hand for a handshake.

Dave shook his hand with a grin that almost rivaled Klaus's, "Nice to meet you, too. Klaus has told me a lot about you. Some while we were waiting but some back in 'Nam, too. I just – I know this is a little heavy for the first time we met, but I have to thank you, sir, for saving Klaus. If you hadn't saved him and if I had never met him… nothing would have been worth it."

By that point, Klaus had turned a soft, dopey expression onto Dave. Sam felt tears prick his eyes at the looks the two exchanged. Sam had never believed in soulmates or predestined lovers. But in that moment, he felt like if he reached out between the two of them, there would be a passionate red ribbon tying them together, dragging them closer with every breath. The looks that the two of them gave each other told Sam that there would never and could never be another for them. They were made for each other in a way Sam wasn't sure he would ever understand.

The moment was broken when Five said imperiously, "Nice to meet you, Dave. If you hurt Klaus ever for any reason, I will find out about it. It doesn't matter if I can't see you or hear you. I will know. And I will make sure you hurt."

"Aw!" Klaus squealed, "Old man Five does care!"

Dave was staring levelly at Five though. He straightened to attention and nodded down at Five, "Yes sir!"

A new voice broke the moment, "Now for the next phase!"

Sam smiled at Ben, trying to not smirk at the way Five's entire being softened at the blue glowing figure of his brother as he said, "Hey Ben."

"Hey, Five," Ben responded happily.

"What phase?" Klaus asked, glancing between Ben and the others curiously. Ben smirked but didn't say anything. Klaus turned to Dave, "Daveeee! What phase?"

Ben passed something smoothly to Dave before he came to stand over by Sam and Five. Sam raised an eyebrow at Ben, but Ben wouldn't say anything, content to simply stand there and smirk. Sam turned the eyebrow on Klaus, but his eyes were fully focused on Dave.

Dave took in a deep breath, "This phase." With that, he fell gracefully to one knee, pulling out a ring box. Klaus put his hands to his face, eyes so wide Sam was worried they were going to fall out. Not that Sam was much better. His heart might just burst from how wholesome the scene in front of him was.

Dave looked up at Klaus, "Klaus Hargreeves. I know that I'm dead and you, well, can't quite seem to die, but we have this. We can see each other and touch each other and be with each other. Forever. Even after everything that happened. And, well, I'm always going to want to be with you. No matter what. You are my everything, Klaus. My love for you will always eclipse everything else. And, well, you know me. I'm old-fashioned. So, I had to ask. I had to. Klaus Hargreeves, will you marry me?"

Klaus was crying by the time Dave was done. He sobbed out the word, "Yes! Yes, yes, yes," on repeat, dropping to his own knees to drag Dave into a crushing hug.

Sam felt somewhat like he was intruding on something special with the way Five and Ben were quietly trying to wipe away their own tears. But… in an odd way, Sam needed this. For eight, almost nine years, Sam had been haunted by the memory of a scrawny kid trying to jump off a bridge at 17 years old. Seeing this? Seeing that kid happy and bright in his home – the place that had caused him so much trouble when he was younger? Seeing that kid finally have enough meat on his bones to be considered healthy, wearing a dress without any concern about people's comments? Seeing that kid being proposed to by the love of their life? That healed something in Sam, something that had been stuck up on that bridge with Klaus for almost nine years now.

Over Dave's shoulder, Klaus's eyes met Sam's. Silently, tears of happiness still streaming down his bright face, Klaus mouthed the words, "Thank you."

Sam mouthed back, "Anytime. Always."

Klaus looked at him for a long moment before whispering, "I know."

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