You miss her already, don't you?

Twig heard his mother in his thoughts. He was caught looking into a manifestation of Hilda.

Yeah... he replied in his thoughts as well.

The two adult deerfoxes that were his parents come closer to him.

If you really love her, you can go back to her, his father told him.

I can do that? Twig is surprised that there's an opportunity for him to go back to Earth. To be with Hilda.

Yes, you can.

In fact, there's still time before the light that touches the ground can be closed, and it will return again for the deerfoxes to visit the planet for who knows how long.

But, father... mother... although he is happy that he got a chance to go back to Hilda, Twig is unsure about his parents. He just got the chance to see them again after being apart from who knows how long, and now he is going to leave them again.

It's okay. You have a home now, a real home.

And it's with her.

With his parents okay with his decision, Twig snuggles on their faces as a form of affection one last time before going back to his real home. To Hilda.

Just time in time as the snow came, he saw her crying over losing him. He licked her tear from her face to let her know that he really is home with her.

Author's Note: My first Hilda fanfiction story, so don't judge me if the conversation with Twig and his parents are just in their thoughts.