Word Count: 282 words

Mina screamed. A book came out of nowhere and fell on her desk.

"What's wrong?!" Aizawa asked.

Mina explained what happened and he told his class to back away from the book in case it's a bomb. Aizawa suspected a villain must have teleported the book with their quirk.

The School had to evacuate.

After the bomb squad cleared the book, it appeared the book was just an ordinary book after all. When Nezu read the book he was fascinated by the content.

The book was called the Ultra Analysis Book. One of the first section was called New Heroes.

Izuku Midoryia

Principal Nezu agreed about the stats about Izuku especially about his power and speed. He giggled at the fact his Aura level was one out of six. An "E".

Nezu decided to have his students look at the book one by one so they can see their power levels and know what they need to work on.


"Thanks to OFA, your power and speed levels are excellent. And of course, you are a young bright boy. However you need to work on your durability. It would be bad in a fight if you become incapiated so easily."

Izuku nodded his head as he jot down notes in his journal.

Principal Nezu is still unnerved that there is someone out there that knows so much about his students and other pro heroes. It would be bad if the book falls in the wrong hands.

A/N: The Ultra Analysis Book is also made by Horikoshi, the manga creator. The Book essentially has profiles, stats, trivia, concept art (and so much more) of its characters!