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It had been a week since i broke up with Wylie.

And he still wouldn't talk to me.

Well, it wasn't exactly his fault, i had broken up with him and to make matters worse i wouldn't tell him why I don't love him, not in the way he loves me.

Now i was standing before the main door at Fluttermont having as much idea as Marella what i was doing there.


I love her. I don't like her. I don't have a crush on her, i love her.

But it's impossible and wrong, that I should love a girl!

All of a sudden the bell rang from down the hall.

NO, it couldn't be, it wouldn't be, it shouldn't be but it was.

Her. Linh Song.


Marella opened the door and let me in.

"Come in Linh "She beckoned as we headed to Marella's bedroom.

"Umm hi"

"Linh you shouldn't be here what if Wylie finds out"

"Marella I broke up with him"

I moved closer to her


"Because I don't love him not in the way he wants me to"

"Who is it that you love then?"

I was leaning closer now, our bodies just a few centimetres away

"For a few months now me and Wylie have been awkward I realised I never loved him but to break up with him was unthinkable until I realised..."


"i knew it had to be you"

She kissed me then it was the kind of heat I needed and I craved more of it.

I knew then that it didn't matter whether we were a bad match and would be scorned by most.

All that matters is that we love each other.