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"What do you mean the storm is coming here?!"

"What do you think I mean?!"

Grace paced in the kitchen, "Ok, how do we even know it's the same storm? It could be any random system."

Pam showed her the screen, "Look. It has the exact same proportions and measurements you've proved all the previous incidents have had."

"Ok, but it's sustained. In the past, each freak storm has been the same, but this has been sustained for almost an hour now. The highest time it's been sustained for is seven minutes in the past. Why is it different now?"

"I don't know. But the trajectory has it put right over the house. It's almost like it would be targeting this house."

"Pam, storms can't target things."

"Yeah, but storms don't pop out of literally nowhere, then disappear after two minutes."

Grace pulled off her glasses, rubbing the bridge of her nose, "You have a point."

"Really? I do? I had no idea."

"Oh knock it off." Grace stood, walking to the garage, "Come help me set up the tech."

"Uh, WHAT?"


"Why are we setting up the tech?"

"Uh, so we can do our damn JOBS."

"Grace, GRACE!" Pam chased her to the garage, "The storm could be gone by the time it would get here. It could change course. And even if it doesn't, that thing is too strong. It'll destroy the tech. and us. At the rate its going, if nothing happens, it'll be here before we finish setting everything up."

Grace opened the garage door, listening to it creak as it lifted up, "We still have to try. If we can get comprehensive data on this storm, we can figure out how to predict it, and stop it from happening maybe."

Pam sighed, but helped Grace set everything up in the yard. When they were finished, the trees were starting thrash as the light faded and thunder shook the sky.

Grace stared out at the approaching storm. It was almost black, with lightning striking almost constantly, lighting the clouds up purple. One huge flash lit up a huge section of the sky, and her heart stopped.

It had looked like a person.

She shook her head. That was crazy. Lightning could look like a person maybe, but it wasn't like…

Pam gasped, "Grace, that's a person."

The lighting had stopped flashing in that section. It was just there constantly now. In the shape of a person.

A person moving directly towards them.

Grace locked eyes with the thing.

Wait, eyes?

How does it have eyes?

Pam grabbed her arm, "Grace, we need to get down to the bunker. NOW."

Grace stood, frozen as the thing approached. Pam yanked on her arm, screaming her name over the howling wind, before dragging her to the shelter.

Grace felt herself being lifted and looked down. Vines wrapped around her body and was carrying her to the shelter doors. She looked at Pam. Blood was dripping out of her nose as she held up a hand.

But the blood was green.


"I'm sorry Grace, but I won't lose you."

The vines dropped her down the hole as Pam jumped after her, closing the doors behind them. They heard the storm pass over them, and the doors rattled like something was trying to open them. The storm howled, sounding angry.

Then, it was gone.

They waited a few minutes in the silence and dark before Grace spoke.


"Don't. I'm not going to apologize for saving your life."

"why didn't you tell me?"

"Tell you what? That I'm a freak?!"

Grace whispered into the dark, "You're not a freak Pam."

"I can make plants grow at beyond extreme rates, and I can hear them. I'm a freak."

"If you're a freak, I am too."


Grace willed her hand to start glowing. Pam's face was illuminated slightly in the dim light.

"What? Grace?"

She willed the light to form balls floating around the room. It was bright now.

"I have powers too Pam."

"How long…?"

"I found out I had them about two or so weeks ago. I've been practicing it at night, while you sleep."

Pam smiled tiredly, "Same. Guess we're two freaks in a cellar."

"We can't tell anyone. Not yet."

"Agreed. I have no intention to be dissected."

Grace looked up at the door, "I think the storm is gone."

"I think so too."

They walked up into the sunlight, the balls of light disappearing. They looked around at all the downed limbs from the trees.

Grace smiled and pointed, "The tech stayed in place."

Pam frowned, "That's your concern?"


"Grace… that was a person. It came for us. What in the world was it even about?!"

"We can figure that out later. Come on. Let's get it back to the garage and see if the data came through."


Several days later

"So you're saying that all these people also have powers?"

Grace nodded, "Possibly. If they're lying, they can be excluded."

Pam crossed her arms, "How do we know if boss won't find out?"

"I did it anonymously at the library while wearing a hoodie and face mask. And I left no fingerprints. We should be good."

"Alright. What do you have?"

"They were all in Iceland with us."


"During the meteor event. They were all there. I think it's connected."

"Ok, so the event's radiation caused our DNA to mutate so we had powers?"

"In theory. But there's something you need to see." She pulled up satellite images of Iceland and zoomed in, "Look. The area it happened is blocked. By order of the government agency S.H.I.E.L.D."

"S.H.I.E.L.D? I've never heard of them. How do you know they're part of the government?"

"Because it's a government satellite used, so only the government would have access to it."

Pam sat, "What are they hiding?"

Grace leaned forward, "I don't know, but it has to be connected. All of it. The storm, the meteor shower, our powers, all of it."

"Do you think this, S.H.I.E.L.D knows about us?"

"Of our powers? Possibly not. At least not yet. Know of our prowess as scientists, maybe."

"What do they have to gain by hiding… whatever this is?"

She leaned back, "I don't know. But I think it's safe to say that this storm is on their radars too."

"What do we do?"

"Keep our heads down for a while. That storm is alive, you were right. It came for us. And it'll come again."


"All the people in Iceland, I checked their addresses."

She gasped, "You don't mean?"

Grace nodded, "Yeah. The storm showed up exclusively at their addresses, until recently."

"But why?"

"If I'm right about everyone in the area getting powers, I think the storm is a person. A person with powers, going after others with powers."

"How many are left?"

"There were close to a hundred people in Iceland that night. This storm has only shown up about… oh, less than two dozen times. If it only targeted a person at a time, and no-one managed to escape, it might have gotten around 20 people."

"I… I don't know."

Pam leaned back, closing her eyes, "What do we do with all this?"

"Again, I don't know. But, we can figure it out as we go along. We should find out a way to calm the storm if possible. And if I'm right and it's a person, we can have a trap ready and capture them. We can figure this all out. I can try to hack into S.H.I.E.L.D to find out what they're hiding in Iceland."

"Just…" Pam sighed, "Be careful Grace."

She walked away from the table and up the stairs, Grace turned back to the computer when she heard the door close.

It was time to work.


Several nights later

Grace sighed, staring up at the stars, tossing one of the sparkling rocks she had found on the property from hand to hand.

Nothing was making sense. None of her ticks were working.

The storm hadn't come back anywhere in the world since that day.

So many questions, no answers, and no way to get any.

She sighed, and looked at the rock. It seemed to glow in the starlight.

She scowled and threw it full force on the ground.

In exploded with a thousand colors in a column that was human sized. A man with dark hair, eyes and clothes appeared, looking around in shock and confusion.

He focused on her, glaring, "Who are you? Where am i?"

Hi English was almost perfect, but with a beautiful accent she'd never heard.

"What realm is this? Why have you summoned my? How did you even summon me?"

"I, uh, I. you're in California. I'm Grace Nûren. Um, I don't know what a realm is, unless you mean country, then this is America. I didn't mean to summon, and I don't know how I did. I just threw a rock. Who are you?"

He frowned at her, "I am Hogun of Asgard. God of truth, foresight, and knowledge. Now, what rock did you throw?"