Godzilla was dealing with King Ghidorah yet again while a thunderstorm was going on as a result of the alien space dragon, but while they were tumbling they were approaching the city of Hill Valley, being right by the Courthouse Square for a certain DeLorean was racing through the streets just as Ghidorah fired several gravity beams.

"Great Scott!" Doc Brown exclaimed upon connecting the cables together, with the clock striking and Ghidorah firing gravity beams that sent an electrical shock through the cable that in turn powered the DeLorean time machine enough to send it blasting through time.

Godzilla felt the sudden rush go right through his right foot, with him blasting his radioactive breathe at Ghidorah and knocking him down on various buildings. Of course Doc Brown was smart enough to realize that staying here was a bad idea and in turn dashed back home while Godzilla tried his best to save the earth from this galactic menace.