Johanna is getting worried. Ever since Hilda had to cancel their picknick just to do a Sparrow Scout activity of beach cleanup, she is becoming increasingly worried about her. Sure she liked her doing adventures, but why did she have a feeling that she is keeping her in the dark sometimes?

If that wasn't enough, it's getting late now, and she hasn't come back from her activity. She even watched the news on TV to see a giant monster rampaging by the seas. Knowing the beach is the area where the activity is being held, she is getting even more worried. What if Hilda and her friends hurt themselves?

That's the question she has in her mind right now.

"I got to call Raven Leader," she picked up the phone and dialed in the numbers to the Sparrow Scout headquarters. Lucky for her, Raven Leader is seen inside filing up the paperwork.

"I wonder who could be calling me at this hour," Raven Leader wondered as she picked up the ringing phone in front of her desk. "Hello?"

"Hi, Raven Leader. It's me."

"Johanna? Oh, it's good to hear from you. But why are you calling me at this hour? I'm busy, I got a lot of paperwork to be done."

"Well, I was wondering if you heard from Hilda, Frida, or David about their activity," Johanna said with worry on her face.

"What activity?" Raven Leader asked with confusion on her face.

"The one that Frida mentioned to me this morning. Hilda cancelled our picknick to do a Sparrow Scout activity of a beach cleanup."

"There is no activity for today."

Hearing the words just shocked Johanna. It couldn't be, but it is. She lied, Hilda lied. She wasn't doing a Sparrow Scout activity with her friends, she was out with them doing some adventure and once again, left her in the dark about it.

"Then what was she doing this whole time?" Johanna asked.

"Have you watched the news about the giant sea monster just now?" Raven Leader provided her a clue to her question.


"That's your answer. Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta put down the phone so I can continue with my paperwork. Bye."

As the call ended, Johanna couldn't believe that her own daughter lied to her of her plans. The words Raven Leader told her kept playing on her head as if she's trying to make sense of it. With her answer found, she sat to the dinner table, waiting for Hilda to come back home.

Tontu is seeing all this, and he knew that it won't be long until Hilda goes back home where her mum is going to confront her for her lying.

Author's Note: My second Hilda fanfiction story. I made some improvements myself from the last fanfic I made there.