Taylor was reading her emails on her phone while Sophia and Emma were watching tv when the bespectacled ravenette let out an aggravated sigh, "Ugh...I have a job offer I can't refuse..."

Sophia exchanged a glance with Emma, then asked, "And that's a bad thing?"

Pinching her nose while shifting her glasses in the process, Taylor dropped her head back and let out a put upon sigh only a teenager could manage, "It's an exorcism, and once asked to partake in that particular headache you have to take the contract or suffer possible future repercussions through memetic contamination if said entity gets bored. I more or less have to take the job at this point...jerks..."

Emma then spoke up, "Umm Taylor, you really don't keep anything related to exorcisms on hand because you hate dealing with them."

Taylor sighed as she nodded slowly, "Yeah, you're right, well nothing for it. Trip wanna violate the laws of physics and walk through a tear in the multiverse to visit a vault housing all the... interesting things my family has been collecting over the centuries?"

Sophia blinked slowly, glanced at Emma who shot her a resigned look in return, then shrugged lightly, "Err...sure I guess."

Taylor smiled, then nodded quickly, "Cool, take my hand, and for the love of Grandmother do not open your eyes until I tell you to."

With that she swiped her extended arm through the air and one of Spooky's portals opened up. Grabbing both girls hands she took a running jump into it while dragging them along.

What followed was an unnerving tingle that travelled up her spine that Sophia never wanted to experience again. Thankfully she did as she was told and didn't open her eyes until her girlfriend let out a chipper, "Ok we're safe...ish. You can open your eyes now."

Doing so Sophia blinked in shock as she found herself standing in the middle of a massive cavern filled with...stuff...

Gems, gold bricks, antique vases, sports cars, stacks of bearer bonds, ancient weapons, and so many twisted artifacts emanating malice saturated auras that it made her sanity hurt.

It took her a few moments to gather her wits, but eventually she managed to grind out, "Spooky, what the fuck is this?"

Taylor shrugged as she gestured for her girlfriends to follow along, "Eh, stuff my family found interesting, we're kinda magpies like that. Now where is that case..."

Walking through the mausoleum of trinkets and treasures no sane person could possibly imagine, Sophia eventually froze and pointed at a large brass and brushed steel blaster gun that looked like it was from a steampunk cosplay convention.

"The hell is that?"

Taylor paused, glanced over, and grimaced, "Oh, yeah, that. Dad call's it the Teslaser, said having the thing in our possession was a potential war crime, firing it...yeah..."

Approaching anachronistic looking weapon Emma leaned down and stared at it a moment, "Huh...never noticed this before, kinda sorta modern, but...isn't. Damn that is weird Tay, what's its deal?"

Taylor paused, then shrugged as she went into lecture mode, "So Thomas Edison was a complete and total jerk to Nikolai Tesla in life, and when he died, instead of moving on he decided to haunt Tesla. Tesla, driven beyond the bend by rants about direct current being better than alternating current in his dreams and unending whispers about his failures from the shadows while awake, eventually built an alchemically powered magitech gun designed to completely and utterly destroy its targets across the multiverse in one shot."

There was a brief pause, then Sophia muttered, "What. The. Fuck."

Taylor nodded slowly, "Yeah, dad said it was the 'Holy shit this stuff is kicking in, hold my beer, tremble before me for I am the Heterodyne!' equivalent of mad, that is to say, fun, science. It...worked, it just sort of destroyed Thomas Edison's soul across who knows how many universes while warping space and time causing the dinosaur extinction event sixty-six million years ago, the Tunguska explosion of 1908, and the sinking of Atlantis..."

There was dead silence for a time, then Taylor let out a put upon sigh, "Both mom and dad told me I'm not allowed to play with it until I'm older, annoying... Anywho, lets keep going, my exorcism gear is around here somewhere..."

Sophia and Emma exchanged glances, let out put upon sighs, and followed their girlfriend further into the cavern.

Just another Tuesday being friends with Taylor Hebert.

EDIT-The Teslaser is essentially Gene Starwind's Caster Gun from the Anime Outlaw Star, hehehe...I'm sure this won't ever be relevent...