I've come to an epiphany. I'm gonna write whatever I damn well want, and not even the All-Father himself can stop me. My power has grown to the point that even I can't control it.

You cowards will never stop me.

But seriously, trying to stick to a schedule has been stressing me out, so I'm just gonna write whatever, whenever. So I guess it's time for the real fun to begin.

The civilians in the small bank hit the ground screaming as bullets flew in from the front door, killing the only guard of the small establishment and shattering the glass. Following that, the door was kicked open and two people walked in. The first one inside was a woman wearing a pair of pink and purple camo yoga pants, a hoodie cut just above her belly with the same colouring and a cartoony bunny mask with the ears cut off, instead replaced by her organic ones, revealing her Faunus heritage, along with having multiple tattoos on her visible skin. Her hair was also purple and tied back in a ponytail going down the entirety of her back. The second one was a man who was the spitting image of a biker. He was dressed entirely in black with a leather jacket and jeans, along with leather gloves and a black industrial gas mask with a skull painted on. He was even wearing a balaclava of some sort under the mask, leaving none of his skin exposed. They were both wielding military-grade rifles, but the woman had a grenade launcher strapped to her back and the man had a large revolver holstered on his hip along with a duffel bag slung over his shoulder.

"I think you all know what's going down here, so just stay on the floor and no one has to die!" The woman yelled. "Well, except that guy." She gestured to the dead guard and giggled.

"You keep these civies in line, I'll get the goods." The man said, his voice heavily distorted by the mask, before running down the hall to the vault. As he did so a guard popped out of a broom closet and fired at him, but his Aura protected him. Unfortunately for the guard, he had no such luck. Leaving the dead man behind, he got to the vault door and took out his Scroll. He pressed a button and the wheel on the door spun before it slowly opened.

"Thank you technology." He said to himself before he went in. Inside was a clean metal table in the middle and safety deposit boxes covering the walls. He quickly located the specific one they were after and slung his duffel bag over. Opening it, he pulled out a heavy duty drill and jammed it into the keyhole before he started drilling. Sparks flew out of the hole as he slowly cut through the thick lock.

Meanwhile, the woman was busy at the front counter, watching over the hostages. She'd managed to stop the tellers from hitting the emergency button, so now she just had to wait for her partner to finish up.

"So, how's your days been?" She asked with a chuckle.

"You fucking bitch, you won't get away with this!" One of the civilians spoke up, but was just met with her mockingly copying him with her hand.

"Blah blah blah, you have any idea how many times I've heard that shit? It wasn't scary the first hundred times, and it isn't scary now, sweetheart." She mocked him. Before he could throw more insults, the man came back from the vault.

"K! I got the goods, let's go!" He said, gesturing to the back door.

"Gotcha M!" She responded before hopping off the counter and following him, but not before shooting the civilian in the balls as she left. They burst out of the back door and into the alley, where they saw a black van waiting for them. The window rolled down and one of Junior's boys called out to them.

"C'mon, the boss is waiting!" He yelled and the back door opened, revealing another goon. They hopped in and they took off.

"Woo! Cops didn't get called or nothing, nice!" The woman yelled, elbowing the man's shoulder. He simply grunted.

"We ain't done yet, so keep your mask on until we get to Junior's." He said, looking out of the tinted windows to ensure they weren't being followed. After a few minutes of driving, they pulled up in the alley behind Junior's place. The whole time, the man wouldn't so much as holster his rifle until they were inside, as he always expected something to go wrong. When they did finally get inside, they walked through the back halls of the music filled establishment to Junior's office, where he'd been waiting for them.

"Ah good, you're back. I hear things went off without a hitch?" He sat up in his chair as the two mercenaries sat down, finally removing their masks and revealing their faces. The woman had blue eyes and her aforementioned hair, but aside from her attire and an ace tattoo on her left cheek, she looked perfectly normal. The man, however, had hair that was cut down on the sides, with the top being slightly swept to the right, and green eyes. But what really caught most people's eyes was the skull tatto that covered his entire face, giving him quite the intimidating visage.

"Everything went a-ok bossman. The cops didn't even know we were there." She said proudly as she propped her feet up on the desk, revealing her dirty shoes.

"We were in and out quick, and I was able to get the stuff you asked for." The man said as he opened the bag and pulled out the loot. It was a silver box with another lock, but it would be easier to crack than the deposit box lock.

"Thanks Mick." Junior said as the now named mercenary passed it to him. After looking over the box, he nodded and reached under his desk, pulling out a pair of large suitcases, one for each of them. They opened them and they both grinned, the woman's larger than Mick's. 50,000 Lien for each of them, a good amount considering the job. Whatever was in there must've been valuable.

"Nice, I'm gonna go celebrate." The woman said with a mischievous look before turning to leave the room.

"Just don't wreck the place, Kiara, alright?" Junior said, but she ignored him and walked out. He turned to Mick, but he raised his hand to stop him.

"I'll keep an eye on my sister." He said.

"Thanks, help yourself to whatever whiskey's at the bar." Junior said before the biker left the office. He stopped at the locker room and stashed his gear in one, leaving his heavy revolver on his hip, before going out to the main floor. The thumping music annoyed him, but he couldn't risk his sister doing something without his supervision, so he'd have to suffer through it. He sat down at the bar and waved over the bartender.

"Hey Mick, the usual?" He asked.

"Yeah, the backroom stuff." The man nodded before going into the back area to retrieve his special drink. As he waited, he noted that he was the only person actually at the bar, everyone else just milling about chatting with friends or, like Kiara, dancing on the dance floor. Speaking of his sister, judging by the way she was getting rather intimate with one of the other dancers, it looked like she was planning on relieving the excitement of the heist by doing something other than dancing. Or she was going to seduce, then drug and rob him. Mick had no idea anymore.

The bartender returned with a mug of beer, handing it to him before going on to continue cleaning glasses. He took a swig as he looked around the club. Him and his sister had become rather famous, or infamous in the case of the public. In the underworld, they were the go-to pair to get shit done. Not on the same level as Torchwick, as they'd been working almost exclusively for Junior because of his generous pay, but Mick was more than content being able to walk around in public without everyone recognizing him. Made things easier. He was brought out of his thoughts when, lo and behold, the master thief himself sat down a few seats down from him.

"Hey!" He said, getting the bartender's attention by snapping his fingers. "Where's your boss, I need to hire some of his boys." He said. Figuring this was his chance to branch out, even slightly, he downed the rest of his beer in one go before standing up and approaching him.

"The boss's busy right now, but I'm up for something, depending on how much you're willing to pay." Roman looked him up and down before recognition entered his gaze.

"Aren't you one of Junior's new pets? Where's your sister, I thought you two were a package deal or something?" He asked.

"She's…" He looked around for his sister, only to see her almost dragging the poor bastard she'd been getting close with into one of the back rooms by the collar of his shirt, a lustful look in her eye. Well, at least he knew which of the two it was gonna be.

"She's busy, but I'm sure I can handle it on my own." Roman thought for a second before shrugging.

"We'll just be robbing a Dust store. 10,000 Lien for the job, but I'm only interested in the Dust, so you can keep whatever other valuables you find." Mick agreed to the job and went into the back to grab his gear and some tubes for the Dust, ignoring the moans coming from the broom closet. As he did so, he fetched three goons that were just milling about. Since he had the same status as the Melanie twins in the club, they didn't really have much choice but to follow him. As they exited, he donned his mask and double checked his weapons to ensure they were loaded.

Since it was the dead of night and the marked store was literally just down the block, they didn't bother grabbing one of the vans, they just walked. As they neared the store, Mick didn't care to look at the name, he drew his rifle. They opened the door to the shop, and the old man at the counter turned away from whatever he was doing, only to be met by Mick aiming his rifle at him.

"Do you have any idea how hard it is to find an open Dust store at this time of night?" Roman started his little speech. Knowing where this was going, Mick ordered the other thugs to begin stealing the Dust from the tubes on the walls while he went into the back to see if there were any civilians. To his surprise, there was a teenage girl, back to him, wearing an outfit that'd fit better on a Huntress than a teenager. He got closer and realized she was reading a comic while listening to music through her headphones. It was very loud too, as he could hear it almost crystal clear. Since she already looked thoroughly distracted, he decided to just leave her be to avoid causing unnecessary trouble. He'd deal with her if it came to it.

After confirming there was nobody else in the store and nabbing quite a few valuable items, he returned to the front to find they had finished extracting all the Dust. They packed up all the stuff and were about ready to leave when one of the thugs spoke up.

"Hey, where'd Smith run off to?" Right as he said that, one of the other thugs, he assumed it was Smith, was sent flying from the direction of the girl and out through the window.

"Oh shit! Lock and load people!" Mick said as he charged outside. As they looked around the dark and empty street, they realized that the girl from before had gone with Smith, fully sending him into the middle of the street, leaving a small crater in the road. As she rose from where she was, a small device that had been hidden under her hood slowly unfolded itself to reveal a massive scythe easily double the height of the girl wielding it.

"A Huntress? Or you're fucking kidding me." He slung his rifle onto his back and drew his revolver, spinning the chamber as he did so. It was times like these he was thankful for his sister's Semblance. There was a moment of silence as they pointed they're weapons at each other, revealing the gun barrel in the shaft of her scythe. Then Roman spoke up.

"Uh, get her." Mick immediately fired off a shot, aiming for her leg. He didn't like killing kids, but he would if they got between him and his pay day. Unfortunately, she blocked the shot with her weapon, which she then fired behind her to launch herself towards them at intense speeds.

They all dove to the side, with Mick turning it into a roll so he could kneel and fire three more shots, she blocked one, but the others hit her cloak, tearing large holes in it. This seemed to piss her off, as she started targeting him. She slammed the blade into the ground, rooting it in place as she began firing sniper rounds at him. He rolled over the roof of a car for cover, but he could hear the bullets tearing the vehicle apart. Thinking fast, he pulled out a flashbang and tossed it over towards her. The girl recognized what it was and stopped firing so she could knock it away, but she didn't notice as Mick rolled back over the car and made a beeline for her. She knocked the grenade back at him, but the optics in his mask lessened the normally blinding flash to much more manageable levels. His ears, on the other hand, were left ringing like a motherfucker.

Him being seemingly unfazed by the flashbang, however, shocked the girl, and that shock was enough of a distraction for him to close the distance and tackle her to the ground. Kneeling and pinning her to the ground, he pointed his revolver at her, but instead of shooting her in the head, he aimed for her shoulder. He pulled the trigger, sending the bullet past her Aura and into her flesh. His sister's Semblance, Fuck You, as she called it, was the ability for her to "enchant" items to pass through Aura like a hot knife through butter. Unfortunately, it was very exhausting for her to do, and she could only enchant specific items one at a time, so she usually reserved it for special gear. Like their melee weapons.

Or his revolver slugs.

The bullet ripped into her shoulder, causing her to scream in pain and clutch the wound. He got off of her and, still keeping his gun trained on her, made his way back to the others.

"Stay down!" He ordered, but she was in too much pain to listen.

Unfortunately, it seemed Roman was the only one there with enough sense to look away and plug his ears when he threw the flashbang, as the other three were currently on the floor in pain.

"God dammit. Whatever your escape plan is Roman, it better fucking work." Mick growled as he looked around for any more threats.

"Relax. Follow me." He said as he began climbing a service ladder leading to the roof. Mick began following him, his revolver still in hand. They reached the top, but he didn't see anything. Before he could ask what Roman was planning, a Bullhead rose up from behind the store, the bay door sliding open.

"And there's my ride." Roman said as he jumped inside. Mick reloaded his gun and holstered it before stepping back in preparation for a running start. But before he could, he felt something hard impact his shoulder, almost sending him to the floor. He whipped his head around and saw another Huntress, though this one was far older than the teenager and was wielding a riding crop and several floating chunks of concrete.

"Oh come one." He grumbled to himself. He turned back to the Bullhead to continue with the escape, only to see the bastards pulling away from the building. The last thing he saw as they closed the door was a woman with glowing eyes and decals on her dress looking at him through the door.

"Surrender now, and come with me peacefully!" The woman ordered him, but he didn't listen. The world was muted as he realized that Roan still had the Dust, and he'd just been fucking left to the wolves. His hands clenched into fists so hard the leather began to creak subtly. He registered the woman was still trying to order him around, even as his breathing got quicker and heavier.

"You wanna play?" He said as he looked over his shoulder at her, his optics beginning to glow a deep orange. "Alright, let's play!" He yelled as he activated his Semblance, Hellfire, and was engulfed in flames before drawing a single-handed metal war ax that'd been concealed in his jacket and charging her with a war cry.


Kiara moaned as the man thrusted inside her, her panties dangling around her ankle as she wrapped her legs, along with her arms, around him. They'd been at it for a while, but she wasn't even close to done yet as he pushed in her core. Her mouth hung open as she looked at the stud currently pinning her against the wall in the broom closet. She went to capture his mouth with her own for what felt like the hundredth time tonight, but stopped when she heard gunshots and a group of people run past, briefly interrupting their intimacy.

"The hell was that?" She panted.

"Doesn't matter babe, all that matters is what's going on right now." He said as he continued railing her.

"Maybe later, I gotta go check that out." She responded as she went to push him off of her. Instead, he grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head.

"You're not going anywhere until I've had my fill with you, little bunny." He growled as he started pounding her harder. Now, normally she loved being dominated like this, and this'd otherwise drive her wild, but where there was a fight to be had, she loved to be right there in the thick of it. And since this guy clearly wasn't taking no for an answer, she'd have to be a little bit more forceful. So, she reared her head back and slammed it into his skull, making a sickening crack and knocking him out cold. She stood on her legs, though they were briefly wobbly, and she put her pants and panties back on.

"Sorry honey, maybe some other time." She said with a giggle as she redid her ponytail and exited the room, leaving him in his naked mess. She quickly grabbed her gear, though this time she left behind the rifle in favor of her aluminum baseball bat, and made her way to the fighting. She entered the main area, and was met with utter chaos. Junior, the Melanie twins, and scores of thugs were all trying to take on this one girl who was dressed in a way that suggested she enjoyed a good time almost as much as Kiara did. The girl had these gauntlets on that made it clear she was a Huntress, or at least a Huntress-In-Training. There were guns poking out of the sides that looked like they were loaded with shotgun rounds. She currently had her back to her, so she didn't notice as Kiara took aim and launched a Gravity grenade at her, causing her to get caught in its blast and start floating into the air.

"Woah, what the hell?!" She yelled, very surprised.

"Aw, what's the matter, little bimbo?" Kiara asked mockingly, mask on. "You ain't never flown before?" She took hold of her bat and swung it hard into her abdomen, knocking the wind out of her and sending her flying into a wall. She laughed as she took out her launcher and loaded it with Fire rounds before swapping back to her bat and walking over to the dust cloud. The girl suddenly came rocketing out of the cloud, wreathed in golden flames and looking furious.

"What did you just call me?!" She screamed as they clashed. Her punch was blocked by Kiara's bat, but the second fist hit her in the side and sent her skidding across the floor. She was stopped from further going after Kiara when the Melanies attacked, distracting her. Kiara wheezed as she got up, clutching her side.

"Damn girl, you've got some serious kick." She said as she coughed slightly. She straightened herself out and took out her launcher, loaded up a Fire round, aimed, and waited. She waited for a bit until she saw her moment, when the girl was launched out of the mosh by Junior. She took that opportunity to fire, and her shot was a direct hit. It lit the girl on fire and sent her flying into the bar, destroying it in the process. Her Aura allowed her to ignore the fact that she was literally on fire, and she charged towards the criminal bunny. She took out her bat and slammed it into the girl's face as she went flying towards her, hitting her square in the nose and shattering it with a hard crack. This time she didn't go flying, but she did stop for a second to hold her undoubtedly broken nose. But it was only for a second, as she immediately returned the favor with a punch to the face.

The hit was hard and she heard her mask crack slightly, but it wasn't anything significant. Then she went to hit her in the abdomen again, and she blocked it with her bat, but before she could retaliate, Junior launched a missile at the two of them, clearly not caring about collateral. The blast sent them both back, the girl through the door, and Kiara through a wall. As the others all chased after the girl, Kiara slowly stood up from the hole in the wall she'd made. She was about to charge after them as well, but then she got a call from someone on her Scroll.

She looked quickly, and was confused to see it was the mechanic, Dave, that did quite a bit of work for her and Mick, mostly just working on their vehicles and getting one of his guys to deliver one to them if need be. He also never called his clients unless it was to let them know their car had been fixed up, and since neither her car nor Mick's bike were in the shop, this confused her. She answered the call and put the device up to her ear.

"Dave? The hell are you calling me for, nobody stole my car, did they?" She asked, and the man on the other side responded.

"No lass, is your brother with you? He sent an emergency signal for me to deliver his bike to him, but didn't actually call me, just sent the bloody signal. So, is the bastard with ya?" He asked.

"No, I… I don't actually know where he is, I was just fighting with some bitch who thought she owned Junior's place." He sighed on the other end.

"Well, according to my guy, the coordinates he sent lead to a wee Dust store just down the road from you called From Dust Till Dawn, so I'd check in with the lad just to be safe." He then abruptly hung up, and she pouted in frustration before looking between the back door leading to the parking lot, and the front door to the fight outside. She oh so badly wanted to continue fighting that blonde bimbo, and her brother was pretty level headed and could handle himself very well. But he could also get in way over his head when he was pissed off, so she decided to be the better sibling and go help.

She ran out into the lot and hopped in her car, one of the fastest and fanciest Lien could buy. Mick hadn't liked it because he thought it made her stand out too much, but she didn't care. She started up the car and sped out of the lot, racing down the street where she could see flaming rubble and jets of flame going everywhere above a regular old Dust store.

Damn, he really is pissed. She thought before getting out and running to the ladder.

And that's it! It's probably annoying that I'm starting another thing, but like I said, I'm done with schedules. It started to feel like I was working a second job instead of just doing it as a hobby like I originally was, so doing this'll hopefully make me enjoy writing more often now. Oh, I've also decided to stop uploading on AO3, since it seems like all anyone's interested over there is smut and none of my stuff ever gets any attention.

As always, I hope you enjoyed reading. Mundu dauðann, mundu lífið.