Pokemon: Hogwarts Edition


Susan Bones: 1st gym. has a Ground team.

Gym Team: Cubone, A-Diglett, Rhyhorn, Wooper, Phanpy, Trapinch

Personal Team: Nidoking, Marowak, Quagsire, Groundon, Garchop, Camerupt

Neville Longbottom: 2nd gym. uses grass types. dating Astoria.

Gym Team: Gloom, Ivysaur, Bayleef, Servine, Skiddo, Weepinbell

Personal Team: Trevor (Venusaur), Sceptile, Cacturne, Leafeon, Bellossom.

Padma Patil: 3rd gym. uses electric type,

Gym Team: Pikachu, Magnemite, A-Graveler, Eelektrin, Chinchou, Luxio

Personal Team: Pikachu, Jolteon, Manectric, Eelektross, Ampharos, Raikou

Astoria Greengrass: younger sister to the late Daphne and her type is ice now. Dating Neville

Gym Team: Daphne (Dewgong), Lapras, A-Sandslash, Weaville, Mamoswine, Cryognal

Personal Team: Daphne (Dewgong), Lapras, Cloyster, Glaceon, Froslass, Kyurem White

Hermione Granger: 5th gym. uses fire and is dating Draco.

Gym Team: Charizard, Ninetales, Crookshanks (Arcanine), Magcargo, Torkoal, Chandelure.

Personal Team: Charizard, Crookshanks (Arcanine), Enteri, Flareon, Magmorter, Blaziken

Draco Black: 6th gym. master of the dark. Dating Hermione, one of three who can use their personal team in gym fights.

Team: Umbreon, Houndoom, Tyranitar, Mightyena, Darkrai, Hydreigon.

Luna Potter: Mistress of Fairy. Was the 7th gym leader, now she's the 8th. Luna is the TWIN to Harry. Has some psychic powers, but mainly a seer, she can talk to her brother and her pokemon in their head. one of 3 gym leaders

Team: A-Ninetales, G-Rapidash, G-Weezing, Togekiss, Xerneas, Sylveon.

Harry Potter: TWIN to Luna. Was the 8th gym leader, but he's the champion. Harry has psychic powers that could rival 4 people and one of them is going to be his gf/wife later on. Harry is the Master of psychic in the U.K

Team: Lily (Gardevoir), James (Gallade), Alakazam, Espeon, Latias and Latios.

A.N: Please don't think I've forgoten about my other stories. I just got moved from a bad place and begin typing/writing. I have notices Harry Secura is getting hit with Favs/Fellows a lot and I think you guys and ladies, I was working on the redoing the 1st chapter until I was in the bad place. Right now I'm in a HPxPokemon, HPxDigimon, PJOxDigimon, and PJOxNorse mood right now. I won't give up on any of my stories unless I fell that they can't be redone. I want to point out for a last time (hopefully) Harry and Luna are twins and aren't dating. If anyone can guess who's going to Harry's gf/wife will win a inetnernet cookie. Before I forget: this is no magic besides Pokemon magic that been around for the last 23ish year(?). Ash won Kalos and Scott is setting up something big. This is a mixure of games and shows.