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The Downfall of Tourne.

Neville wanted to grin.

He really did.

He really wanted to grin in triumph, as the formerly arrogant Garfield Tourne was handcuffed, for the murder of Melanie Sharpe. Likewise, his daughter was being handcuffed as well, and she wasn't offering any kind of resistance - it had fled her completely when she had been forced to listen to how the murder had gone on, and despite any protests, she might have had, although she had incriminated her father, attempted to shift the blame, but Tourne would not have it, the young woman looked as if her world had shattered. Just not for the reasons Neville and the team were accustomed to, during those cases, they were upset they had been caught, realising they would be charged and put on trial.

No. Helene Tourne might be feeling remorse for what had happened, and what she had done to a woman who was, supposedly her friend - a lie if ever Neville had seen one - but she had done it not for her father, but for her own career. It seemed television fame meant everything to this family, and they really did not care what they did to those who got on the wrong side of them.

As he stood to the sidelines of the TV studio, DI Neville Parker struggled not to give in to the sadistic urge he sometimes felt whenever a case had gone the way he had expected with the arrest of a suspect he had known had been the murderer the whole time. Normally he didn't give in to the urge, as sometimes the murderer was someone whom he could understand having good motives for doing it, but Garfield Tourne was the exception to the rule.

The moment he had met the arrogant TV presenter, Neville had known something was off, and it had nothing to do with Tourne's attitude but the missing shirt button. Neville had been uncertain at the time about why he had focused on that, but as the evidence had mounted up such as how Melanie had died, how it all led to Tourne; yes, he admitted to himself the discovery of a button was bizarre to focus on, but nobody could doubt it had gotten results.

But while it had been frustrating for him and the others to find a way of finding out how Melanie was killed, and discovering who her murderer was, how they had done it so well despite one little thing going disastrously wrong, Neville had never expected his flask to hold the key to the problem. Really, he should have seen it earlier.

The sauna keeping Melanie's body warm so when Helene came and completed the next part of the plan she and her father had cooked up (no heat pun intended) nobody would be able to determine the genuine time of death, the time on Helene's crab clip, the ransacked room when in fact both Garfield and Helene had wanted the memory stick containing the expose of Garfield Tourne, which accused him of being an inveterate womaniser with a habit of sexually harassing his victims. It was no wonder all of the assistants lasted a short time, what with them being paid off to keep quiet.

Neville shuddered, wondering just how the harassment went on which would make Tourne - every single time - fire them and pay them off, the only way he could have done that was because they had the same job, but Tourne would have approached them differently, and yet Melanie was able to find them. The expose notes left details of how Melanie had broken into the archive of the TV studio, or Ben, the new assistant, had found their records without understanding why he was digging up his predecessor's details.

"Well done, sir." Neville turned when he heard the soft voice of his new Detective Sergeant. He remembered with embarrassment the way he had first met Florence Cassell, but she had impressed him so far. He smiled at her.

"No, well done to all of us," Neville replied as they both left the studio set and headed to the car park now the Tourne's were dealt with. Neville idly wondered what was going to happen to them when they went to prison, but he decided he did not care.

"You were right about Tourne, but what was it about him that made you think it was him, and don't say it was just the button," Florence persisted.

Neville sighed. "I don't know, really," he admitted, shifting his pack around on his shoulders as he tried to think back about when he looked at Garfield Tourne and realised what he was before the arrogant man humiliated him on live TV, who was a sexual predator who'd moved up to murderer. "I guess it was also his manner."

"You mean when he seemed more affected by his TV image?"

"Yeah. But I guess the way he looked at you didn't help."

"What do you mean?" Florence's forehead crinkled as she tried to remember the way Tourne had done just that.

"Come on, you were there with me when we spoke to him first; you noticed the way he looked at you like you were a piece of meat," Neville finished with an angry, disapproving sniff. He was so lost in his thoughts of anger at how a suspect in a murder enquiry had looked at his DS.

He didn't notice Florence looking at him in surprise. "Now I think of it… he did, oh, that is disgusting," Florence scrunched up her face in disgust at the memory now she did remember. "But that couldn't have been, surely?"

"I dunno what it was, Florence," Neville stared at her seriously over the hood of the jeep, "but there was something about Tourne which rubbed me the wrong way, the button being there at Melanie's rented home did not help."

Florence nodded, and she must have worked out she was not going to get any specific answer from him so she changed the subject. "Do you believe there are more sexual harassment victims out there?" She asked.

Neville, who had just been about to slip into the jeep, paused and came out again. He had no need to ask her to repeat her question, he had heard every word. "Yes, I do," he replied seriously. "We know he has a history of it, and now he has been arrested, its a possibility if they come out of the woodwork and tell their story, and even sue Tourne's estate for every cent its worth."

The two police officers got in, Neville watching Florence as she drove them back to the station (he hoped he didn't break out into another embarrassing fit of sneezes) to write their reports up, but he couldn't help but hope he and Florence had become good friends even if he knew he had driven her crazy.

Only time would tell.