…The once white forest was covered in blood. The headless corpses, Bones, torn off limbs, and body fluids decorated the whole area. The snowflakes kept falling from the night sky, adding a new layer to the old flakes that were already drenched in blood…

The only way Kazuki Satoru could describe this scene was as something straight out of nightmares.

There, in midst of the red carnage; stood a short, slim figure clouded in dark cloth. Kazuki gritted his teeth as he stared at the figure with utter hatred.

'Akira… '

He was drenched in the blood of his comrades, the comrades he had slain!


He roared on top of his lungs as he slammed his foot into the ground.

Earth style: Earth Sphere!

His chakra shook violently as his fingers ran through a dozen combinations of the symbols. The ground Beneath Akira shook, as the two enormous Halves of earth sphere emerged from the ground, ready to crash the target between them.


Only to be destroyed at the sudden emergence of the Lighting bolts. Kazuki growled between his teeth in anger as he stared at the crimson bolts that have destroyed his technique. The crimson Lighting shook violently as it engulfed the caster's whole body. He swallowed the dry saliva as he thought about his current situation. There was no way for him to win, not when Earth was weak against Lighting.


" !? "

It took less than a split second, for Akira to shorten the distance and appear before his face. His crimson eyes shone brightly behind the painted fox mask, he could feel them staring into his soul.

It took all of his willpower to wake up from the daze and dodge the incoming lighting chakra enhanced blade swing with the tip of his hair. Akira didn't stop, each strike was more powerful and faster than the last one, making it harder for Kazuki to doge.

Kazuki gritted his teeth as he countered his enemy's attacks, all whilst searching for the perfect openings to deliver the blow of his own. Akira's Body was slim, fast, and short. He easily dodged all of Kazuki's attacks and returning them at twice the speed.

" Greh! "

The 12 years of Shinobi experience had saved him from the numerous mortal slashes but he couldn't defend against all of them. He was bleeding and losing his grip on reality. It was simply ridiculous how strong this shinobi was, the worst part was that it was a kid behind that mask and not some seasoned adult man.


His sight was getting blurry, as the last desperate struggle, he slammed down his foot into the ground.

Earth style: earth spikes!

Numerous spikes appeared beneath Akira, ready to stab him, but he quickly made a distance between them, avoiding the technique.

' I… '

Do you know, why our clan is so respected within the Hidden Rock village even though none of our members have any special ability, Kazuki?

His grandfather's voice suddenly reached his ears.

It is because we, actually do possess the bloodline, but… it is very difficult to awake.

'I….! '

Kazuki bit his lips as he stared at Charging Akira.

Only 1 in 100 clan members throughout the generations can awaken it. Our last bloodline user lived more than 60 years ago. He was 4th to ever awake and wiled it.


His rage boiled with him, alongside the sadness and guilt that accompanied the loss of his teammates.

When you face an opponent stronger than you

The chakra that was running wildly within his body suddenly felt alien.

Take all of your sentimental feelings Kazuki. Group them into one and feed them to your heart!

"! "

Akira's endless barrage of attacks halted as he sensed the change within his opponent, his chakra felt different, his body felt hard, he could feel his blade vibrating at each strike as if he was swinging it at hard object.

His instincts screamed at him to back away and he listened to them.

" ! "

He tried to make a distance between them once again, but before he could, to his surprise Kazuki suddenly appeared in front of him with the body flicker, but that was not what alerted him in that situation, his gaze fell on the fist that was being charged up by the chakra.

" I -! "

Let it flow through you, your desires to survive, to win, to protect, and to get revenge! All of them and harden your heart! By God's grace...Maybe you will awaken it within you.

Kazuki's body morphed as it changed into something else. He could feel his body harden and pain lessen as he stared at surprised Akira's face.

but even if you fail... just come back... come back home safe and sound...


His fist slammed into Akira's face.


Pulling all of his might into this one punch, Kazuki roared on top of his lungs as he sent Akira crashing through the trees.

"Haaah…! "

The exhausted Sight escaped past his lips as he stared at his hand. It was colored in grey, covered in black markings.

'Have I... Is this…. '

He watched as the grey color and markings slowly dissolved and turned back into his skin.

'Have I unlocked my clan's bloodline….? '


" ! "

Hearing the sound of breaking, He quickly looked up towards the source. Akira slowly stood up from where he was, the branches and snow that was on top of his body slowly fell off, his right hand held his infamous two swords that have morphed into one, while his other rested on his face, hiding his broken mask from sight.


The more he moved, the more cracks spread around his mask, the pieces kept falling, but he heeded them no mind, his lone bright slit red eye stared at Kazuki through the gap between his fingers, it didn't take a genius to figure out that he was lost in thoughts of what has transpired a few minutes ago.

It was ridiculous how durable this kid was, Demon Sacrifice or not.

Kazuki returned the stare, he took a deep breath, big enough to clean his mind as he took hold of himself and his emotions.

"Come at me… "

For the commander and his brothers in arms, for his homeland, and for his family, He would fight for all of them.

"…AKIRA! "

And make the leaf and its nine-tailed sacrifice, pay the price for their transgressions!

Perhaps it was adrenaline or the newfound confidence in his power, But he no longer feared the unknown demon's host, which was a ludicrous thing to do, either way, he didn't care, he would avenge his comrades one way or another, that he swore!