Hey everyone, I'm back with another chapter of Climax Time. I am so happy that people are liking it. Some of the chapters are before the U.A exams with some time skips to lead up to it. If anyone is wondering if Haru will have more than one form, the answer is yes. I have two more forms for him right now. One form is going to be either his Upgrade or Super Form and the other is going to be either his Super or Final Form. The first form is called Gemini Form which is based on Ex-aid Mighty Brothers XX Form and it is the last button on the belt. The second one is called Tank Form and it is summoned by a version of the K-Taros. The form has the body minus the head of the Gundam Heavyarms Kai Endless Waltz version, the pairs of Vulcan guns, and a weaker version of the High Mega Cannon of the ZZ Gundam that is 5% power. I am thinking of using either Fin Funnels of the Nu Gundam Double Fin Funnel Type or the Dragoons of the Strike Freedom Gundam. It's an Mecha form. If anyone has suggestions for forms for Haru please send them for me and if they work I will use them and give you credit for them. For those of you who are also wondering if Haru will have a Quirk. He does now because of the wormhole. His Quirk allows him to sense Imagin, gives him a bad feeling to warn him, and tells him when and where something important is happening or happen and he needs to go to it and guides him to it and finally it gives him heightened mental awareness to increase his reflexes. BTW please checkout my other fanfics and I will maybe have a poll later for some possible choices for Fourze.

(Haru's POV)

While Eri was watching Ponyo I was looking through the storage car that I have to see what I had. I have some old clothes from when I was younger that Eri can wear for now till I get her some new clothes. I have some books that are appropriate to read for Eri if she knows how to read if not I can read to her for now and teach her how to read a bit later. Not a lot of books but it's good for now. I have about 526,34 Yen so if I can use my money here without worrying about any problems that could put me in trouble. I wrote a list on a piece of paper.

1. Get Eri to a Doctor:

2. Homeschool Eri for now so get some workbooks for her age group and a bit above just in case:

3. Since I need a job to earn money I should try and get into U.A High to become a Pro Hero so if there are Imagins in this world I won't have any Heroes on my case, and they don't prevent me from doing my job as Neo:

4. Find some way to get the right papers to legally exist in this world so there is no trouble, and I can go to U.A and legally adopt Eri.

I will add some more if needed. I should actually see if Eri would want me to adopt her as her father. I know because of the age difference I should be a big brother to her, but I think she needs a father right now. Which reminds me.

5. Find Eri a mother figure even if I don't date or marry later on the person who Eri sees as a mother Eri needs someone to be her mother so my love life doesn't matter as long as she is happy:

I realize the movie must be over now, so I went to check up on Eri. When I got to the sleep car I saw that the movie was over and Eri was taking a nap, but she was on top of the covers, so I gently pick her up without waking her up and I place her under the covers. I tuck her in and kiss her on the forehead. I check the time. It was 12: 30 so I went to go make lunch.

'Hmm what should I make?' I though as I look through the fridge, freezer, and pantries. I decided to make a homemade pizza since Eri might not had pizza before.


The pizza is done. I made a half and half pizza since I'm not sure if Eri would like the kind of pizza I like. One half is plain cheese and the other half which is I usually eat is a cheese pizza with cooked broccoli and pan cooked chicken with extra cheese on it. It was also stuffed crust. I even made some peach flavor herbal tea for us to drink as well. I need to go shopping some for groceries soon.

(For those of you who think it's weird I dare you to try it at least once. After you put sauce on put cheese next follow by the chicken and broccoli cutup into bite size and put more cheese on top not enough to cover it all but some.)

I went to the sleeping car to get Eri up.

"Sweetie it's time to wake up." I said as I gently wake up Eri. Eri wakes up with a cute yawn.

"Hey Haru." Eri said rubbing her eyes. I pick her up.

"It's time for lunch sweet pea." I said as I carry her to the dining car.

"What are we having Haru?' Eri asked.

"We are having pizza Eri." I answer her.

"What's pizza?" Eri asked.

"You'll see. It's delicious. After we're done eating we need to talk alright Eri." I asked her.

"K." Eri answered a little nervous.

When we arrived, I place at one of the tables and I went to the kitchen to get us some slices and cups of tea and I put them on a tray and carry them out then I place them down when I got to the table where me and Eri are sitting.

"Alright I got you two slices of cheese stuffed crust pizza and I brought a knife and fork if you want me to cut up your pizza so you can eat it with a fork instead?" I asked her.

"Can you please cut it Haru?" Eri asked.

"Sure." I said as I start to cut it up.

"Eri would you like to try a couple bites of my pizza?" I asked. She looks a little unsure.

"You don't have to if you don't want to. It's a broccoli and chicken stuffed crust pizza." I said. Eri nods her head yes though she still is a little unsure I cut a up a couple pieces and put them on her plate. She took one and put it in her mouth.

"I like it." Eri said after a few moments.

"I'm glad you like it." I said smiling.

A bit later after we were done eating and I cleaned up it was time for me and Eri to talk.

"Alright I know we need to talk about what happened to you to get those scars, but I think it's best we hold off talking about that for a bit longer since you need time and care to get past or at least be able to talk about it, so you don't get overwhelm by the memories too much. So instead, what I want to talk about us. I want to know if you want to continue to stay with me?" I said really hoping that she says yes.

"Yes I want to stay with you!" Eri said.

"Then how would you feel about being adopted by me?" I asked her.

"What's adopted?" Eri asked.

"It mean to legally take another's child and bring it up as one's own. Meaning that you and I will be a family though I need to know if you want to be my little sister or my daughter? Though sister might be the way to go due to me being only a couple months before being 15 years old." I asked.

"Which one do you want me to be?" Eri asked hopefully. I can tell she wants a certain answer and I hope it's the one I hope she wants to be.

"I want you to be my daughter Eri." I said.

"I want to be your daughter!" Eri said as she nods her head yes rapidly as she was crying tears of joy and I went to hug her. We hugged for a few moments before letting.

"Before I can legally adopt you I need to do some stuff to legally exist in this world so it will be awhile till we make it official." I said.

"K. Can I call you daddy?" Eri asked still crying a bit.

"Yes you can." I said as I hug her again.

"Daddy." Eri said happily.

"Eri how about I read you a story for a bit." I said.

"Ok." Eri said as I pick the story of Momotaro to read to her.