Notes: Frozen is owned and made by Disney. This story takes place after Frozen 2.

Elsa and Honeymaren got on a horse and started riding towards Arendelle. After several minutes of traveling, the horse finished racing to the kingdom. Elsa and Honeymaren stepped off the horse. Honeymaren looked up and got her first glimpse at the kingdom of Arendelle. Elsa affectionately held Honeymaren's hand, while asking, "What do you think of the kingdom? Does it look good?"

Honeymaren replied, "It's a beautiful kingdom."

Elsa tried to look calm and casual, but she was still feeling weird, about what was going on. Elsa shyly said, "Well, I guess we better go into the kingdom."

Honeymaren looked at Elsa, while saying, "You aren't still afraid, are you?"

Elsa sighed and said, "Maybe a little. I'm sorry."

Honeymaren put her hand on Elsa's shoulder, while replying, "You don't need to worry, cutie-pie. We're going to have a good evening."

Elsa said, "I probably have been worrying, more than I need to. Let's go inside."

Elsa and Honeymaren started walking to Arendelle's front entrance. Kai, who was one of the butlers, stood by the front door, in order to make sure that no intruders got into the kingdom. He had been given a list, of people who couldn't come.

While Elsa and Honeymaren were getting closer to the front door, they heard Kai arguing with somebody. Elsa got a closer look and saw that Kai was talking to Prince Hans, Anna's evil ex-boyfriend. Hans angrily stared at Kai, while asking, "How come I can't come into the kingdom?"

Kai folded his arms, while saying, "You broke Queen Anna's heart and attempted to kill her and her sister."

Hans said, "That's true, but I've changed, since then. Plus, I heard Anna got married and I think I have the right, to judge her new husband." Kai signaled to the guards, who started taking Hans away. Hans whined, "Come on, guys. I came all the way, from the Southern Isles."

After Hans was escorted out of the area, Elsa and Honeymaren got to the front door. Kai looked at Elsa, while saying, "Welcome back, your majesty."

Elsa replied, "Thank you, Kai, but I'm just a regular villager, now. Well, I guess I'm not normal, considering that I have ice powers, but I think you know what I mean." Elsa awkwardly chuckled, before she and Honeymaren stepped into the kingdom.

Since Elsa used to the live in the kingdom, she knew where each room was and she knew where the party would be at. The guests had started entering the kingdom's dance room. Some of the guests started showing off their dance moves, while the others enjoyed snacks and drinks.

King Kristoff looked at Queen Anna, who was drinking out of the chocolate fountain. Kristoff walked closer, while saying, "You've been drinking that stuff, for an unhealthy amount of time. Don't you think it's time you stop?"

Anna talked, while continuing to drink the chocolate. She said, "I'm sure it won't be too bad, for my health, if I have more chocolate."

Kristoff said, "Come on, Anna. A bunch of guests have arrived. Shouldn't we be greeting them?"

Anna sighed and replied, "Okay." Anna finally stopped drinking chocolate, which Kristoff made Kristoff feel relieved.

Elsa started looking around the room, in the hopes of finding Anna. Anna was moving around the room, at a quick pace, because she had a lot of guests, that she wanted to greet.

Suddenly, somebody stepped in front of Elsa, in order to greet her. However, it wasn't Anna or Kristoff. It was the Duke of Weselton. Elsa and the Duke hadn't gotten along, during their previous encounters, so Elsa was a bit nervous. Elsa said, "Um, hi."

To Elsa's surprise, the Duke of Weselton had a friendly expression on his face, while replying, "Greetings, Elsa, former ruler of Arendelle. It's nice to see you."

The Duke offered to shake hands with Elsa. Elsa reluctantly accepted, while saying, "I hope this isn't a rude question, but why are you here? Arendelle cut off trade business, with the kingdom of Weselton."

The Duke of Weselton explained, "Queen Anna made a new deal, with the kingdom of Arendelle. Weselton is Arendelle's is Arendelle's number-one trade partner, once again." He started pacing around Elsa and Honeymaren, while saying, "Believe it or not, I've learned a lot, ever since our last visit. The rulers of Weselton were a bit upset, about my previous actions. They told me to get my act together, which is what I've done. I'm a friendly businessman, now and I'd like to show you, that I've changed."

The Duke noticed Honeymaren, so he asked, "Who's this?"

Honeymaren said, "My name is Honeymaren."

The Duke of Weselton replied, "Peculiar name. Is that your real name?"

Honeymaren answered, "Yes it is."

The Duke of Weselton stuck his hand out and looked at Elsa, while asking, "May I have this dance?"

Elsa said, "No offense, but I don't like dancing with people, who tried to kill me."

The Duke of Weselton nervously laughed and replied, "I didn't do that. It was my bodyguards, who did that. I told them, to put an end to all the weather problems, that we were having. I never told them, to eliminate you. They must of misunderstood my instructions, which is why I didn't bring them along, this time."

Elsa gave the Duke a disapproving look, while saying, "You're letting your henchmen take the blame, for your actions, in order to make yourself look better? It doesn't sound like you've changed, Duke of Weaseltown."

The Duke of Weselton angrily replied, "It's Weselton! Frankly, I'm glad you're not the Queen, any longer. You're no ruler. You're a monster!"

Anna and Kristoff heard the Duke freaking-out. Anna quickly waved to a few more guests, before looking at Kristoff and saying, "It appears the old weasel is up to no good."

Kristoff replied, "You shouldn't of sent him a invitation, Anna."

The Duke of Weselton walked up to Anna and Kristoff, while saying, "Elsa's still a monster."

Kristoff replied, "And you're still a weasel."

Anna said, "Elsa's here? We have to greet her, right away."

The Duke of Weselton replied, "She's not worth it. You should kick her out, as soon as possible."

Kristoff responded, "You're going to get kicked-out, if you keep causing trouble."

Anna and Kristoff walked up to Elsa and Honeymaren. Elsa tried to be brave, despite all the concerns she had, about what Anna was about to find out. Anna gave her sister a big hug and said, "Welcome back to Arendelle, Elsa."

Elsa replied, "Thank you."

Anna looked at Honeymaren, while saying, "Welcome to Arendelle, for the very first time."

Honeymaren replied, "It's an honor."

Anna looked around the room, while saying, "Elsa, did you bring anybody else?"

Elsa replied, "No, unless you count the horse, that I traveled on."

Anna asked, "Can I talk to you, for a moment?"

Elsa answered, "Of course." She looked at Honeymaren, while saying, "I'll be back, soon." Honeymaren nodded.

Anna and Elsa walked to a part of the room, where nobody else was at. Anna nudged Elsa and said, "It's great to see you."

Elsa replied, "Likewise, Anna. You know, I always love visiting you."

Anna said, "So, you've got a secret crush?"

Elsa sighed and replied, "You're not going to let this go, are you?"

Anna smirked, while saying, "You should know, that I wouldn't. I was expecting you to bring your crush, to the dance." She paused and said, "Maybe that was too much, for me to ask. After all, I don't know who your crush is or if he feels the same way."

As to be expected, Elsa was feeling nervous and shy. However, she didn't want to hide the truth, any longer. She decided it would be for the best, if she told Anna who her crush is. Elsa looked back at Anna, while saying, "I have been talking to my crush, about my feelings and my crush feels the same way."

Anna smiled, while replying, "That's great to hear, Elsa. Who is this mystery man? You should of invited him. Did you ask him?"

Elsa put her hand on her sister's shoulder, while saying, "I have something important, to tell you and I hope it doesn't disappoint you."

Anna replied, "Um, okay. Is something wrong?"

Elsa said, "Actually, things are better than ever, for me. My crush is here, Anna."

Anna looked around the room, while asking, "Where is he?"

Elsa said, "It's a she. Honeymaren is my crush."

Anna looked surprised, at first, but she quickly got over that and gave her sister another hug. She said, "I'm proud of you."

Elsa raised her eyebrows, while asking, "You are?"

Anna nodded and said, "You've always been shy and elusive, Elsa. It's nice to see you expressing your real emotions and I'm glad to see you pursue a new relationship."

Elsa felt very grateful and relieved, while replying, "Thank you, Anna. I've been so nervous, to tell you the truth. I was afraid, about how'd you react."

Anna responded, "I can't deny that I'm shocked, but I'm also happy. A lot of kingdoms frown upon same-gender romances, but that's something Arendelle's going to do."

Elsa replied, "That's wonderful news."

Anna said, "So, you and Honeymaren both like each-other?"

Elsa answered, "We sure do."

Anna said, "This might be a personal question, but have you two considered being more than friends?"

Elsa explained, "We already talked about that. In fact, we've started dating."

Anna replied, "Wow, you've been moving fast."

Elsa responded, "Honeymaren deserves most of the credit. I wanted to hide and take things, at a slow pace. She's the one, who made me reveal how I really feel and what I really want."

A few minutes later, Anna and Elsa started walking back to Honeymaren and Kristoff. Elsa was in a more peaceful and confident mood, because of how Anna reacted. If anything, she felt guilty, for not having more trust in her sister's open-minded nature. She was so glad, that she had Anna become the Queen.

Kristoff looked at Elsa, while saying, "Honeymaren told me, that you found the reindeer, that ran away."

Elsa replied, "Well, the reindeer came to me, so it's not like I had to look for him."

Kristoff was so passionate, when it came to reindeer, that he felt very happy and relieved, that the missing reindeer had returned. He gave Elsa a hug and said, "Thank you. You're a hero, to the reindeer herd."

Elsa replied, "You're welcome."

Anna looked at Kristoff, while saying, "I believe there's a different piece of news, that deserves your attention."

Kristoff said, "I don't know what could be more important, than the missing reindeer coming back."

Anna explained, "Elsa's been talking to her crush. In fact, they've gotten together."

Kristoff looked back at Elsa, while saying, "Congratulations."

Elsa replied, "Thank you."

Kristoff nervously smiled and said, "I'm sorry, for getting distracted by the reindeer story, but it was such a touching story."

Anna said, "Anyways, Elsa and Honeymaren have started dating each-other."

Kristoff shook Honeymaren's hand and said, "Congrats."

Honeymaren replied, "Thanks."

Elsa looked at Kristoff and noticed he was being awfully casual, about hearing that she was dating Honeymaren. She said, "You don't seem surprised."

Kristoff said, "I already suspected you two liked each-other."

Elsa and Anna both looked surprised, while Elsa asked, "How did you figure it out?"

Kristoff explained, "Well, I didn't know, for sure, but I noticed you and Honeymaren were being pretty affectionate, during our previous visit. When Anna told me you have a crush on somebody, it wasn't hard to figure out who it was."

Anna said, "Then how come you didn't tell me? I've been dying to know."

Kristoff replied, "I figured it wouldn't be appropriate, for me to tell you. I figured it was something, that Elsa had to tell you."

Anna responded, "Fair enough."

Elsa said, "So, nobody has a problem with it?"

The Duke of Weselton walked by and had a curious expression on his face, while asking, "What are you guys talking about?"

Elsa gave him a disapproving look, while replying, "Nothing you need to know."

The Duke of Weselton tried to look more friendly, while saying, "Come on, Elsa. I haven't come here, to create more tension. I want to be a more fair, open-minded and considerate person. So, what are you guys discussing?"

Elsa was very reluctant, to share anything with the Duke, but she figured she better give him the benefit of the doubt. She explained, "I started dating Honeymaren."

The Duke of Weselton seemed confusing, while saying, "But Honeymaren's a woman."

Honeymaren put her arm around Elsa, while saying, "That's correct. Elsa and I are both women and we're in a romantic relationship. Is that a problem?"

When the Duke of Weselton was growing up, he had been told, that women could only date men. However, the Duke didn't want to cause more trouble, so he said, "I suppose that's okay." The Duke started walking away.

Elsa stared at Honeymaren, while saying, "Not even the Duke is trying to break us up. It seems like I don't need to worry, as much as I thought I did."

Honeymaren replied, "I'm glad about that. I never cared, if anybody thought we shouldn't be together, because I always knew I loved you."

Elsa said, "I wish I had been as brave, as you are."

Honeymaren replied, "We're together. I love you, Elsa. I had never been in love, until I met you."

Elsa responded, "I know how you feel, because you are the love of my life." Elsa and Honeymaren kissed each-other.

As Elsa and Honeymaren were kissing, they overheard Anna saying, "Aww." They looked at Anna, who nervously smiled and said, "I'm sorry, if I interrupted your little moment. You two are just really cute, together."

Elsa blushed, while replying, "It's fine."

Anna had an amused look on her face, while saying, "Elsa, are you blushing?"

Elsa shyly said, "I don't know."

Anna nudged Honeymaren and said, "Elsa must really love you. I haven't seen Elsa blush, in years."

Honeymaren felt surprised, while asking, "Really? I find that hard to believe, considering I've seen her blush, on a regular basis, ever since she moved to the Enchanted Forest."

Anna said, "In that case, Elsa's either in-love with you or the forest."

Elsa jokingly said, "I love the forest, so much. It's my soulmate."

Honeymaren smiled and replied, "No way. No forest is going to take my soulmate."

Elsa's blush started getting bigger, while asking, "You think we're soulmates?"

Honeymaren confidently responded, "I don't have any doubt."

Kristoff whispered to Anna, "Should we be listening to this?"

Anna whispered back, "Probably not, but I want to keep listening, because it's super adorable."

Kristoff whispered, "Well, I think it's time I change the subject. I have an important question, that I need to ask."

Anna looked disappointed, while replying, "But I love listening to romantic gossip."

Meanwhile, Ryder was trying to make the reindeer, of the Enchanted Forest, go to sleep. However, several of them refused to nap. Instead, they made a bunch of noise and started hopping around. Ryder said, "Come on, guys. Can't you just go to sleep?" They continued making noise. Ryder started singing to them, to calm them down, but it wasn't working.

Yelena walked up to Ryder and said, "The reindeer have been making a lot of noise. Some people are trying to go to sleep, but the reindeer are keeping them up."

Ryder said, "I tried making them stop, but I think they miss Elsa. Apparently, she's become their new favorite. I'm not saying I'm jealous, but my feelings are somewhat hurt."

Yelena said, "Come on, Ryder. You should know, that nobody loves these reindeer, more than you do and they love you, too." Yelena cringed at her own words. She wasn't used to being sentimental.

Ryder smiled, while saying, "Thank you, Yelena. However, if the reindeer and I have such a good bond, how come I can't get them to quiet down?"

Yelena explained, "They love most things, about you, but you don't have the best singing voice."

Ryder said, "Fair enough. I think it's time they go to their favorite singer." Ryder took the leashes off the reindeer.

Yelena raised her eyebrows, while asking, "What are you doing?"

Ryder explained, "I'm going to take the reindeer, to Arendelle, so they can see Elsa. I'm sure Anna and Kristoff won't mind." Yelena face-palmed.

Elsa and Honeymaren were sharing a personal, tender moment, but Kristoff interrupted it, because he had a conversation topic, that he thought was highly-important. He looked at Elsa, while saying, "Honeymaren told me, that you were singing to the reindeer, from the Enchanted Forest. I didn't know you could do that."

Elsa raised an eyebrow, while replying, "There's no reason, to be surprised. You've heard me sing, before."

Kristoff replied, "Yes, but I never heard you sing to reindeer. Singing to reindeer isn't as easy, as you'd think. It took a long time, for Sven to like my music. Reindeer are the greatest type of animal, but they can be very picky."

Elsa said, "They can also be very disruptive and loud."

Kristoff asked, "What did you sing to them?"

Elsa shrugged her shoulders and said, "I don't remember the lyrics or anything. I just made up some lyrics, that I quickly came up with."

Kristoff rubbed his chin, while replying, "Interesting method. I don't want to brag or anything, but when I sing to my reindeer, I spend a lot of time, to come up with the right lyrics."

Elsa responded, "It's not like I planned on singing to the reindeer. They interrupted me, while I was trying to take a bath. I had to sing, to get them to go away."

Anna grinned, while asking, "You bathed with reindeer, while singing to them?"

Elsa had an embarrassed look on her face, while replying, "I'm afraid so."

Anna put her hand on Elsa's shoulder, while responding, "I'm sorry, if I made you feel bad. I think it's cute."

Kristoff said, "It's nothing, that you need to be ashamed about. I bathe with Sven, all the time."

Anna replied, "Which is why our bathtub has reindeer hair in it."

Elsa looked grossed-out, while saying, "In that case, I'm glad to be bathing in the lake, rather than using the bathtub."

Honeymaren started hearing some strange sounds. She raised an eyebrow, while looking at Elsa and saying, "It sounds like somebody's coming. However, it doesn't sound like a human. It sounds like animals."

Elsa listened to the sound and replied, "I think you're right."

Kristoff said, "It sounds like reindeer. Is Sven trying to join the party?"

A moment later, several reindeer started entering the party room. The guests could hardly believe, that a bunch of wild reindeer were running around. Elsa nervously said, "It's the reindeer, from the Enchanted Forest."

Anna nudged Kristoff, while asking, "Did you invite them?"

Kristoff replied, "As much as I would of wanted to, I didn't."

Ryder ran into the room and ran up to Elsa. He nervously laughed and said, "Hi, guys."

Honeymaren looked at her brother, while asking, "What's going on?"

Ryder explained, "The reindeer refused to go to sleep. They needed to see Elsa, so I brought them to Arendelle."

Honeymaren gave Ryder a disapproving look, while saying, "That was a very reckless idea."

Kristoff said, "It was an awesome idea." He gave Ryder a hug and said, "Thank you, for bringing all my reindeer friends, to the party. I missed these guys."

Anna watched the reindeer break random objects and annoy various guests. She nervously said, "These guys might ruin the party."

Kristoff grinned, while replying, "I think these reindeer are going to make the party more amazing, than I could of anticipated."

The Duke of Weselton pointed at the reindeer and had an angry expression on his face, while saying, "What are you doing here? You need to go away, you monsters!"

Kristoff defensively replied, "They're not monsters. They're lovely animals."

The Duke of Weselton said, "They're rotten pieces of filth, that need to be erased from existence." The reindeer started getting the sense, that the Duke was mocking them, so they started stepping on him.

Elsa ran up to the reindeer and sternly said, "Cut that out. Even though that man can be a fussy brat, you can't be so violent. It's wrong." The reindeer stopped stepping on the Duke and started staring at Elsa. Elsa sighed and said, "You're expecting another song, aren't you?" The reindeer nodded.

Elsa pointed at Honeymaren, while dancing around and singing, "This is my honey. She makes me feel so sunny. When my nose is runny, she think I'm funny. She's cuter than a bunny. Her love is worth more, than all the money." Honeymaren gave Elsa a big kiss, which made her blush. Even the reindeer thought that was cute.

Elsa sang, "Thanks to my honey, I feel love. My feelings are something I tried to shove, but my heart came out, from above. My honey's more lovely than a dove and she looks cute in a glove." She paused and said, "I can't believe I'm singing this song. I don't want it to be too long, because that would be wrong."

Kristoff looked like an excited fanboy, while saying, "Sing about ice."

Elsa sang, "I make ice. It doesn't give you lice. I like reindeer, but I also like mice. If you want to play a game, go find some dice. I've won that game, twice. Kristoff sells ice, at a particular price." The party guests and the reindeer started clapping.

Kristoff said, "For the record, I sell my ice, at good prices."

Anna nudged Elsa and said, "You're quite the singer."

Elsa replied, "Thank you."

Honeymaren said, "Guys, I think you have a new problem."

Elsa, Anna and Kristoff looked down and noticed that the reindeer had started going to sleep. Elsa nervously smiled, while saying, "I'm afraid I should of sang to the reindeer, after we got back to the Enchanted Forest."

Ryder said, "This is my fault. I shouldn't of had the reindeer come here."

Kristoff continued looking excited, while saying, "This is a good thing."

Elsa raised an eyebrow, while asking, "Why?"

Kristoff said, "The reindeer can spend the night, at the kingdom."

Anna sighed and replied, "I suppose they can stay with Sven, in the royal barn." Kristoff started doing a victory dance.

Elsa and the others looked down and noticed that the Duke of Weselton was sleeping, as well. Elsa asked, "What are you going to do with him?"

Anna said, "He can stay in the barn, with the reindeer."

After spending more time with Anna and Kristoff, Elsa and Honeymaren started walking out of the kingdom. After getting outside, they got on their horse and started riding back to the Enchanted Forest.

By the time they returned to their part of the forest, it was very late and they were both tired. They quickly stared laying beside each-other. Honeymaren looked at Elsa, while asking, "Did you have a good time?"

Elsa said, "I sure did. I was expecting it to be one of my most stressful parties, but it became one of the sweetest, thanks to Anna and you."

Honeymaren said, "I love you, so much."

Elsa replied, "I love you, too."

Honeymaren said, "Was Anna right, about you not blushing, in years?"

Elsa answered, "I think so."

Honeymaren smiled, while saying, "I'm glad I was able to make you turn into a regular blusher."

Elsa smiled back, while replying, "It was one of your most mischievous deeds."

Honeymaren put her arms around Elsa, while saying, "I want to spend everyday, with and I also want to sleep by your side, every night."

Elsa replied, "Sounds like we both want the same thing. I've been making-up plans, as I go along, but your idea is a nice one. Let's do it." Elsa and Honeymaren kissed each-other. They closed their eyes and started dreaming about spending the rest of their lives, together. It was a dream, that they knew would come true.