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She woke up in the morning as per usual, which was at 6 am. Even though nothing much has going on with her life, she naturally did so wake up at the said time. "Huh, old habits die hard I guess." She whispered to herself. As she was a soldier back in her old Guardian Corps days, it was one of the reasons why she's an early riser. "And he liked to sleep in and would take a nap in every chance he gets." She jokingly said to herself, recalling a certain person who she held dearly in her life. With a small, yet sad, smile and a shake of her head, she got off her bed and stretched her bodies for few minutes. Once she's done, she went to brush her teeth and took a shower soon after. She hummed in delight once the water touched her body. She closed her eyes in delight. After she's done, she got out of her bathroom and dried herself. She put on her dark brown shorts and a white long-sleeve baggy T-shirt. She looked at herself in the mirror and then she went to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

Lightning Farron always prefer to start the day with something healthy, so she usually has vegetables and fruits for her breakfast. Once she's finished preparing her breakfast, she took it and set it down on the sole table that was in the kitchen. She sat down and peacefully eating her breakfast quietly. She took a sip of her water and glanced on the opposite empty chair in front of her. On the most morning, someone would sit there. "You would always come up with something to talk about." Lightning laughed quietly to herself. She remembered how much he told her he disliked anything related to greens.

"Noctis.." She said to no one. ".. or Noct as you prefer everyone to call you." Lightning chuckled as she recalled another memory.

She started her day how she usually does, but without him, it wasn't the usual mornings she used to. She can't recall when was the last since he sat the empty chair that was solely for him. Moreover, she never expected to miss someone's company this much.

Noctis Lucis Caelum. The name of the man who did the impossible. The man who managed to, warped his way to her heart.

Her morning was the same, but it was also different. To this day, it amazed her whenever his hands held hers, her whole being felt complete.

The first time she met him, it was rather a weird circumstance. Before she crossed paths with him, she was engulfed in bright white light and before she knew it, she was summoned to a world she wasn't familiar with. Due to natural reflexes, she landed on her feet and took a look at her surroundings. "Must be summoned by Cosmos." Lightning guessed. There was nothing by miles except a sole tall tower in the middle of the desert. She was on her way until she noticed something or rather someone appeared out of nowhere. He landed on his back and she has never seen him anywhere before and it was probably his first time here. He looked around and he called out names she never heard. Seeing there was no one was near, she ultimately decided to approach him. While she made her way to him, she noticed he pretty much wore rather a dark colour outfit. "Not just dark, it's all black." When she got nearer, there was something that appeared in front of him. Or much rather a clone version of herself. 'Manikin.' Lightning thought. She quickly made her way to him and brought out her sword. Before he or the Manikin was about to have the first strike, she slew the latter with one hit and it was down for good.

She asked him whether he was okay or not, he immediately stood in a defensive stance, wary of her. Which she can understand as it's not every day you saw someone with an evil doppelganger, especially one who was about to attack you without any reasons.

"Wait." Lightning said when she noticed he was about to attack her. He asked her if she's real or not, to which she replied sarcastically "What's it look like?" he glanced at the slain manikin that was about to disappear.

"I… gotta be dreaming" he put his hand on his face, to hide the look of disbelief that edged on his features. She (rather stoically) said he wasn't and asked was it his first time here. He looked at her "So then, you're from around here?" he questioned her. With the slight shake of her head, she told him others like them would be here.

"There's… others?" he questioned her again. Suddenly, a warrior slew a manikin version of himself before she was about to answer his question. "Like him." Lightning smiled a little, glad to see a familiar face.

When she and the others learned why they were summoned by a goddess named Materia in this world (which she didn't entirely agree why and slightly angered by the goddess reasons) and also witnessed the banter between her and another god named Spiritus, Lightning and others were about to depart to carry on the task that was asked by Materia, but the man she rescued before suddenly raised his hand. Everyone looked at him curiously.

"Um.. hate to butt in here, but do you think I can ask.. how we get back home?" he nervously asked Materia. Of course, she didn't let him and he couldn't hide his disappointment. With that, all of them took off and did what has been told by Materia, hoping by doing it will likely get them all back home safely.

Both warriors of Materia and Spiritus learned that a dragon named Shinryu was seeping the world's energy and life force. Both gods agreed to help each other get rid of the dragon, as they both have a similar purpose. Which were that they care about their world. This means both warriors teamed up even though they were adversaries in their own respective worlds.

To lure the dragon out of hiding, they had to battle out fiercely with each other.

Lightning was battling with Sephiroth. From her experience, she knew that Sephiroth was a formidable foe (No kidding, his sword was 7 foot long). But that reason alone won't make Lightning back down. She herself knows that she was also a capable fighter with her own strengths but also weaknesses.

She held out on her own quite well when fighting against him, both were neck and neck in terms of strength. Sephiroth then knocked her back into one of the rocks. She landed on both of her feet. But with a blink of an eye, he was floating behind her and executed his Zanshin attack on Lightning. She was caught off guard with the surprising attack before she can retaliate it the attack landed and she lost her grip on the sword. Sephiroth was about to land another attack but this time, Lightning jumped out of the way just at the right time.

Without her sword, there was nothing much she can do. She kept dodging every one of Sephiroth's attack. She didn't know where her sword was. Just when she was about to lose hope, she saw that her sword was flying back in her direction. Soon after something materialised beside her and it caught her sword. It was someone. Or rather it was the guy she saved earlier. He handed back her weapon and she caught it easily. She offered one of her rare smiles (albeit small) to him as a 'thank you' gesture. Both immediately shifted their attention to the man who wields a 7 feet long sword and fought side by side for the first time.

Lightning and others were glad the threat of the world was finally gone for good. Soon after they finish off the dragon, she and the rest of Materia's warriors head back to her tower. Once they were all there, Materia explained her motives on about to restore life on the world and also requested little help from her warriors, Lightning was only half-listening to the goddess (partially reasons why she just wants to get this over with so she can go back home), but also because the dark-clothing man who stood beside her who occasionally sent her sideway glances. She recalled this wasn't the only time he did it. It was also on the battlefield.

Soon after Warrior of Light landed with the rest of the warriors, Lightning noticed the man materialised and landed beside her. She paid no mind as she was focused on the current task she needed to do. When all of the warriors landed the final attack on each other, something came out of the sky and it was the dragon, Shinryu. All of them looked on and the raven-haired man stood beside her.

When the dragon lashed out its devastating attack to all of them, Lightning immediately took cover on two of Spiritus warriors protecting themselves from the dragon's attack. It's also at this time again she noticed a similar presence near her. It was him again.

After the dragon finished with its attack, all of them looked around and saw that the world was covered in flames. Before they were about to work together and finished off the dragon, the same person again stood beside her before they launched their attack. Even when they thought they finally killed the dragon, who finally shows its true form, the man again stood (or rather float) beside her when the dragon unleashed another attack that knocks all of them out.

'I'm glad we recovered and finally get rid of the dragon.' Lightning thought. After finishing her thoughts, all of them set off to do whatever the goddess asked them to do. She noticed the same man glanced in her direction before taking off with the rest of the guys.

"Right. After this then I can finally go home." After looking around at which group she should follow, she decided to go with Terra and… the cat lady.

When everything was done, Materia was pleased with her warrior's help and thanked them for answering her call. With that, she opened portals, all of which took all of them to their homeworlds. The others said their goodbyes and were hoping would see each other again and after that, one by one entered the portals that lead to their homeworlds.

Just before Lightning stepped on the portal that will take her home, she heard someone calling out to her. "Hey wait!" a familiar voice. She turned around and she recognised it's the dark-clothing man.

"I didn't catch your name properly. Lightning was it?" The man asked.

"Yeah." She simply replied. "Oh okay okay great. I just wanna say thank you for saving me way back before. If it weren't for you, I'm toasted." He said while beaming a shy smile.

"No problem." She said. And she hopes that's the end of that. When she was about to turn around, the man called her again.

"Umm sorry. It'll be weird you don't know my name." He said while scratching at the back of his head. In all honesty, Lightning didn't half care. "My name is Noctis." He held out his hand to her. Lightning looked at it warily for few seconds before she finally shook it with her hand.

"Nice to meet you Noctis." She said. She let go of his hand and was about to head back to the portal until Noctis spoke up again.

"Umm.." he started

"What is it?" She asked impatiently.

"Uhh, nothing nothing. Sorry sorry." He apologised quickly. Lightning again face back to the portal and finally walking towards it. Before she stepped into the portal, she heard him say "Ignis, Gladio, Prompt... I'm sorry. Hang on for a while okay?" With that, all she saw was bright white light and she engulfed by it.

When Lightning opened her eyes, she felt a bit hazy and she noticed she was on the floor of her home. Oddly, she dressed in her home attire rather than her battle suit. She looked up and she immediately noticed there were a couple of worried and familiar eyes looking down on her. The one who shared the same colour was the one who broke the silence. "Lightning!"

"Serah?" Lightning said. She immediately stood up and hugged her sister. Her sister hugged her back. Soon after, the rest engulfed her in a group hug and cried out that they were glad she was back.

"Sis is back!" Snow nearly screamed.

"Good to see you back, Sunshine." Fang said while smirking.

"We thought we lost you," Vanille said worriedly.

"Glad to see you're in one piece, soldier." Sazh saluted.

"Are you kidding? She's Lightning. She can take care of herself." Hope joked. All of them laughed while clutching their stomachs, due to Hope's statement.

"It's great to be home again." Lightning said while sporting a small smile. They laughed happily for some time until it was stopped by Serah.

"Okay okay. It's good that you're back and all. But what the heck happened!?" Serah asked with full of worry.

"Yeah. Hell, you just disappeared without a trace like.. poof." Sazh stated.

"I'll explain to you guys sooner or later. Right now, I need some rest…" Lightning was interrupted by Snow.

"Umm sure big sis, just one final question. Who is that?" Snow pointed to the floor where they saw Lightning and someone else. Lightning looked where he pointed at, there lay a figure, a male no less and her eyes went a bit wide. Dark colour attire, she instantly noticed it was the man she talked to before she stepped into the portal. "Noctis.." Lightning said in her thoughts. All of them looked at the figure that was on the floor curiously.

Before either one of them spoke up, Noctis groaned and got back on his feet while and clutching his head on his hand. He balanced himself so he can stand properly. "Uhh, my head.. didn't know portals can give your head a headache," Noctis grumbled. When he finally can see his surroundings clearly, he only recognised one person in the room.

"Um so… what's up?" Noctis said shyly. Lightning couldn't believe it. How did he end up here? Were they in the same universe? Before lightning could ask him any questions that pops into her mind, someone beat her to it.

"Who are you?" Fang started, menacingly.

"Umm.." Noctis gulped.

"Yeah boy. Where'd you come from huh?" Sazh asked threateningly. A sweat came down from Noctis's forehead, because of the hostility from Fang and Sazh. Realizing she had to say something, Lightning intervened much to Noctis relief, she knew her friends can quite become scary, especially Fang. She concluded that he probably lives in the same world as theirs since he ended up here.

"Guys calm down, he's an ally. He helped me fight Shinryu in another world." Lightning stated. However, her statement caused raised eyebrows among her families.

"Shinryu what..?" Hope confused.

"Another world?" Vanille added.

"Oh boy, so much for explaining sooner or later. There goes my well-deserved rest." Lightning massaged her forehead. Apart from the rest she needed, Lightning has got so much explaining to do.

All were left in silence at Lightning's explanation except for herself and Noctis. None of them was very sure how to react to that. After minutes of silence, it was Snow who broke the silence.

"That's… quite a lot to take in. I'm not sure what to say about that big sis." Snow admitted, speaking probably on the behalf of those who felt the same way. Lightning sighed, she had to admit, she agreed with Snow. "It seems you went through a lot in…" Hope said while trying to count the hours how long Lightning disappeared.

"The god's huh?" Fang said venomously. "Yeah." She understands Fang's anger, due to a certain experience they went through. "How long was it since then? It has been forever since it happened." Lightning recalled the moment. It's partly the reasons why she snapped a little when Materia explained why she summoned her and the other warriors. Sensing Fang's anger and Lightning's discomfort, Vanille immediately spoke up.

"Well, at least we're all here again. Nothing could go wrong!" Vanille cheerily said. Serah nodded to Vanille's statement. "Yeah, all is fine now that Lightning is here. We're all together again." Serah added happily. A smile immediately plastered to Fang's and Lightning's lips.

"So kid." Sazh started, directing his attention to Noctis. "You're from our here too right? Where do you live?"

"Umm actually.." Noctis scratched the back of his head. All eyes were focused on him, which Lightning could tell that it made him even more nervous before. "I'm not from this world. I actually went into the same portal Lightning stepped into. I went into it soon after she did." Noctis nervously admitted. For the second time that evening, all of whom were present were silent. Surprised by Noctis's statement. This time, it was Lightning who broke the silence. "What?"

"Yeah.. sorry…" Noctis tried to explain.

"Why did you do that man?" Snow interjected. "I just… needed a break I guess. And uh also a time out from my world" He half-admittedly. This raised even more confusing looks among the others. "A break from what?" Hope asked. Instead of answering, he stayed silent and bowed down his head to avoid any eye contact with them. After seconds of silence, he looked back up again. "I just do. I'm sorry. I just need someplace where I can be in a peaceful state of mind. At least for a while." The rest were unsure how to react to this. None of them knows what to say for a few moments.

"Maybe he can stay in our world for a while," Vanille announced. Others looked at her with a surprised expression etched on their faces even Noctis. "What is she thinking?" Lightning wondered. "What? Why? Fang started, curiously. " I mean think about it, nothing bad has happening here. And I think it's safe to say he is a nice guy. I mean, he did help Lightning right?" Vanille said. All of them knew she was right on this. "Well, he was summoned by Materia. Which automatically means he's on the good side. If he's not, he would've been warriors of Spiritus." Lightning thought. Soon after, they all agreed on Vanille. "All that's left is a place for him to stay for a while. Maybe he could stay with…"

"I can't say that you're wrong there Vanille. Then it's settled. He can stay with Sunshine." Fang said.

"Wait what. Why me?" Lightning asked, surprised why Fang suggested Noctis should live with her.

"You're a perfect choice." Fang simply replied. Before Lightning could say anything, "Plus all of us live at least with someone."

"That doesn't make any sense at all Fang, and you know it." She countered.

"Think about it. Snow and Serah are living together. I know for sure they don't wanna add a third wheel in their home." Both said person cheeks immediately turned red, Fang smirked. "Before you suggest Noel and Yeul, their reason is the same as Snow and Serah. Hope can't too. I'm not sure his parents would allow a stranger to live with them." Hope sent an apologetic look towards Lightning, confirming what Fang said was true. "As for me and Vanille, he can handle Vanille but I'm not quite sure he can handle me." Fang looked to Noctis, who gulped in fear. "As for Sazh, he's with Dajh. I know the old man won't wanna add someone in his babysitting duties." Fang finished. "You're right. And who you calling an old man huh?" Sazh grumbled. Fang smirked at him before returning her attention to Lightning.

"So with that being said, that makes you the perfect candidate to host home for our friend here. I'm sure the rest agree with me on this one, yeah?" None of them argued with her reasoning, except for Lightning who was silently fuming. "Great. They all agree with her. Huh whatever, I just need some rest." Noctis looked at her, hoping she was okay with this. With no energy to argue with Fang and knowing even if she tried, it would only fall into deaf ears. "Alright fine. He can stay with me." Lightning sighed in defeat.

"That's the spirit. Glad we finally come to understanding." Fang laughed. Lightning felt pissed that Fang overwhelmed her again. "Well, that's how Fang is I guess. Stubborn sometimes." Lightning thought. She then looked at Noctis, who was relatively silent throughout the whole ordeal. "He's not all that bad. Apart from the times where he magically appeared beside me during the whole thing." Lightning wondered. She felt maybe she should ask him someday why.

"Well, that's that then. It's getting late, we should be heading home." Snow stated. Vanille and Serah yawned seconds after. "Yeah. I need to pick Dajh from Hope's parents too." Sazh left Dajh with Hope's parents so they could take care of him while Sazh and Hope answered Serah's distressed call.

"I'll make sure to inform Noel and Yeul that you're back while we're on our way," Vanille said to Lightning. All of them headed to the door that would take them outside. With final goodbyes and quick hugs, they're on their way. That only leaves two individual in the room, which kind of put Lightning in a rather awkward situation. Before she made things even more awkward, she cleared her throat and made her way to the guest room. "Here, let me show you the guest room." Lightning gestured towards the direction of her guest room. Noctis silently nodded and followed her closely.

"This is your room." Lightning pointed out, once they reached their destination. The room she had for Noctis consisted of a queen-size bed, there was also a cabinet on the far left of the room. On the far right, there was a door that leads to the guest bathroom. "This is all I can provide at the moment. I'm sorry if it's not enough…" Lightning said when Noctis didn't say anything.

"Oh no. This is enough." Noctis quickly interrupted. "Actually this is more than enough. Thanks, Lightning." Noctis smiled at her, gratefully. Then stepped inside the room, an attempt to look around inside the room. "No problem." Lightning gave a small smile of her own as well. Noctis then sat on the edge of the bed, seconds after he did so, he immediately plopped down on the bed and was about to close his eyes. "I suggest you go get freshen up before you go to bed. There are towels and extra clothes for you" Lightning quickly added. Noctis immediately got back up and made his way to the cabinet to get a towel. "Again thanks Lightning. It means a lot that you allow me to stay here." Noctis said politely, with an even wider smile on his face. She smiled back, then she made her way out of the guest room and into the kitchen.

Lightning sat at the dining table while drinking orange juice. She then looked at the clock, which said it's almost 11 in the evening. It has been probably almost 30 minutes since she left Noctis in his room. When she thought he might've had fallen asleep, he stepped out of his room soon after. It was evident he just finished shower as his hair was slightly wet and she can't help but notice his appearance. He wore black shorts and his own black t-shirt that he wore previously.

"Oh. I thought you're already asleep." Noctis said when he noticed Lightning sat on one of the chairs at the dining table. "Was about to get some water. If you don't mind." Noctis asked politely. "Not yet and sure help yourself out." Lightning answered. He then went to get a glass and pour water into it. Once he was done, he decided to sit on the chair that was opposite Lightning. It was relatively quiet as both were busy with their drinks.

"So, that was some crowd," Noctis spoke up. "Umm so who are they really?" After much contemplation, she decided to answer his question. After all, it was no harm done. "They're my friends." Lightning smiled. "And then there's Serah, she's my little sister."

"Ahh alright. No wonder. I mean apart from the hair colour there's a resemblance after all between you and her." Noctis said. "I have friends back home too." He started. "Though I don't know how they're doing right now. I really hope they're okay. I mean the last time I was there, things weren't looking too good." He sadly added. Lightning noticed the sadness that was present in his features after he said that. She was unsure whether to ask what he mean or not. Ultimately, she decided on the former. "So is that what you meant by you needed a break before?" he nodded. Since he didn't specify anything more, she pushed on. "I'm sorry if I ask, from what exactly?" She can tell that he had a hard time answering that question since he also avoided that question when Hope asked him.

"You don't need to tell me. I understand." Lightning added, after seconds of silence. He shook himself out of his reverie and gave her a small assuring smile. "I'm sorry. Just some things happened. Well, maybe a lot of things. I'm not even sure where to start." Noctis said. "Um anyways, I think I'm going to bed. It has been quite a day." He yawned.

"True." Lightning agreed, it has been quite a long day for both of them. They then made their way to their respective rooms. "Well, I guess I'll see you the next morning. Goodnight Lightning." He gave her a sweet smile. "Right. Goodnight Noctis." She smiled back at him. With that, both went to their own rooms and closed their doors. She immediately plopped down on her bed after a gruelling day. When she closed her eyes, sleep immediately took over her.

The next morning, Lightning was the first person to wake up. Realizing that she went to sleep without taking shower last night, she quickly took off her clothes and made her way to her personal bathroom. After she was done, she put on her typical brown leggings and plain white shirt. 'Almost forgot that I have work.' Lightning chuckled. She owns a coffeehouse not far from where she lives. It was one of the things she wanted to do after she was sent to the new world. 'At least everything is back to normal again. Just the way it should be.'

She made her way to her kitchen made herself some breakfast. She remembered that she had a guest of her own and two batches of sunny side up and broccoli. After she finished preparing breakfast for her and her guest, she glanced at the clock in her kitchen which tell her it is almost 8 in the morning. She noticed that her guest is still asleep. 'Must be a heavy sleeper.' Lightning guessed. She then ate her breakfast.

Not long after she finished her breakfast, her guest finally woke up. He slowly strode into the kitchen and his hair was a bit dishevelled. "Uhh morning." Noctis yawned while scratching his eyes. Lightning can tell he's still tired. "Morning." Lightning greeted him back. He then took the seat opposite her. "I made you some breakfast." When she mentioned that, he finally noticed the food on the table that is waiting for him. She noticed there was a sweat on his forehead when his eyes landed on the broccoli. She cleared her throat, "I really hope you like it."

"It kinda looks good." He gulped. He picked up a spoon and fork and started eating. Lightning then carried her own dished to the sink while he's still eating. She cleaned and dried her dishes and after she was done, she made her way to the dining table.

"How is it? I'm not much of a cook." Lightning said after she sat back at the dining table. She was a bit nervous from his reaction not long ago.

"Oh, they are great. In fact, they are delicious!" he enthusiastically said between bites. "You know to be honest I really dislike vegetables. Back home I always avoided eating this sort of things. A friend of mine is a great cook and he can't even make me eat these things. That or you're just a great cook!"

Lightning's face lit up because of his compliment and a huge genuine smile appeared on her lips. For her, it was such a nice thing to say since she's not much of a cooker. Especially from someone who proclaimed he disliked vegetables. "Well, thanks Noctis."

"Oh, sure no problem Lightning," Noctis said while sporting a boyish smile at her. He then happily went back to eat his breakfast without much trouble. Lightning can't help but chuckle at his behaviour. He behaved like a little boy discovering something new and interesting. She shook herself from her thoughts and stood up from the table.

"Anyways I have to go. I got work to do." Lightning announced. "Oh here's my card. You could come there and see me if you need anything." She handed him a card that contained her workplace location.

"Oh cool. Thanks." He smiled. She smiled back and nodded and then she was on her way to her work.

Lightning was in her office doing her work. Miraculously, no one questioned her disappearance before. While she was unsure how long she disappeared, she was grateful no one did question her as it would save her some time from explanation. Plus, she didn't really want anyone except her friends to know where she went off to. It was a few hours later when one of her employees knocked on her door and peeked inside. "Excuse me Lightning, sorry to disturb you but there's someone who is looking for you." Lightning have a good guessed who it was, she nodded to her employee and stood up and made her way out of her office. It was Noctis, and as she predicted, he has dressed in all black again.

"Hey." She greeted him once she was at one of the tables he sat at her coffee shop. She took a seat the opposite of him.

"Oh hi." He greeted her back.

"I see that you bought some new clothes and a fishing rod?" Lightning asked she wondered how and why he bought a fishing rod of all things.

"Oh, this? Yeah, it's a fishing rod. Fishing is one of my hobbies actually, back home I fish a lot too." He said excitedly. "You probably wondered how I got these things. Funny story, both of our worlds shares the same currency somehow. So lucky me, if not I would have begged especially for the fishing rod. I mean once I laid my eyes on it, I just knew I had to have it." Noctis joked. Lightning couldn't help but chuckle. The way he acted was almost similar to when he was in Materia's tower. He then excitedly told her stories about his world, eos, and he told her about his friends back home as well. She noticed how proud and affectionate he was when he told her about his friends, who were named Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto. Lightning intently, in each detail he gave her. 'Maybe he cares about them as much as I care about mine.'

"Okay okay. I think rambled about myself too much." He laughed. "So um, tell me something about yourself." He stated once he calmed down. Lightning blinked, she was unsure what to tell him. "I'm not sure what to tell you to be honest."

"Are you sure?" He then looked around them, to make sure no one was near hearing their conversation. "I'm pretty sure Materia didn't summon someone who owns a coffeehouse though," Noctis whispered. This caused Lightning to feel uncomfortable, as she never likes to tell anyone about her past.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have pried into your business like that. I completely understand if you don't want to talk about it." He apologized, after sensing her discomfort and her silence. He then stood up dusted off the invisible wrinkles on his clothes. "I think I should go. You have work to do right?"

"Yeah." Her voice tone came out rather bluntly.

"Um alright. I guess I'll see you later Lightning." With that, he carried his newly bought clothes and fishing rod and went out of the coffee shop. She made her way back to her own office. She couldn't really focus on doing her work, as she felt guilty about her behaviour before Noctis's departure. 'Well, it wasn't his fault. He didn't know and he told me quite about himself. She groaned. She felt awful. 'I guess I should apologize later.' She carried on doing her work for the rest of the day while pondering how she should apologize to the black clothing man.

It was around 9:30 pm when she arrived at the front door of her home. She was unsure of how to approach her guest. 'Okay calm down Light. Just apologize and tell a bit of something about yourself. You can do this…' With a quick breath in and out, she opened her front door and she smelled a delicious aroma that came from her kitchen. She made her way to her kitchen and saw Noctis sat at the dining table, and on the table was a delicious and well-cooked fish. She was stunned at the sight and before she could say anything, the man beat her to it.

"Before you say anything, I just wanted to say I'm really sorry about what happened before. I shouldn't have done that. I felt guilty for making you feel uneasy. But only saying sorry, ain't gonna cut it. So I want to make up for what I did. So I went fishing and got quite a catch. While I'm no cook by any means, I tried to remember one of Ignis cooking recipes. I hope we can still be friends after this. Once again, I'm really sorry Lightning." Noctis finished. To say she was only stunned was an understatement. 'He… felt bad when he shouldn't have. And he also apologized... Not just that, he even tried to make it up to me by cooking dinner. By the looks of it, it looks good and it certainly tastes good.'

"Oh, Noctis you shouldn't have. I was…"

"I should." He interrupted politely. "I mean I'm a guest here. I should at least be nicer." He joked. She then took a seat that is opposite him and pick up a knife and a fork. She then took her first bite. It's actually good than she expected.

"So how was it?" He nervously asked.

"It's really good." She smiled delicately at him. His nervous expression immediately turned to a smile of relief.

"Phew, thank god." He sighed. "I'll get you some orange juice." He made his way towards the fridge and picked up a carton of orange juice. He poured into two empty glass and once he was done, he went back to sit at the table. "Here." He handed her glass of orange juice. She thanked him and took a sipped from it.

"Aren't you going to eat something?" She looked up at him, when she noticed he didn't eat anything.

"Oh no, I'm not hungry." He took a sipped from his glass of orange juice. She went back to eating her delicious dinner. After some time, she decided she should share her food with him.

"Here. Come eat with me." Lightning suggested. He shook his head and said no. He also said that he cooked that solely for her. She blushed a bit from that kind and sweet gesture, but she won't take no for an answer. "You should. If you don't, you would miss out on a delicious dinner." She joked. He laughed at what she said and she had to admit, his laugh was contagious.

"Oh alright. If you say so." Noctis surrendered while smiling. He picked up a knife and a fork. He took his first bite and he hummed in delight. "Oh wow. This is good." He beamed.

"Told you." She joked. They both laughed and soon after, they happily ate their meals and talked comfortably. He told her about what he did today and she also told her about what she did at work. In all honesty, she really enjoyed his company. He listened to her and he didn't cut her off in the middle of her sentence and would let her finish first. He would talk when he was allowed to as well and also replied to her in a kind way. He was very polite and Lightning liked that. "Hey, I wanted to apologize as well for my behaviour before. I shouldn't be rude and I'm sorry."

"Oh no that's fine Lightning. There's nothing to feel sorry about. Don't worry." He assured her. She smiled and they went back to eating their dinner. After they finished, Noctis volunteered to clean the dishes and suggested her to get some rest. Lightning however, was having none of it and she insisted she should help as he did more than enough for her that night. After almost half an hour of washing and drying the dishes, they were done and both were heading to their rooms. Before they went inside, Lightning spoke up.

"Thank you for tonight Noctis." She smiled at him.

"No problem Lightning." He smiled back at her. "Oh before you go, one more thing."


"Call me Noct from now on." He smiled even more warmly at her. She felt rather different because of his smile somehow.

"Alright. And Noct?" She called out to him.


"Call me Light." She suggested, nicely while smiling genuinely at him.

"Okay," He said, smiling. "Well sweet dreams Light."

"Sweet dreams Noct." With that, they both went to their respective rooms. Once she was in her room, she peeled off her clothes and took a quick shower before going to bed. Once she was done, she dried herself with her towel and put on her pyjamas. She lied on her bed, and she can't help but recall the sweet gesture Noctis did for her tonight. While she just met him for a few days, she really enjoyed his company and his kind and polite personality. That night, Lightning Farron felt something she never had before in her life. She was unsure what that feeling was, she shrugged it off. 'Don't overthink it. It's probably nothing.' Before she went to sleep, her last thoughts were someone with dark blue eyes who prefers to wear black clothes. A smile appeared on her lips before she went to sleep.

It has been more than a week since Noctis stayed with Lightning. To say that Lightning didn't enjoy his presence would be a total lie. In all honesty, she was very happy to have him as her roommate. For the past week, he had been nothing but utterly kind and sweet. He would always come to her work during lunchtime and he would either bought or cooked something for her to eat at lunch. They would eat together while having a nice conversation and when they finished. This would cause her employees to questioned her who he was and she told them that he was a friend. When he constantly visited her during lunch, one of her employees asked her whether she was involved with him to which she quickly denied and stated that once again he was a friend who's visiting the town for a while. Apart from that, he'd also helped her clean her house. This which Lightning was very grateful as it would lessen her burden when cleaning her house. Sometimes, when she was tired from work, he would volunteer himself to prepare dinner for both of them and this also, one of the few things Noctis did she was really grateful for. Needless to say, the pink-haired lady never thought that she enjoyed it and thankful for someone to live with her.

One day, during the afternoon and her day off, she was casually reading a novel while sitting on a couch in her living room. "Good afternoon Light." The dark-haired man greeted her. Lightning looked up from her book and greeted him back with a smile. He then sat on one of the few chairs that were near where Lightning sat. "Whatcha reading there?" He asked casually, in an attempt to start a conversation.

"Just a great book." She simply replied.

"Oh cool cool." He nodded. She continued reading her book for a few minutes until she felt certain dark blue eyes staring at her for some time now. Realizing he wanted to say or needed something from her, she placed a bookmark on the last page she read and put the book down.

"Is there something the matter, Noct?" The former saviour asked.

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"It's obvious that you have something in mind. That or you have something to say." She simply stated. Giving him her full attention.

"You read me like a book Light." He slightly chuckled while Lightning smiled. "Well, I guess I wasn't entirely honest with you when I told you something about myself."


"Umm well.." He started. That was when Noctis told everything about himself to Lightning and how she learned that he was more than she thought he was.

She was at loss for words from what Noctis told her. He told her a lot of things from that he was a prince and an heir to the throne to how he was the only one who can save his home from a certain mad man named Ardyn.

"I don't know what to say but I'm sorry to hear that." In truth, Lightning was speechless. "So that's what you mean by you needed a break." Lightning sympathized. 'He lost both of his parents. Everyone depended on him to save the world. Just like..' She felt the similarity of what he has been through.

"Yeah.." Noctis looked down, obviously sad from recalling what happened back home. The pink-haired looked at her dejected companion. She genuinely felt sad for him. "I just don't know what to do. I'm not ready for the responsibilities yet. Hell, I'm not even sure if I'm ready someday. I just can't. I can't be their king. I..." He sadly rambled on. He was more shaken as the seconds passed on. While she was unsure what to do at the moment, so she decided to go out on a limb and did something that was right at the moment. She slowly reached her hand out to hold his.

"It's not a question of can or can't. There are some things in life you just do." She could tell that he was surprised by her gesture, but he let it and held her back firmly and softly at the same time. He looked at her and she did the same as well. "Even though you're not ready now, someday you will. I can't say when or where, but you'll know someday and somehow. There's a reason why you're chosen. And I believe in you Noct." She finished while smiling warmly at him. He wiped his teary eyes with his free hand and for the first time during the conversation, he smiled, genuinely.

"Thank you, Light. For everything you said and for believing in me when I don't even believe in myself." The Prince of Lucis thanked her.

"No problem." She again smiled warmly at him.

"You know.." He started, once after he calmed himself down. "I always longed for a normal life. No titles, no big responsibilities. Just.. normal. Where I can live my life to the fullest with nothing big get in between." He confessed. Lightning agreed, she herself longed for a normal life and she was grateful her life was finally that. "Kind of like, the life I'm currently living in." He shyly added. Lightning chuckled. He then looked away from her and to the window of her home to look outside. "You know, it's kinda sad that I have to go back home someday."

That was when realization dawned on Lightning, that his stay with her was temporary. She looked at her hand that still held his, and for some reason, deep down, she didn't want to let him go.

Lightning laid in her bed a few hours after she got home from work. While she was obviously tired, she can't sleep just yet. Not that she wanted to, but something bothered her for days now. It has been three days since she learned Noctis's true origins. From his birth as a Prince and to a prophecy that he has to fulfil, the pink-haired resident couldn't get the revelation out of her head. Tried as she might, she failed to do so. But what bothered her the most was that, she knew that one day he'll no longer be a resident in her humble home. To say that she had a lack of sleep for the past few days was an understatement, in fact, even her employees seemed to notice she was restless. What made matters worse, even the Prince of Lucis knew and he even began to get worried. During dinner, he asked whether she was okay or not again (as he did since he noticed), to which she simply replied she was with a strained smile. While he knew something was wrong with her, he kept his mouth shut.

"Somehow I knew you would still be up." Lightning was startled by the voice. She looked in the direction of where the voice came from and she saw the Prince peeked inside at her door. "May I come in?" he asked as he still stood at the same spot at the door that she left slightly ajar just in case Noctis needed something. Realizing she hadn't said anything for seconds, she nodded her head slightly, signalling for him to come in. She sat on her bed and he did the same. Although he sat on the edge of the bed, keeping a good distance from her. "Can't sleep?" He started. She just nodded without any word, while also avoiding eye contact. "Same." He lightly chuckled. When Lightning actually had the courage to looked at him, she finally faced him.

"Why?" She wondered.

"Umm, nothing…. Well okay, it's not nothing, I'm worried about you." He admitted. He scooted a bit closer, but still kept his distance.

"I'm fine. Don't worry." She lied.

"Are you sure?" He tried again. Although Lightning was about to repeat what she said a moment ago, she felt that it was fruitless. There was no point in lying anymore. She had to tell him the truth.

"I just.." she struggled to say. Lightning was never good at words, everyone knows that including her friends. He patiently waited, intent on listening to her. "How should I say this.." she stammered.

"Yeah?" Soon after he asked this, she took a deep breath.

"I don't want you to go, Noct." She selflessly admitted. She looked away from him and looked down to her thighs. She was unsure how he would react so she kept quiet. She closed her eyes for a few seconds until he called her. "Light?" She tilted her head upwards a bit, letting him know that she heard him.

"Look at me, please." He pleaded to her. After a few seconds, she decided to look at him. When she did, he was smiling and noticed both of his hands was in the air. "May I?" He looked at her hands and was asking for her permission. When she nodded and allowing to do so, he placed both of his hands on hers and held it softly. His hands once again felt soft, and it fitted with hers perfectly. "Light." He started. Dark blue eyes stared at her paler Aqua eyes. She can't help but also stared into his as well. "I'm not going anywhere. Believe me, I'll stay as long as you want me to." He smiled brightly. She was surprised by his sudden statement. She was at loss for words and didn't know how to reply.

"Really?" She said quietly. It's the only thing she could say.

"Really." He assured her. "Besides, I never felt more at home." He finished. His smile was even wider than the previous one.

"Good to know." She offered a smile of her own. Inside, she was happy with what Noctis had said especially his last statement. Lightning herself too had never felt more at home, especially in the hands of the raven-haired prince.

Will update soon. Just to avoid any confusion, Snow wasn't there during the Dissidia War. I know in-game he was present but I went on using the original cast which was before there was any update in the game.