How many of you felt Revolution of the Daleks could have been infinitely better? While I like the thought of another Dalek civil war, much like the one seen in Remembrance of the Daleks, a classic if there ever was, I felt more of it could be seen since there were echoes between the Death Squad Daleks and the Security Drone Daleks and the conflict between the Imperial and the Renegade Dalek factions. Why didn't we see more of Jack, the prison? I hope the next season of Doctor Who is better, but I'm starting not to hold out any hope.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this, please let me know what you think.

Don't TALK to me about Rose Tyler.

The Doctor couldn't believe it; this day had started out as it had done for the last hundred years for her, she would wake up in her cell, eat the small concentrate cube the prison staff called food even if it tasted so bad, she was sure her taste buds had been killed stone dead even if they contained the right minerals to nourish her body, and she spent time with the rest of the inmates while she either sat down and meditated, or she prowled around pissing off the others which was the only thing she could actually do before she went back to her cell.

She hadn't expected to be broken out, especially by Jack. She hadn't expected to be reunited with her beloved TARDIS today even if she had been working on plans without the nano drones which had been buzzing around her and were integrated into her brain and her eyes to pre-warn the prison staff about any attempt she had to escape; the first time she had even tried to escape…

The moment she had seen her cell and managed to get her composure back - the Judoon arrest had been so fast, especially after the rollercoaster of discoveries she had made during that mess with the Master on Gallifrey - the Doctor had immediately tried to use her sonic screwdriver on the door.

But it hadn't worked.

She had been lucky the consequences of her attempt had been limited only to the removal and subsequent destruction of her sonic screwdriver, and all of her other possessions, although she'd learnt the prison automatically removed or destroyed anything the inmates had which they believed could get them out; teleportation bangles, wormhole orbs, vortex manipulators, and sonic screwdrivers. Looking at it from a certain way, the Doctor could understand how Jack had managed to hide the devices he'd need to break her out, and since he was now many years older than the last time she had seen him, it would make sense Jack had decided to play the long game, and be patient, but she had been jealous about how well prepared he had been, but then… that was Jack, he had always loved gadgetry, whereas she had always relied on the bits she'd found lying around, and her sonic screwdriver.

Maybe it was time to change that.

Being reunited with Yaz, Ryan and Graham… hadn't gone as well as she might have wished.

For a start, the moment she laid eyes on the two males of the trio she called her fam, the Doctor had the impression they were not really happy to see her. Not in a bad way, but she could guess they had gotten used to living life on Earth again, although it was painfully obvious to her Yaz had been worrying herself sick, wondering what had happened to her, and the Doctor cursed her TARDIS's need to go where she needed to go, once again.

She would need to sit down with Yaz and the others and try to make it up to them for leaving them behind for ten months, relatively speaking in their own time, but while she had been in prison, she had also realised how badly she had treated them when she had tried to track down the Master and force the arrogant and deranged Time Lord, and make him give her a straight answer about what he'd done to Gallifrey. And yet that part of her had only just been a passing thought…

But that could wait.

In the meantime, they needed to focus on the current situation. Seeing that leaked video showing a Dalek using a casing virtually identical, but more better made than the one built from scrap from that farm after the Reconnaissance Dalek had taken control of Lin's body and mind to ferry it around before it could build a shell out of its memory, had been bad enough, but when she had seen the familiar form of Jack Robertson, a man she had hoped never to see again, the Doctor had instantly leapt into action.

Jack Robertson.


She had thought the human businessman's scandal when it was leaked (by her, with a little bit of help from Jade and Yaz) he had carelessly turned a blind eye to the landfill site he had built that hotel upon would have ended him, so how had he bounced back? But as she thought about it, the Doctor guessed it would make some sense that a businessman with Robertson's knowledge and expertise would have found a way around it. And since the man had fired Yaz's mum from her job, and tried to ensure another woman metaphorically buried the landfill and make sure it stopped causing problems, it was likely Robertson had managed to find a scapegoat.

But she didn't care.

All she cared about was stopping the Daleks. But at the same time, she had questions on her mind. Why was the Dalek in the screen identical, but more advanced and made from better materials than the primitive casing the Recon Dalek was forced to make do with working for him? Why were they designed like that? What was the plan?

The moment the Doctor got back to the controls, paying only the briefest amounts of attention to Yaz telling her to look for Dalek DNA, which she got the TARDIS looking into, although at the same time she scanned the planet for signs of Dalek spacecraft or other signs which would send up a Dalek shaped red flag.

The TARDIS had become good over the centuries at detecting Dalek spaceships, and the more sophisticated time corridor termini and TRANSMAT gateways the Daleks had used to stealthily conquer and subjugate worlds; now all she needed to do was to look out for the signs.

"….she's good," she heard Jack comment in a tone that reminded the Doctor of the times the former Time Agent would flirt his way through, although she was sure he had said something else.

"Yeah, we all are," Ryan said, just as the Doctor frowned down at the console while paying little attention to the conversation going on, figuring her companions could deal with things by themselves. The TARDIS hadn't detected any kind of Dalek spaceship, or TRANSMAT gateway. There wasn't even a time corridor. Whatever they were doing, the Daleks had clearly been here for some time. But that made no sense. The Daleks were paranoid and obsessively cautious. Whenever they travelled to a new world in force to conquer it, they always prepared contingency plans in case something went wrong.

But there was nothing. The TARDIS was advanced enough and experienced enough to detect the signs, despite the Daleks' best efforts to be stealthy, which they needed to be when they conquered planets because they knew it would not take much for a race like humans to detect them. But there was nothing. No traces.

"So you've had dealings with Daleks yourself as well, then?" Graham asked the former Time Agent.

The Doctor shuddered as she remembered that mess.

"Yeah, they killed me once, long time ago now. No big deal," Jack said airily, but the Doctor knew the man better than that. She knew Jack was still shaken by what happened on the Gamestation; it wasn't every day you became immortal, brought back to life by a girl who hadn't even understood what the vortex could do, and there was no way of stopping the cycle from going on, and on, and on. While she was convinced Jack would be destined to die as the Face of Boe, the Doctor felt sorry for him. While living forever had some advantages, it was actually a curse; after a long time, you would just go on, forever, while everyone around you died.

When she had believed she had killed off the Time Lords, she had felt as if all of the responsibilities they'd had, for maintaining order on the timelines, and making sure history remained on track while being aware she would soon die, with no regeneration taking place, the Doctor had been weighted down by the burden. Lord alone knew how Jack felt.

"You look pretty healthy for a corpse," Ryan observed; this was what the Doctor loved about her fam, instead of being overawed like Martha and Donna had been when they had discovered Jack's immortality, her fam were taking it on the head.

"I know, right," Jack chuckled, much like he had when Martha worked out he had been forced to live on Earth for a century, "I can be killed, but I come back to life pretty quick. Partially her fault, partially a friend of hers on Earth, called Rose-."

The Doctor had been tempted to ignore the whole conversation while she focused on her work, but she could not be silent on this. "Don't talk to me about Rose Tyler, Jack," she interrupted, looking up seriously. "And you're still blaming me for the whole mess?"

"Well, you did send Rose back home-."

"That's just it," the Doctor straightened; the TARDIS was smart enough to know what she wanted, and the timeship needed something to focus on given her own poor thoughts about Rose, views the Doctor's own tenth incarnation had ignored because of that strange mental disorder. "I did send her home, but I had no idea she would wear open the console and look into the Heart of the TARDIS."

"What's that?" Graham asked.

"The Heart is a link between the TARDIS console and the Time Vortex; through the vortex, the TARDIS can examine history like it was a massive extra-dimensional history book, but it can also make people's desires come true. In a way. It's hard to explain…," the Doctor sighed. "Not long before Jack became immortal, the TARDIS console was ripped open because she was trying to contain the power of a temporal rift some idiot was trying to tear open, just to get away. Rose watched as the TARDIS, with the vortex, reversed the idiots' age until they were regressed to childhood. I sent Rose home because I'd promised her mother when she discovered what Rose was doing with me her daughter would be safe. I preset a programmed flight into the TARDIS to send Rose back, but she did the worst thing you could imagine."

"What?" Yaz asked hesitantly, seeing the anger in the Doctor's face.

The Doctor sighed. "She tore open the console and exposed the Time Vortex. Previously the TARDIS was able to control the flow while barely holding onto the unstable time rift, but when I sent Rose back, I'd sent a command to slowly shut the ship down since I was prepared to die. But when Rose opened the console, the whole lot came at her, and she used it to destroy the Daleks, and she brought Jack back to life with nothing more than a thought… but it was killing her, and she turned Jack into a fixed point in time. I took the power out of her, but I was forced to regenerate and I lost one of my lives in the process."

Jack looked down, realising the kind of kettle of fish he had just revealed to them all.

But the Doctor wasn't finished. "That incarnation…," she looked down with a sigh. "For some bizarre reason, I imprinted on her too much, but I think I took some of her DNA into myself when I drew the vortex out of her because I started having a fixation on her. I cared for her, but contrary to what she thought was happening, it wasn't love," she paused when she thought she heard Yaz gasp, "I was giving her the chance to leave her life behind, but she treated her mother and her ex-boyfriend badly, and my past self didn't care. At the same time, she kept trying to make me jealous, by hanging around other men, like Jack. In the end, she fell into a parallel universe and she was forced to stay there, and whomever I brought into the TARDIS after that she began punching holes into the universes' walls to get back, but she knew I would not approve and she did not give a damn. As a result of her carelessness, Rose accidentally allowed the Dalek's creator to be saved. After that disaster, I took her back to the parallel universe, since she belonged there now, and I think a lot of my Rose fixation was bled out because a Dalek had shot me, forcing me to regenerate but I wasted it, so I had the same appearance… but when I did regenerate, properly after I'd absorbed so much deadly radiation, the fixation was gone. And I began to see Rose Tyler for what she was, an obsessive, immature little child. She might have helped me a little during a darkened time in my life, but I didn't need the teenage drama.

"Anyway, she's gone and she won't be coming back," the Doctor added, turning back to the console, her body language and tone making it super crystal clear she was not going to talk about the subject any longer.